1- Gale Slagle with 50th Birthday Cake 2- John and Gale Slagle
3- John and Gale Slagle 4- Eric Olson, June Olson, Gale Slagle and Oli Olson
5- Patrick and Kevin Slagle 6- June and Eric Olson
7- Eric Olson and Jim Slagle 8- John and Jim Slagle
9- Nelson Slagle, Gale Slagle and Oli Olson 10- Bonnie Shaffstall and Tammy Slagle in back yard
11- Jean Raymore and Bonnie Shaffstall cut cake 12- Nelson and Jim Slagle
13- Gale and Oli Olson 14- Jean Raymore, Bonnie Shaffstall and June Olson
15- Jim, John, Tammy Slagle and Eric Olson looking at  Eric's new Mustang 16- Group talking
17- Laura and Gale 18- Scott and Oli
19- Cheri, and Pilar 20- Chris and Steve standing
21- John talking to Steve 22- John talking to Scott and Laura
23- Alex, David, Kevin and Patrick playing computer  game 24- Close up of birthday cake
25- Group singing Happy Birthday 26- Scott and Laura
27- John and Mark Kay 28- Group talking in Kitchen
29- Patrick, Alex, David and Kevin