1- 5-00 John Murphy and Nelson Slagle at Money Show in Las Vegas, Nevada
2- 9-15-00 CNBC's Power Lunch live TV show at Pelican Hills Golf Club; 22651 Pelican Hill Road South; Newport Beach, California.  Bill Griffeth and Nelson Slagle, Retired Director Accounting, Boeing.  No, Bill didn't interview Nelson!
3- -  9-00 Archie Griffin and Nelson Slagle prior to OSU 27 Arizona 17 game in Tuscon, Arizona
4- 1-02  Jim Slagle and Doug France, OSU All American playing at OSU in 1971-75 at National Sports Bar in Santa Ana, California.
5- 12-02 Burt Sugerman, Mike Juarez and Mary Hart at Staples center in LA for a Laker game.  Mary Hart is co-host of the Entertainment Tonight TV show.
6- - 8-24-03 Nelson Slagle, Jimmy & Roslyn Carter after Sunday School in Plains, Georgia
7- - 8-24-03 Nelson Slagle, Gene Slagle, Jimmy & Roslyn Carter and Emily Slagle after Sunday School in Plains, Georgia 8- - 1976 Gene Slagle and John Glenn.  This picture was taken when Gene was running for State Senator in Ohio and John Glenn was running for U. S. Senator from Ohio
9- 8-30-03  Nelson Slagle and Kirk Herstreit as Kirk heads toward Game Day platform prior to OSU 28-9 victory over Washington at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio 10-   10-04 Randy Gradishar and Nelson Slagle at National Sports Bar in Santa Ana, California.  Randy played at OSU 1970-74 earning Al l American twice and All Big Ten three times.  He also made 7 Pro Bowls with the Denver Broncos  
11-  Nelson Slagle and Ryan Klesko at Alumni Game at Westmister High School in Westminster, Calif.  Ryan played at Westminster High School from 1986-89.  He played major league baseball for Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants from 1991-2007

  12-  12-25-05 - John Slagle, Jim Slagle, Brutus, Jerry Slagle and Nelson Slagle on Christmas Day.  Brutus correctly predicted Texas to beat USC for the BCS National Championship on 1-4-06  
13-  1-28-06 Charles White, USC 1979 Heisman winner and Jeannie from KB Sports Gallery at Orange County Swap Meet in Costa Mesa, Calif
14-   1-28-06 Nelson Slagle and Charles White, USC 1979 Heisman winner at Orange County Swap Meet in Costa Mesa, Calif
15-   8-20-06 Gene Slagle and next Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland at political rally in Marion, Ohio,  Strickland won Nov 2006 election for Governor 16 9-20-06 Nelson Slagle and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in front of Governor  mansion in Little Rock, Ark where Gov Huckabee was being interviewed for Runners World
17 4-4-07 Dwight Stones and Nelson Slagle at Beckman High School in Irvine for a track meet that Patrick Slagle ran in..  Dwight represented US as a high jumper in the Olympics in 1972, 1976 and 1984.  He set the world record ten times.  He coaches the high jumpers at Beckman. 18 8-6-08  Magic Johnson at Dallas Cowboy practice at Oxnard, Califonia
19 8-8-08 Nelson Slagle and Dallas Cowboy coach Wade Phillips at a Dallas Cowboy practice at Oxnard, California 20-    11-1-08  Close of of Nelson Slagle and Joe Biden at Joe Biden rally at Marion Harding High School in Marion, Ohio