61 Jim, Curt & Jerry at Curt's 62 Tam and Curt at Curt's home 64 Jerry, Jim, Curt and Tam at Joe's
66 Nelson on 2nd tee of Joe's CC 67 2nd Green of Joe's Country Club 71 Joe Mayes & Curt at Joe's home
75 Tam, Jerry, Curt and Joe Mayes 78 Tam, Jim, Curt, Jerry and Joe 79 Joe, Jim, Curt, Jerry and Tam
81 Bunny, Cherie and Skye 82 Mikey, Christy and Bobby 90 Singer and DJ 
91 Joe Mayes speaking 93 Curt reviews Elvis music to sing 94 Bobby & Joe Mayes dancing
95 Curt singing karaoke 97 Christy and Tammy 99 Mikey and Tiffany
100 Joe Mayes, Curt,  Bobby Mayes 101 Joannie cutting birthday cake 102 Joe & Joannie's parents
105 Jim & friends sing karaoke 106 Savannah,Joannie, Sonia, Christy 109 Jim, Jerry, Mikey, Bobby,Christy
111 Jerry and Jim sing karaoke 112 Curt and Jerry Slagle 113 Curt, Sonia and Nelson
114 Christy, Matt and Haley Zurcher 115 Curt and Nelson showing 50 116 Christy, Haley and Matt Zurcher
117 Jerry, Jim and Curt 118 Joannie, Curt and Tam 120 Nelson with Flowers/CD from Curt