727- 1-6-05 Stephanie Mercado, Andrew Coates a
nd Pat Murray

728 - 1-6-05 Linda Engen and Frances Caldwell

729- 1-6-05 Sheilia Hamilton at Inga Kaplans going
away luncheon at Chilli's in Cypress, Calif

730- 10-04  Dana Abrams furnished by Ben Farrington 
731- 1-13-05 Adele Lerma and Carol Steeves at Olive Garden in Cypress for Carol's retirement luncheon

732- 1-13-05 Carol Steeves and Julie Jordan
733- 1-13-05 Lolita Parado and Jean Bulicz
734- 1-13-05 Alexis Lewis  and Sarah Yesenosky
737- 1-13-05 Leonor Dominquez

739- 1-13-05 Helen Cordova and Rosa Barone at Carol Steeves retirement luncheon

740- 1-18-05 Stacey 'Wilford' Wilder and John Wilford at Coco's in Garden Grove, Calif

741- 1-19-05 Debra Birgen and Mrs. Dominic Birgen
at St. Hedwig Church in Los Alamitos, Calif for
Dominic Birgen's funeral

742- 1-19-05 Mike Juarez, Sue Glessner and Yukio Fujishige 

743- 1-19-05 KerryO'Halloran, Chris Petracek and Ron Ellis

744- 1-18-05  Joannie Meyer and Mark Eckman

745- 1-25-05 Nelson Slagle and Steve Havens at Hof's Hut in Cerritos, Calif

746-  2-1-05  Nan Bender and Kathy Kern at Wendy's in  Garden Grove, Calif 

747- 2-2-05 Tom Konoske, Chris Delaney and Rob Wolf and Chris going away luncheon at Cypress facility.

748- 2-2-05 Sarah Yesenosky, Chris Delaney and Helen Cordova

749- 2-2-05 Lynn Westerland and Chris Delaney
750- 2-2-05 Chris Delaney and Maggie Paul

751- 2-2-05 Mary Messerlie and Chris Delaney

752- Bernardita DeJesus and Julie Jordan
753- 2-12-05  Gwen Brady at Coco's in Garden Grove, Calif

754- 2-23-05 Vivian Thai, Nelson Slagle and Rosa Barone at Nelson's 35th Anniversary at Rockwell

755- 2-23-05  Ken Furta, Nelson Slagle and Denny

756- 2-23-05 Vivian Thai, Nelson Slagle, Rosa Barone and Ken Furuta furnished by Holly LaTrobe
757- 2-24-05 Stephanie Temple and Nelson Slagle at Silky Sullivan in Fountain Valley, Calif

758- 3-5-05 Nelson Slagle and Bill O'Grady at Arizona Charlies in Las Vegas, Nevada

759- 3-5-05 Gordon, Jane Eve Shipman at Macroni
Grill On Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 

760- 3-5-05 Gordon Shipman, Jane Eve Shipman, Tom Kopman and Linda Kopman

761- 3-5-05 Gordon Shipman, Nelson Slagle and Tom
Kopman  at Macroni Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada

762- Feb 05 Ben Farrington furnished by Ben

763- 3-9-05 Morris Miller at Chilli's in Cypress, California
764- 2002 Lee Wiltsie in Sequim, Washington frnished by Lee

765- 3-22-05 Tom Madden, Jerry Slagle, Ron Bost and Ken Furuta at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley

766- 3-22-05 Tom Madden and Jerry Slagle in front of Tom's Corvette

767- 3-2005 Martin Visser and Jim Miller in Arizona 
768- 3-22-05 Nelson Slagle and Karen Moser at Coco's in Garden Grove, Calif
769- 4-25-05 Mary Jo Beck and Anne Marie Benson
 on Western Day at Rockwell Collins in Cypress

770- 4-26-05 Tom Greathead, Don Reddington and Larry Lowman at Naples, Calif for Hugh Hoskins Arranged Picnic

771- 4-26-05 John Bader and Bruce Arbon

772- 4-26-05 Harold Graebner, Cindy Wiley, John Craig and Sandy Page

773- 4-26-05 Raisa Barkley,  Earl Tillman, Roy
 Bower, Larry Fuller and Bob Krause

774- 4-26-05 John Norris and Alex Papajohn
775- 5-7-05 DeeDee Vellis and Nelson Slagle at
Red Robin on Sunflower in Costa Mesa, Calif

776- 5-12-05 Mary Jo Beck, Helen Cordova, Vivian Thai and Gary Groover at Sweetie Thai on Valley View in Cypress, Calif

777- 5-13-05 Mary Messerlie and Vivian Thai
at Mary Jo Beck Luncheon

778- 5-13-05 Tom and Mary Jo Beck at Olive Garden on Katella in Cypress, Calif for going away luncheon for Mary Jo
779- 5-13-05 Mary Jo Beck and Adele Lerma

780- 5-13-05 Vivian Thai, Alexis Lewis and Unidentified

781- 5-13-05 Unidentified, Anne Marie Benson, Helen Cordova, Kelly Graves and Sarah Yesenosky

782- 5-13-05 Sarah Yesenosky and Laurie Warszawski at Olive Garden in Cypress for Mary Jo Beck going away luncheon

783- 5-13-05 Lolita Parado and Laurie Warszawski in Paul Clark's office at Rockwell Collins in Cypress

784- 5-13-05 Ma and Gary Young at Rockwell Collins in Cypress, Calif

785- 5-14-05 Jason, Ellie (2 years old) and Jackie Armenta at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove, Cal

786- 5-14-05 Nelson Slagle, Jason Armenta and Ellie Armenta at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove, Calif

787- 5-16-05 Debbie Huitt and Kellie 'Smith' Abano at Coco's on Valley View in Garden Grove

788- 5-16-05 Debbie Huitt, Lucas Abano and Kellie Abano

789- 5-16-05 Kellie Abano, Nelson Slagle and Debbie Huitt

790- 5-18-05 Norma Sheffield and Elke Rodas at the Fitness Center at Boeing facility in Anaheim, Calif

791- 5-18-05 Jerry Aschoff and Nelson Slagle at Fitness Center at Boeing facility in Anaheim, Calif

792- 5-18-05 Terry Rodas, John Araujo and Hank Barcikowski at Fitness Center at Boeing facility in Anaheim, Calif

793- 5-18-05 Terry Rodas and Bob Longo at Fitness Center at Boeing facility in Anaheim, Calif

794- 5-23-05 Karen Bartholomew, Donna Armor and Bob Armor at Katella Deli in Cypress, Calif

795- 5-24-05  Susan 'Lodding' Barksdale at Coco's in Garden Grove, Calif

796- 5-05-05 Tammy Walsh, Nick Price and Pete Walsh at the EDS Byron Nelson Golf Classic in Dallas, Texas.  Picture furnished by Pete

797- 8-98 Diane and Ted Decker at 1st Baptist Church i
n Lakewood, Calif.  They live in Prescott, Arizona .
Picture furnished by Ted

798- 5-14-05 Larry Lowman, Cindy Blakeney and Gary Cummins at Hennessey's in Seal Beach.  Picture furnished by Gary. 

799- 6-10-05 Dennis How, Faye Blue and Robin Patel at Russ Mote (Faye Blue Fiancee) funeral at Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, Calif

800- 6-10-05 Jill Garvey, Jeannie Dial and Judy 'Fassett' Castro

801- 6-10-05 Ralph Castro and Inge Christensen 

802- 6-10-05 Carol McPhail and Judy 'Fassett' Castro
803- 6-10-05 Jeff Mote (Russ' son) Tammy Mote
(Jeff's Wife) and Kaye Crail (Jeff mother)

804- 6-10-05 Hugh McPhail
805- 6-10-05 Seated Crowd during ceremony

806- 6-10-05 Mrs Mike Baddley and Mike Baddley

807- 6-10-05 Debbie Garcia-Strother and Jeff Strother
808- 6-10-05 Monica McMullen, Judy Scarr and Stacy 'Sasaki' Cline

809- 6-10-05 Susie Archer and Judy Scarr

810 6-10-05 Jeannie Dial and Jill Bracy at uss Mote home in Menifee, Calif

8-11 - 6-10-05  Dennis How and Nelson Slagle in
front of Dennis vehicle with 'How D Do' license
plate at Russ Mote funeral at Riverside Nat'l Cemetery

812- 6-10-05 Dennis How, Debby Garcia-Strother and Jeff Strother

813- 6-16-05 Jack Weed, Cindy Blakeney, Sandy 'Rives' Cotcher and Bill Cronk at Busters in Long Beach for Bill Cronk arranged lucheon 

814- 6-16-05 Larry Lowman, Claude Gauthier and Jim Bryant

815- 6-16-05 John Hauver and Ted Phillips at Bill Cronk arranged luncheon

816- 6-16-05 Rich, Mary (Rich's wife) and Debbie Abele (Rich's daughter) at Rich's retirement party at Old Ranch Country Club on Lampson in Seal Beach, Calif

817- 6-16-05 Mike Cancilla and Rich Abele

818- 6-16-05 Kim 'Ryan' Derow and Alan Derow