Welcome to the 2008 Basketball Predictions, our 41st annual predictions. Below are the instructions for this years contest:

SCORING - Same as prior years. For example if you pick Atlanta by 7 over Orlando and Orlando wins by 12 your total miss would be 29. (19 on the point miss and 10 for picking the wrong team to win). All overtime wins are scored as a one point victory. If the game is listed wrong it will be eliminated.

ELGIBILITY - Anyone can predict. First predicts will be due January 8, 2008. First games will be January 9th. Recruit a friend if possiblie as we need additional predictors.

COST If you send in your prediction by e-mail and receive your results through my web site, the cost will be 0-. If you mail in your form and need the results mailed to you, the cost is $5 or $7! If you have one predictor at a mail address the cost is $7, if you have more than one predictor at an address it is $5 for each person at the address. Fee is due with first weeks prediction.

E-MAIL AND WEB ADDRESS My e-mail address is neslagle@hotmail.com. My web site address is SlagsHouseOfStats.com

I will provide a form for each weeks prediction in excel format. Save the form on your PC, complete the form and e-mail the form to me as an attachment to your e-mail. That enables me to easily do a cut and paste to my calculation sheet.

DEADLINE - The deadline for mailing in each weeks prediction will be the Tuesday prior to the weeks games. Do not look at any odds prior to making predictions. You are on your honor. All games will usually be Wednesday through Saturday or Sunday of each week.

MAILINGS The results will normally be posted on my web site by Monday of each week. For those needing a paper copy, I will mail results each week - usually on Monday and will include the prediction form for 3 weeks in the future. This will give you a chance to study the college teams playing in the future - I know you all do that!

GAMES - Will include 9 to 15 pro games each week and up to 6 college games. We will have 15 games each week. Most college games will feature teams in the top 25.

Slag 12-30-07