JULY 13-23, 2012
1- A bus picked us up at the Seattle airport and
brought us to the entrance for boarding the ship.
Nelson flew alone to Seattle, took a one week cruise
to Alaska, spent 3 days in Seattle then flew to Seattle
for David and Cam Huckaba's wedding on July 26.
2- I checked in and walked a ways to this spot
just off the entrance to the ship.  The cruise line was
Royal Caribbean and the ship name was Rhapsody
of the Seas.
3- Nelson and carry on luggage (laptop) ready
to board
4- Picture of another ship from our ship.
5- Seattle from Ship
6- Amsterdam cruise ship taken from our ship
7- Marina
8-  First ping pong championship.  The player at the
end of the table was the best player that played in
most of the tournaments, winning three of the four. I
lost in the finals to him in this first tournament 11-3.
The winner, Bryan,  was a high school volleyball
 coach from Kansas City.
9- My bedroom.  I booked the least expensive inner
cabin which worked out great.  I wasn't going to watch
the shoreline even if  I could see it. 
10- The other end of the bedroom.  Bath on the left and
desk on he right where I updated my trip report on
my laptop.   Could only access the internet if I paid
for it on a computer area on the ship at $.85 a minute - no thanks.
11- Nelson jogging on the upper deck.  The ship had a
track (marked trail) on the top deck that basically ran around the perimeter.  Coastline was the typical view
from the ship.
12- View of the mountains as we near Juneau, Alaska.
where the state capitol is located.
13- 7-1+-12  Another ship at port in Juneau.  Juneau
was the first and one of three ports we could depart.

14- Side view of another cruise ship, very similar to
the one I was on.
15- Juneau from the ocean.
16- Nelson by replica of the liberty bell in front of
the Alaska state capitol in Juneau.  I have now
completed seeing all 50 states and all 50 state capitols.
This was the primary reason for taking the Cruise,
which was the first cruise I have been on.
17- Tour guide and part of tour group in the state
capitol.  Got off the cruise ship at 11:45 AM and
took $3 shuttle to downtown Juneau and walked 15
minutes to state capitol.  Stopped twice looking for
post cards and although they had about 50 cards,
none were of the state capitol three blocks away. 
Joined this nine person 30 minute tour.   
18- Office of the Governor where Sara Palin (candidate
for President in primaries in 2007) once served.
19- Scene in the Alaska House of Representatives.
30- House of Representatives from back of room.
21- Nelson and tour guide in House Chamber.

22- Close up of Nelson and tour guide.
23-View of Juneau from inside the state capitol
24- Front of State Capitol.
25- Front of State Capitol.  Looks more like an office
building than a State Capitol building'
26- Front and side of State Capitol.
27- Back of State Capitol.  All four sides extend to
sidewalk thus no grass.  May be only capitol with
no lawn.  Least impressive capital of 50 in US.
28- The opposite corner from prior picture of State
Capitol.  Side street on both sides are steeply uphill
29- Looking down the main street in downtown
Juneau.   Stopped at a place with internet thus
connected for the first time on the trip.  Never
could get a signal on the cruise ship or on land in
Alaska with my cell phone.  Wanted to call a shop in
Juneau and was sent to a pay phone to contract them!
30- Red Dog Saloon on the corner as shown in the
prior picture.

31- Mouth of Mendenhall Glacier.  I took a tour bus
to the glacier for $16.  Purchased near downtown
Juneau where many tours were available.  Glacier is
12 miles long and has receded 1.75 miles since 1941.
32- Nelson at Mendenhall Glacier.  Glacier was really
hyped in cruise and Alaska brochures, but didn't do
much for me.  Got pretty tired tromping around down-
town Juneau and at the couple stops the tour bus
made carrying my laptop and wearing that jacket in
65 degree temperature.  Juneau only had 6 dry days
in the last six weeks and I hit one of them!
33- The Mendenhall Glacier visitor center.

34- Our cruise ship at the dock in Juneau.Ship

35- Nelson and snow cap mountains in the background.
This was part of a $52 tour from Skagway (our stop the
day after Juneau stop)  to White Pass which I booked
over the internet before leaving California.  Scenery
was nice,  tour guide was great and we stopped 6 or 7
times to view scenery.
36- Tour guide with rock formation she built in spring.
37- Nelson in field of rock formations.
38- Scenery on Mendenhall Bus Tour.  Pretty typical
of Alaska east of Juneau.
39- Sign on border of Alaska and Canada.  Three
females were on the same bus tour with the middle
female being an accountant at the Natural History
museum next to the USC campus.Sign
40- Tour bus
41- One of the many tour bus stops on
the way to and from White Pass.  We
hiked about a half mile to below falls.
42- Ship at dock from hillside.
43- Tourists walking across bridge from Gold Rush
Cemetery in Skagway, Alaska
44- Biggest tombstone in Cemetery in
 honor of Frank H. Reid  1844-1898. 
He was born in Illinois, was an army
Lieutenant in Orgenon in the 1970's,
bartender in Skagway, appoiinted town
surveyor helping map Skagway and was
killed in the Juneau Wharf shootout.
45- Tombstone of  Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith
1860-1898.  He was a gambling house proprietor,
gangster and crime boss.  He had a major hand in
organized criminal operations of Denver, Creede,
Colorado and Skagway, Alaska.  He died in a
spectacular shootout on the Juneau Wharf. 

46- Path from waterfalls back to cemetery.
47-Foilage along path from cemetery to falls.

48- 7-17-13-  Downtown Skagway, our 2nd cruise stop.

49- Indian and totem pole at store
front in
Downtown Skagway.
50- Red Onion Saloon in downtown Skagway.
51- Two gals gave us a tour of a brothel that
was located upstairs in Red Onion Saloon and was
last in business in the late 1800's.
52- Three winners in ring toss competition. There
was only one such competition and I was the only
entry when the contest was to start but 3 or 4 players
showed up late and we had the competition.   None of
us tossed well and the game took forever.  I improved
enough as the game went on to win the contest.
53- Ship is nearing the Tracy Arm Fjords which is the
highlight of the trip as to what we see without getting
off the ship.

54- Couple of waterfalls coming down the
55- First glimpse of Tracy Arm Fjords.  It and an
adjacent Fjord, Endicott Arm, are 30 miles long.
56- Close-up of Tracy Arm Fjords.  The Fjords were
named after a Civil War General, Benjamin Franklin
57- Nelson with Tracy Arm Fjords in background.
Fjords are 45 miles north of Petersburg, Alaska.
58- Nelson with ping pong tournament  director.  I
won the gold medal in the 3rd ping pong
59- Nelson with person assigned to my room.
60- Ping Pong Finals in 4th and last tournament.
61- This was 2nd and 1st place (Bryan) finishers
in last tournament.  The strongest field was in
the 3rd competition.  Bryan was upset by a guy
I played in the finals.  I barely beat an unorthodox
female 11-9 then by luck of the draw beat two
weaker players as all the good players ended
up in the opposite bracket.  Won the finals 11-9
giving me a gold, silver, bronze and 4th place
finishes in 4 ping pong tournaments.  Didn't
think I played very well.
62- One end of golf mat.  I
entered two putting tourna-
ments.  In the first tourney
there were about 13 entries
with no one else over 55.  I
finished 2nd using a convent-
ional putter and putted
croquet style off to the side
like I normally did with my
55 year old croquet putter.
63- Other end of golf mat.  We hit 3 balls toward
one end than shot 3 back to the other end.  Only 6
putted in the 2nd putting tournament due to the
scheduling.  Four of us likely over 70.  We putted
each way once and scored where each of the 3 balls
landed.  I led going into the final round when we
putted on mat end in picture 62 and your score was doubled!  Put one ball in 10 circle and finished with
the highest score for 3 rounds any of the tournament directors ever recall seeing.
64- Three putting winners with Nelson winning
Gold.   I had a 1st and 3rd in putting and a 1st in
ring toss thus in 7 competitions I finished with 3
gold,  1 silver  and 2 bronzes.   Six medals was
probably a  record for the cruise line as no one
else played more than 4 tournaments.
65- British Columbia Providence Capitol.
66- Picture taken near where last picture
was taken showing the marina to the right.

67- Welcome to Victoria with Providence Capitol in

68- Marina across street from Providence Capital

69- Nelson waving from steps of Capital.

70- Met this couple in first putting competition.  He
would have played football at Purdue but injured a
knee in high school.  She ran the hurdles at Purdue.
71-  One of the Parliament Players below
will interrupt the tour of the capital
and and bring the history of British
Columbia alive.

72- Parliament Player interrupting the tour.
73- Parliament in 10 Providence's Capitols in Canada
are one group (I think?) of 100 legislatures serving for 6 months a year and making $100K annually.

74-  Dome from inside the Capital.
75-  Stained  glass window in Capitol.
76-  I ate at this McDonalds in downtown Victoria.
77-   Got off the bus to see this cathedral in Victoria
seen in the next few pictures.
78-  St. Andrew's Roman Catholic

79-   Inside the church.
 80-     Inside the church showing one side.
81-   Ten commandments etched in stone along the
outside of the church.
82-   Side view of Craigdarroch Castle.
83-   View of Victoria from Craigdarroch Castle.
84-   I ate at this McDonalds in downtown Victoria.
85-  Statute of Terry Fox (1968-1981).  His
right leg was amputated in 1977 due to
casncer but he continued to run with an
artifical leg and  became a cancer researh
activist.  He  attempted to run across Canada
in 1981 to raise money for research but had
to stop after 143 days and 3359 miles.  He ran
a marathon a day but was forced to quit
when the cancer spread to his lungs and
he died 9 months later.  The annual Terry
Fox run is the largest single fund raiser
for cancer research.
86-   Our Cruise ship, Rhapsody of the Seas,  docked in Victoria

87-   Hours the casino was open.  Ship had to be
about an hour out of port for the casino to legally
open.  At the three stops at ports, the casino didn't
open until 9 PM after the ship left port.
88-   Entrance to Casino
89-   Slot machines in casino.  I played these about 10
minutes total.
90-   Poker tables where I spent most of my time. 
There was also a blackjack table.  Played about 90 minutes  a day and probably lost about $150.  Seldom went to any of the shows and any movies didn't play until 10 PM which was to late for me.  Always ate at  buffet which had fruit and non sugar cookies with almost every meal.  Had plenty of selection thus I
never tried any other eating establishment.
91-   Close up of poker table
92-  2nd and 1st place in 3rd ping pong tournament.


94-   Angel Park Sign located about a mile from the
motel I stayed in Seattle.


95-   Angel Lake about a mile from the motel I
stayed in while in Seattle.
96- Alaska Airlines  home office about a half mile
from my motel.

97- This casino was two blocks away from my motel.
98- I met Don Hish at Five Guys a block from his
apartment for lunch.  I hired Don into Accounting
at ISC in the 1980's.  Don is now in the tax department 
in Seattle.
99- Don and Nelson having lunch at Five Guys.
100- Front of Boeing's Air and Flight Museum in
101- Entrance to Air and Flight Museum.
102- Plane hanging from rafters in Museum.
103- World War II plane and sign.  There were many
World War II planes with signs describing their role
in the war in a huge room.
104- Exhibit showing how planes were built around
the 1920's.
105- The highlight of my museum visit was listening to
Michael Barratt speak and show home movies taken
in the Space Station and the Soyuz spacecraft.  He was
a shuttle astronaut and spent six months on the Space
Station.  He had praise for the Russians and their
Soyuz spacecraft.  The Soyuz had the best safety
record of any space vehicle built.  And it could be launched in any type of weather unlike the Shuttle.
106- Tall building near the entrance to
underground Seattle.
107- Ticket office for the underground part of the city..ground
108- Part of the underground tour.  Downtown burnt
to the ground in 1887.  They added dirt to the area to
help prevent the floods of the past, but it took several
years and many merchants set up shop on the under
ground level.  Eventually when the area was built
up they moved above ground which was actually the
2nd floor.  Interesting tour. 
109- Bathtub, part of debris left behind when the
underground was vacated.
110- Century Link stadium which is home of the
Seattle Seahawks professional football team.  The
stadium is next door to the Seattle baseball stadium.
111- I

112- I took a bus from my motel to Safeco Field, home
of the Seattle professional baseball stadium.  This was
the view after getting off the bus.  On the bus trip back
a female and her parents (Spellman's)  that lived in
Marion, Ohio before moving to Colorado in 1979.  
They lived in Chateau Ridge in Marion.

113- One of many gates into Safeco Field.
114- Front of Safeco Field.
115- Front of Safeco Field.
116- Randy Johnson picture just inside entrance
of stadium.
117- Icharo (on the right) picture just inside stadium
entrance.  Program had pictures of Sabathia and
Icharo on the cover representing their teams. 
However, Icharo was traded to the Yankees a few
hours before game time!
118- Ichiro batting for the Yankees.  Taken from my
seat in the upper deck in right field.  Ichiro batted
7th or 8th in the order, singled his first time up and
stole 2nd.  I tried to scalp a ticket to get in and couldn't
find any for sale.  May have been illegal  to scalp tickets.  Purchased a ticket at the box office for $27.
119-   Center and right field from my seat in
left field.
120- Sat next to this guy and his son.  They drove up
from Portland and his son was seeing his first major
league baseball game.  His son Jake is a wrestler at
Cleveland High School in Portland where he was
about 25-6 as a wrestler in his junior year.  Guy was
born in Brooklyn and has been in Portend for 26
years, marrying a CPA.  His son took picture.
121- Left and Center Field taken from behind home
122- Slag makes 'Trout' like catch over left field fence. 
It was fun to stand in this display and make the catch!
123- Departing plane in Portland that I flew in from