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1-  8-31-99 Stan Anderson, Jim McMillen, Paul Schubert, Nelson Slagle, John Olsen, John Mitchell, Ken Furta and Brent Reed at Nelson Slagle retirement luncheon in B/80 cafeteria 2-  2-00 Rob Wolf and Judy Strickland at Ann Cozart retirement luncheon at Walts Wharf in Seal Beach
3-  2-00 Camille Medina, Mike Lopez and Mike Juarez at Ann Cozart retirement luncheon 4-  3-00 Walt Walker, Don Holt, Sandy Rives, Tony Corona at Harry Meyer retirement luncheon
5-  4-00 Nolie Carman, John Wilford, Brett Carman, Tim Carman, Larry Costa and Al Manzey at Slag's 6-  6-29-00 Bonnie Soodik, Gene Behl and Dick Dement at Gene Behl's retirement luncheon at Building 72 in Long Beach
7-  6-29-00 Steve Thomson, Am Lacroix, and Greg Gaylord 8-  6-29-00 Tom Tessier and Bob Jouret
9-  6-29-00 Tom Tessier, Rita Matero, Richard Stone, Steve Thomson and Aline Yamanaka at Gene Behl's retirement party 10-  6-29-00 Dave Alexander and Nelson Slagle in Dave's office in Long Beach
11-  6-30-00 Judy McGrath and Kim Schwarz at their retirement party at Hof's Hut in Long Beach Marina 12-  6-30-00 Art VanQuekleberg, Frank Christopher and Anne Cozart
13- 6-30-00 Jill Johnson, Pat Stewart and Anne Marie Benson 14-  6-30-00 Tom Konoske, Judy McGrath and Dale Jenson
15-  6-30-00 Don Black, Nolie Carman and Linda Engen 16-  6-30-00 Sam Wood and Sandy Curtis
17-  6-30-00 Richard and Kim Schwarz 18-  6-30-00 Tom Konoske, Linda Engel, Kim Schwarz, Judy McGrath, Alex Jamison, Frank Christopher, Art Van Quekleberg and Sam Wood
19-  6-30-00 Helen Cordova, Adele Lerma and Kathy Krynski 20-  6-30-00 Alex Jamison, Frank Christopher and Art VanQuekleberg at Judy McGrath and Kim Schwarz retirement party
21-  7-18-00 Retirees lunch at Marie Callendar's in Marina Del Rey.  Art Molina (Retired in 1990), Mike Juarez (99), Lee Shigut (87), Yuke Fujishige (96) and Bob Perry (96) 22-  8-17-00 Nelson Slagle, Hal Berger and Gerry Hamilton at Gerry's home in Baywood Park, California
23-  8-25-00 Nelson Slagle, Martin Visser and Marty  Visser at Martin's apartment in Redding, California 24-  8-29-00 Gary Phelps, Don Black, Dan Heslin and Ken Fails at Gary Phelps retirement party at the Acapulco Restuarant
25-  8-29-00 Monica McMullen, Pat Arredondo and Donna Buniel 26- 8-29-00 Vern Lamphere and George Wiley
27-  8-29-00 Steve Meyer, Dennis Hill and Mark Culp 28- 8-29-00 Bud Klecker, Dan Heslin and Ken Fails
29-  8-29-00 Mike Jimerson and Pat Sweeney 30-  8-29-00 Karen Martin, Becky Romero and Rich Terrell
31-  8-29-00 Joann King and Irene Marsh 32-  8-29-00 Al Spigarelli and Kieran Bergin
33-  12-8-00 Dave Dye and Jake Borror at Ohio Stadium, Columus prior to Ohio State - Michigan State game 34-  11-20-00 Marilou and Jim McMillen at their home in Greensboro, Georgia with a board from the parquet floor of the old Boston Garden
35-  12-8-00 Larry Fuller, Don Reddington and Gary Feemster at Faye Blue's home in Fountain Valley, Calif 36-  12-8-00 Pat and Doug Fleischer, Johanna and Larry Pool
37-  12-8-00 Doug Fleischer, Faye Blue and Sharon Barrett 38-  12-8-00 Gary Feemster, John Bader and Don Safarik
39-  12-8-00 Sharon Barrett, Susie Archer and Don Reddington 40-  12-8-00 Faye Blue, Ken Bonja and Sharyn Bonja
41-  12-8-00 Faye Blue, Russ Mote, Steve Derus and Sandi Paris 42-  12-8-00 Don Pecarovich, Sandi Paris, and Ken Rasmussen
43-  12-8-00 Don Safarik, Ralph Castro and Arnold Sanchez 44-  12-8-00 Dennis How, Don Pecarovich and Cindy Pecarovich
45-  12-8-00 Carol Derus and Kathy How 46-  12-8-00 Don Pecarovich and Dennis How
47-  12-8-00 John Bader, Kelly Whaley and Dennis How at Faye Blue Party 48-  12-8-00 Tommie Feemster, Judy Fassett, Liz Barbour and Ralph Castro
49-  12-8-00 Al and Gayle Dobrowski 50-  12-8-00 Arnold Sanchez and Gayle Dobrowski
51-  12-8-00 Jeannie Dial and Debbie Garcia-Strother 52-  12-8-00 Betsy Meyer, Harry Meyer and Nelson Slagle
53-  12-8-00 Don Pecarovich, John Coleman and Ralph Castro 54-  12-8-00 Doug Fleischer and Peter Schultz
55-  12-8-00 Mike Whaley and Russ Mote 56-  12-8-00 Liz Barbour and Debbie Garcia-Strother
57-  12-9-00 Don Plog and Chuck Shellenberger at annual bunco party at Brett & Donna Carman's 58-  12-9-00 Chris and Marie Petracek
59-  12-9-00 John Fleischer and Brett Carman 60-  12-9-00 Nelson Slagle and Richard Fox
61-  12-9-00 Seated: Nolie and Judie Carman. Standing: Will and Laurie Sides, Donna & Brett Carman 62-  12-9-00 Entire group at Bunco party
63-  12-9-00 Entire group at bunco party.  You have to scroll across and down to see entire picture 64-  12-00 Rockwell's Shared Services Conversion Team. Gary Groover, Mary Coonce, Stuart Hull, Vivian Thai, Angi Biscan, Rosa Barone, David Svoboda, Linda Engel, picture of Tom Konoske, Dale Jenson, Steve Bragg, Lou Felix and picture of Sam Wood
65-  12-19-00 Rockwell's accounting group at Christmas luncheon at the Cypress Golf Club.  Bob Koller, Gary Groover, Anne Marie Benson, Jill Johnson and Lauren Ozmen 66-  1-3-01 Sam Kim, Rick Monahan, Bill Cronk and John Simeon at Rockwell Facility in Cypress, Calif
67- 1-3-01 Bill Cronk and Tim Carman 68-  1-3-01 Stuart Hull and Tim Sullivan
69-  1-5-01 Gary McElligatt and Mike Cole at Rockwell Facility in Cypress, California 70-  1-8-01 Angi Biscan, Laura Greenwood and Nan Bender in Angi's office
71-  1-8-01 Holly LaTrobe and Cindy Colton in Cindy's office 72-  1-8-01 Rena Cheatley and Sue Ann Slaughter
73-  1-8-01 Peter Chueh and Jerry Robertson at Rockwell Facility in Cypress, California 74-  1-15-01 Carlos Lucero, MaryScott King and Kathy Kern at Boeing's 200th lunch hour 5K
75-  1-15-01 Kimberly Boyd, Rich Abele, Theresa Boehm and Richard Terrell at Boeing's 200th lunch hour 5K 76-  1-26-01 Vern Lamphere Retirement party at Denise Pulley's.  Mike Jimerson, Bryan Lamphere, Angela Lamphere, Vern Lamphere, Tim Saner (MC), Melba Lamphere and Renee Lamphere
77-  1-26-01 Dennis How, Chris Landenberger, Anita August and Marty Martinez 78-  1-26-01 Vern, Melba, Bryan and Angela Lamphere, Kurt and Renee Osborne
79-  1-26-01 Nelson Slagle, Brad Thorney and Melba Lamphere 80-  1-26-01 Chris Landenberger, Anita August and Denise Pulley
81-  1-26-01 Mike Jimerson, Sheryl Mitchell and Vern Lamphere 82-  1-26-01 Vern Lamphere, Denise & John Pulley and Melba Lamphere at Vern's retirement party
83-  1-30-01 Rosa Barone (MC) at Dennis Ashley's retirement party at Lupo D'Abruzzo Italian Restaurant at Ball and Valley View in Cypress, CA 84-  1-30-01 Jean Bulicz, Dennis Ashley and Lisa Ashley
85-  1-30-01 Rosa Barone, Dennis Ashley and Lou Felix 86-  1-30-01 Gayle Bressie and Bonnie O'Neal 
87-  1-30-01 Gary Fuller and Dorinda Martin 88-  1-30-01 Adele Lerma and Liz Mikolajczyk
89-  1-30-01 Lou Felix, Linda Engen and Vivian Thai 90-  1-30-01  Chris Howarth, Stuart Hull, Linda Dempsey, Unidentified and Tim Sullivan
91-  2-1-01 Carole Steeves, Stephanie Mercado and Lenor Dominquez at Rockwell's facility in Cypress, CA 92-  2-7-01 Earl Tillman, Bill Lenzen and Larry Lowman at ISC Picnic at Overlook Park, Naples, Calif
93-  2-7-01 Don Dykstra, Bob Anderson and Buster Sanders 94-  2-7-01 Roy Bower and Hugh Hoskins at Overlook Park in Naples, Long Beach, Calif
95-  2-15-01 Linda Engen and Steve Bragg at Steve's going away luncheon at Lupo D'Abruzzo Italian Restaurant at Ball and Valley View in Cypress, CA 96-  2-15-01 Helen Cordova and Brian Clelland
97-  2-15-01 Mark Ketter and Jackie Tran 98-  2-15-01 Kelly Green and Nan Bender at Steve Bragg's luncheon
99 2-16-01 Kelli Aschoff, Steve Bragg and Kelly Graves on Steve's last day at Rockwell 100-  2-21-01 Bob Cisternino and Bill Williams at Mangement Club, Sheraton Hotel, Fullerton, Calif
101-  2-21-01 Gucci Gollette and Judi Carlson-Seymore of RFCU at Management Club in Fullerton, Calif 102-  2-21-01 Linda Taylor and Rick Salas at Management Club
103- 3-11-01 Kim Prickett, Nelson Slagle and Stephanie Temple at Spirit Run 10K at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Calif 104-  3-17-01 Holly MacDonald and Dan Kaz at KIA softball tournament at Cal State Fullerton before Arizona State - Notre Dame game
105-  4-21-01 Kiyo Nakagawa and Janet Bisbey at Bald Eagles Reunion at the Proud Bird near the LA Airport 106-  4-21-01 Kurt Mauerman and John Reyes
107-  4-21-01 Charles Feltz and Dale Myers 108- 4-21-01 Marie and Al Perry
109-  4-21-01 Jo Ann Koch and Ann Tack 110-  4-21-01 Jan Romanoff and Bette Addington
111-  4-21-01 Pat Harling and Kiyo Nakagawa 112-  4-21-01 Dick Nelson, Dick Schenden and Nolie Carman
113-  4-21-01 Ray Madsen and Dick Nelson 114-  4-21-01 Rubye Ritchey
115- 4-21-01 John Reyes, Nolie Carman, Kurt Mauerman and Dick Schenden at Bald Eagles Reunion at Proud Bird Restaurant near the Los Angeles Airport 116-  5-10-01 Juliet Wu, Earl Horstman and Carol Herceg at Juliet Wu's going to Huntsville, Alabama luncheon at Finbar's Italian Kitchen in Seal Beach, CA 
117-  5-10-01 Marilyn Laster, Bill Cronk and Jan Ridgeway 118-  5-10-01 Mark Johnson, Steve Davis and Earl Horstman
119-  5-10-01 Jackie O'Malley, Betty Castro, Rob Hunsaker, Priscilla Boss, Shelia Peck and Marie Petracek 120-  5-10-01 Hedda Brown and Arnold Sanchez
121-  5-10-01 Sheri Berke, Jan Jackman, Al Sciarrillo and Bill Jurden 122-  5-10-01 Kathy Carlson and Wendy Carter
123-  5-10-01 Kim Prickett, Jan Ridgeway and Sandy 'Rives' Cotcher 124-  5-10-01 MC Nelson Slagle and Juliet Wu
125-  5-10-01 Diane Moos, Don Hish and Carol Herceg 126-  5-10-01 Maria Guerrero and Anne Middlebrook
127-  5-10-01 Earl Horstman, Mike Juarez and Nelson Slagle 128-  5-10-01 Rusty Leonard and Jackie Velez
129-  5-10-01 Carol Herceg, Kim Prickett and Juliet Wu at Juliet Wu's going away luncheon 130- 5-30-01 Dan Heslin cutting his retirement cake in B/80 Seal Beach. CA.  Dan retires 5-31-01.
131-  5-30-01 Tim Upson, Dan Heslin, Bill Benziger, Jim Van Houten and Gary Fuller 132-  5-30-01 Lori Killeen, Gayle Bressie and Kevin Schuster
133-  5-30-01 Penny Fields, Josie Lamont, Judy Zumwalt, and Virginia Genato 134-  5-30-01 Ahalia Madahar, Violeta Vazov, Judy Zumwalt and Abba Raj
135-  5-30-01 Jeff Adams, Sue MacDonald, Edna Emano and Debbie Mulligan 136-  5-30-01 Joy Junghanel and Tim Moore
137-  5-30-01 Dick Gardner in B/80, Seal Beach, CA 138-  5-30-01 Dick Seamans.  Dick retires on 5-31-01.
139-  6-2-01 Owen Dowd, Al Manzey, Larry Costa, John Wilford and Telly Gianarakos at Hearts game 140-  6-29-01 Alex Jamison, Nelson Slagle and Ken Furuta on Hawaii Day on the last day of Rockwell International
141-  6-29-01 Lou Felix and Al Spigarelli 142-  6-29-01 Jan Howard, Georgi MacDonald and Connie Valdez
143-  6-29-01 Virginia Mette and Helen Cordova 144-  6-29-01 Richard Cooke, John Trietsch and Thomas Ross
145-  6-29-01 Dale Jenson, Tim French and Louie Lim  146-  6-29-01 Liz Mikolajczyk, Laurie Warszawski and Holly LaTrobe
147-  6-29-01 Jennifer Georges, Dan Hutchinson and Kathy Douglas 148-  6-29-01 Karen Bartholomew, Gary Groover, Anne Marie Benson, Natalie Le and Jill Johnson
149-  7-01-01 Don Bandoli in his accounting office in Huntington Beach, California 150-  7-14-01 Terry Barton at home in Seal Beach 
151-  7-14-01 Boeing Building 80 in Seal Beach  152-  7-21-01 Earl Tillman, John Simeon, Roy Bower and Jim Bryant at Mike Duncan's Funeral in Cypress
153-  7-21-01 Scott Laabs and Tim Sullivan at Mike Duncan's funeral in Cypress, California 154-  8-15-01 Martha Hernandez and Hong Wu at Cypress Facility of Rockwell Collins 
155-  8-15-01 Frank Nunez at his home in Huntington Beach, California 156-  8-17-01 Nelson Slagle, Marilou McMillen and Jim McMillen at Nelson's
157-  8-25-01 Nelson and Tammy Slagle, Judie and Nolie Carman at Brea Mall in Brea, California 158-  9-4-01 Mary Scott King, Dan Heslin, Karen Brunk and Renee Bidwelz-Smitz in B/80, Seal Beach
159-  9-11-01 John Norris, Alex Papajohn and Bill Cronk at ISC picnic in Naples, California 160-  9-11-01 Mike Mount, Rich Sundell and Don Dykstra
161-  9-11-01 Larry Lowman, Dave Melland and Larry Fuller 162- 9-11-01 Paul desJardins, John Craig and Al Eddow
163-  9-11-01 Hugh Hoskins, Lou Meier and Roy Bower 164-  9-11-01 Roy Bower, Paul Hickman and Buster Sanders
165-  9-11-01 Sandy Page and Don Dykstra at ISC picnic in Naples, California 166-  10-30-01 Retirement Group: Kneeling: Tim Sullivan, Unidentified, Rosa Barone and Lou Felix. Standing: Lenor Dominquez, Hong Wu, Charles Howarth, Carole Steeves, Martha Hernandez, Linda Dempsey, Jean Bulicz, Stuart Hull, Vivian Thai and Adele Lerma.
167-  11-10-01 Tom and Linda Kopman at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada 168-  12-7-01 Bob Montour and Bill Lenzen at Faye Blue's party
169-  12-7-01 Pat Fleischer, Doug Fleischer and Sandi Paris 170-  12-7-01 Bill Lenzen, Dan Parcell and Gary Feemster
171-  12-7-01 Don Safarik, Carol Safarik, Don Reddington, Ann Chinen, Larry Lowman and Bill Lenzen 172-  12-7-01 Ken Bonja, Sharon Bonja, Arnold Sanchez, Berta Baca, Al Dobrowsky and Gayle Dobrowsky
173-  12-7-01 Johnanna Pool, Don Reddington, Jill Garvey 174-  12-7-01 Sharon Masterson, Faye Blue and Ann Chinen
175-  12-7-01 Don Pecarovich, Sandi Paris and Nelson Slagle 176-  12-7-01 Roz Essner, Howard Ross and Tommie Feemster
177-  12-7-01 Larry Fuller, Gary Feemster, Roger Van Buskirk and Tommie Feemster 178-  12-7-01  Ken Bonja, Sharon Bonja and Harry Meyer
179-  12-7-01 Don Scarr, Judi Scarr and Monica McMullen at Faye Blue's party 180-  12-10-01 Nelson Slagle, Bob Beachler and Hal Berger prior to 5K at Boeing's Seal Beach facility.  Buildings 90, 80 and 81 in the background
181-  12-14-01 Larry Lowman, Frank Stevi and John Craig at IBM Christmas Luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach 182-  12-14-01 Jim King, Sandy Carlson, Angie Bua-Gilstrap and Jerry LaBate
183-  12-14-01 Roger Lin and Gil Garcia 184-  12-14-01 John Hughes and John Norris
185-  12-14-01 Gordon Wall and David Rodriguez 186-  12-14-01 Karen Clausen and Garilynn Wadleigh
187-  12-14-01 Hugh Hoskins and Mike Mount 188-  12-14-01 Steve Jarvis and Mary Lou Worth
189 12-14-01 Helen Chen and Ralph Castro at IBM Christmas luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach 190-  12-15-01 Aaron Cook and John Reyes at Judie & Nolie Carman's Bunco party in Brea, Calif
191-  12-15-01 Vi  & John Fleischer and Chuck and Mrs. Shellenberger playing bunco 192-  12-15-01 Brett Carman and Don Plog
193-  12-15-01 Standing: Lauri Sides and Nolie Carman.  Sitting: Jim and Marilou McMillen 194-  12-15-01 Will & Lauri Sides, Judie & Nolie Carman and Donna & Brett Carman
195-  1-1-02 Dave Burwell and Al Sevic at National Sports Grill in Santa Ana to watch OSU-SC bowl game
196-  1-15-02 Art Molina, Mike Lopez, Lee Shigut, Bob Perry and Yukio Fujishige at Embassy Suites in Downey, Ca
197-  1-17-02 Paul Barboza and Kathy Carlson at Mimi's Cafe in Cypress, Ca 198-  2-19-02 Amanda Manke, Gary Groover and Anne Marie Benson at Chili's in Cypress for Amanda 'leaving Rockwell'  luncheon

199-  2-19-02 Bob Koller, Karen Bartholomew, AnneMarie Benson, Amanda Manke and Gary Groover in front of Rockwell Facility in Cypress, California 200-  2-19-02 Chris Delaney and Amanda Manke at Rockwell Facility in Cypress

201-  3-16-02 Mark Calkins, Darin Esplin, James Esplin, Todd Byers and Margaret Everitt at Ken Roselius funeral at Leisure World in Seal Beach 202-  3-16-02 Fred Sienko, Egard Roa, Carolyn Roa and Mark Calkins at Ken Roselius Funeral at Seal Beach Leisure World Community Church

203-  3-23-02 Cindy Macias and Teresa Ott at Dan and Sarah Visser Wedding Reception at Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, Calif 204-  4-6-02 Garland Smith, Kie Soohoo, Gerald Aschoff and Mark Izzo at Seal Beach 10K in Seal Beach, Calif

205-  4-8-02 Roy Bower, Cindy Wiley and Alex Papajohn at semi-annual ISC picnic 206-  4-8-02 Earl Tillman, Bruce Arbon, Rich Sundell and Steve Brezinski at Naples (Long Beach), Calif

207- 4-8-02 Al Eddow, John Simeon, Hugh Hoskins, Cliff Hahn and Bob Anderson 208-  4-14-02 Janet Bisbey and Dick Nelson at annual Bald Eagles luncheon at Proud Bird in El Segundo

209-  4-14-02 Jo Ann Koch, Janet Bisbey and Jan Romanoff 210-  4-14-02 Al Perry, Marie Perry, Nolie Carman and John Reyes

211-  4-14-02 Bette Addington and Elizabeth O'Donnel 212-  6-02 Farwell picture for Randy Bodnar.  Kneeling: Karen Bartholomew.  Standing: AnneMarie Benson, Jill Johnson, Nelson Slagle, Bob Koller and Gary Groover

213-  7-5-02 John Araujo, Al Escobosa, Bruce Flood,  Anne DeBriere and Edgard Roa at Tracy Brown funeral in Cypress, CA 214-  7-5-02 John Araujo, Al Escobosa, Bruce Flood, Anne Debriere, Ralph Castro, Edgard Roa and Denny Galvin at Tracy Brown Funeral

215-  7-5-02 Dan Sheeran, John Araujo, Al Escobosa, Jerry Olszewski, Bruce Flood, Lew Riccio, Ralph Castro, Edgard Roa, Denny Galvin, Nelson Slagle and Jim Heller at Tracy Brown funeral 216-  7-17-02 Maury Dahn in 'his' booth at the Blank Angus restaurant in Lake Forest, Calif.  Maury has been eating at this Blank Angus for 22 years.

217-  7-17-02 Maury Dahn and Nelson Slagle at the Black Angus restuarant in Lake Forest, Calif 218-  7-23-02  Dale Mello, Larry Lowman and Angie Bua-Gilstrap at The Place to visit with Dale who is visiting from Massachusetts

219-  7-23-02  Dale Mello, John Simeon and Grant Sciarani 220-  7-23-02 Larry Costa and Jerry LaBate

221- 7-23-02  John Craig and Bob Anderson at The Place in Huntington Beach, Calif 222-  7-24-02 Kennedy Meeks, Tammy Slagle and Julie Meeks

223-  8-17-02 Greg Gent and Jim Slagle 224-  8-24-02 John Garcia, Greg Gent and Jim Slagle at the National Sports Bar for OSU 45 Texas Tech 21 game

225-  8-29-02  Marty & Paul Alarcon at Angel Stadium 226-  9-24-02 Terry Curtis and Don Bryant at Cypress, CA facility of Rockwell Collins

227-  9-15-02 Doris and Paul Young.  Paul Passed away on 10-5-02.  Picture furnished by Larry Fuller. 228-  10-19-02 Jerry & Penny Bird and Steve Derus at Ken Kimsey funeral at Forest Lawn in Cypress, Calif

229-  10-19-02  Denny How, Tommie Feemster, Gary Feemster, Jerry Bird and Penny Bird 230-  10-19-02 Tim Carman, Dave Melland and Don Reddington

231-  10-19-02 Carol Aragon-Smith and Ed Lazzari 232-  10-19-02 Lee Montgomery and Carol Aragon-Smith at Ken Kimsey funeral

233-  10-19-02 John Bright.  Picture furnished by Larry Fuller 234-  10-19-02 Dennis Grassman at Ken Kimsey funeral.  Picture furnished by Larry Fuller

235-  10-24-02 Don Plog, Paul Hickman and Max Mallet at luncheon for Paul at Jim Mullens home. Standing are Jennifer Mullens, Mickey Castle and Lee Montgomery 236-  10-24-02 Stan Hull and Bill Hutchison

237-  10-24-02 Jim Bradley and Tony Ross 238-  10-24-02  Jim Mullens and Al Hart

239-  10-24-02 Edgard Roa and Al Julian 240-  10-24-02 Max Mallet and Al Julian

241-  10-24-02 Max Mallet, Don Plog and John Wilford at Paul Hickman luncheon 242-  10-28-02 Dave Melland, Jack Ross and Bill Lenzen at ISC picnic in Naples (Long Beach)

243-  10-28-02 Larry Fuller, LeAlyn Sims and Larry Lowman 244-  10-28-02 John Craig, Rich Sundell and Earl Carbone

245-  10-28-02 Ward Trumbull, Hugh Hoskins and Tom Greathead at sem-annual ISC picnic 246-  11-21-02 Nelson Slagle and Ron Bost at Rockwell Collins in Cypress

247-  12-6-02 Larry Lowman, Ken & Mary Rasmussen at Faye Blue Party 248-  12-6-02 Mary and Ken Rasmussen

249-  12-6-02 Doug Fleischer and Russ Mote 250-  12-6-02 Jeannie Dial, Kelly Whaley and Doug Fleischer

251-  12-6-02 Bob Montour and Kelly Whaley 252- 12-6-02 Sandy Paris, Tommie Feemster and Kelly Whalen

253-  12-6-02 Sandy Paris, Sharon & Ken Bonja 254-  12-6-02 Sandy Paris and Karol Weiland

255- 12-6-02 Karol Weiland and Jeannie Dial 256-  12-6-02 Larry Fuller, Jeannie Dial and Don Safarik

257-  12-6-02 Larry Fuller and Faye Blue 258-  12-6-02 Carol Safarik, Larry Fuller, Jeannie Dial, Don Safarik and Doug Fleischer

259-  12-6-02 Bill Lenzen and Don Safarik 260-  12-6-02 Bill Lenzen, Faye Blue and Don Safarik

261-  12-6-02 Thirteen of guests at Faye Blue Party 262-  12-6-02 Gary Feemster and Roger Van Buskirk

263-  12-6-02 Nelson Slagle, Tommie Feemster and Gary Feemster 264-  12-6-02 Betty Windle and Tommie Feemster

265-  12-6-02 Jim Dawson, Debbie Davis and Monica McMullen 266-  12-6-02 Howard Ross and Jill Garvey

267-  12-12-02 Peter Wait and Jim Gemmill at Busters Beach House (formerly Jolly Roger) in Long Beach for lunch with Bill Cronks lunch group. 268-  12-12-02 Jim Gemmill, Noel Purdie and Claude Gauthier

269-  12-12-02 John Simeon, Jack Weed, Jim Bryant and John Banko 270-  12-12-02 Raliegh Moffett and Ron Webb. They were at monthly Facilities luncheon at Busters Beach House

271-  12-12-02 Ted Phillips and Peter Wait at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters Beach House in Long Beach 272-  12-12-02 Rick Monahan and Cindy Blakeney

273-  12-12-02 Gary Coon and Art Strohmeier 274-  12-12-02 Claude Gauthier and Bill Cronk at Busters Beach House in Long Beach, Calif

275-  12-13-02 Ray Mamaradlo and Helen Chen at Sandy Carlson arranged Christmas luncheon at the Royal Buffet in Long Beach 276-  12-13-02 Grant Sciarani and Mike Mount

277-  12-13-02 Bob Anderson and Marc Stanton 278-  12-13-02 Harold Graebner and Ken Rasmussen

279-  12-13-02 Ralph Castro and Helen House 280-  12-13-02 Debbie 'Holden' Burk and Jackie Velez

281-  12-13-02 Angie Bua-Gilstrap and John Craig 282-  12-13-02 David Rodriguez and Gil Garcia

283-  12-13-02 John Bader and Sandy Carlson 284-  12-13-02 Jerry LaBate and John Bader

285-  12-13-02 Kurt Klueger, Maria Diaz and Dick Clark 286-  12-13-02 Kurt Klueger and Garilynn Wadleigh

287-  12-13-02 Steve Jarvis and Deberal Cooley 288-  12-13-02 Deberal Cooley and Daniel Biddle

289-  12-13-02 Norma Ellis and Maria Diaz 290-  12-13-02 Harold Hsu and Jim King

291-  12-13-02 Steve Derus and Larry Lohman 292-  12-13-02 Hugh Hoskins and Gordon Wall

293-  12-14-02 Bob Anderson, Harold Graebner and Grant Scarani  at the Royal Buffet  in Long Beach 294-  12-14-02 Wayne Davey, Bob Scheussler and Nelson Slagle at Wayne and Barbara Davey's Christmas party in Camarillo, Calif

295-  12-14-02 Diane Moos, Joe Tabares and Bob Schuessler 296-  12-14-02 Bob Scheussler, Diane Moos and Kathy D'Asaro

297-  12-14-02  Lisa Goetsch Schuessler and Bob Schuessler 298-  12-14-02 Wayne Davey, Lisa Goetsch Scheussler and Bob Scheussler

299-  12-14-02  Lisa Goetsch Scheussler and Ann DeBriere 300-  12-14-02  Hosts Barbara and Wayne Davey

301-  12-14-02  Kathy D'Asaro, Wayne Davey and Rick Art 302-  12-14-02 Robin and Syeda Khundkar

303-  12-14-02  Neelam Duggal and Lily Lee at Barbara and Wayne Davey Christmas party 304-  12-17-02 Jerry Bird and Dale Plasch at Walt Wharfs in Seal Beach, Calif 

305-  12-21-02 Jerry Saltz, Don Plog and Nolie Carman 306-  12-21-02 Jerry Saltz, Chuck Shellenberger and Don Plog

307-  12-21-02 Yvette Carman and Suzie Kenny 308-  12-21-02 Brett Carman and Richard Fox 

309-  12-21-02 Brett Carman and Lauri Sides 310-  12-21-02 Will and Lauri Sides

311-  12-21-02 Tim Carman and Aaron Cook 312-  12-21-02 Donna Carman and Tina Fox

313-  1-18-03 Larry Fuller, Larry Lowman and Larry Costa at Stan Hull's funeral in Whittier, Calif 314-  1-18-03 John Craig, Shirley Friedman and Ernie Levy

315-  1-18-03 Jim Mullens and Dave Johnson at Stan Hull's funeral at Rose Hills in Whittier, Calif 316-  1-18-03 Ernie Levy and Hugh Hoskins

317-  1-22-03  Don Bass and Rick Burns at Coach's in Seal Beach for a retirement luncheon for Ted Sickles 318-  1-22-03 Rick Burns, Nelson Slagle and Don Bass

319-  1-22-03 Chuck Ramey and Don Bass 320-  1-22-03 Anne Crosby, Chuck Ramey and Tom O'Bara

321-  1-22-03 Rick Morad and Anne Crosby 322-  1-22-03 Dennis Grassman and

323-  1-22-03 Ted Sickles and Dick Dement 324-  1-22-03 Joanna Kimble, Ted Sickles and Dolores Arge

325-  1-22-03 Steve Miller and Randy Colvin 326-  1-22-03 Randy Colvin and Harvey Cohoon

327-  1-22-03 Steve Davis and Mohammad 328-  1-22-03 Steve O'Kelley and Tim Jones at Ted Sickles luncheon at Coach's in Seal Beach

329-  1-22-03 Dennis Grassman and Art Jarman in B/80 Auditorium, Seal Beach for Ted Sickles retirement presentation 330-  1-22-03 Chis Landenberger, Sandy Rives Crutcher and Carol Yoshimaro

331-  1-22-03 Paul Alacorn and Whip Reynolds 332-  1-22-03 Walt Walker and Ted Cowan at Ted Sickles retirement presentation

333-  1-23-03 Karen Bartholomew, Larry McCutcheon, Gary Groover and Anne Marie Benson at Rockwell Collins Facility in Cypress 334-  1-23-03 Bob Koller, Jill Johnson, Natalie Le, Karen Bartholomew, Larry McCutcheon, Anne Marie Benson and Gary Groover

335-  1-31-03 Bud Klecker, Al Spigeralli and George Wiley and Al's retirement party at Cypress Country Club in Cypress, Calif 336-  Kelly Graves, Jackie Tran, Kathy Douglas and Gary Groover

337-  Nanette Clements, Kathy Jurey, Frank Christopher and Don Black 338-  1-31-03 Don Black  and Curtis Johnston

339-  Cheryl Bazzell, Paula Houck and Don Black 340-  Don Black, Joel Stone and Steve Meyer

341-  1-31-03 Joel Stone and Denny Popovec 342-  1-31-03 Denny Popovec and John Izzolena

343-  1-31-03Anne Marie Benson and Bob Koller 344-  Jan Howard, Georgi MacDonald, Kathy Krynski and Dale Jenson

345-  Gayle Bressie, Dorinda, Martin and Bonnie O'Neal 346-  Thomas Ross, Sam Kim and Ron Bost

347-  Chris Landenberger, Jerry Shelley, Ron Bost and Jerry Risto 348-  1-31-03 Kelli Aschoff and Helen Cordova

349-  Rena Cheatley and Jeff Krynski 350-  Tom Konoske and Jeff Krynski

351-  1-31-03 Jeff Krynski and Al Spigeralli 352-  Alex Jamison and Ken Furuta

353-  Tracy Nguyen, Ken Furuta and Susan Furuta 354-  Tracy Nguyen and Natalie Le

355-  1-31-03 Linda Engen and Adele Lerma 356- Bob Finnell, Bud Klecker and Gary Peters

357-  Donna Chan-Giese, Brian Clelland and Sarah Yesenosky 358-  1-31-03 Brian Clelland and Eleanore Kopezak

359-  Tom Yocum, Don Davis and Sally Davis 360-  Linda Dempsey, Vivian Thai and Unidentified

361-  1-31-03 Alex Jamison & Rob Wolf 362-  Faith Cruz, Bernie De Jesus, Tim Sullivan and Leonor Dominguez

363-  1-31-03 Faith Cruz, Al Spigeralli and Cindy Colton 364-  Sue Ann Slaughter and Sandie the coordinator at Cypress Country Club

365-  George Wiley, Bud Klecker and Frank Chabre 366-  1-31-03 Paul Clark and George Wiley

367-  Pam Carney, Kathy Judd and Kristen Wahlstrom, all from Wells Fargo 368-  1-31-03 Tim French, Patrick Allen and Mike Cole

369-  Nelson Slagle and Holly LaTrobe 370-  1-31-03 Dan Meland and David Johnston at Al Spigeralli's retirement party

371-  2-13-03 Gwen Brady at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove,  Calif   
372-  2-22-03 Patti Behringer and Sylvia Bernard at Rockwell Collins, Cypress facility

373-  2-28-03 Art Jarman and his wife at Art's retirement luncheon at the Royal Buffet in Long Beach, California
374-  2-28-03 Dick Koerner, George Scott and Dennis Grassman

375-  2-28-03 Jim Bryant, Dick Koerner and George Scott
376-  2-28-03 John Bowman and Mike DeLara

377-  2-28-03 Mike DeLara and Bob Parker
378-  2-28-03 David Rodriguez and Grant Sciarani

379-  2-28-03 David Rodriguez and Roger Lin
380-  2-28-03 Jerry LaBate and Angi Bua-Gilstrap

381-  2-28-03 Larry Lowman, Steve Derus
382-  2-28-03 Ken Rasmussen, James King and Sandy Carlson

383-  2-28-03 Howard Ross and Dale Plasch
384-  2-28-03 Dolan Williams and Larry Bryant

385-  2-28-03 Ralph Castro, Ward Trumbull and Helen Chen
386-  2-28-03 Don Dykstra and Gordon Lee

387-  3-11-03 Stan Anderson and Mike Lopez at Lee Shigutt funeral
388-  3-11-03 Kenneth Shigut, Bob Perry, Yuki Fujishige, and Art Molina

389-  3-11-03 Bob Perry, Don Hollander and Art Molina at Lee Shigut funeral
390-  3-11-03 Rob Hunsaker and Anne Marie Benson at Chili's in Cypress, Calif

391-  3-16-03 Joy and Rick Vargo
392-   4-29-03 John Wilford, Nelson Slagle, Jerry Saltz and Lee Montgomery at Owen Dowd's funeral in Riverside, California

393-   4-29-03 Don Black and Patti Arnsted at Don's retirement celebration at B/80, Seal Beach.
394-   4-29-03 Don Black, Tom Sumrall and George Wiley

395-   4-29-03 Don Black & Rick Stephen
396-   4-29-03 Nolie Carman, Don Black and Nelson Slagle

397-   4-29-03 Nolie Carman, Mike Juarez and George Wiley 398-   4-29-03 Nolie Carman, John Fleischer, Bud Klecker and Rich Terrell

399-   4-29-03 Gary Peters and Bill Hoffman 400-   4-29-03 Mary Louise Hlavac and Kathy Zamboni

401-   4-29-03 Paula Houck and MaryScott King 402-   4-29-03 Donna Buniel and Steve Meyer at Don Black's retirement celebration at B/80 in Seal Beach

403-   4-29-03 Mark Johnson in office on 3rd floor of B/80
404-  Dave Melland, Bruce Arbon and Buster Sanders at Hugh Hoskins picnic in Naples, Calif

405-  John Bright, Dave Kimes and Jack Weed
406-  Bob Krause, JD Thomas and Creighton Helsley at Hugh Hoskins picnic in Naples, Calif

407-  6-12-03 Norma Sheffield, Troy Belme and Elke Rodas at Boeing Recreation Center
408-  6-12-03 Norma and David Sheffield at Anaheim Recreation Center

409-  6-17-03 Bob Bramhall, Gerry Robertson and Jack Weed at Busters Beach House in Seal Beach with Bill Cronk lunch group
410-  6-17-03 Peter Wait, Bill Cronk and Wayne Russ

411-  6-25-03 Wilma and Ray Lusk at Coco's in Garden Grove, Calif
412-   7-01 Michelle Lyman and Al Brusewitz in Alaska with 82 pounds of King Salmon in Kenai, Alaska. Salmon caught on Kenai River.  Picture provided by Al.

413-   7-01 Michelle Lyman with her two children Hunter and Brittany.   Taken at Turnagain Pass, Alaska.
414-   8-03 Angie Biscan, Tim Carman, Gary McElligatt and Denny Popevec at Tim Carman's 40th Anniversary celebration at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Ca

415-   8-03 Thomas Ross, Angie Biscan, Vinh Vu, Joyce Jimenez,  John Trietsch, Tim Carman, Peter Chueh, Astrid Taen, Anthony Mack, Rick Monahan and Patrick Flower
416-   8-03 Nelson Slagle, Bill Cronk, Tim Carman and Peter Chueh at Tim's 40th Anniversary celebration

417-   8-03  Accountants in uniform at Rockwell Collins at Cypress.  Nelson Slagle, Anne Marie Benson, Gary Groover, Karen Bartholomew and Bob Koller
418-   8-03 George Robinson, Larry Fuller and Mike Basel at Bill Purcell's gathering at Spaghettini's Italian Restaurant in Seal Beach.  Bill passed away 8-4-03.

419-   8-03 Blaine Lowman and George Robinson
420-   8-03 Jim McMillen and Nelson Slagle in front of Jim's home on Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia

421-   8-03 Captain Jim McMillen navagating Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia
422-   8-03 Nelson Slagle and Lance Hall at Lance's home near Saluda, South Carolina

423-   8-03 Jim Gibson, Nelson Slagle and John Crites in Jim's office at Research Triangle Institute at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
424-   8-03 Jim Gibson and John Crites at Research Triangle Institute at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

425-   10-03 Mike DeLara and Steve Davis at IBM farewell in B/80 Auditorium in Seal Beach
426-   10-03 Marc Stanton, Delatoare, John Bowman and Dolan Williams

427-   10-03 Garilynn Wadleigh and John McFaden
428-   10-03 Rodger VanBuskirk and Carol Yoshimura

429-   10-03 Walt Walker and Charles Long 430-   10-03 Troy Fletcher and Steve Davis

431-   10-03 Debbie Holden, Jackie Velez and Carol Yoshimura at IBM farewell
432-   10-03 Barbara Smith and Frank Nunez at Frank's father (Frank Nunez, Jr.) memorial service at Mile Square Park

433-   10-03 Dick Schenden and Frank Nunez
434-   10-03 Don Plog, Dick Schenden and Jack Schuler

435-   10-03 Don Plog, Karen Plog and Jack Schuler
436-   10-03 Dotie Nordlow and Geraldine Nunez

437-   10-03 Dottie Nordlow and table of picture of Frank Nunez, Jr.
438-   10-03 Earl Tillman, Larry Fuller and Ed Duncan at Hugh Hoskins' picnic in Naples, Calif

439-   10-03 Phil Root and Tom Greathead
440-   10-03 Sandy Page and Dave Meland at Hugh Hoskins' picnic

441-   10-03 Bob Koller, Nelson Slagle, Gary Groover (holding Lucky our department Beta!) and Anne Marie Benson at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, CA 442-   10-03 Patrick Flower (3rd place), Nelson Slagle (1st place) and Leonor Dominguez (2nd prize) on Creative Hat Day at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, CA.  

443-   11-03 Vivian Thai, Paul Giguerre, Doug Smith and Gary Groover at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
444-   11-03  Paul Giguerre and Doug Smith of Fidelity

445-   10-03 Seated: Morris Willkie, Telly Gianarakos, Brett Carman. Standing: Nelson Slagle, Al Manzey, John Wilford and Bryan Davis at Hearts game at Nelson's home
446-   11-03 Mark McLeod and Nelson Slagle at Rubio's in Los Alamitos, Calif

447-   12-03 John Bader and Larry Fuller at Faye Blue Party
448-   12-03 Larry Fuller and Doug Fleischer

449-   12-03 Tina Montour,  Jim Dawson and Debbie Davis
450-   12-03 Sharon Bonja and Debbie Davis

451-   12-03 Robert Cline, Stacy Sasaki and Debbie Garcia-Strother
452-   12-03 Arnold Sanchez, Debbie Garcia-Strother and Nelson Slagle

453-   12-03 Larry Lowman and Howard Ross
454-   12-03 Betsy Meyer, Harry Meyer and Ken Rasmussen

455-   12-03 Sharon Barrett, Faye Blue and Syeda Khundkar
456-   12-03 Robin Khundkar, Faye Blue and Syeda Khundkar

457-   12-03 12-03 Dan Parcell, Bob Montour, Roger Van Buskirk and Don Safarik
458-   12-03 Patty Arnstad and Monica McMullen at Faye Blue Party

459-  2000 Larry Manly at his home (by Larry Fuller)
460-   12-03 Betty & Harold Graebner at Sandy Carlson arranged luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach, Calif

461-   12-03 Scott Baxter and Mike Mount
462-   12-03 Dale Plasch, Grant Sciarani and Jerry Bird

463-   12-03 Jerry Bird and Don Dykstra
464-   12-03 Jim King and Larry Fuller

465-   12-03 Garilynn Wadleigh and Helen Chen
466-   12-03 Jerry LeBate and Angie Bua-Gilstrap

467-   12-03 Maria Diaz and John Bowman
468-   12-03 Ralph Castro, Jackie Velez and Karen Clausen

469- 12-03 Sandy Carlson and John Bader at Sandy Carlson arranged luncheon in Long Beach, Ca
470-   12-03 Stacy Madsen, Mike Sands and Jill Graham at Boeing lunch hour 5K

471-   12-03 Mary Jo Beck provides entertainment by playing keyboard for annual Shared Services Christmas Luncheon at Cypress Golf Club in Cypress, Calif

473-   12-03 Nelson Slagle and Anne Marie Benson point to address at annual department dinner at Davio's Restuarant in Seal Beach, Calif.    12149 is one of our favorite ledger accounts.
474-  12-03 Nelson Slagle, Jim Gemmill and Jim Bryant at Busters Beach House in Seal Beach, Calif

475-   12-29-03 John Osborne, Bob Dominguez and Rick Park at Crab Pot in Long Beach for an IBM lunch
476-   12-29-03 John Osborne and Elza Alvarado

477-   12-29-03 Bob Bystedt, John Osborne and Al Butkus
478-   12-29-03 Tom Greathead and Al Butkus

479-   12-29-03 Jerry LaBate, Mary Lou Worth and Bob Bystedt
480-   12-29-03 John Roe and Phil Root

481-   12-29-03 Helen House and Phil Root
482-   12-29-03 Ron Thompson and George Hambrick

483-   12-29-03 Toni Cafaro and Diana Donnellan at Crab Pot in Long Beach, Calif.
484-   12-2000  Larry Fuller, Bob Bystedt and Sid Hasin furnished by Larry Fuller

485-   8-2003  Diane Moos, Jan Ridgeway and Nancy Vaswani Ullerich furnished by Larry Fuller 486-   12-03 Bill Cronk and Nelson Slagle furnished by Larry Fuller

487-   12-2003 John Purkiewicz surrounded by his children.  His children are Mona, Rob and Jamie
488-   1-04  Forrest Danielson at El Torito on Carson Blvd in Long Beach

489-   1-31-04  Diane Lucas and Holly LaTrobe at Johanna Pool's funeral at Pierce Brothers Mortuary in Anaheim, Calif
490-   1-31-04 Diane Lucas, Jill Garvey and Randy Black

491-   1-31-04 Diane Lucas, Tommie Feemster, Faye Blue and Randy Black
492-  1-31-04 Faye Blue, Tommie Feemster, Jan Ridgeway and Marie Alvarez

493-   2-19-04 Nelson Slagle,  Sherry Simon and Roy Alzua at Friday's on Anton in Costa Mesa, Calif.  Sherry and Roy  both work at Countrywide  in Irvine.
494-   2-19-04  Tom Konoske and Gary Young in Tom's office at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif.  Gary is retiring after 40 years of service

495-   2-25-04 Nelson Slagle and Dwight Decker at Conexant Stockholders meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, Calif.  Dwight is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Conexant .
496-   2-25-04 Don Beall and Nelson Slagle.  Don is on the Board of Directors at Conexant .

497-   2-25-04 Eva Beth Thomas
498-   2-25-04 Linda Neer working at the Conexant Stockholders meeting

499-   3-7-04 Scott Baxter, Scott's friend and Nelson Slagle near finish line of Los Angeles Marathon.  Scott was on crutches due to a surfing accident.
500-   3-07-04  Donna and Brett Carman at Laker game at Staples Center.

501-   3-7-04  Mike and Michelle (Mike's daughter)  Juarez at Staples during a Laker game
502-   3-7-04 Roni Hibben, Nancy Bendel, Tim Martino and Holly LaTrobe at Friday's on Anton in Costa Mesa, Calif.

503-   3-13-04 Nelson Slagle and Bob Brazeau at Bob's home in Murietta, Calif 504-   3-13-04 Ron Benson and Nelson Slagle at Ron's home in Temecula, Calif

505-   3-17-04  Bob Kalb and Donna Chan Giese at Rockwell Collins in Cypress
506-   3-22-04 Paul Cheney and John Craig at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic in Naples, Calif

507-   3-22-04 Lou Meier and Don Dykstra
508-   3-22-04 George Robinson and Don Dykstra

509-   3-22-04 Irene and Don Larsen at Hugh Hoskins Picnic
510-   3-22-04 Buster Sanders, Roy Bower, Bob Krause at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic in Naples, Calif

511-   3-29-04 Felicia and David Woodson at their home in Long Beach, Calif
512-   4-1-04 Tim Carman, Chris Delaney, John Lonegan and Nelson Slagle.  They were the four winners of  Spring Training competition at the Rockwell Collins facility in Cypress, Calif

513-   4-3-04  Dave Cupelli and Rich Terrell prior to Seal Beach 5K/10K run 514-   4-17-04 Bette Addington, John Peller, Rubye Ritchey and Dorothy Nordlow at Bald Eagles luncheon at the Prowd Bird in El Segundo, Calif

515-   4-17-04 Kiyo Nagagawa, Rubye Ritchey, Bette Addington, Maxine Cilva Hensler, and Dottie Nordlow 
516-   4-17-04 John Peller, Jo Ann Koch and George Jeffs

517-   4-17-04 John Sanford, George Jeffs and Mike Vucelic
518-   4-17-04 Dick Bohlen, Ian Dodds and Mike Vucelic

519-   4-17-04 Ed Compton and Jan Romanoff
520-   4-17-04 Tom Stodgel and Dick Schenden

521-   4-17-04 Mike Juarez, Nelson Slagle and Tom Stodgel
522-   4-17-04 Mike Juarez and George Wiley

523-   4-17-04 Pat Harling and Mike Juarez
524-   4-17-04 Irv Altnew, Bev Gresham and Nolie Carman

525-   4-17-04 Nolie Carman and Ann Tack
526-   4-17-04 Irv Altneu and Nick Carter

527-   4-17-04 Dick Nelson and John Reyes
528-   4-17-04 Nelson Wong and Dennis Hill

529-   4-17-04 Marie and Al Perry
530-   4-17-04 Kimi Taira, Sylvia Beck Copple and Carolyn Rogers

531-   4-17-04 Don Safarik, Don Reddington and Dick Nelson
532-   4-17-04 Jim Albaugh and Sam Iacobellis (speakers at lunch) at Bald Eagles luncheon a the Proud Bird in El Segundo

 533-   3-17-04  Larry Fuller and Paula Honus at Hennessey's in Seal Beach, Calif.  Furnished by Jim Sutter.
534-   4-28-04  Jim Sutter at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

535-   4-30-04 Carol Henderson and Sherry Simon at Friday's in Costa Mesa
536-   5-5-04 Nelson Slagle and Tom Tessier at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif

537-   5-6-04 Raisa Barkley at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove, Calif
538-   5-13-04 Bill Glancy and Peter Schultz at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

539-  5-24-04 Anne Middlebrook at Japenese restaurant in Los Alamitos, Calif
540-  5-25-04 Jim Sutter and Tom Whitby at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

541-  5-26-04 Mary Jo Beck, Rosa Barone, Jill Johnson, Vivian Thai,  Andrew Coates, Natalie Le and Helen Cordova at El Torito's in Cypress for Jill's farewell lunch
542-  5-26-04 Nelson Slagle, Karen Bartholomew, Jill Johnson, Andrew Coates, Anne Marie Benson and Gary Groover at El Torito's in Cypress for Jill's farewell lunch

543-  5-30-04 Nolie Carman, Amanda Sides, Judie Carman and Tammy Slagle at Cerritos Mall in Cerritos, Calif
544-  5-30-04  A clown with Amanda Sides and Nolie Carman at Cerritos Mall

545-  6-2-04  Adele Lerma, Leonor Dominguez, Linda Dempsey,  and Vivian Thai at the Olive Garden in Cypress, Calif for Stuart Hull's farewell luncheon
546-  6-2-04 Helen Cordova, Martha Hernandez, Stuart Hull, Tim Sullivan, Rosa Barone, Jean Bulicz and Violet Nivera at the Olive Garden in Cypress, Calif fo Stuart Hull's farewell luncheon

547-  6-2-04  Violet Nivera, Stuart Hull and Marthan Hernandez at Rockwell Collins Cypress facility
548-  6-2-04  Stuart Hull and Tim Sullivan at Cypress Facility

549-  6-3-04 Wayne Russ, Jack Weed and John Stauver at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters in the Long Beach Marina
550-  6-3-04 Cindy Blakeney, Sandy 'Rives' Crutcher and Ted Phillips

551-  6-3-04 Bill Cronk, Noel Purdie and Claude Gauthier at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters in the Long Beach Marina
552-  2-4-04 Larry Fuller, Russ Hurley and John Simeon at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, Calif.  Picture furnished by John Simeon

553-  6-8-04 Mike Burns in Irvine, Calif.  Furnished by Jerry Slagle.
554-  6-10-04 Sherry Simon and Linda Engen at Fridays in Costa Mesa, Cal

555-  6-10-04 Vy Pham at Boeing Fitness Center at Huntington Beach, Calif
556-  6-28-03  Front:  Becky 'Campbell' Sweeney, Joy Puyear, Helen 'Blaisdell' Cordova.  Back: Jenny 'Dudley' Spencer, and Malia 'Ray' Fazzio at Helen Cordova's in Torrance, Calif.  Picture furnished by Helen Cordova.

557-  6-18-04 Morgan Simpson at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
558-  6-22-04  Ruth Bachtel at Chilli's in Cypress, Calif.

559-  6-24-04 Nelson Slagle, Mike Griffith and Don Adams at Schooner or Later in Long Beach, Calif
560-  6-25-04 Bruce Wight and Joy Junghanel at Rob Hunsaker's grave side services at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cypress, Calif

561-  6-25-04 Joy Junghanel, Ben Gasmi and Jackie O'Malley
562-  6-25-04 Eric Hearn, Mark Butski, Joy Junganel, Tim Moore and Jackie O'Malley

563-  6-25-04 Tim and Denise Moore
564-  6-25-04 John Sellers and Dick Feeley

565-  6-25-04 Lisa McCullough and John Sellers
566-  6-25-04 Mike Juarez, Lisa McCullough and Carol Herceg

567-  6-25-04 Mike Juarez and Pat Harling 568-  6-25-04 Elaine Chun, Marie Petracek and Chet Douglas

569-  6-25-04 Rosa Cortez and Wendy Carter
570-  6-25-04 Fidel Cruz and Steve Lopez at Rob Hunsaker grave side services

571-   12-03 Linda Harwell at Nordam (work) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Provided by Linda
572-   7-7-04 Hal Tipton at Nicks on Main Street, Seal Beach, Calif

573-   7-10-04  Terry Barton and Nelson Slagle in Terry's home in Seal Beach, Calif
574-  7-15-04 Mandy Thomas, Randy Miller, Amy Lee, Mark Fowler, Bill Cronk, Steve Fischman, John Todd and John Simeon at Yard House at Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, Calif

575-  7-15-04 Randy Miller and Nelson Slagle
576-  7-15-04 John Todd and Randy Miller

577-  7-15-04 Steve Fischman, Amy Lee, Mark Fowler and Mandy Thomas 
578-  7-15-04 Mark Fowler and John Simeon

579-  7-15-04 Nelson Slagle, Bruce Chapman and John Simeon 
580-  7-15-04 Mandy Thomas and Amy Lee at Yard House at Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, Calif

581-  7-16-04 Sarah Yesenosky, Eric Valdivia and Ann Valdivia outside Rockwell Collins Cypress Facility 582-  7-20-04 Mary and Paul Barboza at Mimi's in Cerritos, Calif

583-  7-22-04 John Briscoe in his office at home in Fountain Valley, Calif
584-   8-1-04 Judy McGrath, Ann Cozart and Donna Green at Chili's in Cypress, Calif

585-  8-1-04 Hal Berger and Karen Bartholomew at Chili's in Cypress, Calif.
586-   8-04 Sioux Stoeckle provided by Sioux.  She is in the process of relocating to Blythe, California

587-  8-11-04 Chuck Ramey, Bernie Wilner and Joe Ballestracci at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
588-  8-12-04 Randy Loveless in office in B/80 Seal Beach

589-  8-12-04 Kimberly Boyd in B/80 Seal Beach
590-  8-12-04 Tim Jones in B/80 in Seal Beach

591-  8-12-04 Bill Lyon and Ed Woo in Bill's office in B/80 Seal Beach
592-  8-12-04 Jill Graham and Stacy Madsen at Seal Beach Fitness  Center

593-  8-12-04 Don Bass and Dennis Grasman in Dennis' office on last day at Boeing after 37 years
594-  8-12-04 Part of group in conference room 203, B/80, Seal Beach for Dennis Grasman cake cutting

595-  8-12-04 Part of group attending Dennis Grasman cake cutting
596-  8-12-04 Mike DeLara and John McFaden

597-  8-12-04 Steve Davis and Bob Ray
598-  8-12-04 Dennis Grassman cuts cake

599-  8-12-04 Joanna Kimble and Jackie Velez with cake
600-  8-12-04 Mike DeLara, Marc Stanton and Anne Crosby at El Torito on Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach for Dennis Grassman retirement party

601-  8-12-04 Dave Melland and Dennis Grasman
602-  8-12-04 Dennis Grasman, sister Pat Quackenboss and Larry Quackenboss.

603-  8-12-04 Greg Gaylord, Dennis Grasman and Dick Dement
604-  8-12-04 Dick Dement, Pat Turney and Doug Newell

605-  8-12-04 Terry Sweeney and Shirley Friedman
606-  8-12-04 Dave Meland, Norma Ellis and Roy Bower

607-  8-12-04 MaryLou Worth and Garilynn Wadleigh
608-  8-12-04 Jack Weed, Gene Lansing and Bob Parker

609-  8-12-04 Tom Wood, Lisa Mauceri and Jim Dunn
610-  8-12-04 Al Bruzewitz and Jim Dunn

611-  8-12-04 Jack Ross, Stephanie French Belme and John Bowman
612-  8-12-04 Larry Fuller and Al Butkus

613-  8-12-04 Angie Bua-Gilstrap and Jerry LaBate
614-  8-12-04 Jim Friaz and Angie Bua-Gilstrap

615-  8-12-04 Part of crowd watches Mike DeLara's reading of Dennis How hilarious prepared speech
616-  8-12-04 Ira Wright, JD Thomas and Rick Delamater 

617-  8-12-04 Dolan Williams, Ralph Castro, Felicia Woodson and Rick Delamater
618-  8-12-04 Felicia Woodson, Tim Stelzriede and his son

619-  8-12-04 Jack Weed and Steve Jarvis
620-  8-12-04 Charles Long and Norma Ellis at Dennis Grasman retirement part at El Torito on PCH in Seal Beach, Calif

621-  8-14-04 First row:  Nelson Slagle, Nolie Carman and Telly Gianarakos.  2nd Row:  Al Manzey, Brian Davis, John Wilford, Brett
Carman and Larry Costa
 at Nelson Slagle's for Hearts Game #120

622-  8-17-04 Dale Mello and John Osborne at My Place in Huntington Beach, Calif

623-  8-21-04 Micki Krause and Mike Nozaki at Ruby's in Laguna Hills Mall, Calif
624-  9-1-04 Michelle Remfry, Susanna Kim and Ron Bost at Rockwell Collins facility in Cypress, California

625-  9-2-04 Brett Carman, Karen Bartholomew and Andy Syrenglas
626-  9-9-04 Ginger Paul and Joe Ballestracci at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

627-  9-15-04 Denny Popovec, Jerry Slagle and Tom Madden at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif.  Jerry and Tom both work at Ingram Micro in Santa Ana, Calif.    
628-  9-15-04 Jerry Slagle, Tom Madden and Nelson Slagle at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

629- 9-15-04 Denny Popovec, Tom Madden and Nelson Slagle at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
630- 9-15-04 Joyce Root and Tim Marchando visiting Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif from Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh

631-  9-17-04 Jennifer Miller at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
632- 9-25-04 Larry Hauck at Denny's in Anaheim, Calif

633-  9-29-04 Wayne Johnson, Dan Hutchinson and Ron Smith at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
634-  9-29-04 Jim Lienhard and Don Bryant at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif

635-  9-29-04 Juan Bulnes, Joyce Jimenez and Ed Lou at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
636-  9-29-04 Tamara Panter-Broughton, Terry Davis and Kathy Rodney at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif

637-  9-29-04 Harlene Anderson and Christine Delaney at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
638-  9-29-04 Jon Fullinwider and Al Brusewitz at Mimi's in Downey, Calif

639-  10-2-04 Phelan Wright (Holly's daughter), Holly MacDonald and Kim Prickett at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
640-  10-12-04 Bob Anderson, Paul Cheney, John Craig, Steve Rees and Al Eddow at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic at Naples, Calif

641-  10-12-04 John Craig and Steve Rees
642-  10-12-04 Roy Bower, Max Mallet and Bob Krause

643-  10-12-04 Sandy Page, Earl Tillman and JD Thomas
644-  10-12-04 Lou Meier and Hugh Hoskins a Hugh's arranged picnic at Naples, Calif

645-  10-28-04 Mark Witmer, Pat Parella, Denny Pasternak, Jack Manley,  Bob Henchir, Sharon Shimp, Carol Boyle and Janet Glanville at Hard Rock Cafe at 23 Station Square in Pittsburg, Pa.
646-  10-28-04 Sharon Shimp, Denny Pasternak and Carol Boyle

647-  10-28-04 Denny Pasternak and Bob Henchir
648-  10-28-04 Bob Henchir, Mark Witmer and Jack Manley

649-  10-28-04 Jack Manley and Mark Witmer
650-  10-28-04 Janet Glanville and Pat Parella

651-  10-28-04 Janet Glanville and Nelson Slagle
652-  11-09-04  Yukio Fujishige, Bob Perry, Yettie Hartley, Mike Lopez and Art Molina at Mimi's in Downey, Calif

653-   9-04 Dean Garrison and Gail Meredith on their wedding day
654-  11-17-04 Marie Petracek, Jeff Young and Debbie Hickman at Khourys in Long Beach, Calif.  Khourys hosted an open house for current and ex-Rockwell and Boeing employees

655-  11-17-04 Virginia and Susan Ingle at Khoury's in Long Beach, Calif
656-  11-17-04 Tim Hood, Ann Tack and Bill Collopy at Khoury's in Long Beach, Calif

657-  11-18-04 Jerry Risto, Chris Landenberger and Gary Fuller at Mary Scott Kings home in Huntington Beach for Gary Fuller's Farewell Party
658-  11-18-04 Gary Fuller, Chris Landenberger, Jerry Risto and Rena Cheatley

659-  11-18-04 Rena Cheatley, Nelson Slagle and Lori Killeen
660-  11-18-04 Loir Killeen, Renee Bidwell-Smith and Karen Bruck at Mary Scott King's home in Huntington Beach, Calif.

661-  11-18-04 Mary Scott King and  Sue Ann Slaughter at Mary Scott King's home in Huntington Beach, Calif.
662-  6-03 Barbara Vollrath with cousins Gene and Martin in Philadelphia

663-  12-3-04 Jeannie Dial and Faye Blue at Faye Blue party at her house in Fountain Valley, Calif.  Jeannie came the furthest for the party, driving in from Mesa, Arizona.  
664-  12-3-04 Don Safarik, Dan Parcell, Jeannie Dial and Faye Blue

665-  12-3-04 Jeannie Dial and Debbie Garcia-Strother
666-  12-3-04 Tommie Feemster, Jeanie Dial and Jill Garvey

667-  12-3-04 Jill Garvey, Betty Windle and Tommie Feemster
668-  12-3-04 Dan Parcell and Larry Lowman

669-  12-3-04 Dan Parcell, Doug Fleischer and Bob Montour
670-  12-3-04 Emily Watters, Sandy Paris and Doug Fleischer

671-  12-3-04 Steve Derus, Larry Lowman, Emily Watters and Larry Fuller
672-  12-3-04 Steve Derus, Carole Derus and Gary Feemster

673-  12-3-04 Don Reddington, Dwight Moulton, Sharon Barrett, Don Safarik and Carol Safarik
674-  12-3-04 Sharon Barrett and Dwight Moulton

675-  12-3-04 Judy Scarr and Patty Arnstad
676-  12-3-04 Judy Scarr and Susie Archer

677-  12-3-04 Ken and Sharon Bonja
678-  12-3-04 Arnold Sanchez and Sharon Bonja

679-  12-3-04 Howard Ross, Roz Essner and Debbie Garcia-Strother
680-  12-3-04 Debbie Garcia-Strother and Nelson Slagle

681-  12-3-04 Monica McMullen and Don Safarik
682-  12-3-04 Russ Mote, Doug Fleischer and Jeff Strother at Faye Blue Party.

683-  12-7-04 Ted Phillips, Sandy 'Rives' Crutcher, Jim Bryant, Nelson Slagle, Wayne Russ, Harry Meyer, Art Strohmeier, Claude Gauthier and Jack Weed at table at Busters Beach House in Long Beach  for the Bill Cronk arranged luncheon
684-  12-7-04 Ted Phillips, Sandy 'Rives' Crutcher and Cindy Blakeney

685-  12-7-04 Harry Meyer and Nelson Slagle at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon
686-  12-11-04 Barbara and Wayne Davey at their Christmas Party in Camarillo, Calif

687-  12-11-04 Lisa Goetsch Scheussler and Barbara Davey
688-  12-11-04 Bob and Lisa Goetsch Scheussler

689-  12-11-04 Diane Moos, Bob Scheussler and Lisa Goetsch Scheussler
690-  12-11-04 Nelson Slagle, Diane Moos, Bob Scheussler, Joe Tabares and Lisa Goetsch Scheussler

691-  12-11-04 Bob Scheussler, Wayne Davey, Joe Tabares and Eileen Tabares
692-  12-11-04 Bea Swieck and Diane Moos

693-  12-11-04 Robin Khundkar and Bob Scheussler at Wayne & Barbara Davey Party
694-  12-15-04 Jan Howard, Mary Coonce, John Lonegan, Georgi MacDonald, David Svoboda, Lolita Parado and Edna Allen

695-  12-17-04 Sandy Carlson and Jim King at Sandy's arranged Christmas Luncheon at the Royal Buffet in Long Beach, Calif
696-  12-17-04 Hugh Hoskins and Earl Carbone

697-  12-17-04 Ken Rasmussen, Earl Carone and Scott Baxter
698-  12-17-04 Scott Baxter and Jeff Rash

699-  12-17-04 Jim Dunn and Scott Baxter
700-  12-17-04 Helen Chen and John Norris

701-  12-17-04 Betty and Harold Graebner
702-  12-17-04 Grant Sciarani and Roger Lin

703-  12-20-04 Robin Khundkar, Nelson Slagle, Larry Cosgrove, Mike Juarez,  Pat Harling and Bob Barclay at CJ Changs in El Segundo, Calif
704-  12-20-04 Robin Khundkar, Larry Cosgrove, Mike Juarez, Pat Harling and Bob Barclay at CJ Changs in El Segundo, Calif

705-  12-20-04 Buckeyes Nelson Slagle and Paul Clark in Paul office at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
706-  12-22-04 Debbie Garcia Strother, Sandy Paris, Faye Blue and Chuck Williams at In & Out Burger in Seal Beach, Calif

707-  12-22-04 Nelson Slagle, Debbie Garcia Strother, Faye Blue, Chuck Williams, Sandy Paris and Mark Johnson
708-  12-22-04 Debbie Garcia Strother, Faye Blue, Chuck Williams, Sandy Paris and Mark Johnson at In & Out Burger in Seal Beach, Calif

709-  12-29-04 Jerry LaBate, John Osborne and Angie Bua-Gilstrap at annual IBM luncheon at the Crab Pot in Long Beach.
710-  12-29-04 Rick Runnels, Howard Ross and John Osborne

711-  12-29-04 Nelson Slagle, John Osborne and Dick Cantine
712-  12-29-04 Larry Manly, Larry Fuller and Larry Lowman

713-  12-29-04 Phil Simon, Jerry LaBate and Larry Manly
714-  12-29-04 Phil Simon and Bob Bystedt

715-  12-29-04 Nelson Slagle, Phil Root and Hugh Hoskins
716-  12-29-04 Ward Trumbull, Ann Trumbull, Bob Anderson and Hugh Hoskins

717-  12-29-04 John Roe and Phil Root
718-  12-29-04 Bob Brubaker, Phil Root and Ron Hillblom

719-  12-29-04 Ruben Solano, Dick Manning and Francisco Pantoja
720-  12-29-04 Steve Renard, Rick Runnels and Phil Root

721-  12-29-04 Toni Cafaro, John Norris and Diana Donnelan
722-  12-29-04 Larry Manly and Nelson Slagle eating crabs at the IBM luncheon at the Crap Pot in Long Beach


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