1- Display on table  of Gene & Emily Slagle 2- Desert Table with cake and punch
3- Emily Slagle serving punch 4- Emily, Heidi and Betsy Slagle with cake.  Heidi did most of the work in putting the Anniversary party together
5- Receiving line for reception:  John Slagle, Jim Slagle, Betty Huckaba, Bonnie Shaffstall, Nelson Slagle, Gene Slagle and Emily Slagle 6- Nelson, Gene, Jim and guest enjoy laugh
7- John, Jim, Betty, Bonnie, Nelson, Gene and Emily in receiving line 8- Nelson, Gene, Pat Cole and Charles Cole
9- Mayde, Amy, Fred & Rob Joss with Jim Slagle 10- Family arrives from Pleasant - Guest book on table to the left
11- Gene and Emily greet guests 12- John, Jim, Betty, Bonnie and Nelson greeting two guests
13- John and Jim greet guests 14- Nelson, Gene and Emily greet two guests
15- Bonnie, Nelson, Joyce Roberts, Gene and Emily 16- Betty, Joyce Roberts and Bonnie
17- Close up of Emily's picture 18- Tom Howison, Nelson, Jim and Betty.  Tom and Nelson were on the same bowling team in 1964
19- Bonnie, Nelson, Gene, guest and Pastor 20- Jim and John greet Pastor and guests
21- Emily, Jim, Bonnie, Mel Walker? and Nelson 22- John, Bonnie, Nelson, Mrs. McDougal, Gene and Mrs. McDougal niece.  Mrs. McDougal was next door neighbor to Gene & Emily's Galion home
23- Mrs. McDougal's niece, Mrs. McDougal and Sherry  (former secretary in Galion) 24- Jane Rudy Bill Rudy, Bill Huckaba, Nelson, Betty and Bonnie
25- Standing: Chad Stoub, Kristin Stoub, Bill Huckaba, Betty, Jerry Slagle, John, Bonnie, Jim Slagle, Emily, Lauren, Jim, Betsy, Nelson Emily, Gene, Heidi. 26- Twenty-one of Gene and Emily's extended family
27- Jerry Slagle, Jane Rudy and Jim Slagle 28- Bill Rudy, Bob Rudy, John and Jim
29- Gene and Wilma Koncar.  Wilma coordinates the annual Weber reunion in Columbus, Ohio 30- Kristin Stoub, Amy, Abby Robinette, Jerry and Jim
31- Bonnie, Maude Slagle, Larry Slagle and Jeff Robinette 32- Charles Cole and Jim
33- Pat Cole, Charles Cole and Jim 34- Chad Stoub and Gene
35- Jim, Jerry, Emily, Bob Rudy, and Bonnydell Rudy 36- Jerry, Gene, Nelson and Jim Slagle
37- Emily and Heidi talking to Bill and Jane Rudy 38- Jim, Jerry and Betty
39- John Slagle, Rob Joss and Amy Joss 40- Betsy Slagle and Bonnie  Shafffstall
41- Chad Stoub, Jeff Robinette and Bill Huckaba 42- Lauren Slagle, Heidi Slagle and Bonnydell Rudy
43- Emily Slagle, Emma Robinette, Libby Robinette, Fred Joss and Alex Joss 44- Fred Joss, Alex Joss and Mayde Joss
45- Lauren, Emily and Betsy Slagle 46- Libby, Michael and Emma Robinette
47- Michael Robinette 48- Emma, Libby and Jeff Robinette
49- Jim, Larry and Maude Slagle 50- Charles Cole, Bob Rudy, Bill Rudy, Jane Rudy and Pat Cole
51- Jerry Slagle, Lauren Slagle, Jim Slagle and Kristin Stoub 52- Sisters Bonnydell Rudy and Emily Slagle
53- Bill Huckaba and sister Sue Huckaba 54- Bonnie and Anniece Vandewater
55- Kristin Stoub, Jenny Robinette, Jim Slagle, Abby Robinette and John 56- Twenty-six Slagles in photo shoot (will scan in professional photo when available)
57- Betty, Jim, Bonnie, John, Nelson standing and Gene and Emily sitting 58- Jim and Larry Slagle sitting and John Slagle standing at Michaels where the family met for lunch
59- Lauren, Betsy, Libby, Bonnie, Jerry, Heidi, Amy and Mayde at Michaels