Faye Schwartz and her extended family including children Sandra, Terry, Dennis and Mark Davison celebrating Faye's 80th brithday at their house Faye with grandkids and great grandkids
Faye with her children Terry, Dennis, Sandra and Mark
Faye with Juleious, Lauren, Terry and Jorja
Faye with Dennis' family
Faye with Mark's family
Faye sign in table with baloons and party behind
Faye's front yard with tables and party
Faye and Tammy Slagle
Dennis Davison, Faye Davison and Tammy Slagle
Christa Bartha, Edith Duveneck, Andy Bartha and Bettina Bartha.  The Bartha's have live in home Lowell Hagen's family lived in during the 1950's for the last 30 years
Tammy Slagle, Terry and Jorja Davison
Sandra Davison, Terry Davison and Tammy Slagle
Sherry and Gary Spoon
Mark Davison and Tammy Slagle
Herb Wilson, Dena Walker and Roberta Wilson.  Herb coached the infamous Pop Warner football team that included Larry and Curt Hagen and Terry Davison and went undefeated a couple of years.  
Tyler Davison, Faye Davison and Sean Davison.  Tyler and Faye  are sons of Dennis Davison
Jorja Davison, Tammy Slagle and Lauren (Jorja's daughter) Davison
Juleious and Lauren Davison
Juleious and Lauren Davison with son
Gary Spoon and Mark Lough
Fred Schwartz, Tammy Slagle and neighbor
Fred Schwartz, Tammy Slagle, Jim Whittman and neighbor Fred Schwartz, Tammy Slagle and Faye Schwartz
Nelson Slagle and Jorja Davison
Faye Schwartz and presents in background
House that Lowell Hagen's family lived in from about 1956 to about 1963 at 5828 Los Arcos Ave in Buena Park, four houses east of Faye Davisons.
Andy Bartha in his back yard at 5828 Los Arcos showing off grapefruit, Orange, Tangerine and Lemon trees.  Andy, Christa and Bettina Bartha have lived in home for 30 years.  
Back yard looking toward Patio added since Lowell Hagen family lived there
Kitchen after being remodeled several times since the 1950's
Tammy Slagle at Living Room fireplace, one of few remaining originals from the 1950's home
Tammy Slagle by window in her old bedroom.  Windows are now dual paned and Tammy would no longer be able to escape out the window as she did during her teen age years.
Christa Bartha and Tammy Slagle in kitchen of 1950's home
Tammy Slagle points to ceiling area where they used to have the TV in master bedroom.

                                                                                    FAYE DAVISON 90TH BIRTHDAY  PARTY ON JANUARY 26, 2014

 1- Faye Davison and family at Emeritus at Fairwood, 200 North Dale Ave, Anaheim, California.
Sandy, Mark, Faye, Dennis and Terry Davison.
2- Joannie and Curt Hagen and Tammy
Slagle on Dale with Emeritus at Fairwood
in the background.

3- Joannie and Curty Hagen, Mark Davison, Gary Spoon and Terry Davison.
4- Sandy daughter, Sandy Davison; Tammy
and Nelson Slagle
5- Christy and Bettina Bartha.  One or both have
lived in home Tammy's family lived in for last 40 years
5828 Los Arcos in Buena Park, Calif.  The home was
four homes east of the Davison home.  Tammy's family
lived there about 1956 to 1963.

6- Mack Lough, Curt Hagen, Terry Davison and Joannie Hagen.
7- Sandy and Terry Davison, Curt and Joannie Hagen.