1801  1-13-2011 Shirley, Rebecca, Nicholas, Sam and Charlene Wood at the Woodfin Hotel for Sam's retirement party 1802  1-13-11 Charlene and Sam Wood
1803  1-13-11  Rebecca and Nicholas Wood 1804  1-13-11 Ken Furuta, Mike Cole, Sam Wood and Rosa Barone
1805  1-13-11 Mike Cole, Denny Popovec and Ken Furuta 1806  1-13-11 Denny Popovec and Nelson Slagle
1807  1-13-11 Rena Cheatley, Ken Furuta and Linda Engen 1808  1-13-11 Cindy Colton and Tim French
1809  1-13-11 Jennifer Georges and Liz Mikolajczyk 1810  1-13-11 Nan Bender and Kellie Aschoff
1811  1-13-11 Andrew Coates and John Lonegan 1812  1-13-11 Mary Jo Beck, Sheila Hamilton and Sandy Curtis
1813  1-13-11 Bernadette De Jesus, Anne Cozart, Lenor Dominguez and Julie Jordan at Sam Wood's retirement party at the Woodfin Hotel in Cypress, California
1814 2-17-11 Nelson Slagle and Alex Jamison at Blackboard Bistro in Seal Beach, California
1815  4-19-11  Clarence Baisdon and Nelson Slagle at ISC Reunion at Khoury's in Long Beach, California 1816  4-19-11  Jo Ann Kock and Larry Lowman
1817  4-19-11  Earl Tillman and Larry Fuller 1818  4-19-11  Larry Fuller and Lori Powers courtesy of Larry Fuller
1819  4-19-11  Doug Fleischer and Jack Weed 1820  4-19-11  Jackie Velez and Norma Ellis
1821  4-19-11  Cindy Blakeney and Sandy Cotcher 1822  4-19-11  Mel and Jackie Flitcrart, Cindy Wiley and Bruce Arbon.  Mel and Jackie are parents of Cindy.  Jackie was oldest attendee at 94.
1823  4-19-11  Diana Donnelly and Nelson Slagle 1824  4-19-11  Tom Greathead, Wayne Russ and Larry Costa
1825  4-19-11  Jim Sutter and John Craig 1826  4-19-11  Mike and Kelly Whalen and Jim Sutter
1827  4-19-11  Kelly Whalen and Randy Black 1828  4-19-11  John Craig, Rich Sundell and Bob Anderson
1829  4-19-11  Angi Biscan and Rick Monahan 1830  4-19-11  Rick Monahan, Bill Cronk and Harry Meyer
1831  4-19-11  John Bader, Mark Fowler and Harry Meyer 1832  4-19-11  George Robinson, Cindy Wiley and Mark Fowler
1833  4-19-11  George Robinson and Cindy Wiley 1834  4-19-11  George Robinson, Jack Box and George Scott
1835  4-19-11  George Scott 1836  4-19-11  Jack Box
1837  4-19-11  Fred and Liz Nelson 1838  4-19-11  John Simeon and David Johnson
1839  4-19-11  John Simeon, Howard Ross and Karen Clausen 1840  4-19-11  Karen Clausen and Bob Lemker
1841  4-19-11  Bob Lemker 1842  4-19-11  Bob Lemker
1843  4-19-11  Tom Whitby 1844  4-19-11  Tom Whitby and Ted Sickles
1845  4-19-11  Laura Sparkman 1846  4-19-11  Steve Jarvis and John McFaden
1847  4-30-11  Bald Eagles Sign in front of Podium at the Proud Bird for their 49th annual luncheon 1848  4-30-11  Nelson Slagle and Ralph Wetterhahn.  Ralph was the speaker at the luncheon.  Great speech on finding lost airplanes and determining what caused the plane to go down.
1849  4-30-11  JoAnn Kock and Jan Romanoff 1850  4-30-11  Bob Petersen and JoAnn Kock 
1851  4-30-11  Bob Petersen and Kiyo Nakagawa  1852  4-30-11  Kiyo Nakagawa and Kimi Taira
1853  4-30-11  Alan Mahlke and Clarence Baisdon 1854  4-30-11  Janet Bisbey and Alan Mahlke
1855  4-30-11  Don Safarik and Lee French 1856  4-30-11  Dee Dee Vellis and Don Safarik
1857  4-30-11  Bette Addington, Dee Dee Vellis, Don Safarik and Marilyn Spooner 1858  4-30-11  Dottie Nordlow, Bette Addington and Dee Dee Vellis
1859  4-30-11  Rubye Ritchie, Nelson Slagle and Dee Dee Vellis 1860  4-30-11  Sam Iacobellis and Bette Addington
1861  4-30-11  Bruce Flood and Ann DeBriere 1862  4-30-11  Dale Myers, Ann Tack, John Sanford and Bev Gresham at Bald Eagles luncheon at the Proud Bird at Aviation and 111th St. in El Segundo, California
1863  5-16-11  Nelson Slagle and Mark McLeod at Walts Wharf in Seal Beach, California celebrating Mark's retirement from Boeing in Washington DC after 31 years with Rockwell and Boeing
1864  5-16-11  Dinner attendees at Mark McLeod's retirement party at Walts Wharf.  Chuck Earll, Jim Keegan, Matiel Payton, Nelson Slagle, Mark McLeod, Elizabeth Csillag, Peter Schultz, Lori Carmack and Liz Riede.
1865  6-25-11  Mike Dyott and Willie Manriguez at Esthers Taco House in Placentia for semi-annual Geriactrics slo pitch softball reunion


1866  6-25-11  Mike Dyott and Al Julian in uniform
and ready to play ball.

1867  6-25-11  Al Julian, Nelson Slagle and John Wilford

1868  6-25-11 Duane Pyle and Al Rico

1869  6-25-11  Gary Mauss and Bill Claprood

1870  6-25-11  Linda Claprood (Esther's daughter) and Lonnie Wood

1871  6-25-11 Max Mallet and Randy Howard

1872  6-25-11  Seated:  Al Julian, John Wilford, Mike Dyott, and Willie Manriguez.
Randy Howard, Max Mallet, Lonnie Wood, Duane Pyle, Gary Mauss, Al Rico, Frankie Manriguez, and Nelson Slagle at Geriactrics reunion at Esthers in Placentia, Ca


1873  8-15-11  Joel Slenk, Mark Tinawi and Bill Heckerofth at Boeing Fitness
Center on Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach, California.  They were the top 3 in
a foul shooting contest with Bill 1st, Mark 2nd and Joel 3rd.  Mark won the 3 point
shooting contest the prior week.

1874  10-28-11  Holly LaTrobe, Bob Koller, Ann Marie Benson, Nelson Slagle,
Karen Bartholomew and Gary Groover at Chili's in Cypress, California

1875  12-2-11  James King, Eva Williams and Sandy
Carlson at Jim King arranged luncheon at Royal
Buffet in Long Beach, Calif

1876  12-2-11  Larry Fuller, James King and
Rich Sundell

1877  12-2-11  Scott Baxter and Rich Sundell
1878  12-2-11  Art Jarman and Ken Rasmussen
1879  12-2-11  Ken Rasmussen and Gayle
'Grosebeck' Huntling

1880  12-2-11  Bruce Arbon and Cindy Wiley
1881  12-2-11  Nelson Slagle, Bruce Arbon
and Larry Lowman

1882  12-2-11 John Bader and Roger Lin
1883  12-2-11  John Craig and Bob Anderson
1884  12-2-11  Hugh and Arliss Hoskins at Jim King
arranged luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach,

1885  12-08-11  Sam Wood, Paula Houck and
Mike Juarez at HR arranged luncheon by Paula
at Ramano's  Macaroni Grill in Seal Beach, California

1886  12-8-11  Ken Furta, Ken Fails and Nelson

1887  12-8-11 Don Black, Joni Hollis, Joel Stone, Sam Wood,
Donna Buniel, Monica McMullen, Jack Shuler, Ken Furuta,
Pat Sweeney, Mike Juarez, Paula Houck and Ken Fails at Paula
Houck's arranged HR luncheon at Ramano's Macaroni Grill in Seal
Beach, California

1888 -  12-10-11 Lonnie Wood, Dick Thiel and
Gary Mauss at Geriactrics reunion at Esthers in
Placentia, California


1889 -  12-10-11 Randy and Max Mallett
1890 -  12-10-11  Al Julian and Nelson Slagle
1891 -  12-10-11  Jeff Young and Willie Manriguez


1892 -  12-10-11  Gary Mauss, Nelson Slagle, Al Julian,
Willie Manriguez, Jeff Young, Lonnie Wood, Max Mallet,
Dick Thiel, Duane Pyle and Randy Mallet
at Geriactrics
reunion at Esthers in Placentia, California

1893 -  12-11-11  Mike Jimerson and Nolie
Carman at Nolie's annual Chrismas Bunco Party

1894 -  12-11-11  Nelson Slagle, John Fleischer
and Don Plog at Nolie Carman's Bunco Party


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