1548  1-26-09 Ken Reardon, Al Spigeralli, Dan Heslin and Ken Fails at Memorial for Bud Klecker in Huntington Beach, California 1549  Paula Houck, Don Black and Judy Black
1550  Don Black, Jeff Benedict and Rich Kintz 1551  Don Black and Tom Sumrall
1552  Tom Sumrall and Bill Hartman 1553  Phil Swanson and John Fleischer
1554  Joni Hollis, Vi Fleischer and Sheryl Jimerson 1555  1-26-09 Vi Fleischer, Nelson Slagle and Sheryl Jimerson at Memorial for Bud Klecker in Huntington Beach, California
1556  1-29-09  Nelson Slagle and Stephanie Temple at Dave & Busters in Irvine, California 1557  2-12-09  Doug Fleischer, Faye Blue, Bob Montour at El Torito in Seal Beach for Faye Blue open house
1558  2-12-09  Monica McMullen, Faye Blue and Ann Chinen 1559  2-12-09  Monica McMullen, Ann Chinen and Susie Archer
1560  2-12-09  Larry Lowman, Larry Fuller and Don Safarik 1561  2-12-09  Betsy Meyer, Harry Meyer and Don Safarik
1562  2-12-09  Nelson Slagle and Sandy Paris 1563  2-12-09  Ken and Sharon Bonja
1564  2-12-09  Kelly Whaley, Faye Blue and John Coleman at El Torito in Seal Beach, Calif 1565  2-28-09  Dana Abrams and Bob Bystedt at Memorial for Chuck Ramey in Costa Mesa, California
1566  2-28-09  Lynne and Jim Sutter 1567  2-28-09  Diane Moos and Carol Aragon Smith
1568  2-28-09  Dick Dement 1569  2-28-09  Mike Basel.  Picture of Chuck and Darleen Ramey beside Mike
1570  2-28-09  Ralph Castro and Nelson Slagle 1571  2-28-09  Randy Colvin
1572  2-28-09  Harvey Cohoon and Karen Moser 1573  2-28-09  KP Lansing, David Deboard and Harvey Cahoon
1574  2-28-09  Charles Long and Don Bass 1575  2-28-09  Don Bass, Nelson Slagle and Rick Burns
1576  2-28-09  Rick Burns, James Harm, Mary Vogel and Whip Reynolds 1577  2-28-09  Rick Burns, James Harm, Ken Vogel and Dave Deboard at Chuck Ramey Memorial in Costa Mesa, California
1578  Tom Madden and Nelson Slagle at Mindspeed Headquarters at 4000 MacArthur Blvd in Newport Beach, Calif for Mindspeed's annual meeting.  Tom is on the Board of Directors of Mindspeed. 1579  Mindspeed Headquarters at 4000 MacArthur Blvd in Newport Beach
1580  Conexant Headquarters next door to Mindspeed Headquarters 1581  4-21-09  Larry Lowman and Jack Weed at ISC/SSO Get-Together at Khoury's in Long Beach, California
1582  4-21-09  Larry Lowman and Tom Greathead 1583  4-21-09  Diana Donnellan and Nelson Slagle
1584  4-21-09  Cindy Wiley, Bruce Arbon, John Bader and David Rodriguez 1585  4-21-09  Bruce Arbon and John Craig
1586  4-21-09  Hank & Paula Honus 1587  4-21-09  Nelson Slagle and Paula Honus
1588  4-21-09  Dave Johnson and Doug Fleischer 1589  4-21-09  Terry and Barbara Barton
1590  4-21-09  Rita and Clark Kunkel 1591  4-21-09  Thomas and Norma Ross
1592  4-21-09  Grant Sciarani and George Scott 1593  4-21-09  Nelson Slagle and Larry Costa
1594  4-21-09  Cindy Wiley and Larry Costa 1595  4-21-09  Rich Sundell, George Robinson Diana Donnellan and Larry Costa.  Furnished by Larry Fuller
1596  4-21-09  Sandy Carlson 1597  4-21-09  Gail Meredith and Rich Sundell.  Furnished by Larry Fuller.
1598  4-21-09  Larry Krueger and George Robinson 1599  4-21-09  Peter Schultz, Vel Zaffino and Randy Black
1600  4-21-09  Randy Black, Val Zaffino and Diane Lucas 1601  4-21-09  Jack Weed, Jim King and Scott Baxter
1602  4-21-09  Steve Jarvis and Laura Greenwood 1603   4-21-09  Larry Fuller and Julie 'Harsh' Delgado
1604  4-21-09  Don Reddington, Grace Hotchkiss and Tom Tessier 1605   4-21-09  Gwen Brady at ISC/SSO Get-Together at Khoury's in Long Beach
1606   4-21-09  Sandy Carlson and John McFaden at ISC/SSO Get-Together at Khoury's in Long Beach.  Furnished by Larry Fuller   1607  4-21-09  Jim King and John Bader at ISC/SSO Get-Together at Khoury's in Long Beach.  Furnished by Larry Fuller.
1608   4-21-09  Kathy Thomas, Bill McDermott and Ann Tack at Dureti Bishop funeral at Rose Hills Park and Mortuary in Whittier, California   1609   5-17-09  Joanna and Rich Sundell at Celebration of Life for Jerry Labate in Fountain Valley, California 
  1610   5-17-09  Ralph Castro and Grant Sciarani   1611   5-17-09  Diana Donnellan, Stan Backovsky and Toni Cafaro
  1612   5-17-09  Bob Anderson, Helen House and John Craig   1613   5-17-09  Dan and Mary Quilling
  1614   5-17-09  Jackie Velez and Hugh Hoskins   1615   5-17-09  MaryLou Worth, Diana Donnellan and Julie Anderson  at  Celebration of Life for Jerry Labate in Fountain Valley, California
  1616   6-16-09  Sitting: Hugh Hoskins and Larry Fuller.  Standing:  Bob Anderson and Bob Krause at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic   1617   6-16-09  Paul Cheney, John Craig and Al Eddow
  1618   6-16-09  Dave Melland and LC Banard   1619   6-16-09  Bruce Arbon, Don Reddington and Earl Tillman at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic
  1620   8-12-09  Jim Gemmill, Nelson Slagle, Bill Cronk and Jim Bryant at BJ's in Lake Forest, CA   1621   8-22-09 Tom King, Nancy King, Jonell Holladay, Kim Beckwith, Gerry Hearne and Lynda Hearne at Jonell's birthday party in Tyrone, New  Mexico.  Thanks to Kim Beckwith for the picture. 
  1622   9-17-09  Al Hart, John Wilford, Martin Visser, Nelson Slagle and Dave Kimes  at Mario's   1623  10-17-09  Max Mallet and Dick Thiel at Esthers in Yorba Linda, Calif for a Geriatrics Slo Pitch Reunion
  1624   10-17-09  Al Julian and Nelson Slagle   1625   10-17-09  Frankie Manqriquez, Gary Mauss and Lonnie Wood
  1626   10-17-09  Errol Wilson, Willie Manqriquez and Mike Dyott   1627   11-16-09  Gary Coon and Steve Fischman at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters in Long Beach Marina
  1628   11-16-09  Cindy Blakeney, Ted Phillips and Jane Stowe   1629   12-04-09  Dan Yrigoyen and Sandy Carlson at annual Christas luncheon coordinated by Sandy.
  1630   12-04-09  Jim Dunn and Dan Yrigoyen   1631   12-04-09  Jackie Velez and Hugh Hoskins
  1632   12-04-09  Jackie Velez and Harold Graebner   1633   12-04-09  John Bader and Rich Sundell
  1634   12-04-09  John Craig and Don Larson   1635   12-04-09  Roger Lin and Grant Sciarani
  1636   12-04-09  Gayle 'Grosebeck' Huntling and Grace Hotchkiss   1637   12-04-09  Roger Lin and Scott Baxter
  1638   12-04-09 Nelson Slagle and Bob Anderson at Sandy Carlson arranged luncheon.   1639   12-09-09  Carol Pedersen, Paula Houck and Frank Chabre at Macaroni Grill in Seal Beach at Paula arranged luncheon
  1640   12-09-09  Don Black and Carol Pedersen   1641   12-09-09  Donna Buniel and Barbara Ault
  1642   12-09-09  Donna Buniel, Cheryl Jimerson, Barbara Ault and Monica McMullen   1643   12-09-09  Barbara Ault, Ken Fails and Monica McMullen
  1644   12-09-09  Monica McMullen, Nelson Slagle and Jack Shuler   1645   12-09-09  Mike & Sheryl Jimerson, and Ken Fails
  1646   12-09-09  Joni Hollis and her sister Joyne Benner   1647   12-09-09  George Gamble and Al Spigeralli at Paula Houck arranged luncheon
  1648    12-12-09  Nolie Carman and Mike Jimerson and Nolie & Judie's annual Bunco Christmas Party.   1649    12-12-09  Nolie Carman, Aaron Cook and Bryan Davis
  1650    12-12-09  John Fleischer, Sheryl Jimerson and Don Plog   1651    12-12-09  Nelson Slagle, John Fleischer, Tim Carman and Jerry Oxford at Nolie & Judie Carman's annual Christmas Party