FEBRUARY 22, 2004
Sign in front of 1000 Ocean Blvd, Long Beach offering Beach villas from the low $800,000
Front entrance
Front of entire building at 1000 Ocean Blvd Front and  West Side of 1000 Ocean Blvd.  Owner of small home on corner wouldn't sell thus they built complex around him!
Front and East Side of 1000 Ocean Blvd.  Unit we looked at was 713 which is near corner on the 7th floor
Back of 1000 Ocean Blvd from sidewalk on beach
Back and East side of 1000 Ocean Blvd
Closer view of back and East side.  Unit 713 is on top floor closest to two palm tree tops.
View looking West on Beach toward downtown Long Beach
View looking East on Beach towards Seal Beach
View of Queen Mary and marina from community deck on 4th floor
Fourth floor community deck
Jacuzzi and swimming pool on 4th floor
Game room on 4th floor
Billiard table on 4th floor
Exercise room on 4th floor
Lounge guest area on 4th floor
Tam and Jim Slagle in Boardroom on 4th floor
View of Queen Mary from deck on 7th floor - telephoto lens
View of Downtown Long Beach from  deck on 7th floor
Hallway from Front door of condo in unit 713.  Condo is 1480 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths.
Jim and Tam Slagle sitting in living room
Nelson and Jim Slagle sitting in  Living room
View out Living Room window looking north across Long Beach
View across Living Room to Dining Room and Kitchen area
Jim standing in kitchen.  Comes complete with stainless steel refridgerator included
View across Balcony of the ocean from Living Room
View from Balcony of ocean
Master Bedroom
Looking across Master Room toward bathroom
View of Long Beach looking north from Master Bedroom
Sink area of bathroom.  Walk-in closet beyond sinks.
Bathtub and shower area of bath
View from Bathroom looking north across Long Beach
Guest bathroom
Close up of tile in entryway and kitchen
1129 Ocean Blvd where Nelson Slagle lived 1964-5 about a block east of 1000 Ocean Blvd.

Ten Foot U-haul truck in front of Condo on Terra Bella in Irvine
The moving crew - Mike Kazak, Jim Slagle and John Garcia
U-haul truck from window of Jim's Condo
U-haul truck with condo complex in background
Nelson Slagle holds mirror in U-haul while crew moves everything else to condo.   Don't ask!
Jim Slagle, John Garcia and Mike Kazak take pizza break
5-22-04 Nelson and Tammy Slagle (Jim's parents) in Jim's back yard
5-29-04 Living room with Pacific Ocean reflected in mirror
 6-12-04 Jim's complex from the 11th floor of the Pacific next door at 850 Ocean Blvd
 8-7-04 Bedroom with new ceiling fan
8-7-04 Dining area
 8-7-04 West side of Living room with couch, new picture and plant
 8-7-04 East side of Living room with chair, new picture and TV
 8-7-04 Spare bedroom with new ceiling fan and computer desk
 8-7-04 Spare bedroom with Eddie George picture and guitar
 8-7-04 Hallway with Pictures
 8-7-04 Kitchen showing cabinets and stove

 1-8-05 Jim in front of 1000 Ocean Blvd Mural in parking structure on moving day
Movers putting protective cardboard down in lobby
 Moving Truck with 1000 Ocean Blvd and other buildings in background
Moving Truck from 7th floor balcony.  Although it was wet from rain all weekend, it did not rain during the move!
 Movers packing pictures, etc  in Living Room
Moving stuff ouf of condo
 Moving desks out of lobby.  Nelson took this picture from elevators which he manned for 5 hours on his birthday while Tammy coordinated move.  
Five Movers in truck.  Movers did a great job..
  Moving truck at 15111 Syracuse Street in Westminster where Jim is moving in between homes
 Jim and Tammy unpacking Jim in his new home while Chris Larson looks on