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A- 4-7-92 Lou Felix, Sue Ann Slaughter, Al Spigeralli and John Stenning on Sue Ann's service award presentation

 B- 4-7-92  John Stenning and Sue Ann Slaughter

C- 1995 - Rosa Cortez, Jan Howard, Sue Ann Slaughter, Julie Jordan, Dolly Smith, Violet Williams, Dian Dwyer, Anne Middlebrook, Judy Moffett, Bonnie O'Neal, Lindsay Richmond, Camille Medina, Eleanore Kopczak, Pat Stewart and Stacey 'Wilford' Wilder on Dian Dwyer 25 year service award
D- 1995 Tom Konoske, Dolly Smith Jennifer Miller, Rosa Cortez, Dale Jenson, Carol Taber, Linda Terranova,Chelle Wells, Donna Green, Judy MGrath, Ann Cozart, Kim Schwartz,. Alex Jamison,
 Lindsay Richmond, Mary Ader and Kimberly Boyd at Donna Greens retirement.

E- 1997-  Jean Bulicz, Gayle Bressie, Stevie Weed,  Debbie Bandoli, Bonnie O'Neal, Dorinda Martin, Erin Scott, Jackie Tran,
Adele Lerma, and Andre Habbal on Bonnie O'Neal's 25th Anniversary

F- 1997  Pat Murray, Georgi MacDonald, Sam Wood, Donna Johnson, Edna Allen, Sarah Yesenosky, Dave Svoboda, Pat Cuevas,
 Karen Brunk, Lolita Parado, Gary Young, Joyce 'Yapo' Jimenez, Kathy Jury and Julie Cordell on Pat Cuevas 25 year anniversary

G- 10-29-1998 - Michelle Sellers, Gary Young, Edna Allen, Mary Coonce, Lolita Parado, David Svoboda, Jan Howard, Georgi MacDonald, Karen Brunk, Sarah Yesenosky, Kathy Jury, Donna Johnson, Sam Wood on Georgi MacDonald 25 year anniversary
H- 1-28-99  Julie Jordan, Edna Allen,  Michelle Sellers, David Svoboda Sam Wood, Karen Brunk, Angi Biscan, Dick Feeley, Sarah Yesenosky, Georgi MacDonald, Lou Felix, Michelle Wells, Jan Howard, Stacey 'Wilford' Wilder, Jackie Tran, Mary Coonce, Sam Kim, Kathy Jurey, Rosa Barone, Bonnie O'Neal, Dale Jenson, ??, Natalie Wolf, Debbie Bandoli, Donna Chan-Giese, Linda Engen, and Donna Graves on Dick Feeley's 25th  Anniversary

I- 1-28-99 Donna Green, Chelle Wells, Bryan Clelland, Rosa Barone, Vivian Thai, Mary Jo Beck, Dick Feeley, Lou Felix, Liz 'Rameriz" Mikolajczyk, Sue Ann Slaughter and Bonnie O'Neal on Dick Feeley's 25 year anniversary

J- 2-1-99 Georgi MacDonald, Jan Howard, Gary Young, Mary Coonce, Edna Allen,  Michelle Sellers, David Svoboda, Karen Brunk,Lolita  Parado, Donna Johnson, Sam Wood and Kathy Jurey on Karen Brunk's 25 year anniversary
K- 4-15-93  Georgi MacDonald, Iris Freitag, Karen Brunk, Kathy Jurey, Pat Cuevas, Sandy Curtis, Jan Howard and Kim Derow on Kathy Jury's 30 year anniversary
L- 7-1988  Bob Murphy, Kathy Jurey, Mike Jimerson, Bill Allison and Tom Sumrall on Kathy Jury's 25 year anniversary
M- 12-96  ISC IT staff waves good bye as Boeing purchased Rockwell's Aerospace business. Row 1: Mandy Thomas, Amy Lee, Debra Holden, Vivian Thai, Cindy Blakeney, Sandy Rives, Rena Cheatley. .Row 2: John Crites, Angi Biscan, Mary Kay Jones, Jan Ridgeway,   Jennifer Miller, Kathy Jones, Walt Walker, Nancy Clancy.  Row 3: Mike Duncan, Thomas Ross, Sam Kim, David Johnson, Rick Monahan, Hung Lee, Peter Chueh and Henry Pham.  Row 4  Jack Starkey, Don Bryant, Gary O’Shell, Steve Mylar, Gary McElligate and ?
Row 5 & 6:  Mike Cole,  Eric West,  Jim Bryant, Mike Fithian, Bill Cronk, Al Sciarrillo, Mike Burns,  Troy Fletcher, Tim Carman, Kurt Klueger,  Tom Honan, Tim French, Wayne Russ,  Jim Sutter  and Ed Woo

N- 12-96  ISC IT staff just before Boeing purchased Rockwell's Aerospace business. Row 1: Mandy Thomas, Amy Lee, Debra Holden, Vivian Thai, Cindy Blakeney, Sandy Rives, Rena Cheatley. .Row 2: John Crites, Angi Biscan, Mary Kay Jones, Jan Ridgeway,   Jennifer Miller, Kathy Jones, Walt Walker, Nancy Clancy.  Row 3: Mike Duncan, Thomas Ross, Sam Kim, David Johnson, Rick Monahan, Hung Lee, Peter Chueh and Henry Pham.  Row 4  Jack Starkey, Don Bryant, Gary O’Shell, Steve Mylar, Gary McElligate and ?.  Row 5 & 6:  Mike Cole,  Eric West,  Jim Bryant, Mike Fithian, Bill Cronk, Al Sciarrillo, Mike Burns,  Troy Fletcher, Tim Carman, Kurt Klueger,  Tom Honan, Tim French, Wayne Russ,  Jim Sutter  and Ed Woo

O- 1976 - B/80 in Seal Beach on the day ISC took over the building.  Kneeling: Jack Rush. Standing are: Dee Dee Vellis, ?, Maury Dahn, Ron Shattuck, Ernie Levy, Fran ?, Tom Whitby and Don Safarik from Maury Dahn
P- 1990  Benefits group in 1990 at Garden Grove celebrating a retirement.
Seated:  Irene Nadeau, Donna Dobson, Lorraine Noh and Pam Capen.  Standing: Ron Benson, Rose Graham, Marianne Erickson, Ann Valdivia, Lisa Veratudela,  Bonnie O’Neal, Connie Valdez, Annie Tjio, Liz ‘Ramirez’ Mikolajczyk, Karen Brunk, Michelle Mulligan, Adele Lerma, Karen Wilkins, Helen Cordova, Jan Howard, Dian Dweyer, Margaret Averbeck, Shannon 'Hale' Arthur, Julie Jordan, Alan Derow, Katie Wallace, Linda Terranova, Sandy Curtis, Lolita Parado, Sharon Brislin, Tim Martino, Rick Felsher, Iris Freitag, ?,  Dana Storm, Danny Mendoza, Betty Goldson, Rose Graham and Ken Reardon.
Q- 1984 - Gary O'Shell, Greg Haden, Ed Sartwell,  and Mike Cole
R- 1991 - Mike Cole, Rick Monahan, Sandy Rives Cotcher, and Jim Sutter for Sandy's service award
S- 5-4-92 Tim French, Hung Le, Mike Braley, Debra Cooley, Mike Burns, Gerry Robertson, Vivian Thai, Greg Hill and John Boal for Gerry Robertson's service award T- 5-4-92 Rena Cheatley, Sandy Rives Cotcher, Gerry Robertson, Debra Cooley, Mrs. Gerry Robertson, Lori Lauer, Norma Sheffield and Nancy Clancy for Gerry Robertson's  service award
U- 1992 -  John Banco, Ted Phillips, Unknown, Gerry Robertson, Jim Bryant, Mrs. Gerry Robertson,  Sandy Curtis, Frank Christopher and Jane Stowe for Gerry Robertson's service award W- 1992 - Rick Monahan, Randy Miller, Gerry Robrtson, John Banco, Mike Cole, Gary O'Shell, and Bob Burdge for John Banco's service award
X- 1992 - Ted Decker, Jim Bryant, Gerry Robertson, Mike Fithian, John Banco, John Simeon, Mike Cole, Bruce Arbon and Randy Miller for John Banco's service award Y- 1994 - Gary O'Shell, Tim Carman, Jim Bryant, Mike Cole and Mark Singer for Jim Bryant's service award
Z- 1984 - Steve Mylar,Gary O'Shell, Tim Carman, James Chen, Midge Markum, Wayne Russ, Jim Bryant, Eric West, Judy Strickland, Henry Pham Tony Corona and Peter Chueh for Jim Bryant's service award
AA- 1995 - Sitting: Kathy Jones, Debra Cooley, Jan Ridgeway and Amy Lee.  Standing: Peter Chueh, Bill Cronk, Bob Burdge, Steve Foster and Doug Shelton
AB - 1996 - Midge Markum and Judy Chinn
AC- 5-1967- John Mitchell and John Reyes at Rio Hondo Golf course in Downey, Calif for league play
AD- 5-1967 - Paul Boyack, Nelson Slagle, Jack Yaeger and Ed Sartwell at Rio Hondo Golf Course in Downey, Calif for league play AE- 6-1997 - John Reyes, Nolie Carman, Paul Boyack, Jim McMillen, Dave Groff, Gerry Hearne and Phil Hensley at the first hearts palace at Nelson Slagle's apartment at Clark and Imperial in Downey, Calif 
AF- 10-1967 Guenter Emmert, Gordon Strahan, Ed Lane and Jim Cutter at Rio Hondo Golf course in Downey, Calif for league play AG-  9-1968 - Rockwell International Slo Pitch Champs.  Nolie Carman, Martin Visser, Jim Marsh, Tim Carman, Nelson Slagle, Gary Holmes, Jim Wilkins, Hal Berger, Tom Kopman and John Wilford at Downey recreation center.
AH - 11-1970 - 15th Hearts Palace at Nelson Slagle's in Huntington Beach, Calif.  Martin Visser, Ernie Siwicki, Jerry Cruce, Tom Sowden, Joe Garcia, John Wilford, Craig Hagen, Lance Hall, Hal Berger, Rod Rodriguez, Jim Pifer, Bob Moriyama, Ev Shaffstall, Tom Kopman, John Reyes, Bryan Davis, Nolie Carman, Larry Costa, Gordon Shipman, Chet Messner and Al Manzey AI- 4-1972 - Tom Kopman, Hal Berger, Al Manzey, Nolie Carman and Denny Noh at PSA Stockholders meeting at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif
AJ- 3-1974 Surplus Sales Employees in Downey, Calif.  Seated:  Dorothy Kerley, Lydia Feeney and Beulah Schupp.  Standing:  Bruce Dunlapp, Ron Brechtel, Rosy Thompson, Tom Lary and Ray Chase
AK- 3-1974 - 24th Hearts Palace in Huntington Beach, Calif.  Seated: Dave Price, Nolie Carman, Jim McMillen and Gerry Hearne.  Standing: Dave Groff, Paul Boyack, Bill Cook, Hal Berger, Rod Rodriquez, Larry Costa, Bryan Davis, Martin Visser, John Reyes, Lance Hall, John Mitchell, John Wilford and Ron Brechtel.  Unable to viewNeed Slide Scan

AL- 12-76 Tom Stone, Jim McMillen, Hal Berger, Gordon Strahan, Nolie Carman and Dale Haw at Finance-Facilities annual golf tournament
AM- 7-77  Linda & John Wilford, Jeanne & Martin Visser, Tammy Slagle, Judy & Nolie Carman and Yvette & Tim Carman at Nelson and Tammy's in Westminster, Calif
AN- 12-77 - Car Poolers - Doug Wimer, Frank Nunez, Bob Lloyd, Woody Linton, John Donovan and Nelson Slagle at El Segundo facility AO- 3-78 Jere Stille, Dick Thiel, Nelson Slagle, John Wilford and Dave Weeks at Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach.  Won League championship in 6' and under league
AP- 6-78  ISC Bridgeville facility in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania AQ- 6-78 - Janet Glanville, Joel Burns and Phyllis Fry at Bridgeville, Pa facility.
AR- 12-82 ISC Finance Christmas Play.  Bob Burdge, Nelson Slagle (backhalf of Rudolph - now thats appropriate!), Dennis Zansler, Diane Moos, Pattie Smith Don Alexander, Pete Walsh and Chris Porter AS- 2-83 - 65th Hearts Palace at Hall in Westminster, Calif.  Seated or Kneeling:  Gary Kosaka, Jerry Saltz, John Mitchell, Bryan Davis, John Wilford, Jim Wilkins, Craig Hagen, Gary Holmes, Nolie Carman, Al Hart, Gerry Hamilton.  Standing:  Owen Dowd, Gordon Shipman, Tim Carman, John Slagle, Hal Berger, Harry Koehler, Denny Noh, Al Manzey, Rod Rodriguez, Lance Hall, Bill Tuggle, John Reyes, Paul Skinner, Jim Cash, Russ Shinabarger, Telly Gianarakos, Ernie Siwicki, Richard Kim, Dick White, Ron Benson and Jim McMillen
AT- 6-83 - Reed Jacobs, Dennis Zansler, Bob Burdge, Pete Walsh and Chris Porter AU- 9-83 - League winning B80 2nd floor Slo Pitch team taken at Edison Field in Seal Beach, Calif. Kneeling: Tom Irvine, Terry Rodas, Chris Carpio, Karen Sinaguglia, Mike DeLara and Don Bass.  Standing: Julie Jordan, Gary Preston, Dan Kinder, Tim Stelsreide and Fred Johnson
AV- 9-83 B/80 8th floor slo pitch team.  Kneeling:  Pete Walsh, Linda Houston, Julie Steiner and Don Pecarovich.  Standing: Chis Porter, Albert Howe, Mike Fihian, Dennis Zansler, Dan Freeberg and Emily Watters AW- 9-83 Emily Watters, Pete Walsh, Lou Felix, Albert Howe, Linda Houston, Fred Evans, Dennis Zansler, Dan Freeberg, Harry Hoelher, Julie Steiner, Chris Porter and Nancy Vaswani
AX- 9-83 Don Pecarovich, Dave Cupelli, Emily Watters and Bob Lipscomb at slo pitch game at Edison Field in Seal Beach, Calif AY- 9-83  Emily Watters, Julie Steiner and Linda Houston at Edison field in Seal Beach, Calif
AZ- 12-83  Finance Christmas Play.  Judy Godwin, Ken Rogers, Unkown, John Coleman, Harry Koehler, Morgan Simpson and Nelson Slagle
BA - 7-83 Dave Cupelli, Ed Loh, Tracy Brown and Nelson Slagle after a 100 degree 5K run at Rockwell Autonetics facility in Anaheim, Calif
BB- 4-84  Jean Gauthier, Opal McCormick and Betty Taylor at Opal's retirement  BC- 1-85  Morgon Simpson, Earl Horstman, Sandie Slattery, Bill Hutchison, Pete Walsh, Harry Koehler, Dennis Zansler and Paul Hickman at Nelson's home in Westminster, Calif
BD- 9-85  Mark Higgins, Julie Steiner and Larry Lowman with Slo Pitch League championship trophies BE- 1-86 Dennis Zansler, Hary Koehler, Earl Horstman, Jim Tritchler and Peter Schultz at Nelson's in Westminster

BF- 7-86  Barbara Smith, Nelson Slagle, Paul Graff, Dalon Davis, Unknown, Sam Kim, Earl Horstman and Morgan Simpson in front of McCormack & Dodge facility in Natick, Massachusetts BG- 7-86  Chris Porter, Barbara Smith and Nelson Slagle in Boston talking the Freedom Trail site seeing tour 
BH- 12-86 - Finance Annual Christmas Play - Kim Prickett, Holly MacDonald, Frank Mong, Ken Rogers, Peter Schultz, Bill Glancey and Laurie Barrington at Hennesey's in Seal Beach, Calif  BI- 12-86 - Finance Annual Christmas Play - Frank Mong, Holly MacDonald, Kim Prickett and Nelson 'Ronald' McDonald
BJ- 7-86  Larry Costa and Nelson Slagle at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass BK- 10-86  Seal Beach 10K.  Kneeling: Nelson Slagle, Unknown, Jamie Stansel, Ralph Castro, Fred Evans, John Simeon, Kerry Matsumoto, Unknown and Nancy Swanson.  Standing:  Jim Heller, Scott Baxter, Tracy Brown, Russ Shinabarger, Joan McIntyre, Ralph Jenniches, Grant Sciarani, ;Bill Glancy, Rick Haire, Frank Mong, Judy Godwin, Steve Havens, Rick Salas and Dave Cupelli
BL- 7-87 - Juliet Wu, Carol Henderson, Jim Robertson, Morgan Simpson and Earl Horstman at McCormack & Dodge in Boston, Mass   BM - 7-87 - Former Cashiers at ISC - Hedda Brown, Karen Watson and Kay Diehl in Seal Beach, Calif
BN- 10-87 - Stan Kotkosky, Sherry Simon, Frank Mong and Larry Costa at Nelson's for year end closing party.  Sherry won the putting competition
BO- 10-87 - 12-87 Finance Xmas Play.   Ken 'Robin' Rogers, Nelson 'Santa' Slagle, Earl 'Batman' Horstman and Sherry Simon
BP- 6-88 - Albir Ibrahim, Jade Tharp of American Express, Karen Watson, Richard Fox, Dave Marzouk, 5 unidentifieds, Bob Townsend of American Express, Mike Jaurez and Gail at American Express in Phoenix, Arizona BQ- 6-88 - 1988 Watters Swatters Slo Pitch Champs.  Felicia Johns, Steve Coppage, Dennis Zansler, Sandie Slattery, Mike Duncan, Bill Glancy, Mike Murray, Dave Cupelli, Chuck Williams, Emily Watters, Paul Fox, Coach Chuck Dow, Mark Higgins and Nelson Slagle
BR- 10-88 - Closing party at Nelson's in Westminster.  Seated:  Bob Brazeau, Nelson Slagle and Larry Costa.  Standing:  Mandy Thomas, Earl Horstman, Ken Rogers, Don Hish, Judy Godwin, Forrest Danielson, Sherry Simon, Carol Aragon Smith and Carol Henderson BS- 12-88 - Finance Christmas Play -Bill Glancy, Nancy Edney, Nelson Slagle, Joy Puyear and Forrest Danielson
BT- 7-89 - Dalton Davis, MC Nelson Slagle, Bob Brazeau's daughter and Bob Brazeau at Bob's retirement party,  Unable to viewNeed Slide Scan BU- 7-89 - Paul Hickman, Dalton Davis and Diane Moos at Bob Brazeau's retirement party
BW- 7-89 BX- 8-89 - Watters Swatters Slo Pitch Team - Julie Steiner, Dennis Zansler, Emily Watters, Dave Cupelli, Chuck Williams, Don Pecarovich, Judy Godwin, Paul Fox, Mark Higgins, Felicia Johns, Mike Murray, Char Ross, Ken Coy, Chuck Dow, Mike Lopez and Dan Hughes
BY- 10-89 - Seal Beach 10K.  Scott Baxter, Rich Sundell, Grant Sciarani, Kellie Smith, Fred Evans, Nelson Slagle, Hal Berger, Mike Cross, Kathy Kern, Rick Salas, Tracy Brown and Jim Crandall BZ- 10-84  Nelson Slagle's 20 year pin prsentation.  Carol Aragon Smith, Paul Barboza, Dalton Davis, John Briscoe, Harry Koehler, Hedda Brown, Dennis Zansler, Nelson Slagle, Pete Walsh, Earl Horstman, Don Bandoli, Paul Hickman, Judy Godwin, Nancy Vaswani, Diane Moos, Jim Sutter, JoAnn Trusler, Ruth Bachtel, Herb Zucker, Sherry Simon, Patti Smith and Ken Rogers.  Unable to viewNeed Print Scan
CA- 10-89 - Jim Sutter, Nelson Slagle and Ray Lusk for Nelson's 25 year pin presentation. Unable to view - Need Print Scan CB- 10-89 - Nelson's 25 year pin presentation - Colleen Kendall, Jim Sutter, Karen Moser, JoAnne Trusler, Forrest Danielson, Larry Manley, Doug Fleischer, Michelle Lyman, Diane Moos, Hal Tipton, Pat Morris, Nelson Slagle, Holly MacDonald, Mohamed Marzouk, Ray Lusk, Juliet Wu, Rick Monahan, Mark Johnson, Don Pecarovich, Kim Prickett, Don Hish, Ron Jankwietz, Earl Horstman, Herb Zucker, C. J. Dorsch and Mark Butski. Unable to view - Need Print Scan
CC- 10-90 - Par 3 golf tournament at Anahiem Recreation Center.  Amy Bubon, Chuck Williams, Nelson Slagle, Larry Lowman and Jerry Slagle.  Larry Lowman won the 49 person competition CD- 10-90 - Kurt Mauerman, Pat Reyes and John Reyes at Kurt Mauerman's retirement party
CE- 10-90 - Marshall Gullett, Gerry Hearne, Linda Hearn and John Olson at Kurt Mauerman's retirement party CF- 10-90 - Bryan Davis, Bob Perry and Ron Brechtel at Kurt Mauerman's retirement party. Unable to view - Need Slide Scan
CG- 12-90 - Don Pecarovich, Rick Monahan, Lynn Coons, Bob Renziehausen and Ted Sickles at Lynn's retirement party CH- 12-90 - Gary Feemster, Homer Bowman, MC Dennis How and Bill Lenzen at Homer's retirement party
CI - 3-91 - Seal Beach 10K.  Ralph Castro, Howard Ross, Rick Romero, Mike Cross and Nelson Slagle.  They won the Corporate team competition

CJ- 7-91 - Fred Evans Memorial 5K run at Rockwell Seal Beach site.  Five adults on right are Rich Sundell, Nan Bender, Mark McLeod, Scott Baxter and Kathy Kern.  Mrs. and Mr. Mendoza and Paul Sparks are in front  row just to the left of Rich Sundell.
CK- 7-91 - Watters Swatters Slo Pitch team - Kneeling:  Tammy Holwick, Nancy Burckhard (Lurwig), Terry Rodas, Dennis How, Chuck Williams, and Rick Romero.  Standing:  Steve Lopez, Dave Lurwig, Gary Feemster, Dave Cupelli, Paul Fox, Holly MacDonald, Mark Higgins and Nelson Slagle CL- 8-91 - Diane Moos and Sandie Slattery at Sandie's wedding in Phoenix, Arizona
CM- 12-91 - Finance Christmas Play.  Seated: Holly MacDonald, Sherry Simon and Tammie Kane.  Standing:  Bob Burdge, Mark McLeod and Randy Black CN- 12-91 - Finance Christmas Cast.  Don 'Comp Troller' Pecarovich, Mark ' 'Major Material' McLeod, Sherry  'Elf' Simon, Bob 'Captain Badquist' Burdge, Nelson 'Santa' Slagle, Holly 'Elf' MacDonald, Tammie 'Elf' Kane, Randy "Fidel Stop' Black and Sandi 'Vanna Blue' Paris.  Unable to view - Need Slide Scan
CO- 1-92 - Jim McMiller, Bob Jones, Keith Bengtson and Paul Schubert at Keith's retirement party.  Unable to view - Need Slide Scan CP- 1-92  Jim McMillen, Paul Schubert, Dick, Owen Lee and Brent Reed at Keith Bengston's  retirement party.  Unable to view - Need Print Scan
CQ- 1-92  Nolie Carman, John Mitchell and John Olson at Keith Bengston's retirement party.  Unable to view - Need Print Scan CR- 3-92 - Nelson Slagle, Kathy Kern, Felicia Johns and Mark McLeod at Los Angeles Marathon near Sports Arena.
CS- 3-92 - Seal Beach 10K.  Ed Kahle, Rick Salas, Unknown, Ann Tack, Unknown, Kathy Kern and Nelson Slagle CT- 7-92 - Watters Swatters Slo Pitch team.  Nelson Slagle, Dave Cupelli, Rick Burns, Gary Feemster, Tammie Kane, Jim Slagle, Nancy 'Lurwig' Burckhard, Holly MacDonald, Rick Romero, Dave Lurwig and Emily Swatters.
Unable to view - Need Slide Scan
CU- 7-93 - Watters Swatters Slo Pitch team - Jim Slagle, Nelson Slagle, Gary Feemster, Nancy Lurwig, Carlos Figueroa, Don Bass, Dave Lurwig, Chris Beatty, Al Fonseca, Emily Watters and Rick Burns BS- 3-92

CZ- 10-94  - Jim McMillen, Larry Komatz, Nelson Slagle and Ken Furuta on Nelson's 30 year anniverary.  Unable to view - Need Print Scan
DA- 7-93  Al Brusewitz, Jennifer Miller, Ted Decker, Wayne Hall, Micki Krause, Roy Alzua and unknown at Ted Decker's 25th anniversary at B/80 in Seal Beach, California.  Picture furnished by Ted Decker.
DB- 7-93  People attending Ted Decker's 25th anniversary at B/80 in Seal Beach, California.  People in the first row of the picture are:  Unknown, Jennifer Miller, Micki Krause, Al Bruseswitz, Ted Decker, Kathy Krynski, Kathy Jones, Pat Cuevas, Lisa McCullough, Mary Kay Jones, Jan Ricgeway, Judy Chinn and Sam Kim.  Picture furnished by Ted Decker.