as of 6-22-2018
    * DEATH
Dan Aceto
Doug Adams ISC
Ann Ahrens
Bill Ambrose ISC 3/30/2018
Gordon "Andy" Anderson
Nancy Arnold
Bill Bailey
John Banko ISC 5/16/2014
Paul Barboza ISC Accounting 9/23/2017
Jimmy Barksdale ISC
Al Barnett ISC
Tom Beck ISC 8/8/2008
Keith Bengston Space 3-2014
Al Biardi ISC
Oliver Black Long Beach 10/25/2017
Homer Bowman ISC
Bob "Sarge" Bramhall ISC 5/27/2017
John Brett
Dr.Robert Brown
K.Ray Brown
Bill Bryant
Jerry Bryant ISC, ASC
Jim Bryant ISC, ASC 6/6/2018
Klecker Bud CORPORATE 1/17/2009
Jean Bulicz ASC 10/31/2009
Fred Burke ISC 4/28/2014
Lynn Capuano
Kathy Carlson ISC, ACCOUNTING 2006
Betty Castro ISC, ACCOUNTING 6-2010
Frank Chabre 6-11-2011
Judy 'Disque' Chin ISC 9-2005
Frank Christopher ASC 7-5-2005
Paul Clark ASC 10-10-2007
Scott Clem ISC
Harvey Cohoon ISC 12/28/2012
Lee Cole
Lynn Coons ISC 10/2/2008
Nick Corritori
Maury Dahn ISC, Space, Corporate 12/21/2017
Joe Dana ISC
Dalton Davis ISC, SPS       ACE
Lucy Del Vecchio ICS-Autonetics 12/30/2015
Geri DeMarco   3/26/2008
Paul Des Jardins ISC 2-2007
Owen Dowd Space 3-12-2003
Jack Downey
Hugh David Driesbaugh ISC
Mike Duncan ISC, ASC
Zona Dvorak     6/23/2011
Jim Engle    
Chuck Erickson
Fred Evans ISC
Errol Fagot ISC
Dave Fay
Donald Fennel
Patricia Flanagan ISC
Ken Fortney
Don Fredenberg
Shirley Freidman ISC
Jim Frias ISC 1/13/2017
Harry Friez
Don Gable
Gil Garcia 10/15/2007
Bill Garvin
Oliver George ISC
Telly Gianarakos Space 8/20/2009
Harold Glenn "Hal" Graebner ISC 9/30/2011
William P. "Bill" Grafton
Dennis Grasman ISC 10/17/2013
Gene Greenroyd ISC
Greg Hagen ISC, ASC 9/11/2001
Lance Hall Space 6/26/2005
Rick Ham
Gerry Hamilton Space 10/30/2016
David "Pinky" Harding
Dick Harris ISC
Julie Harsh ISC 7/31/2016
Sid Hasin ISC 1/5/2011
Jonell Holladay Space 7/3/2016
Bob     Hoover Corporate 10/25/2016
Troy Hopper Space Div 7/23/2015
Troy Hopper Space 9/23/2015
Hugh  Hoskins ISC 12/4/2014
Dennis How ISC 4/24/2016
Joe Howe
Bill Hoyle
Harold Hsu 2/23/2013
Jim Hudson 4/11/2013
John Hughes ISC
Richard Huisman ISC 11/5/2017
Stan Hull ISC
Robert Hunsaker ISC, ACCOUNTING 6/17/2004
Sam Icobellis Corporate  9/10/2016
Tom Irvine ISC 11/13/2017
William "Jake" Jacobs
Bruce Kaessen ISC
Sandy Kaessen ISC
Ken Kimsey ISC
MaryScott King ASC 1/16/2010
Fred Knepper CORPORATE
Richard Koerner ISC 1/26/2015
Eleanor Kopezak ASC 5/4/2007
John Kowalski
Robert Jacob "Bob/R.J." Krause ISC 5/22/2010
Ted Kroesen
Clark Kunkel ISC 1/12/2017
Klueger Kurt ISC 11/15/2010
Jerry LaBate ISC 4/11/2009
Vern LaHood ISC
Dave Lambert Space 7/10/2012
Don Larson ISC 3/22/2015
Ed LaTour ISC
Rusty 'Daniel' Leonaard ISC 2/5/2018
Ervin Lester ISC
Ernie Levy ISC
Donna Lewis ISC
Bob "Sarge" Livings ISC, SPACE
Ralph Long
John Malbrain
Ray Malthouse
Hal Martin
Milton "Marty" Martin
Tim Martino ASC About 12-2013
Opal McCormick ISC 10/4/2016
Joan McIntyre Space Sep-10
Joan McLuckey CORPORATE 4/13/2012
Mary Medel
Camille Medina ASC 11/8/2013
Louis Meier ISC 11/22/2010
John     Mitchell Space 9/1/2003
Charlie Moore
Russ Mote ISC 5/28/2005
Mike Mount ISC 9/18/2016
Al Moyer
Bill Murphy
Dale Myers Corporate 5/19/2015
Chuck Neilsen ISC
Marvin "Nick" Nichols
Lorainne Noh ASC 11/3/2014
Peter Nordyke
Frank Nunez CORPORATE Sep-03
Tom O'Bara ISC
Bill O'Grady ISC 10/5/2010
Robert Olsen
Willard Olsen
Sandford "Sandy" Page ISC 9/26/2007
Gordon Pearson ISC
Marie Perry Space 2008
Johanna Pool ISC Jan-04
Bill Preimesberger
K.Rosalie Proper
Bill Purcell ISC
John Purkiewicz ISC 1/7/2013
Richard "R.D." Pyle
Patrick Quennville ISC 4/21/2018
Gary Ramert Space Div 5/15/2015
Chuck Ramey ISC 2/17/2009
Mike Reber
Dick Richardson ISC 4/4/2015
Joe "Dr. Joe" Robertson IC
Linda Rockfellow ISC 8/1/2006
John Roe (IBM) IBM 4-5-2012
Phil Root (IBM) IBM 12-2005
Verl Rosenow (IBM) IBM  
Robert     Rossini ISC 2018
Buster Sanders ISC 1/31/2006
Dick Schenden ASC 11/9/2007
Richard Anthony Schwarz Space 11/13/2015
Dick Seamans Corporate 9/27/2015
Paul Sear ISC
Ron Shattuck ISC 6/11/2014
David "Pinky" Shaw Rec center, HB 5/19/2016
Chuck Shellenberger  Space 5/11/2018
Lee Shigut  Space, Corporate 3-2003
Gordon Shipman Space 9/29/2014
LeAlyn Sims ISC 10/12/2010
Aubrey Turner (Smitty) Smith ISC 1/9/2015
Harry Snitzky ISC
Gordon Snyder
Sal Spina ISC
John Stening ASC Before 2007
Jane Stowe ISC 12/6/2015
Steve Thornbrugh ISC 9/27/2017
Paul Timon
Harold "Hal" Tipton ISC 3/6/2012
Ward Trumbull ISC 7/1/2013
Larry Vann
Al Vega
Vu Vinh ASC 2/10/2008
Earl Washington Corporate 9/4/2017
Roy Weitzel
Ernie Wenzel ISC
Chuck Wester
George Wiley CORPORATE 6/29/2008
Jim Wilkins Space 10/12/2008
Bernie Wilner ISC 1/27/2018
John "Jack" Wittwer ISC
Tom Wright ISC 2/4/2018
Buddy Wymore Space 6/17/2017 Was 82
Barbara Yelton  
Paul Young ISC 10-2002
Fred Zimmer CORPORATE 1-20-2012
Lindsey Zunich ISC
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* ISC - Information Systems Center
ASC - also known as Cental Payroll and Shared Services