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488-   1-04  Forrest Danielson at El Torito on Carson Blvd in Long Beach

489-   1-31-04  Diane Lucas and Holly LaTrobe at Johanna Pool's funeral at Pierce Brothers Mortuary in Anaheim, Calif
490-   1-31-04 Diane Lucas, Jill Garvey and Randy Black

491-   1-31-04 Diane Lucas, Tommie Feemster, Faye Blue and Randy Black
492-  1-31-04 Faye Blue, Tommie Feemster, Jan Ridgeway and Marie Alvarez

493-   2-19-04 Nelson Slagle,  Sherry Simon and Roy Alzua at Friday's on Anton in Costa Mesa, Calif.  Sherry and Roy  both work at Countrywide  in Irvine.
494-   2-19-04  Tom Konoske and Gary Young in Tom's office at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif.  Gary is retiring after 40 years of service

495-   2-25-04 Nelson Slagle and Dwight Decker at Conexant Stockholders meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, Calif.  Dwight is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Conexant .
496-   2-25-04 Don Beall and Nelson Slagle.  Don is on the Board of Directors at Conexant .

497-   2-25-04 Eva Beth Thomas
498-   2-25-04 Linda Neer working at the Conexant Stockholders meeting

499-   3-7-04 Scott Baxter, Scott's friend and Nelson Slagle near finish line of Los Angeles Marathon.  Scott was on crutches due to a surfing accident.
500-   3-07-04  Donna and Brett Carman at Laker game at Staples Center.

501-   3-7-04  Mike and Michelle (Mike's daughter)  Juarez at Staples during a Laker game
502-   3-7-04 Roni Hibben, Nancy Bendel, Tim Martino and Holly LaTrobe at Friday's on Anton in Costa Mesa, Calif.

503-   3-13-04 Nelson Slagle and Bob Brazeau at Bob's home in Murietta, Calif 504-   3-13-04 Ron Benson and Nelson Slagle at Ron's home in Temecula, Calif

505-   3-17-04  Bob Kalb and Donna Chan Giese at Rockwell Collins in Cypress
506-   3-22-04 Paul Cheney and John Craig at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic in Naples, Calif

507-   3-22-04 Lou Meier and Don Dykstra
508-   3-22-04 George Robinson and Don Dykstra

509-   3-22-04 Irene and Don Larsen at Hugh Hoskins Picnic
510-   3-22-04 Buster Sanders, Roy Bower, Bob Krause at Hugh Hoskins arranged picnic in Naples, Calif

511-   3-29-04 Felicia and David Woodson at their home in Long Beach, Calif
512-   4-1-04 Tim Carman, Chris Delaney, John Lonegan and Nelson Slagle.  They were the four winners of  Spring Training competition at the Rockwell Collins facility in Cypress, Calif

513-   4-3-04  Dave Cupelli and Rich Terrell prior to Seal Beach 5K/10K run 514-   4-17-04 Bette Addington, John Peller, Rubye Ritchey and Dorothy Nordlow at Bald Eagles luncheon at the Prowd Bird in El Segundo, Calif

515-   4-17-04 Kiyo Nagagawa, Rubye Ritchey, Bette Addington, Maxine Cilva Hensler, and Dottie Nordlow 
516-   4-17-04 John Peller, Jo Ann Koch and George Jeffs

517-   4-17-04 John Sanford, George Jeffs and Mike Vucelic
518-   4-17-04 Dick Bohlen, Ian Dodds and Mike Vucelic

519-   4-17-04 Ed Compton and Jan Romanoff
520-   4-17-04 Tom Stodgel and Dick Schenden

521-   4-17-04 Mike Juarez, Nelson Slagle and Tom Stodgel
522-   4-17-04 Mike Juarez and George Wiley

523-   4-17-04 Pat Harling and Mike Juarez
524-   4-17-04 Irv Altnew, Bev Gresham and Nolie Carman

525-   4-17-04 Nolie Carman and Ann Tack
526-   4-17-04 Irv Altneu and Nick Carter

527-   4-17-04 Dick Nelson and John Reyes
528-   4-17-04 Nelson Wong and Dennis Hill

529-   4-17-04 Marie and Al Perry
530-   4-17-04 Kimi Taira, Sylvia Beck Copple and Carolyn Rogers

531-   4-17-04 Don Safarik, Don Reddington and Dick Nelson
532-   4-17-04 Jim Albaugh and Sam Iacobellis (speakers at lunch) at Bald Eagles luncheon a the Proud Bird in El Segundo

 533-   3-17-04  Larry Fuller and Paula Honus at Hennessey's in Seal Beach, Calif.  Furnished by Jim Sutter.
534-   4-28-04  Jim Sutter at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

535-   4-30-04 Carol Henderson and Sherry Simon at Friday's in Costa Mesa
536-   5-5-04 Nelson Slagle and Tom Tessier at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif

537-   5-6-04 Raisa Barkley at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove, Calif
538-   5-13-04 Bill Glancy and Peter Schultz at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

539-  5-24-04 Anne Middlebrook at Japenese restaurant in Los Alamitos, Calif
540-  5-25-04 Jim Sutter and Tom Whitby at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif

541-  5-26-04 Mary Jo Beck, Rosa Barone, Jill Johnson, Vivian Thai,  Andrew Coates, Natalie Le and Helen Cordova at El Torito's in Cypress for Jill's farewell lunch
542-  5-26-04 Nelson Slagle, Karen Bartholomew, Jill Johnson, Andrew Coates, Anne Marie Benson and Gary Groover at El Torito's in Cypress for Jill's farewell lunch

543-  5-30-04 Nolie Carman, Amanda Sides, Judie Carman and Tammy Slagle at Cerritos Mall in Cerritos, Calif
544-  5-30-04  A clown with Amanda Sides and Nolie Carman at Cerritos Mall

545-  6-2-04  Adele Lerma, Leonor Dominguez, Linda Dempsey,  and Vivian Thai at the Olive Garden in Cypress, Calif for Stuart Hull's farewell luncheon
546-  6-2-04 Helen Cordova, Ma, Stuart Hull, Tim Sullivan, Rosa Barone, and Jean Bulicz  at the Olive Garden in Cypress, Calif fo Stuart Hull's farewell luncheon

547-  6-2-04  Stuart Hull and Ma at Rockwell Collins Cypress facility
548-  6-2-04  Stuart Hull and Tim Sullivan at Cypress Facility

549-  6-3-04 Wayne Russ, Jack Weed and John Stauver at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters in the Long Beach Marina
550-  6-3-04 Cindy Blakeney, Sandy 'Rives' Crutcher and Ted Phillips

551-  6-3-04 Bill Cronk, Noel Purdie and Claude Gauthier at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon at Busters in the Long Beach Marina
552-  2-4-04 Larry Fuller, Russ Hurley and John Simeon at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, Calif.  Picture furnished by John Simeon

553-  6-8-04 Mike Burns in Irvine, Calif.  Furnished by Jerry Slagle.
554-  6-10-04 Sherry Simon and Linda Engen at Fridays in Costa Mesa, Cal

555-  6-10-04 Vy Pham at Boeing Fitness Center at Huntington Beach, Calif
556-  6-28-03  Front:  Becky 'Campbell' Sweeney, Joy Puyear, Helen 'Blaisdell' Cordova.  Back: Jenny 'Dudley' Spencer, and Malia 'Ray' Fazzio at Helen Cordova's in Torrance, Calif.  Picture furnished by Helen Cordova.

557-  6-18-04 Morgan Simpson at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, Calif
558-  6-22-04  Ruth Bachtel at Chilli's in Cypress, Calif.

559-  6-24-04 Nelson Slagle, Mike Griffith and Don Adams at Schooner or Later in Long Beach, Calif
560-  6-25-04 Bruce Wight and Joy Junghanel at Rob Hunsaker's grave side services at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cypress, Calif

561-  6-25-04 Joy Junghanel, Ben Gasmi and Jackie O'Malley
562-  6-25-04 Eric Hearn, Mark Butski, Joy Junganel, Tim Moore and Jackie O'Malley

563-  6-25-04 Tim and Denise Moore
564-  6-25-04 John Sellers and Dick Feeley

565-  6-25-04 Lisa McCullough and John Sellers
566-  6-25-04 Mike Juarez, Lisa McCullough and Carol Herceg

567-  6-25-04 Mike Juarez and Pat Harling 568-  6-25-04 Elaine Chun, Marie Petracek and Chet Douglas

569-  6-25-04 Rosa Cortez and Wendy Carter
570-  6-25-04 Fidel Cruz and Steve Lopez at Rob Hunsaker grave side services

571-   12-03 Linda Harwell at Nordam (work) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Provided by Linda
572-   7-7-04 Hal Tipton at Nicks on Main Street, Seal Beach, Calif

573-   7-10-04  Terry Barton and Nelson Slagle in Terry's home in Seal Beach, Calif
574-  7-15-04 Mandy Thomas, Randy Miller, Amy Lee, Mark Fowler, Bill Cronk, Steve Fischman, John Todd and John Simeon at Yard House at Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, Calif

575-  7-15-04 Randy Miller and Nelson Slagle
576-  7-15-04 John Todd and Randy Miller

577-  7-15-04 Steve Fischman, Amy Lee, Mark Fowler and Mandy Thomas 
578-  7-15-04 Mark Fowler and John Simeon

579-  7-15-04 Nelson Slagle, Bruce Chapman and John Simeon 
580-  7-15-04 Mandy Thomas and Amy Lee at Yard House at Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, Calif

581-  7-16-04 Sarah Yesenosky, Eric Valdivia and Ann Valdivia outside Rockwell Collins Cypress Facility 582-  7-20-04 Mary and Paul Barboza at Mimi's in Cerritos, Calif

583-  7-22-04 John Briscoe in his office at home in Fountain Valley, Calif
584-   8-1-04 Judy McGrath, Ann Cozart and Donna Green at Chili's in Cypress, Calif


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