Ann Ahrens ISC
Dan Aceto
Doug Adams ISC
Gordon "Andy" Anderson ISC
Nancy Arnold
Bill Bailey ISC
John Banko ISC 5/16/2014
Jimmy Barksdale ISC
Al Barnett ISC
Keith Bengston Space 3-2014 X
Al Biardi ISC
Tom Beck ISC 8/8/2008
aL Bjorklund CORPORATE, RDYN 1/1/2014
Homer Bowman ISC
Paul Boyack Space May-00 X
John Brett ISC
K.Ray Brown
Dr.Robert Brown
Tracy Brown Space 6/30/2002 X
Bill Bryant ISC
Jerry Bryant ISC, ASC
Jean Bulicz ASC 10/31/2009
Fred Burke ISC 4/28/2014
Lynn Capuano ISC
Kathy Carlson ISC, ACCOUNTING 2006
Betty Castro ISC, ACCOUNTING 6-2010
Frank Chabre 6-11-2011
Judy 'Disque' Chin ISC 9-2005
Frank Christopher ASC 7-5-2005
Paul Clark ASC 10-10-2007
Scott Clem ISC 6/11/2006
Harvey Cohoon ISC 12/28/2012
Lee Cole ISC
Lynn Coons ISC 10/2/2008
Nick Corritori ROCKETDYNE
Joe Dana ISC
Dalton Davis ISC, Space
Geri DeMarco   3/26/2008
Paul Des Jardins ISC 2-2007
Owen Dowd Space 3-12-2003 X
Jack Downey
Hugh David Driesbaugh  
Mike Duncan ISC, ASC
Zona Dvorak     6/23/2011 X
Jim Engle ISC
Chuck Erickson ISC
Fred Evans ISC X
Dave Fay ISC
Errol Fagot ISC
Donald Fennel  
Patricia Flanagan ISC
Ken Fortney
Don Fredenberg
Shirley Freidman ISC
Harry Friez
Don Gable
Gil Garcia ISC 10/15/2007
Bill Garvin
Oliver George ISC
Telly Gianarakos Space 8/20/2009 X
Harold Glenn "Hal" Graebner ISC 9/30/2011
William P. "Bill" Grafton
Dennis Grasman ISC 10/17/2013
Gene Greenroyd ISC
Dave Groff Space 7-2005 X
Greg Hagen ISC, ASC 9/11/2001
Lance Hall Space 6/26/2005 X
Rick Ham ISC
David "Pinky" Harding ISC
Dick Harris ISC
Sid Hasin ISC 1/5/2011
Hugh David Hoskins ISC 12/4/2014
Joe Howe ISC
Bill Hoyle ISC
Harold Hsu ISC 2/23/2013
Jim Hudson ISC 4/11/2013
John Hughes ISC
Stan Hull ISC 1-15-2003
Robert Hunsaker ISC, ACCOUNTING 6/17/2004
William "Jake" Jacobs
Shirley Jones ISC, ACCOUNTING 12/8/2009
Bruce Kaessen ISC
Sandy Kaessen ISC
Ken Kimsey ISC
MaryScott King ASC 1/16/2010 X
Klecker Bud CORPORATE 1/17/2009
Klueger Kurt ISC 11/15/2010
Fred Knepper CORPORATE
Eleanor Kopezak ASC 5/4/2007
John Kowalski
Robert Jacob "Bob/R.J." Krause ISC 5/22/2010
Ted Kroesen
Jerry LaBate ISC 4/11/2009
Vern LaHood ISC
Dave Lambert Space 7/10/2012
Ed LaTour ISC
Ervin Lester ISC
Ernie Levy ISC
Donna Lewis ISC
Bob "Sarge" Livings ISC, SPACE
Ralph Long ISC
Joan McIntyre Space 8-18-2010 X
John Malbrain
Ray Malthouse ISC
Hal Martin ISC
Milton "Marty" Martin ISC
Tim Martino ASC
Dale Massey SPACE 11/17/2012
Joan McLuckey CORPORATE 4/13/2012
Mary Medel ISC
Camille Medina ASC 11/8/2013
Louis Meier ISC 11/22/2010
Chet Messner Space 1990's
John     Mitchell Space 9/1/2003 X
Charlie Moore
Russ Mote ISC 5/28/2005
Al Moyer ISC
Bill Murphy
Marvin "Nick" Nichols ISC
Chuck Neilsen ISC
Lorainne Noh ASC 11/3/2014
Peter Nordyke SPACE
Frank Nunez CORPORATE Sep-03
Tom O'Bara ISC
Bill O'Grady ISC 10/5/2010
Robert Olsen ASC, SPACE
Willard Olsen ISC, CORPORATE
Sandford "Sandy" Page ISC 9/26/2007
Gordon Pearson ISC
Marie Perry Space 2008
Johanna Pool ISC 1-20-2004
K.Rosalie Proper ISC
Bill Preimesberger
Bill Purcell ISC
John Purkiewicz ISC 1/7/2013
Richard "R.D." Pyle ISC
Chuck Ramey ISC 2/17/2009
Mike Reber
Joe "Dr. Joe" Robertson IC
Linda Rockfellow ISC 8/1/2006
John Roe (IBM) IBM 4-5-2012
Phil Root (IBM) IBM 12-2005
Ken Roselius Space 3-11-2002 X
Verl Rosenow (IBM) IBM  
Buster Sanders ISC 1/31/2006
Dick Schenden ASC 11/9/2007
Doug Schneider Autonetics, Space 1990's X
Paul Sear ISC
Ron Shattuck ISC 6/11/2014
Gordon Shipman Space 9/29/2014 X
Lee Shigut  Space, Corporate 3-2003
LeAlyn Sims ISC 10/12/2010
Paul Skinner Autonetics, Space 1990's X
Harry Snitzky ISC
Gordon Snyder ISC
Sal Spina ISC
John Stening ASC Before 2007
Gordon Strahan Space 1998 X
Larry Swanick Space About 1968 X
Paul Timon
Harold "Hal" Tipton ISC 3/6/2012
Ward Trumbull ISC 7/1/2013
Larry Vann ISC
Al Vega
Vu Vinh ASC 2/10/2008
Arthur 'Van' VanQuekelberg ASC 10/16/2006
Roy Weitzel ISC
Ernie Wenzel ISC
Chuck Wester ISC
Jim Wilkins Space 10/12/2008 X
George Wiley CORPORATE 6/29/2008
John "Jack" Wittwer ISC
Barbara Yelton  
Paul Young ISC 10-5-2002
Fred Zimmer CORPORATE 1-20-2012
Herb Zucker ISC ACCOUNTING 1-1-2012
Lindsey Zunich ISC 9/11/2000 X
* ISC - Information Systems Center
ASC - also known as Cental Payroll and Shared Services
**  Played in Slag's Hearts Palace
*** Run in Boeing Lunch Hour 5K
NOTE:  If you have any additions or corrections, please e-mail the information to:
Slag 1-27-15