Welcome to the 2015 50TH annual Football Predictions. Below are the instructions for this years contest:

SCORING - Same as prior years.   For example if you pick Atlanta by 7 over Kansas City and Kansas City wins by 12 your total miss would be 29. (19 on the point miss and 10 for picking the wrong team to win).  Ties are not awarded any points for game miss, just the point spread differential.  All overtime wins are scored as a one point victory.  If the game is listed wrong it will be eliminated.  Odds will not be included as a predictor but their score (using Monday Odds) will be noted in footnotes.

ELGIBILITY - Anyone can predict but please don't predict unless you plan on predicting almost all 17 weeks.   Will e-mail forms weekly.  If no internet I will mail one form to each address and let the recipient make any copies.

COST - $0, $5 or $7!   If you use the internet to get your prediction results and make your predictions, your cost is $.00.  If I have to mail you the prediction results and you are the only predictor at mail address the cost is $7 to cover my postage cost, if you have more than one predictor at an address, the cost is $5 for each person at the address.  Please include $ with week one predicts.  Last year, all but two predictors used the internet to get the form and results and e-mailed me their prediction.  If you e-mail your prediction to me:

1-     Save the excel form each week that I  attach in an e-mail to you

2-     Complete the form with your prediction


4-     If that doesn’t work than list the games in the same order as listed and list one prediction to a line (no need to list teams).   For example:





 This makes it easier for me to post your prediction to my spreadsheet and proof it to be sure I have it entered correct. 

DEADLINE - The deadline for mailing or e-mailing in each weeks prediction will be the Tuesday prior to the weekend games.  Please have your prediction in the mail by Tuesday so I receive it prior to the games.    Please do not look at any odds prior to making your prediction.  You are on your honor.   I reserve right to penalize predictors preparing predicts after Tuesday.  Prior to 2000 the deadline was Monday, but since most are sending predictions by e-mail and I don't have to worry about receiving them by Saturday, I have extended the deadline one day.  Those mailing predicts need to mail on Tuesday to insure I will receive by Saturday.   If a predictor is late submitting a prediction, they will be accessed a 10 point penalty on 2nd and subsequent late predictions.

 MAILINGS - I will mail results each week - usually on Tuesday and will include the prediction form for 3 weeks in the future.  This will give you a chance to study the college teams playing in the future - I know you all do that!

 GAMES - Will include all 14 to 16 pro games each week and up to 8 college games.  Most college games will feature teams in the top 40 playing each other.


Nelson Slagle


E-mail:  neslagle@hotmail.com

Home Phone:  714-891-3739  

Cell Phone:  657-203-5988