8-9-03 - Beta line-up - First two beta are being baby sat for Alex Ungaro.  Vase on right is first beta Nelson just purchased
10-31-03 - Bob Koller, Nelson Slagle Gary Groover and Anne Marie Benson with departments first beta, the beginning of the Slag's fish farm
11-28-03 - Five beta at work on bookcase in first floor Accounting area
11-28-03 - Close up of four beta
2-19-04 - Beta at work
2-19-04 - Ten gallon tank on Nelson's desk
7-16-04 - Ten gallon tank with Angel fish on conference table
7-16-04 - Ten gallon nursery tank on conference table
7-04 - Display of Conference Table set up - picture temporarily unavailable
11-16-04 Sixty Gallon tank and stand  set up at Nelson's home on 11-14-04
11-16-04 Close up of 60 gallon tank with only fish from nursery tank at work.
11-20-04 Close-up of 60 gallon tank after adding all fish from aquariums previously at work
11-26-04 Vases and plants on bookcase in Accounting area.  There are baby mollies or platties in the vases
11-26-04 Last 10 gallon tank ready for removal and two vases with bamboo plants
11-16-04 Eric Oudmeyer and girl friend Theresa install CO-2 unit in Aquarium
11-16-04 Nelson and Eric
11-29-04 Sixty gallon tank showing plants and some fish including two Gourmai
11-16-04 Sixty gallon tank showing plants and some fish including Discus, Sailfin Molly, catfish and neon tetra.
12-8-04 Angel Fish eggs on leaf
12-22-04 Angel Fish (white and black), two Kissing Gourami and two Discus
1-9-05  Aquarium right side
1-9-05  Aquarium left side with 20 fish visable
2-12-05  Aquarium - all
2-12-05  Aquarium - Left side
2-12-05  Aquarium - Red Plant
2-12-05  Aquarium - Right side
2-19-05  Close up of banana plant
2-19-05  Close up of plants on middle right side of aquarium
2-19-05  Close up of middle of aquarium with many fish include two red tail sharks. 3-13-05  Right side of 60 Gallon Aquarium prior to first pruning
3-13-05 Left Side of 60 Gallon Aquarium before first pruning
3-13-05  Entire Aquarium prior to first pruning
3-13-05  Right Side After Pruning
3-13-05  Left Side of 60 Gallon Aquarium after pruning
8-16-07  Turtle in Dale Jensen's 60 gallon aquarium 1-5-08  65 gallon aquarium tank showing 13 fish.
2-10-08  65 gallon aquarium showing 14 fish and new plants in back of aquarium.  Good shot of 9" white Channel catfish.
2-11-08  Plant tank at Tongs.  Picture doesn't do tank justice.