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313-  1-18-03 Larry Fuller, Larry Lowman and Larry Costa at Stan Hull's funeral in Whittier, Calif 314-  1-18-03 John Craig, Shirley Friedman and Ernie Levy

315-  1-18-03 Jim Mullens and Dave Johnson at Stan Hull's funeral at Rose Hills in Whittier, Calif 316-  1-18-03 Ernie Levy and Hugh Hoskins

317-  1-22-03  Don Bass and Rick Burns at Coach's in Seal Beach for a retirement luncheon for Ted Sickles 318-  1-22-03 Rick Burns, Nelson Slagle and Don Bass

319-  1-22-03 Chuck Ramey and Don Bass 320-  1-22-03 Anne Crosby, Chuck Ramey and Tom O'Bara

321-  1-22-03 Rick Morad and Anne Crosby 322-  1-22-03 Dennis Grassman and

323-  1-22-03 Ted Sickles and Dick Dement 324-  1-22-03 Joanna Kimble, Ted Sickles and Dolores Arge

325-  1-22-03 Steve Miller and Randy Colvin 326-  1-22-03 Randy Colvin and Harvey Cohoon

327-  1-22-03 Steve Davis and Mohammad 328-  1-22-03 Steve O'Kelley and Tim Jones at Ted Sickles luncheon at Coach's in Seal Beach

329-  1-22-03 Dennis Grassman and Art Jarman in B/80 Auditorium, Seal Beach for Ted Sickles retirement presentation 330-  1-22-03 Chis Landenberger, Sandy Rives Crutcher and Carol Yoshimaro

331-  1-22-03 Paul Alacorn and Whip Reynolds 332-  1-22-03 Walt Walker and Ted Cowan at Ted Sickles retirement presentation

333-  1-23-03 Karen Bartholomew, Larry McCutcheon, Gary Groover and Anne Marie Benson at Rockwell Collins Facility in Cypress 334-  1-23-03 Bob Koller, Jill Johnson, Natalie Le, Karen Bartholomew, Larry McCutcheon, Anne Marie Benson and Gary Groover

335-  1-31-03 Bud Klecker, Al Spigeralli and George Wiley and Al's retirement party at Cypress Country Club in Cypress, Calif 336-  Kelly Graves, Jackie Tran, Kathy Douglas and Gary Groover

337-  Nanette Clements, Kathy Jurey, Frank Christopher and Don Black 338-  1-31-03 Don Black  and Curtis Johnston

339-  Cheryl Bazzell, Paula Houck and Don Black 340-  Don Black, Joel Stone and Steve Meyer

341-  1-31-03 Joel Stone and Denny Popovec 342-  1-31-03 Denny Popovec and John Izzolena

343-  1-31-03Anne Marie Benson and Bob Koller 344-  Jan Howard, Georgi MacDonald, Kathy Krynski and Dale Jenson

345-  Gayle Bressie, Dorinda, Martin and Bonnie O'Neal 346-  Thomas Ross, Sam Kim and Ron Bost

347-  Chris Landenberger, Jerry Shelley, Ron Bost and Jerry Risto 348-  1-31-03 Kelli Aschoff and Helen Cordova

349-  Rena Cheatley and Jeff Krynski 350-  Tom Konoske and Jeff Krynski

351-  1-31-03 Jeff Krynski and Al Spigeralli 352-  Alex Jamison and Ken Furuta

353-  Tracy Nguyen, Ken Furuta and Susan Furuta 354-  Tracy Nguyen and Natalie Le

355-  1-31-03 Linda Engen and Adele Lerma 356- Bob Finnell, Bud Klecker and Gary Peters

357-  Donna Chan-Giese, Brian Clelland and Sarah Yesenosky 358-  1-31-03 Brian Clelland and Eleanore Kopezak

359-  Tom Yocum, Don Davis and Sally Davis 360-  Linda Dempsey, Vivian Thai and Unidentified

361-  1-31-03 Alex Jamison & Rob Wolf 362-  Faith Cruz, Bernie De Jesus, Tim Sullivan and Leonor Dominguez

363-  1-31-03 Faith Cruz, Al Spigeralli and Cindy Colton 364-  Sue Ann Slaughter and Sandie the coordinator at Cypress Country Club

365-  George Wiley, Bud Klecker and Frank Chabre 366-  1-31-03 Paul Clark and George Wiley

367-  Pam Carney, Kathy Judd and Kristen Wahlstrom, all from Wells Fargo 368-  1-31-03 Tim French, Patrick Allen and Mike Cole

369-  Nelson Slagle and Holly LaTrobe 370-  1-31-03 Dan Meland and David Johnston at Al Spigeralli's retirement party

371-  2-13-03 Gwen Brady at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove,  Calif   
372-  2-22-03 Patti Behringer and Sylvia Bernard at Rockwell Collins, Cypress facility

373-  2-28-03 Art Jarman and his wife at Art's retirement luncheon at the Royal Buffet in Long Beach, California
374-  2-28-03 Dick Koerner, George Scott and Dennis Grassman

375-  2-28-03 Jim Bryant, Dick Koerner and George Scott
376-  2-28-03 John Bowman and Mike DeLara

377-  2-28-03 Mike DeLara and Bob Parker
378-  2-28-03 David Rodriguez and Grant Sciarani

379-  2-28-03 David Rodriguez and Roger Lin
380-  2-28-03 Jerry LaBate and Angi Bua-Gilstrap

381-  2-28-03 Larry Lowman, Steve Derus
382-  2-28-03 Ken Rasmussen, James King and Sandy Carlson

383-  2-28-03 Howard Ross and Dale Plasch
384-  2-28-03 Dolan Williams and Larry Bryant

385-  2-28-03 Ralph Castro, Ward Trumbull and Helen Chen
386-  2-28-03 Don Dykstra and Gordon Lee

387-  3-11-03 Stan Anderson and Mike Lopez at Lee Shigutt funeral
388-  3-11-03 Kenneth Shigut, Bob Perry, Yuki Fujishige, and Art Molina

389-  3-11-03 Bob Perry, Don Hollander and Art Molina at Lee Shigut funeral
390-  3-11-03 Rob Hunsaker and Anne Marie Benson at Chili's in Cypress, Calif

391-  9-04  Rick and Joy Vargo at Frank and Dean's Resturant in Pasadena, California.   Picture furnished by Joy Vargo.
392-   4-29-03 John Wilford, Nelson Slagle, Jerry Saltz and Lee Montgomery at Owen Dowd's funeral in Riverside, California

393-   4-29-03 Don Black and Patti Arnsted at Don's retirement celebration at B/80, Seal Beach.
394-   4-29-03 Don Black, Tom Sumrall and George Wiley

395-   4-29-03 Don Black & Rick Stephen
396-   4-29-03 Nolie Carman, Don Black and Nelson Slagle

397-   4-29-03 Nolie Carman, Mike Juarez and George Wiley 398-   4-29-03 Nolie Carman, John Fleischer, Bud Klecker and Rich Terrell

399-   4-29-03 Gary Peters and Bill Hoffman 400-   4-29-03 Mary Louise Hlavac and Kathy Zamboni

401-   4-29-03 Paula Houck and MaryScott King 402-   4-29-03 Donna Buniel and Steve Meyer at Don Black's retirement celebration at B/80 in Seal Beach

403-   4-29-03 Mark Johnson in office on 3rd floor of B/80
404-  Dave Melland, Bruce Arbon and Buster Sanders at Hugh Hoskins picnic in Naples, Calif

405-  John Bright, Dave Kimes and Jack Weed
406-  Bob Krause, JD Thomas and Creighton Helsley at Hugh Hoskins picnic in Naples, Calif

407-  6-12-03 Norma Sheffield, Troy Belme and Elke Rodas at Boeing Recreation Center
408-  6-12-03 Norma and David Sheffield at Anaheim Recreation Center

409-  6-17-03 Bob Bramhall, Gerry Robertson and Jack Weed at Busters Beach House in Seal Beach with Bill Cronk lunch group
410-  6-17-03 Peter Wait, Bill Cronk and Wayne Russ

411-  6-25-03 Wilma and Ray Lusk at Coco's in Garden Grove, Calif
412-   7-01 Michelle Lyman and Al Brusewitz in Alaska with 82 pounds of King Salmon in Kenai, Alaska. Salmon caught on Kenai River.  Picture provided by Al.

413-   7-01 Michelle Lyman with her two children Hunter and Brittany.   Taken at Turnagain Pass, Alaska.
414-   8-03 Angie Biscan, Tim Carman, Gary McElligatt and Denny Popevec at Tim Carman's 40th Anniversary celebration at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Ca

415-   8-03 Thomas Ross, Angie Biscan, Vinh Vu, Joyce Jimenez,  John Trietsch, Tim Carman, Peter Chueh, Astrid Taen, Anthony Mack, Rick Monahan and Patrick Flower
416-   8-03 Nelson Slagle, Bill Cronk, Tim Carman and Peter Chueh at Tim's 40th Anniversary celebration

417-   8-03  Accountants in uniform at Rockwell Collins at Cypress.  Nelson Slagle, Anne Marie Benson, Gary Groover, Karen Bartholomew and Bob Koller
418-   8-03 George Robinson, Larry Fuller and Mike Basel at Bill Purcell's gathering at Spaghettini's Italian Restaurant in Seal Beach.  Bill passed away 8-4-03.

419-   8-03 Blaine Lowman and George Robinson
420-   8-03 Jim McMillen and Nelson Slagle in front of Jim's home on Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia

421-   8-03 Captain Jim McMillen navagating Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia
422-   8-03 Nelson Slagle and Lance Hall at Lance's home near Saluda, South Carolina

423-   8-03 Jim Gibson, Nelson Slagle and John Crites in Jim's office at Research Triangle Institute at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
424-   8-03 Jim Gibson and John Crites at Research Triangle Institute at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

425-   10-03 Mike DeLara and Steve Davis at IBM farewell in B/80 Auditorium in Seal Beach
426-   10-03 Marc Stanton, Delatoare, John Bowman and Dolan Williams

427-   10-03 Garilynn Wadleigh and John McFaden
428-   10-03 Rodger VanBuskirk and Carol Yoshimura

429-   10-03 Walt Walker and Charles Long 430-   10-03 Troy Fletcher and Steve Davis

431-   10-03 Debbie Holden, Jackie Velez and Carol Yoshimura at IBM farewell
432-   10-03 Barbara Smith and Frank Nunez at Frank's father (Frank Nunez, Jr.) memorial service at Mile Square Park

433-   10-03 Dick Schenden and Frank Nunez
434-   10-03 Don Plog, Dick Schenden and Jack Schuler

435-   10-03 Don Plog, Karen Plog and Jack Schuler
436-   10-03 Dotie Nordlow and Geraldine Nunez

437-   10-03 Dottie Nordlow and table of picture of Frank Nunez, Jr.
438-   10-03 Earl Tillman, Larry Fuller and Ed Duncan at Hugh Hoskins' picnic in Naples, Calif

439-   10-03 Phil Root and Tom Greathead
440-   10-03 Sandy Page and Dave Meland at Hugh Hoskins' picnic

441-   10-03 Bob Koller, Nelson Slagle, Gary Groover (holding Lucky our department Beta!) and Anne Marie Benson at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, CA 442-   10-03 Patrick Flower (3rd place), Nelson Slagle (1st place) and Leonor Dominguez (2nd prize) on Creative Hat Day at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, CA.  

443-   11-03 Vivian Thai, Paul Giguerre, Doug Smith and Gary Groover at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
444-   11-03  Paul Giguerre and Doug Smith of Fidelity

445-   10-03 Seated: Morris Willkie, Telly Gianarakos, Brett Carman. Standing: Nelson Slagle, Al Manzey, John Wilford and Bryan Davis at Hearts game at Nelson's home
446-   11-03 Mark McLeod and Nelson Slagle at Rubio's in Los Alamitos, Calif

447-   12-03 John Bader and Larry Fuller at Faye Blue Party
448-   12-03 Larry Fuller and Doug Fleischer

449-   12-03 Tina Montour,  Jim Dawson and Debbie Davis
450-   12-03 Sharon Bonja and Debbie Davis

451-   12-03 Robert Cline, Stacy Sasaki and Debbie Garcia-Strother
452-   12-03 Arnold Sanchez, Debbie Garcia-Strother and Nelson Slagle

453-   12-03 Larry Lowman and Howard Ross
454-   12-03 Betsy Meyer, Harry Meyer and Ken Rasmussen

455-   12-03 Sharon Barrett, Faye Blue and Syeda Khundkar
456-   12-03 Robin Khundkar, Faye Blue and Syeda Khundkar

457-   12-03 12-03 Dan Parcell, Bob Montour, Roger Van Buskirk and Don Safarik
458-   12-03 Patty Arnstad and Monica McMullen at Faye Blue Party

459-  2000 Larry Manly at his home (by Larry Fuller)
460-   12-03 Betty & Harold Graebner at Sandy Carlson arranged luncheon at Royal Buffet in Long Beach, Calif

461-   12-03 Scott Baxter and Mike Mount
462-   12-03 Dale Plasch, Grant Sciarani and Jerry Bird

463-   12-03 Jerry Bird and Don Dykstra
464-   12-03 Jim King and Larry Fuller

465-   12-03 Garilynn Wadleigh and Helen Chen
466-   12-03 Jerry LeBate and Angie Bua-Gilstrap

467-   12-03 Maria Diaz and John Bowman
468-   12-03 Ralph Castro, Jackie Velez and Karen Clausen

469- 12-03 Sandy Carlson and John Bader at Sandy Carlson arranged luncheon in Long Beach, Ca
470-   12-03 Stacy Madsen, Mike Sands and Jill Graham at Boeing lunch hour 5K

471-   12-03 Mary Jo Beck provides entertainment by playing keyboard for annual Shared Services Christmas Luncheon at Cypress Golf Club in Cypress, Calif

473-   12-03 Nelson Slagle and Anne Marie Benson point to address at annual department dinner at Davio's Restuarant in Seal Beach, Calif.    12149 is one of our favorite ledger accounts.
474-  12-03 Nelson Slagle, Jim Gemmill and Jim Bryant at Busters Beach House in Seal Beach, Calif

475-   12-29-03 John Osborne, Bob Dominguez and Rick Park at Crab Pot in Long Beach for an IBM lunch
476-   12-29-03 John Osborne and Elza Alvarado

477-   12-29-03 Bob Bystedt, John Osborne and Al Butkus
478-   12-29-03 Tom Greathead and Al Butkus

479-   12-29-03 Jerry LaBate, Mary Lou Worth and Bob Bystedt
480-   12-29-03 John Roe and Phil Root

481-   12-29-03 Helen House and Phil Root
482-   12-29-03 Ron Thompson and George Hambrick

483-   12-29-03 Toni Cafaro and Diana Donnellan at Crab Pot in Long Beach, Calif.
484-   12-2000  Larry Fuller, Bob Bystedt and Sid Hasin furnished by Larry Fuller

485-   8-2003  Diane Moos, Jan Ridgeway and Nancy Vaswani Ullerich furnished by Larry Fuller
486-   12-03 Bill Cronk and Nelson Slagle furnished by Larry Fuller

487-   12-2003 John Purkiewicz surrounded by his children.  His children are Mona, Rob and Jamie


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