Katie, Shannon and Sarah at Sarah's 8th birthday party    4-2-01 Keith Dias
   4-2-01 Katie and Kevin barbeque    4-2-01 Birthday party attendees at table with Shannon Dias
   4-2-01  Sarah opens one of her gifts    4-2-01 Sarah, Shannon and Keith with birthday cake
   4-2-01 Sarah and Keith    4-2-01 Sarah shows one of her presents
   6-17-01 Libby and Emma Robinette and Sarah at the Slagle's    6-17-01 Sarah with Emma and Libby Robinette
   3-31-02 Guillermo, Kevin, Shannon, Connie, Russell, Katie, Sarah and Kevin on Easter     5-25-02 Syndey Jacob and Sarah Dias
   6-6-04 Steven, Natashe, Kevin, Keith,Tammy Slagle, Shannon and Sharon Dias in Slagle's garage moving out computer desk for Sarah   7-2-04 Kennedy and Sarah Dias make beeds at Tammy's
  9-25-05  Sarah on a fake horse   3-07 Sasha and Sarah Dias in front of Sarah's house
  9-02-10  Nelson, Brutus and Sarah
  9-09-10  Tammy, Gianna, Jeannine and Sarah   10-17-10  Pat McKinsey showing pictures of their home in Ecuador to Rob, Jeannine, Kevin and Shannon.
  10-17-10  Pat McKinsey, Keith, Shannon and Sarah   10-17-10  Kevin Dias and Marshall McKinsey