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195-  1-1-02 Dave Burwell and Al Sevic at National Sports Grill in Santa Ana to watch OSU-SC bowl game
196-  1-15-02 Art Molina, Mike Lopez, Lee Shigut, Bob Perry and Yukio Fujishige at Embassy Suites in Downey, Ca
197-  1-17-02 Paul Barboza and Kathy Carlson at Mimi's Cafe in Cypress, Ca 198-  2-19-02 Amanda Manke, Gary Groover and Anne Marie Benson at Chili's in Cypress for Amanda 'leaving Rockwell'  luncheon

199-  2-19-02 Bob Koller, Karen Bartholomew, AnneMarie Benson, Amanda Manke and Gary Groover in front of Rockwell Facility in Cypress, California 200-  2-19-02 Chris Delaney and Amanda Manke at Rockwell Facility in Cypress

201-  3-16-02 Mark Calkins, Darin Esplin, James Esplin, Todd Byers and Margaret Everitt at Ken Roselius funeral at Leisure World in Seal Beach 202-  3-16-02 Fred Sienko, Egard Roa, Carolyn Roa and Mark Calkins at Ken Roselius Funeral at Seal Beach Leisure World Community Church

203-  3-23-02 Cindy Macias and Teresa Ott at Dan and Sarah Visser Wedding Reception at Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, Calif 204-  4-6-02 Garland Smith, Kie Soohoo, Gerald Aschoff and Mark Izzo at Seal Beach 10K in Seal Beach, Calif

205-  4-8-02 Roy Bower, Cindy Wiley and Alex Papajohn at semi-annual ISC picnic 206-  4-8-02 Earl Tillman, Bruce Arbon, Rich Sundell and Steve Brezinski at Naples (Long Beach), Calif

207- 4-8-02 Al Eddow, John Simeon, Hugh Hoskins, Cliff Hahn and Bob Anderson 208-  4-14-02 Janet Bisbey and Dick Nelson at annual Bald Eagles luncheon at Proud Bird in El Segundo

209-  4-14-02 Jo Ann Kock, Janet Bisbey and Jan Romanoff 210-  4-14-02 Al Perry, Marie Perry, Nolie Carman and John Reyes

211-  4-14-02 Bette Addington and Elizabeth O'Donnel 212-  6-02 Farwell picture for Randy Bodnar.  Kneeling: Karen Bartholomew.  Standing: AnneMarie Benson, Jill Johnson, Nelson Slagle, Bob Koller and Gary Groover

213-  7-5-02 John Araujo, Al Escobosa, Bruce Flood,  Anne DeBriere and Edgard Roa at Tracy Brown funeral in Cypress, CA 214-  7-5-02 John Araujo, Al Escobosa, Bruce Flood, Anne Debriere, Ralph Castro, Edgard Roa and Denny Galvin at Tracy Brown Funeral

215-  7-5-02 Dan Sheeran, John Araujo, Al Escobosa, Jerry Olszewski, Bruce Flood, Lew Riccio, Ralph Castro, Edgard Roa, Denny Galvin, Nelson Slagle and Jim Heller at Tracy Brown funeral 216-  7-17-02 Maury Dahn in 'his' booth at the Blank Angus restaurant in Lake Forest, Calif.  Maury has been eating at this Blank Angus for 22 years.

217-  7-17-02 Maury Dahn and Nelson Slagle at the Black Angus restuarant in Lake Forest, Calif 218-  7-23-02  Dale Mello, Larry Lowman and Angie Bua-Gilstrap at The Place to visit with Dale who is visiting from Massachusetts

219-  7-23-02  Dale Mello, John Simeon and Grant Sciarani 220-  7-23-02 Larry Costa and Jerry LaBate

221- 7-23-02  John Craig and Bob Anderson at The Place in Huntington Beach, Calif 222-  7-24-02 Kennedy Meeks, Tammy Slagle and Julie Meeks

223-  8-17-02 Greg Gent and Jim Slagle 224-  8-24-02 John Garcia, Greg Gent and Jim Slagle at the National Sports Bar for OSU 45 Texas Tech 21 game

225-  8-29-02  Marty & Paul Alarcon at Angel Stadium 226-  9-24-02 Terry Curtis and Don Bryant at Cypress, CA facility of Rockwell Collins

227-  9-15-02 Doris and Paul Young.  Paul Passed away on 10-5-02.  Picture furnished by Larry Fuller. 228-  10-19-02 Jerry & Penny Bird and Steve Derus at Ken Kimsey funeral at Forest Lawn in Cypress, Calif

229-  10-19-02  Denny How, Tommie Feemster, Gary Feemster, Jerry Bird and Penny Bird 230-  10-19-02 Tim Carman, Dave Melland and Don Reddington

231-  10-19-02 Carol Aragon-Smith and Ed Lazzari 232-  10-19-02 Lee Montgomery and Carol Aragon-Smith at Ken Kimsey funeral

233-  10-19-02 John Bright.  Picture furnished by Larry Fuller 234-  10-19-02 Dennis Grassman at Ken Kimsey funeral.  Picture furnished by Larry Fuller

235-  10-24-02 Don Plog, Paul Hickman and Max Mallet at luncheon for Paul at Jim Mullens home. Standing are Jennifer Mullens, Mickey Castle and Lee Montgomery 236-  10-24-02 Stan Hull and Bill Hutchison

237-  10-24-02 Jim Bradley and Tony Ross 238-  10-24-02  Jim Mullens and Al Hart

239-  10-24-02 Edgard Roa and Al Julian 240-  10-24-02 Max Mallet and Al Julian

241-  10-24-02 Max Mallet, Don Plog and John Wilford at Paul Hickman luncheon 242-  10-28-02 Dave Melland, Jack Ross and Bill Lenzen at ISC picnic in Naples (Long Beach)

243-  10-28-02 Larry Fuller, LeAlyn Sims and Larry Lowman 244-  10-28-02 John Craig, Rich Sundell and Earl Carbone

245-  10-28-02 Ward Trumbull, Hugh Hoskins and Tom Greathead at sem-annual ISC picnic 246-  11-21-02 Nelson Slagle and Ron Bost at Rockwell Collins in Cypress

247-  12-6-02 Larry Lowman, Ken & Mary Rasmussen at Faye Blue Party 248-  12-6-02 Mary and Ken Rasmussen

249-  12-6-02 Doug Fleischer and Russ Mote 250-  12-6-02 Jeannie Dial, Kelly Whaley and Doug Fleischer

251-  12-6-02 Bob Montour and Kelly Whaley 252- 12-6-02 Sandy Paris, Tommie Feemster and Kelly Whalen

253-  12-6-02 Sandy Paris, Sharon & Ken Bonja 254-  12-6-02 Sandy Paris and Karol Weiland

255- 12-6-02 Karol Weiland and Jeannie Dial 256-  12-6-02 Larry Fuller, Jeannie Dial and Don Safarik

257-  12-6-02 Larry Fuller and Faye Blue 258-  12-6-02 Carol Safarik, Larry Fuller, Jeannie Dial, Don Safarik and Doug Fleischer

259-  12-6-02 Bill Lenzen and Don Safarik 260-  12-6-02 Bill Lenzen, Faye Blue and Don Safarik

261-  12-6-02 Thirteen of guests at Faye Blue Party 262-  12-6-02 Gary Feemster and Roger Van Buskirk

263-  12-6-02 Nelson Slagle, Tommie Feemster and Gary Feemster 264-  12-6-02 Betty Windle and Tommie Feemster

265-  12-6-02 Jim Dawson, Debbie Davis and Monica McMullen 266-  12-6-02 Howard Ross and Jill Garvey

267-  12-12-02 Peter Wait and Jim Gemmill at Busters Beach House (formerly Jolly Roger) in Long Beach for lunch with Bill Cronks lunch group. 268-  12-12-02 Jim Gemmill, Noel Purdie and Claude Gauthier

269-  12-12-02 John Simeon, Jack Weed, Jim Bryant and John Banko 270-  12-12-02 Raliegh Moffett and Ron Webb. They were at monthly Facilities luncheon at Busters Beach House

271-  12-12-02 Ted Phillips and Peter Wait at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters Beach House in Long Beach 272-  12-12-02 Rick Monahan and Cindy Blakeney

273-  12-12-02 Gary Coon and Art Strohmeier 274-  12-12-02 Claude Gauthier and Bill Cronk at Busters Beach House in Long Beach, Calif

275-  12-13-02 Ray Mamaradlo and Helen Chen at Sandy Carlson arranged Christmas luncheon at the Royal Buffet in Long Beach 276-  12-13-02 Grant Sciarani and Mike Mount

277-  12-13-02 Bob Anderson and Marc Stanton 278-  12-13-02 Harold Graebner and Ken Rasmussen

279-  12-13-02 Ralph Castro and Helen House 280-  12-13-02 Debbie 'Holden' Burk and Jackie Velez

281-  12-13-02 Angie Bua-Gilstrap and John Craig 282-  12-13-02 David Rodriguez and Gil Garcia

283-  12-13-02 John Bader and Sandy Carlson 284-  12-13-02 Jerry LaBate and John Bader

285-  12-13-02 Kurt Klueger, Maria Diaz and Dick Clark 286-  12-13-02 Kurt Klueger and Garilynn Wadleigh

287-  12-13-02 Steve Jarvis and Deberal Cooley 288-  12-13-02 Deberal Cooley and Daniel Biddle

289-  12-13-02 Norma Ellis and Maria Diaz 290-  12-13-02 Harold Hsu and Jim King

291-  12-13-02 Steve Derus and Larry Lohman 292-  12-13-02 Hugh Hoskins and Gordon Wall

293-  12-14-02 Bob Anderson, Harold Graebner and Grant Scarani  at the Royal Buffet  in Long Beach 294-  12-14-02 Wayne Davey, Bob Scheussler and Nelson Slagle at Wayne and Barbara Davey's Christmas party in Camarillo, Calif

295-  12-14-02 Unknown, Joe Tabares and Bob Schuessler 296-  12-14-02 Bob Scheussler, Diane Moos and Kathy D'Asaro

297-  12-14-02  Lisa Goetsch Schuessler and Bob Schuessler 298-  12-14-02 Wayne Davey, Lisa Goetsch Scheussler and Bob Scheussler

299-  12-14-02  Lisa Goetsch Scheussler and Ann DeBriere 300-  12-14-02  Hosts Barbara and Wayne Davey

301-  12-14-02  Kathy D'Asaro, Wayne Davey and Rick Art 302-  12-14-02 Robin and Syeda Khundkar

303-  12-14-02  Neelam Duggal and Lily Lee at Barbara and Wayne Davey Christmas party 304-  12-17-02 Jerry Bird and Dale Plasch at Walt Wharfs in Seal Beach, Calif 

305-  12-21-02 Jerry Saltz, Don Plog and Nolie Carman 306-  12-21-02 Jerry Saltz, Chuck Shellenberger and Don Plog

307-  12-21-02 Yvette Carman and Suzie Kenny 308-  12-21-02 Brett Carman and Richard Fox 

309-  12-21-02 Brett Carman and Lauri Sides 310-  12-21-02 Will and Lauri Sides

311-  12-21-02 Tim Carman and Aaron Cook 312-  12-21-02 Donna Carman and Tina Fox


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