1-29-03 Bonnie, John, Gene, Jim and Emily Slagle in first two rows at Crystal Cathedral
1-29-03 Jim, Emily, Gene, and John Slagle inside Arboreteum 
1-29-03 New Building - scheduled to be finished in May 2003
  1-29-03 Jim, Bonnie, Gene,  John and Emily Slagle on grounds
1-29-03 John, Nelson and Jim with Bell Towers in background
1-29-03 Moses and the burning bush
12-24-04 Christmas Tree with visitor center opened in 2003 in background
12-24-04 Picture of Schullers in 1955 at entrance of two floor museum depicting history of church
12-24-04 Bronze statue of Norman Vincent Peale in museum
12-24-04 Bronze statute of Billy Graham
12-24-04 Bronze statute of Bishop  Fulton Sheen
12-24-04 Bronze statute of Robert Schuller
12-24-04 Mock up of Crystal Cathedral campus
12-24-04 Portion of original buildings from entrance to visitor center
12-24-04 Building where Sunday School and private school is housed 12-24-04 Visitor Center opened in 2003.  Gift shop on 1st floor and museum on 2nd and 3rd floors.  4th floor under construction.