1-  11-22-2006 Pete Walsh, Rich Grygier, Dan Hughes, Jake Succop and Tom Whitby at Dallas Headquarters in Irving, Texas as guest of Dallas Cowboy CIO Pete Walsh
2- 11-22-06 Nelson Slagle and Pete Walsh at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters
3-11-22-06 Jerry Davis and Nelson Slagle between displays of Troy Aikman and Emment Smith at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters
4- 11-22-06 The Dallas Cowboys 2006 team picture display with prior Super Bowl rings
5- 11-22-06 Jerry Davis in Dallas Cowgirl work out room
6- 11-22-06 Nelson Slagle in front of Dallas Cowgirls pictures
7- 11-22-06 Pete Walsh, Jerry Davis, Dan Hughes, Jake Succop, Nelson Slagle and Rich Grygier  in Dallas Cowgirls work out room
8- 11-22-06 Jerry Davis sitting by draft board of potential draft picks
9- 11-22-06 Pete Walsh shows current set in room where numerous sets can be constructed

10-  8-6-2008  Nelson Slagle, Pete Walsh, Bill Cronk, and Andrew Coates at Dallas Cowboy practice in Oxnard, California as VIP guests of Pete Walsh
11- 8-6-08  Andrew Coates, Bill Cronk and Pete Walsh on sidelines of morning practice
12- 8-6-08  Jerry Jones sons walk across practice field
13- 8-6-08  Nelson Slagle, Bill Cronk, Pete Walsh and Andrew Coates on sidelines for practice with VIP pavilion in background.  The Cowboys rent the Residence Inn behind the pavilion  and turn it into dormitories for preseason practice.  
14- 8-6-08  Terrell Owens being interviewed after practice
15- 8-6-08 Terrell Owens being interviewed after practice
16- 8-6-08  Zach Thomas, #55, autographs football for Andrew Coates
17- 8-6-08  Terrell Owens heads to sidelines to sign autographs for 30 minutes or so
18- 8-6-08  After practice Terrell Owens 81 and Tyler Everett 37
19- 8-6-08  Nelson besides #54, Bobby Carpenter locker
20- 8-6-08  Nelson besides #9, Tony Romo locker
21- 8-6-08  Locker room
22- 8-6-08  VIP guide, Amanda Heston, shows group players  ice baths 
23- 8-6-08  Weight room
24- 8-6-08  Amanda Heston and Nelson.  Amanda was hostess for the VIP area.  She works for the Cowboys in the Marketing department.  Prior job was personal assistant to Lamar Hunt.

25- 8-6-08  Nelson poses by banana where Pete took us out to lunch at a Deli in Oxnard
26- 8-6-08  Bill Cronk, Nelson and Andrew on Dr. Pepper interview stage
27- 8-6-08  Close up of Bill and Nelson on Dr Pepper interview stage
28- 8-6-08  Bill, Nelson and Andrew on stage used to for sports briefs with practice field in background.  Note Pepsi helmet. 

29- 8-6-08  Mickey Spagnola does short Dallas sports brief of morning practice.  Note Bank of America helmet
30- 8-6-08  Some of Cowboy sponsors banners/signs along sideline
31- 8-6-08  Pete and Nelson in Pete's suite.  Note Cowboy hats on mantel
32- 8-6-08  Pete and Andrew and Dallas Cowboy promotional truck
33- 8-6-08  Display of jerseys and hats for sale
34- 8-6-08  Second Dallas Cowboy promotional semi-truck with Andrew on far right
35- 8-6-08  Display of shirts and hats for sale
36- 8-6-08  Jerseys, hats, footballs for sale
37- 8-6-08  Sales personnel in old helmet and #82 Jason Witten jersey
38- 8-6-08  Andrew Coates beside Dallas Cowboy sign on side of semi-truck
39- 8-6-08  Dallas Cowboy practice entrance
40- 8-6-08  Dallas Cowboy Hall of Fame Semi-truck where  pictures 41-54 were taken
41- 8-6-08  Five Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl trophies
42- 8-6-08  Picture of Dallas Cowgirls
43- 8-6-08  Nelson poses in front of picture of Dallas Cowgirls
44- 8-6-08  #14 Don Meredith display
45- 8-6-08  Super bowl picture display. Bob Costas in middle left.  Jerry Jones in middle right picture and Tom Landry in lower picture
46- 8-6-08  Troy Aikman, #8 display
47- 8-6-08  Nelson besides Roger Staubach #14 display
48- 8-6-08  Pete in front of Bob Lilly #74 display
49- 8-6-08  Six picture display of new stadium being built close to the Ballpark (Texas Rangers baseball stadium) in Arlington, Texas.  The stadium will usually seat 80,000 but can be expanded to 100,000 if needed.  It will be the most state of the art stadium by by far in the world.  Note descriptions on the pictures.  Two Astrodomes can fit in the new stadium.
50- 8-6-08  Pete by new stadium display
51- 8-6-08  Bill in front of new stadium display
52- 8-6-08  Dallas through the ages display
53- 8-6-08  Cowboy Ring of Honor.  Part of ring that circles Super Bowl trophies display.
54- 8-6-08  Cowboy Ring of Honor.  Part of ring that circles Super Bowl trophies display.
55- 8-6-08  Wade Phillips leaving interview stage
56- 8-6-08  Andrew taking pictures
57- 8-6-08  Two technicians with Tony Romo, # 9 in background
58- 8-6-08  QB Brad Johnson, #14 walking to practice
59- 8-6-08  Coach Wade Phillips walks down sidelines
60- 8-6-08  Dallas Camera women, Roxanne a 1995 graduate of Ohio State
61- 8-6-08  Three QB's on field ready for practice.  They are #9, Tony Romo, #4 Richard Bartel and #14 Brad Johnson
62- 8-6-08  Bill Cronk and Andrew Coates on sideline for afternoon practice with field in background
63- 8-6-08  Andrew talks to his Freshman 1989 Mater Dei High School football coach, Kendall Blackburn.
64- 8-6-08  Tyler Everett stretches prior to practice with Ken Hamlin #26 and Anthony Henry #42
65- 8-6-08  Magic Johnson greets VIP.  Andrew on left.
66- 8-6-08  Magic Johnson
67- 8-6-08  Magic Johnson talks to coaches Brian Stewart and  Wade Phillips
68- 8-6-08  Magic Johnson hugs Calvin Hill as Wade Phillips watches
69- 8-6-08  Pete Walsh with Mrs & Mrs. Jimmy O'Neil and son, suite owners in the new stadium.  Jimmy is owner of Glamore Shots, a national chain including a store in Main Place Mall.
70- 8-6-08  Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboy mascot
71- 8-6-08  Nelson and Rowdy
72- 8-6-08  Nelson and Rowdy unmasked - Ted
73- 8-6-08  Afternoon practice.  Bobby Carpenter #54 is near left end
74- 8-6-08  Bobby Carpenter, Nelson Slagle and Tyler Everett after practice
75- 8-6-08  Nelson watches as Coach Wade Phillips signs helmet for Andrew Coates
76- 8-6-08  Nelson Slagle and Coach Wade Phillips
77- 8-6-08  Pete Walsh and Jayd Yoshino,  Cowboys Network Engineer
78- 8-19-10 Pete Walsh, Bruce Mays and Tammy Walsh at Dallas Cowboy pre season practice in Oxnard, California
79- 8-19-10  Tammy Walsh, Andrew Coates, Pete Walsh, Patrick Slagle and John Slagle
80- 8-19-10  Jayd Yoshino and Pete Walsh
81- 8-19-10  Andrew, Nelson Patrick and John on stage used for press conferences
82- 8-19-10  Andrew, Pete, Patrick, Nelson and John
83- 8-19-10  Nelson and Pete
84- 8-19-10  Pete and Tammy Walsh
85- 8-19-10  Andrew getting autograph from Terence Newman
86- 8-19-10  Martellus Bennett, signing autograph
87- 8-19-10  Patrick after getting autograph and Jason Witten signing a football
88- 8-19-10  Rosey Riley and Jerry Jones
89- 8-19-10  Fan and autographed helmet with Jerry Jones
90- 8-19-10  Nelson in front of the new Dallas Cowboy stadium display on Dallas Cowboy Hall of Fame semi-truck (Pic # 40 above)
91- 8-19-10  Nelson beside Cowboy Cheerleader costume
92- 8-19-10  Andrew poses by Cowboy Cheerleader team picture
93- 8-19-10  John and Patrick poses by Cowboy Cheerleader team picture