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584-   8-1-04 Judy McGrath, Ann Cozart and Donna Green at Chili's in Cypress, Calif

585-  8-1-04 Hal Berger and Karen Bartholomew at Chili's in Cypress, Calif.
586-   8-04 Sioux Stoeckle provided by Sioux.  She is in the process of relocating to Blythe, California

587-  8-11-04 Chuck Ramey, Bernie Wilner and Joe Ballestracci at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
588-  8-12-04 Randy Loveless in office in B/80 Seal Beach

589-  8-12-04 Kimberly Boyd in B/80 Seal Beach
590-  8-12-04 Tim Jones in B/80 in Seal Beach

591-  8-12-04 Bill Lyon and Ed Woo in Bill's office in B/80 Seal Beach
592-  8-12-04 Jill Graham and Stacy Madsen at Seal Beach Fitness  Center

593-  8-12-04 Don Bass and Dennis Grasman in Dennis' office on last day at Boeing after 37 years
594-  8-12-04 Part of group in conference room 203, B/80, Seal Beach for Dennis Grasman cake cutting

595-  8-12-04 Part of group attending Dennis Grasman cake cutting
596-  8-12-04 Mike DeLara and John McFaden

597-  8-12-04 Steve Davis and Bob Ray
598-  8-12-04 Dennis Grassman cuts cake

599-  8-12-04 Joanna Kimble and Jackie Velez with cake
600-  8-12-04 Mike DeLara, Marc Stanton and Anne Crosby at El Torito on Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach for Dennis Grassman retirement party

601-  8-12-04 Dave Melland and Dennis Grasman
602-  8-12-04 Dennis Grasman, sister Pat Quackenboss and Larry Quackenboss.

603-  8-12-04 Greg Gaylord, Dennis Grasman and Dick Dement
604-  8-12-04 Dick Dement, Pat Turney and Doug Newell

605-  8-12-04 Terry Sweeney and Shirley Friedman
606-  8-12-04 Dave Melland, Norma Ellis and Roy Bower

607-  8-12-04 MaryLou Worth and Garilynn Wadleigh
608-  8-12-04 Jack Weed, Gene Lansing and Bob Parker

609-  8-12-04 Tom Wood, Lisa Mauceri and Jim Dunn
610-  8-12-04 Al Bruzewitz and Jim Dunn

611-  8-12-04 Jack Ross, Stephanie French Belme and John Bowman
612-  8-12-04 Larry Fuller and Al Butkus

613-  8-12-04 Angie Bua-Gilstrap and Jerry LaBate
614-  8-12-04 Jim Friaz and Angie Bua-Gilstrap

615-  8-12-04 Part of crowd watches Mike DeLara's reading of Dennis How hilarious prepared speech
616-  8-12-04 Ira Wright, JD Thomas and Rick Delamater 

617-  8-12-04 Dolan Williams, Ralph Castro, Felicia Woodson and Rick Delamater
618-  8-12-04 Felicia Woodson, Tim Stelzriede and his son

619-  8-12-04 Jack Weed and Steve Jarvis
620-  8-12-04 Charles Long and Norma Ellis at Dennis Grasman retirement part at El Torito on PCH in Seal Beach, Calif

621-  8-14-04 First row:  Nelson Slagle, Nolie Carman and Telly Gianarakos.  2nd Row:  Al Manzey, Brian Davis, John Wilford, Brett
Carman and Larry Costa
 at Nelson Slagle's for Hearts Game #120

622-  8-17-04 Dale Mello and John Osborne at My Place in Huntington Beach, Calif

623-  8-21-04 Micki Krause and Mike Nozaki at Ruby's in Laguna Hills Mall, Calif
624-  9-1-04 Michelle Remfry, Susanna Kim and Ron Bost at Rockwell Collins facility in Cypress, California

625-  9-2-04 Brett Carman, Karen Bartholomew and Andy Syrenglas
626-  9-9-04 Ginger Paul and Joe Ballestracci at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

627-  9-15-04 Denny Popovec, Jerry Slagle and Tom Madden at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif.  Jerry and Tom both work at Ingram Micro in Santa Ana, Calif.    
628-  9-15-04 Jerry Slagle, Tom Madden and Nelson Slagle at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

629- 9-15-04 Denny Popovec, Tom Madden and Nelson Slagle at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
630- 9-15-04 Joyce Root and Tim Marchando visiting Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif from Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh

631-  9-17-04 Jennifer Miller at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
632- 9-25-04 Larry Hauck at Denny's in Anaheim, Calif

633-  9-29-04 Wayne Johnson, Dan Hutchinson and Ron Smith at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
634-  9-29-04 Jim Lienhard and Don Bryant at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif

635-  9-29-04 Juan Bulnes, Joyce Jimenez and Ed Lou at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
636-  9-29-04 Tamara Panter-Broughton, Terry Davis and Kathy Rodney at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif

637-  9-29-04 Harlene Anderson and Christine Delaney at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
638-  9-29-04 Jon Fullinwider and Al Brusewitz at Mimi's in Downey, Calif

639-  10-2-04 Phelan Wright (Holly's daughter), Holly MacDonald and Kim Prickett at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
640-  10-12-04 Bob Anderson, Paul Cheney, John Craig, Steve Rees and Al Eddow at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic at Naples, Calif

641-  10-12-04 John Craig and Steve Rees
642-  10-12-04 Roy Bower, Max Mallet and Bob Krause

643-  10-12-04 Sandy Page, Earl Tillman and JD Thomas
644-  10-12-04 Lou Meier and Hugh Hoskins a Hugh's arranged picnic at Naples, Calif

645-  10-28-04 Mark Witmer, Pat Parella, Denny Pasternak, Jack Manley,  Bob Henchir, Sharon Shimp, Carol Boyle and Janet Glanville at Hard Rock Cafe at 23 Station Square in Pittsburg, Pa.
646-  10-28-04 Sharon Shimp, Denny Pasternak and Carol Boyle

647-  10-28-04 Denny Pasternak and Bob Henchir
648-  10-28-04 Bob Henchir, Mark Witmer and Jack Manley

649-  10-28-04 Jack Manley and Mark Witmer
650-  10-28-04 Janet Glanville and Pat Parella

651-  10-28-04 Janet Glanville and Nelson Slagle
652-  11-09-04  Yukio Fujishige, Bob Perry, Yettie Hartley, Mike Lopez and Art Molina at Mimi's in Downey, Calif

653-   9-04 Dean Garrison and Gail Meredith on their wedding day
654-  11-17-04 Marie Petracek, Jeff Young and Debbie Hickman at Khourys in Long Beach, Calif.  Khourys hosted an open house for current and ex-Rockwell and Boeing employees

655-  11-17-04 Virginia and Susan Ingle at Khoury's in Long Beach, Calif
656-  11-17-04 Tim Hood, Ann Tack and Bill Collopy at Khoury's in Long Beach, Calif

657-  11-18-04 Jerry Risto, Chris Landenberger and Gary Fuller at Mary Scott Kings home in Huntington Beach for Gary Fuller's Farewell Party
658-  11-18-04 Gary Fuller, Chris Landenberger, Jerry Risto and Rena Cheatley

659-  11-18-04 Rena Cheatley, Nelson Slagle and Lori Killeen
660-  11-18-04 Loir Killeen, Renee Bidwelz-Smitz and Karen Bruck at Mary Scott King's home in Huntington Beach, Calif.

661-  11-18-04 Mary Scott King and  Sue Ann Slaughter at Mary Scott King's home in Huntington Beach, Calif.
662-  6-03 Barbara Vollrath with cousins Gene and Martin in Philadelphia

663-  12-3-04 Jeannie Dial and Faye Blue at Faye Blue party at her house in Fountain Valley, Calif.  Jeannie came the furthest for the party, driving in from Mesa, Arizona.  
664-  12-3-04 Don Safarik, Dan Parcell, Jeannie Dial and Faye Blue

665-  12-3-04 Jeannie Dial and Debbie Garcia-Strother
666-  12-3-04 Tommie Feemster, Jeanie Dial and Jill Garvey

667-  12-3-04 Jill Garvey, Betty Windle and Tommie Feemster
668-  12-3-04 Dan Parcell and Larry Lowman

669-  12-3-04 Dan Parcell, Doug Fleischer and Bob Montour
670-  12-3-04 Emily Watters, Sandy Paris and Doug Fleischer

671-  12-3-04 Steve Derus, Larry Lowman, Emily Watters and Larry Fuller
672-  12-3-04 Steve Derus, Carole Derus and Gary Feemster

673-  12-3-04 Don Reddington, Dwight Moulton, Sharon Barrett, Don Safarik and Carol Safarik
674-  12-3-04 Sharon Barrett and Dwight Moulton

675-  12-3-04 Judy Scarr and Patty Arnstad
676-  12-3-04 Judy Scarr and Susie Archer

677-  12-3-04 Ken and Sharon Bonja
678-  12-3-04 Arnold Sanchez and Sharon Bonja

679-  12-3-04 Howard Ross, Roz Essner and Debbie Garcia-Strother
680-  12-3-04 Debbie Garcia-Strother and Nelson Slagle

681-  12-3-04 Monica McMullen and Don Safarik
682-  12-3-04 Russ Mote, Doug Fleischer and Jeff Strother at Faye Blue Party.

683-  12-7-04 Ted Phillips, Sandy 'Rives' Crutcher, Jim Bryant, Nelson Slagle, Wayne Russ, Harry Meyer, Art Strohmeier, Claude Gauthier and Jack Weed at table at Busters Beach House in Long Beach  for the Bill Cronk arranged luncheon
684-  12-7-04 Ted Phillips, Sandy 'Rives' Crutcher and Cindy Blakeney

685-  12-7-04 Harry Meyer and Nelson Slagle at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon
686-  12-11-04 Barbara and Wayne Davey at their Christmas Party in Camarillo, Calif

687-  12-11-04 Lisa Goetsch Scheussler and Barbara Davey
688-  12-11-04 Bob and Lisa Goetsch Scheussler

689-  12-11-04 Diane Moos, Bob Scheussler and Lisa Goetsch Scheussler
690-  12-11-04 Nelson Slagle, Diane Moos, Bob Scheussler, Joe Tabares and Lisa Goetsch Scheussler

691-  12-11-04 Bob Scheussler, Wayne Davey, Joe Tabares and Eileen Tabares
692-  12-11-04 Bea Swieck and Diane Moos

693-  12-11-04 Robin Khundkar and Bob Scheussler at Wayne & Barbara Davey Party
694-  12-15-04 Jan Howard, Mary Coonce, John Lonegan, Georgi MacDonald, David Svoboda, Lolita Parado and Edna Allen

695-  12-17-04 Sandy Carlson and Jim King at Sandy's arranged Christmas Luncheon at the Royal Buffet in Long Beach, Calif
696-  12-17-04 Hugh Hoskins and Earl Carbone

697-  12-17-04 Ken Rasmussen, Earl Carone and Scott Baxter
698-  12-17-04 Scott Baxter and Jeff Rash

699-  12-17-04 Jim Dunn and Scott Baxter
700-  12-17-04 Helen Chen and John Norris

701-  12-17-04 Betty and Harold Graebner
702-  12-17-04 Grant Sciarani and Roger Lin

703-  12-20-04 Robin Khundkar, Nelson Slagle, Larry Cosgrove, Mike Juarez,  Pat Harling and Bob Barclay at CJ Changs in El Segundo, Calif
704-  12-20-04 Robin Khundkar, Larry Cosgrove, Mike Juarez, Pat Harling and Bob Barclay at CJ Changs in El Segundo, Calif

705-  12-20-04 Buckeyes Nelson Slagle and Paul Clark in Paul office at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif
706-  12-22-04 Debbie Garcia Strother, Sandy Paris, Faye Blue and Chuck Williams at In & Out Burger in Seal Beach, Calif

707-  12-22-04 Nelson Slagle, Debbie Garcia Strother, Faye Blue, Chuck Williams, Sandy Paris and Mark Johnson
708-  12-22-04 Debbie Garcia Strother, Faye Blue, Chuck Williams, Sandy Paris and Mark Johnson at In & Out Burger in Seal Beach, Calif

709-  12-29-04 Jerry LaBate, John Osborne and Angie Bua-Gilstrap at annual IBM luncheon at the Crab Pot in Long Beach.
710-  12-29-04 Rick Runnels, Howard Ross and John Osborne

711-  12-29-04 Nelson Slagle, John Osborne and Dick Cantine
712-  12-29-04 Larry Manly, Larry Fuller and Larry Lowman

713-  12-29-04 Phil Simon, Jerry LaBate and Larry Manly
714-  12-29-04 Phil Simon and Bob Bystedt

715-  12-29-04 Nelson Slagle, Phil Root and Hugh Hoskins
716-  12-29-04 Ward Trumbull, Ann Trumbull, Bob Anderson and Hugh Hoskins

717-  12-29-04 John Roe and Phil Root
718-  12-29-04 Bob Brubaker, Phil Root and Ron Hillblom

719-  12-29-04 Ruben Solano, Dick Manning and Francisco Pantoja
720-  12-29-04 Steve Renard, Rick Runnels and Phil Root

721-  12-29-04 Toni Cafaro, John Norris and Diana Donnelan
722-  12-29-04 Larry Manly and Nelson Slagle eating crabs at the IBM luncheon at the Crap Pot in Long Beach


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