9-00 Mayde and Amy Joss
  9-00 Libby Robinette and Fred Joss eating cookies   9-00 Emma Robinette, Fred Joss, Libby Robinette and Alex Joss
9-00 Nelson Slagle, Jeff & Jenny Robinette and Mayde & Amy Joss   9-00 Jeff & Jenny Robinette, Tammy Slagle and Mayde & Amy Joss
  9-00 Jeff and Jenny Robinette, Mayde & Amy Joss and Bonnie Shaffstall   10-00 Jeff, Emma, Libby, & Jenny Robinette and Bonnie Shaffstall at Jim and Heidi Slagle's
  11-00 Nelson Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Judy Vandewater Cottingham and Jim Cottingham    6-01 Tammy Slagle holding Michael Robinette at Mason Park in Irvine, California
  6-01 Emma and Libby Robinette   6-01 Bonnie Shaffstall, Jenny Robinette feeding Michael Robinette and Tammy Slagle
  6-01 Libby, Jean Raymoure and Emma feed ducks   6-01 Jean Raymoure and Libby Robinette feed ducks at Mason Park, Irvine
  6-01 John Slagle holding Michael Robinette
  6-01 Libby Robinette, Patrick Slagle, Kevin Slagle and Emma Robinette at Mason Park in Irvine, California   6-01 Jenny, Michael Robinette, Bonnie Shaffstall, Jeff Robinette, Libby Robinette, Jim & Jerry Slagle, Boo Boo, Nelson Slagle, Emma Robinette & Jean Raymoure
  6-01 Jenny, Michael, Libby, Jeff, Emma Robinette and Bonnie on front porch of Nelson's home   6-01 Boo Boo and Libby Robinette on swing in back yard of Nelson's home
  6-01 Libby and Emma Robinette with Sarah Dias and Boo Boo   6-01 Jean Raymoure and Bonnie Shaffstall
  6-01 Sarah Dias, Emma and Libby Robinette   6-01 Jeff Robinette and Nelson Slagle holding Michael
  6-01 Boo Boo on guard as Jenny Robinette feeds Michael Robinette   10-01 Jeff and Michael Robinette at Jim and Heidi Slagle's home in Marion, Ohio
  10-01 Jenny holding Michael Robinette,  Jeff Robinette, Emma Robinette and Libby Robinette   10-01 Libby Robinette, Alex Joss, Fred Joss, Emma Robinette, Betsy Slagle and Mayde Joss
  10-01 Mayde Joss, Amy Joss, Gene Slagle, Alex Joss, Emily Slagle, Rob Joss and Fred Joss   4-03 Jeff, Emma, Libby and Michael Robinette at Bonnie's
  4-03 Emma, Libby and Michael Robinette
  4-03 Emma, Tammy Slagle and Libby at Bonnie's
  6-03 Michael, Emma, Libby Robinette and Kevin and Patrick Slagle
  6-03 Libby and Emma
  6-03 Abby Robinette and Tammy Slagle
  6-03 Jeff and Jenny Robinette
  6-03 Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymoure on Tammy's Slagle's new glider
  8-03 Michael Robinette at Betty and Bill Huckaba's home
  8-03 Michael and Abby Robinette and Nelson Slagle
  8-03 Gene and Emily Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall and Jenny & Jeff Robinette with 4 children at Betty & Bill Huckaba's