10-00 Nelson, Jim, Betty, Bonnie, Emily and Gene Slagle at Jim and Hiedi Slagle's 10-00 Gene, Emily and Tammy Slagle at Jim and Heidi Slagle's
10-00 Cheryl Lutz, accountant/secretary, at Gene Slagle's office at 463 E. Center in Marion, Ohio 10-00 Gene and Vern Slagle at Charles Cole's
11-00 Emily, Gene and Nelson Slagle at Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio 11-00  Gene, Emily and Tammy Slagle in living room of Marion Farm
11-00 Nelson, Tammy, Emily and Gene Slagle at Appleby's in Marion, Ohio 11-00 Emily, Gene and Tammy Slagle watch Appleby's staff sing Happy 86th Birthday to Gene
9-30-01 Jim & Gene Slagle, Betty Huckaba, Emily & Nelson Slagle at Jim Slagle's in Marion, Ohio 9-30-01 Jim and Gene Slagle.  Gene is in wheelchair recovering from a broken leg. 
9-30-01 Gene Slagle getting up stairs one step at a time at their home on Rt. 98, Marion, Ohio 10-01 Gene and Emily Slagle at the Ford Presidential museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan
10-01 Gene & Emily Slagle on chair left at campaign building at James Garfield's home in Mentor, Ohio 10-01 Harry Laird, Bessie Laird and Gene Slagle at Bessie Ford's home in Geneva, Ohio looking at Bessie's scrapbooks
10-01 View of Lake Erie from Bessie Ford's home 10-01 Bessie Ford, Bessie Laird, Gene Slagle, Harry Larid and Emily Slagle
10-01 Bessie Ford, Bessie Laird, Gene Slagle, Harry Laird and Nelson Slagle 10-01 Bessie Ford, Bessie Laird and Harry Laird
10-01 Gene and Emily Slagle eating at Jim Slagle's home in Marion, Ohio 11-02 Jim, Jim and Jerry  at Gene and Emily's home on Rt 98 near Marion, Ohio
11-02 Jim, Jim and Jerry Slagle at Gene and Emily's home 11-02 Emily, Jerry, Jim, Gene and Jim  in living room
11-02 Emily, Jerry, Jim, Gene and Nelson in living room 11-02 Emily in her new office on 2nd floor
11-02 Emily in her new office 11-02 Jim, Emily and Jerry  in Emily's office
11-02 Gene, Nelson and Jim Slagle 11-02 Gene showing Jim the brochure from his real estate and furniture auction in Ridgecrest on 11-20-02. Gene auctioned two of the five hour sale
8-03 Gene, Emily, Nelson, Betty, Bonnie and Jim Slagle and Betty & Bill Huckaba's
8-03 Gene and Emily with letter from Ohio Governor Bob Taft congratulating them on their 65th wedding anniversary
8-03 Emily standing beside 8-9' corn on their homestead.  This was the tallest corn we saw traveling through 10 states in the south.
10-04 Jim and Nelson at farm home
10-04 Jim, Emily and Gene
10-04 Large picture of Gene Slagle extended family taken at their 65th wedding anniversary
10-04 Picture arrangement in Living room
10-04 Just married sign on 12-24-1937
10-04 Farm home with dirt from ditch to repair flooding in the basement
10-04 Another view of ditch
10-04 Ditch close up
10-04 Emily, Vern and Gene Slagle at Applebee's in Massillon
10-04 Nelson and Emily at McKinley Memorial in Canton, Ohio
10-04 Emily and Gene in front of Millard Fillmore home in East Aurora, New York
10-04 Gene and Emily in front of Babe Ruth picture in Cooperstown, NY Baseball Hall of Fame
10-04 Emily and Gene beside stone statute marking site where Chester Arthur was born in Fairfield, Vermont, 15 miles south of Canada
10-04 Nelson, Emily and Gene in front of  50 state capitol pictures in Montpelier, Vermont State Capitol
10-04 Emily and Gene in front of house podium in Augusta, Maine State Capitol
10-04 Emily, Guide and Gene in front of John Quincy Adams birth home in Quincy, Mass
10-04 A female direct descendant of John Adams and Gene in front of John Adams home in Braintree (now Quincy).  Dad's ancestors are related to Adams family also.  Female cruise ship stopped at Boston port and she decided on the Adams home tour.  She lives in Canada
10-04 Emily and Gene in front of Teddy Roosevelt Sagamore Hills home's visitor center in Oyster Bay, NY
10-04 Gene, Nelson, Emily and three other tourists on bench in Grover Cleveland's home in Caldwell, New Jersey for portion of tour lecture
10-04 Gene and Emily on steps in back of Dover, Delaware State Capitol
10-04 Gene and Emily with luggage at Econo Lodge near Gettsburg, Pennsylvania
10-04 Gene and Emily in Tour bus at Eisenhower Historical Site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
10-04 Gene Slagle in Office in Marion, Ohio
12-22-04 Tammy, Emily and Gene Slagle with luggage arriving at Los Angeles airport
12-22-04 Tammy and Emily Slagle at Bonnie Shaffstall's in Irvine, Calif
12-22-04 Bonnie,  Gene, Emily and Nelson Slagle at Bonnie's
12-24-04 Gene and Emily Slagle in front of Xmas Tree at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif
12-24-04 Emily and Gene Slagle in Gift Shop inside Visitor Building open ed in 2003
12-24-04 Patrick, Gale, Emily, John and Kevin Slagle
12-24-04 Gene, Gale, Emily, Gale, John, Patrick and Kevin Slagle in lobby of visitor center 12-24-04 Nelson, Emily, Gene, Patrick, Kevin, John, and Gale.  All attended 3 PM Christmas Eve services at Crystal Cathedral
12-24-04 Gene Slagle and bronze statute of Billy Graham in Crystal Cathedral museum depicting history of church
12-24-04 Patrick, Gale, Emily, Jim, Jean, Tam, Bonnie, Gene, John and Kevin Slagle at Hof's Hut in Irvine, Calif to celebrate Gene and Emily's 67th wedding anniversary
12-24-04 Bonnie Gale, Jean, Bonnie, Emily, Gene, John, Pat, Jim, and Kevin at Hof's Hut
1-1-05 Gene and Emily and Tam checking in at Continental at Los Angeles Airpot
1-1-05 Gene getting a wheelchair escort with Tam and Emily following
1-1-05 Gene, Tam and Emily just prior to entering elevator to security line