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66-  1-3-01 Sam Kim, Rick Monahan, Bill Cronk and John Simeon at Rockwell Facility in Cypress, Calif
67- 1-3-01 Bill Cronk and Tim Carman 68-  1-3-01 Stuart Hull and Tim Sullivan
69-  1-5-01 Gary McElligatt and Mike Cole at Rockwell Facility in Cypress, California 70-  1-8-01 Angi Biscan, Laura Greenwood and Nan Bender in Angi's office
71-  1-8-01 Holly LaTrobe and Cindy Colton in Cindy's office 72-  1-8-01 Rena Cheatley and Sue Ann Slaughter
73-  1-8-01 Peter Chueh and Jerry Robertson at Rockwell Facility in Cypress, California 74-  1-15-01 Carlos Lucero, MaryScott King and Kathy Kern at Boeing's 200th lunch hour 5K
75-  1-15-01 Kimberly Boyd, Rich Abele, Theresa Boehm and Richard Terrell at Boeing's 200th lunch hour 5K 76-  1-26-01 Vern Lamphere Retirement party at Denise Pulley's.  Mike Jimerson, Bryan Lamphere, Angela Lamphere, Vern Lamphere, Tim Saner (MC), Melba Lamphere and Renee Lamphere
77-  1-26-01 Dennis How, Chris Landenberger, Anita August and Marty Martinez 78-  1-26-01 Vern, Melba, Bryan and Angela Lamphere, Kurt and Renee Osborne
79-  1-26-01 Nelson Slagle, Brad Thorney and Melba Lamphere 80-  1-26-01 Chris Landenberger, Anita August and Denise Pulley
81-  1-26-01 Mike Jimerson, Sheryl Mitchell and Vern Lamphere 82-  1-26-01 Vern Lamphere, Denise & John Pulley and Melba Lamphere at Vern's retirement party
83-  1-30-01 Rosa Barone (MC) at Dennis Ashley's retirement party at Lupo D'Abruzzo Italian Restaurant at Ball and Valley View in Cypress, CA 84-  1-30-01 Jean Bulicz, Dennis Ashley and Lisa Ashley
85-  1-30-01 Rosa Barone, Dennis Ashley and Lou Felix 86-  1-30-01 Gayle Bressie and Bonnie O'Neal 
87-  1-30-01 Gary Fuller and Dorinda Martin 88-  1-30-01 Adele Lerma and Liz Mikolajczyk
89-  1-30-01 Lou Felix, Linda Engen and Vivian Thai 90-  1-30-01  Chris Howarth, Stuart Hull, Linda Dempsey, Unidentified and Tim Sullivan
91-  2-1-01 Carole Steeves, Stephanie Mercado and Lenor Dominquez at Rockwell's facility in Cypress, CA 92-  2-7-01 Earl Tillman, Bill Lenzen and Larry Lowman at ISC Picnic at Overlook Park, Naples, Calif
93-  2-7-01 Don Dykstra, Bob Anderson and Buster Sanders 94-  2-7-01 Roy Bower and Hugh Hoskins at Overlook Park in Naples, Long Beach, Calif
95-  2-15-01 Linda Engen and Steve Bragg at Steve's going away luncheon at Lupo D'Abruzzo Italian Restaurant at Ball and Valley View in Cypress, CA 96-  2-15-01 Helen Cordova and Brian Clelland
97-  2-15-01 Mark Ketter and Jackie Tran 98-  2-15-01 Kelly Green and Nan Bender at Steve Bragg's luncheon
99 2-16-01 Kelli Aschoff, Steve Bragg and Kelly Graves on Steve's last day at Rockwell 100-  2-21-01 Bob Cisternino and Bill Williams at Mangement Club, Sheraton Hotel, Fullerton, Calif
101-  2-21-01 Gucci Gollette and Judi Carlson-Seymore of RFCU at Management Club in Fullerton, Calif 102-  2-21-01 Linda Taylor and Rick Salas at Management Club
103- 3-11-01 Kim Prickett, Nelson Slagle and Stephanie Temple at Spirit Run 10K at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Calif 104-  3-17-01 Holly MacDonald and Dan Kaz at KIA softball tournament at Cal State Fullerton before Arizona State - Notre Dame game
105-  4-21-01 Kiyo Nakagawa and Janet Bisbey at Bald Eagles Reunion at the Proud Bird near the LA Airport 106-  4-21-01 Kurt Mauerman and John Reyes
107-  4-21-01 Charles Feltz and Dale Myers 108- 4-21-01 Marie and Al Perry
109-  4-21-01 Jo Ann Kock and Ann Tack 110-  4-21-01 Jan Romanoff and Bette Addington
111-  4-21-01 Pat Harling and Kiyo Nakagawa 112-  4-21-01 Dick Nelson, Dick Schenden and Nolie Carman
113-  4-21-01 Ray Madsen and Dick Nelson 114-  4-21-01 Rubye Ritchey
115- 4-21-01 John Reyes, Nolie Carman, Kurt Mauerman and Dick Schenden at Bald Eagles Reunion at Proud Bird Restaurant near the Los Angeles Airport 116-  5-10-01 Juliet Wu, Earl Horstman and Carol Herceg at Juliet Wu's going to Huntsville, Alabama luncheon at Finbar's Italian Kitchen in Seal Beach, CA 
117-  5-10-01 Marilyn Laster, Bill Cronk and Jan Ridgeway 118-  5-10-01 Mark Johnson, Steve Davis and Earl Horstman
119-  5-10-01 Jackie O'Malley, Betty Castro, Rob Hunsaker, Priscilla Boss, Shelia Peck and Marie Petracek 120-  5-10-01 Hedda Brown and Arnold Sanchez
121-  5-10-01 Sheri Berke, Jan Jackman, Al Sciarrillo and Bill Jurden 122-  5-10-01 Kathy Carlson and Wendy Carter
123-  5-10-01 Kim Prickett, Jan Ridgeway and Sandy 'Rives' Cotcher 124-  5-10-01 MC Nelson Slagle and Juliet Wu
125-  5-10-01 Diane Moos, Don Hish and Carol Herceg 126-  5-10-01 Maria Guerrero and Anne Middlebrook
127-  5-10-01 Earl Horstman, Mike Juarez and Nelson Slagle 128-  5-10-01 Rusty Leonard and Jackie Velez
129-  5-10-01 Carol Herceg, Kim Prickett and Juliet Wu at Juliet Wu's going away luncheon 130- 5-30-01 Dan Heslin cutting his retirement cake in B/80 Seal Beach. CA.  Dan retires 5-31-01.
131-  5-30-01 Tim Upson, Dan Heslin, Bill Benziger, Jim Van Houten and Gary Fuller 132-  5-30-01 Lori Killeen, Gayle Bressie and Kevin Schuster
133-  5-30-01 Penny Fields, Josie Lamont, Judy Zumwalt, and Virginia Genato 134-  5-30-01 Ahalia Madahar, Violeta Vazov, Judy Zumwalt and Abba Raj
135-  5-30-01 Jeff Adams, Sue MacDonald, Edna Emano and Debbie Mulligan 136-  5-30-01 Joy Junghanel and Tim Moore
137-  5-30-01 Dick Gardner in B/80, Seal Beach, CA 138-  5-30-01 Dick Seamans.  Dick retires on 5-31-01.
139-  6-2-01 Owen Dowd, Al Manzey, Larry Costa, John Wilford and Telly Gianarakos at Hearts game 140-  6-29-01 Alex Jamison, Nelson Slagle and Ken Furuta on Hawaii Day on the last day of Rockwell International
141-  6-29-01 Lou Felix and Al Spigarelli 142-  6-29-01 Jan Howard, Georgi MacDonald and Connie Valdez
143-  6-29-01 Virginia Mette and Helen Cordova 144-  6-29-01 Richard Cooke, John Trietsch and Thomas Ross
145-  6-29-01 Dale Jenson, Tim French and Louie Lim  146-  6-29-01 Liz Mikolajczyk, Laurie Warszawski and Holly LaTrobe
147-  6-29-01 Jennifer Georges, Dan Hutchinson and Kathy Douglas 148-  6-29-01 Karen Bartholomew, Gary Groover, Anne Marie Benson, Natalie Le and Jill Johnson
149-  7-01-01 Don Bandoli in his accounting office in Huntington Beach, California 150-  7-14-01 Terry Barton at home in Seal Beach 
151-  7-14-01 Boeing Building 80 in Seal Beach  152-  7-21-01 Earl Tillman, John Simeon, Roy Bower and Jim Bryant at Mike Duncan's Funeral in Cypress
153-  7-21-01 Scott Laabs and Tim Sullivan at Mike Duncan's funeral in Cypress, California 154-  8-15-01 Ma and Hong Wu at Cypress Facility of Rockwell Collins 
155-  8-15-01 Frank Nunez at his home in Huntington Beach, California 156-  8-17-01 Nelson Slagle, Marilou McMillen and Jim McMillen at Nelson's
157-  8-25-01 Nelson and Tammy Slagle, Judie and Nolie Carman at Brea Mall in Brea, California 158-  9-4-01 Mary Scott King, Dan Heslin, Karen Brunk and Renee Bidwelz-Smitz in B/80, Seal Beach
159-  9-11-01 John Norris, Alex Papajohn and Bill Cronk at ISC picnic in Naples, California 160-  9-11-01 Mike Mount, Rich Sundell and Don Dykstra
161-  9-11-01 Larry Lowman, Dave Melland and Larry Fuller 162- 9-11-01 Paul desJardins, John Craig and Al Eddow
163-  9-11-01 Hugh Hoskins, Lou Meier and Roy Bower 164-  9-11-01 Roy Bower, Paul Hickman and Buster Sanders
165-  9-11-01 Sandy Page and Don Dykstra at ISC picnic in Naples, California 166-  10-30-01 Retirement Group: Kneeling: Tim Sullivan, Unidentified, Rosa Barone and Lou Felix. Standing: Lenor Dominquez, Hong Wu, Charles Howarth, Carole Steeves, Ma, Linda Dempsey, Jean Bulicz, Stuart Hull, Vivian Thai and Adele Lerma.
167-  11-10-01 Tom and Linda Kopman at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada 168-  12-7-01 Bob Montour and Bill Lenzen at Faye Blue's party
169-  12-7-01 Pat Fleischer, Doug Fleischer and Sandi Paris 170-  12-7-01 Bill Lenzen, Dan Parcell and Gary Feemster
171-  12-7-01 Don Safarik, Carol Safarik, Don Reddington, Ann Chinen, Larry Lowman and Bill Lenzen 172-  12-7-01 Ken Bonja, Sharon Bonja, Arnold Sanchez, Berta Baca, Al Dobrowsky and Gayle Dobrowsky
173-  12-7-01 Johnanna Pool, Don Reddington, Jill Garvey 174-  12-7-01 Sharon Masterson, Faye Blue and Ann Chinen
175-  12-7-01 Don Pecarovich, Sandi Paris and Nelson Slagle 176-  12-7-01 Roz Essner, Howard Ross and Tommie Feemster
177-  12-7-01 Larry Fuller, Gary Feemster, Roger Van Buskirk and Tommie Feemster 178-  12-7-01  Ken Bonja, Sharon Bonja and Harry Meyer
179-  12-7-01 Don Scarr, Judi Scarr and Monica McMullen at Faye Blue's party 180-  12-10-01 Nelson Slagle, Bob Beachler and Hal Berger prior to 5K at Boeing's Seal Beach facility.  Buildings 90, 80 and 81 in the background
181-  12-14-01 Larry Lowman, Frank Stevi and John Craig at IBM Christmas Luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach 182-  12-14-01 Jim King, Sandy Carlson, Angie Bua-Gilstrap and Jerry LaBate
183-  12-14-01 Roger Lin and Gil Garcia 184-  12-14-01 John Hughes and John Norris
185-  12-14-01 Gordon Wall and David Rodriguez 186-  12-14-01 Karen Clausen and Garilynn Wadleigh
187-  12-14-01 Hugh Hoskins and Mike Mount 188-  12-14-01 Steve Jarvis and Mary Lou Worth
189 12-14-01 Helen Chen and Ralph Castro at IBM Christmas luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach 190-  12-15-01 Aaron Cook and John Reyes at Judie & Nolie Carman's Bunco party in Brea, Calif
191-  12-15-01 Vi  & John Fleischer and Chuck and Mrs. Shellenberger playing bunco 192-  12-15-01 Brett Carman and Don Plog
193-  12-15-01 Standing: Lauri Sides and Nolie Carman.  Sitting: Jim and Marilou McMillen 194-  12-15-01 Will & Lauri Sides, Judie & Nolie Carman and Donna & Brett Carman


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