Kie Soohoo and Ken ‘Barefoot’ Saxton were inducted into the Seal Beach Runners Hall of Fame on December 9, 2013.  They were the 25th and 26th runners to be inducted.  Here are some of the highlights of Kie and Ken’s running career:


Kie didn’t start running until he was 26 years old as a graduate student at MIT in Boston.  Moved to Southern California in 1984 and ran several marathons qualifying for Boston.  Ran Boston Marathon in 1985 1986, 1987 and 1988 in times between 2:39 and 2:45.  He has ran all 29 LA marathons with personal worst about 4:35 three months after knee surgery in 1990.  Ran a 2:51 in LA in 1989 the year before knee surgery.   Ran recent LA Marathons in the 3:30’s.

Kie has now finished over 60 marathons.

Kie’s personal best in other events all set  before 1989 are:

Half Marathon PB was 1:16

10K PB as 34 flat probably in Seal Beach

5K PB was 17 flat probably in Seal Beach.

Lunch Hour 5K PB is 18:35 in March 1997

Today will be his 99th lunch hour 5K.

Was co- captain of the Rockwell team with John Araujo mostly in the 1990’s when they had team competition  at the Long Beach and  Los Angeles Marathon.


Ken started running at a young age.  Ken says “Living in rural Northern lower Michigan during my youth, I would often run out in the fields and forests that surrounded our village, often I ran barefoot even back then... or perhaps I should say, "I often wore shoes, despite warnings from my mom not to get my shoes dirty".

Eventually, Ken earned his Associates of Science degree in Electronics Technology and moved to Southern California in 1980 at the age of 24.

Ken participated in the first Rosarito to Enseneda 50 Mile Fun Bike Ride in 1980 on a borrowed bicycle.

In 1986 he started training for his first marathon.  His 22+ mile practice runs included running barefoot on the sand in Huntington Beach for 8 miles carrying his shoes, wearing his shoes for the other 14-15 miles. Ken says he should have run more than 25 miles in shoes for training for running a marathon in shoes, or run the marathon barefoot - at that time, it hadn't occurred to him to "race" barefoot.

In May 1987 he completed his first marathon in Long Beach to reach a goal set at 19. It was a painful 5 hours and 5 minutes since his shoes left his feet completely raw, except for the soles. He never planned on doing that again!

From 1987-1990 Ken did not do much running and got a bit out of shape.

1990  Started running barefoot from  home to work - running, walking, catching the bus ... until he could run 11 miles continuously. He carried his shoes in his backpack the first few times "just in case".

In May 1997, completed first official barefoot race (Road Less Travelled 10-Mile Trail Race).

After that race:  Ken became founder, webmaster, author, editor, and head chef of the original website 

Also started keeping a running log due to questions from his website.

In April 1998 he completed his second marathon in Napa Valley  on mountainous trails, barefoot, in 4:34, A half-an-hour faster than on the flat road marathon in Long Beach 11 years prior in shoes.

In 1998 completed more than 2000 miles running (plus also walking and bicycling) and 32 races on trails and roads all in barefeet, 

In 2004 he completed a marathon each month including  Boston.

From 1998 to 2013 he completed a total of at least 412 races of various lengths, all barefoot – none wearing shoes!

He will be running his 105th lunch hour 5K today.  He has a PB of 18:33 set in April 1999.                         

Personal Bests (PB) All Barefoot include:

5K – 17:43 At Run for the Arts in Oct 1999. He has ran 184 barefoot 5K’s since 1988

10K – 37:02 at Seal Beach in April 1999.  36 barefoot 10K’s since 1998

Half Marathon – 1:22:14 at Orange County half marathon in Nov 1998.  Has ran 20 half’s since 1998.

Marathon – 3:18:50 at Pacific Shoreline Marathon in January 2000.  Has ran 79 marathons since 1998.

50K - ran a 6:15 in Shadow of the Giants in June 1998, his only 50K.  As Ken says a 50K race is only 6 miles longer than a marathon but it is 6 miles after running a marathon!

In 2011 Ken co-authored a book, ‘Barefoot Running Step by Step.  Order book from Ken’s web site:

In 2010 he took a 30 city, 23 state tour to conduct workshops on barefoot running.

                                DAVE PARSEL WINS DECEMBER 9, 2013 5K IN 20:58

     Dave Parsel won his 133rd lunch hour 5K in a time of 20:58 on December 9, 2013.     Rounding out the top five were:  Nam Ngo 2- 21:34, Dan Brecht 3- 21:43, Mary Nickles 4- 22:08 and Tim Hickok 5- 22:50.

     David Kaufman and Steve Mills were the only runners setting a personal best. David lowered his previous PB set in August 2012 by 5:55 and Steve lowered his PB set last month by 7 seconds.  Congrats guys. 

     The five runners running all 12 races in 2013 are Dave Parsel who is running his 76th straight race (3RD longest streak ever), Emmett Rahl running his 67th straight race (tied for 4th longest streak), Kie Soohoo running his 13th straight race, Mong Noiboonsook running his 13th straight race  and Nelson Slagle running his 13th straight race.

     A couple of pictures including 12 Hall of Famers attending race are at following link:   

      The next Seal Beach lunch hour 5K is scheduled for 11:50 AM Monday, January 13, 2014 at Gate 510 on the northwest corner of the Boeing Seal Beach Facility.

                                           RUN TO THE PIER FOR BEER ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH

The annual run to the Pier for Beer will be held in 9 days on Wednesday, December 18.  Time your run so you reach Ruby’s at the end of the Seal Beach Pier by 12:15 PM.  A group picture will be taken promptly at 12:15 in front of Ruby’s.  Most will stay for lunch or a beer at Ruby’s – but that is optional.


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