DECEMBER 21-22, 2006

1- Nelson and John Slagle at Ontario, California airport on December 20th, the day after their dad, Gene Slagle, passed  away.  Gene Slagle  died at 92 years  and one month of age on complications from a fall on November 6, 2006.
2- John Slagle on crutches at Ontario, California airport.  John broke his hip in a biking accident on December 7th on the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor
3- Nelson Slagle and David Huckaba at Columbus, Ohio airport.  David just arrived from Portland, Oregon
4- Bill Huckaba, John Slagle, Betty Huckaba, David Huckaba and Heidi Slagle at Columbus airport.

5- Gene Slagle in open casket at Denzer Farison Hottinger & Snyder Funeral Home in Marion, Ohio two blocks west of Gene's office
6- Closer view of  Gene Slagle in open casket.  About 115 attended the viewing.
7- Gene in Casket, flowers and pictures
8- Table with pictures and scrapbooks
9- Table with scrapbooks
10- David Huckaba and Kim Bays
11- David, Kim, Betty & Bill Huckaba
12- David Huckaba, John Slagle and Nelson Slagle
13- Television showing video of 51 pictures assembled by Jim Slagle
14- Bonnie Shaffstall, David Huckaba and Kim Bays
15- Gene Farison, discusses funeral arrangements with Emily Slagle, Jim Slagle, Betty Huckaba and Bill Huckaba  16- Pastor Max Williams, Emily Slagle, Jim Slagle, Betty Huckaba and Bill Huckaba
17- Emily and Jim Slagle
18- Lauren Slagle and Pastor Williams
19- Lauren Slagle and Emily Slagle
20- Emily Slagle, Lauren Slagle, Betsy Slagle and Casey Britton
21- Jim Slagle, Nelson Slagle and John Slagle
22- David Huckaba, Kim Bays, Lauren Slagle, Emily Slagle and Betsy Slagle
23- Nelson Slagle, Emily Slagle, Lauren Slagle, Betsy Slagle and Casey Britton
24- John Slagle, Betty Huckaba, Emily Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall and Nelson Slagle
25- Jim and Heidi Slagle discussion
26- Bonnie Shaffstall, Bill Huckaba and Betty Huckaba
27- Denzer Farison Hottinger & Snyder Funeral Home on East Center Street in Marion, Ohio
28- Paul Woodruff, Director of Youth Ministry at Epworth Methodist Church and Jim Slagle
29- David Huckaba and John Slagle
30- Rob Manning, Bonnie Shaffstall  and other guests
31- John opening refreshments brought for family during 3 to 7 PM viewing
32- Emily Slagle talking to Dorothy Grener, Melvin Rings, Norma Grener, Florence Rings and Kermit  Grener
33- Dorothy Grener, Norma Grener, Emily Slagle and Kermit Grener
34- Kermit Grener and John Slagle
35- Kermit Grener, John Slagle and Florence Rings
36- Dorothy Grener, Emily Slagle and Norma Grener
37- Larry Olmutz, Emily Slagle and Sherry Olmutz
38- Charles Cole and John Slagle
39- Bonnie Shaffstall and Pat Cole
40- Betty, Kristin, Bill, Kim and David Huckaba
41- Chad and Kristin Stoub
42- Charles and Pat Cole
43- Cheryl Manning, Alexis Manning, Andy Manning, Nick Manning, Tim Lutz and David Lutz
44- John Slagle, Cheryl Manning, Emily Slagle, Betty Huckaba, Bonnie Shaffstall and Jim Slagle
45- John, Bonnie, Emily, Jim, Betty, and Nelson Slagle
46- John, Bonnie, Jim, Betty and Nelson Slagle
47- Jim and Heidi Slagle

48- Pam Price and Heidi Slagle
49- Nelson Slagle and David Huckaba with 8 pizzas furnished by Jim & Heidi Slagle
50- Bob Rudy, Bonnydell Rudy and Emily Slagle.  Bob and Bonnie flight from Tuscon, Arizona was late then their rental car had a flat tire thus they missed viewing
 51- Relatives eating at Dining Room table
52- Bonnie Shaffstall, Emily Slagle, Bonnydell Rudy and John Slagle 53- Bonnie Shaffstall, Jim Slagle, Emily Slagle, Bonnydell Rudy and Bob Rudy at a special viewing prior to the funeral
54- Bonnie Shaffstall, Jim Slagle, Emily Slagle, Nelson Slagle and Bob Rudy


55- Hearst and Dad's Toyota at Oakwood Cemetery in Bucyrus, Ohio.  Nelson Slagle, Emily Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall and Bonnydell & Bob Rudy came in car that followed the Hearst from Marion to Bucyrus, Ohio
56- Jim Slagle taking picture of  Tent erected for Burial Services
57- John Nelson Slagle, Milford and Olive Slagle and Vern Slagle tombstones
58- Hearst and Tent for Burial Services
59- David Huckaba, Nelson Slagle and Charles Cole 60- Kristin Stoub, Kim Bays, Betsy Slagle, Lauren Slagle and Emily Slagle
61- Betty Huckaba, Emily Slagle and Bonnie Shaffstall seated during services.  Others stood behind those seated.  Twenty-two attended grave side services
62- Pastor Max Williams and pall bearers carrying casket
63- Nelson Slagle and David Huckaba and other pall bearers carrying casket
64- Pall Bearers lay casket down. Cemetary employee, Bill Huckaba, Jim Slagle, Nelson Slagle and David Huckaba.  Larry Slagle and Funeral home employee were other two pall bearers.
65- Casket, Flowers and attendees at burial services
66- Dorothy Slagle's daughter Mindy, Dorothy Slagle and daugher's boyfriend
67-Vern's Tombstone with Milford and Olive Slagle in background
68- Larry Slagle and Jim Slagle
69- Casket and flowers
70- Betsy, Lauren and Emily Slagle
71- Charles Cole and Bob Rudy


72 - Charles Cole and Larry Slagle
73- Pastors Dan Kiger and Max Williams.  They presided over Memorial Services.
74- Rob Joss and Jeff Robinette
75- David Huckaba and Chad Stoub
76- Kim, Emma, Taylor and Tom Bays
77- Bonnydell Rudy and Emily Slagle
78- Rob Joss and Betty Huckaba at beginning of serving line
79- View of room where lunch was served
80- View from opposite end of lunch room
81- Emily Slagle, Dreighton Stoub and Betty Huckaba
82- Bob and Bonnydell Rudy
83- Kristin Stoub, David Huckaba and Kim Bays
84- Jenny Robinette, Bonnie Shaffstall and Amy Joss
85- Maug and Larry Slagle

86- Pulpit area of church prior to Memorial Services 87- Picture of dad and flowers in Pulpit area
88- Side view of picture and flowers 89- Heidi and Jim Slagle speak at Memorial Services.  Other speakers were Nelson Slagle and Bonnie Shaffstall.  Lauren Slagle sang two solos
90- Maug and Larry Slagle; Pat and Charles Cole and Dorothy Slagle
91- Larry Slagle and Jim Slagle
92- Emily, Lauren and Betsy Slagle
93- Parlor Display of pictures, scrapbooks and flowers
94- Front row:  Abby and Michael Robinette,  Middle: Mayde Joss, Emma Robinette, Libby Robinette, Top: Alex and Fred Joss
95- Jenny Robinette, Heidi Slagle and Bonnie Shaffstall
96- Front row: Mayde Joss, Michael Robinette. Standing: Emily Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Jeff Robinette, Heidi Slagle and Jenny Robinette
97- Bonnie Shaffstall, Heidi Slagle, Jeff Robinette, Emily Slagle, Jenny Robinete and Nelson Slagle
98- Abby, Libby and Emma Robinette
99- Children: Mayde Joss, Michael Robinette, and Abby Robinette.  Adults:  Betty Huckaba, David Huckaba, Amy Joss, Rob Joss, Jenny Robinette and Jeff Robinette
100- Heidi Slagle, Betty Huckaba, Charlotte Stoub and Kristin Stoub
101- Nelson Slagle and Jeff Robinette
102- Emily Slagle and Tom Bays
103- Chad Stoub and Bill Huckaba
104-Amy Shaffstall and Emily Slagle


105- Serving counter at Jim and Heidi's home in Marion, Ohio
106- Kristin Stoub and David Huckaba
107- Group of 12 eating at Dining Room table
108- Children table in kitchen area with Tom Bays and Bonnie Shaffstall visiting with children
109- Five relax on couches in Family Room. Alex Joss, Betsy Slagle, Emily Slagle David Huckaba and Chad Stoub
110- Jim, Heidi and Nelson Slagle
111- Emily Slagle, Jim Slagle and David Huckaba
112- Heidi Slagle and Betty Huckaba
113- Jenny Robinette and Bill Huckaba
114- Jenny Robinette, Jeff Robinette, Emily Slagle and Bonnie Shaffstall
115- Betty Huckaba, Bill Huckaba and Jim Slagle divide up thank you notes to write.  Over 25 people sent flower arrangements and many people provided food

116- Jim and Emily Slagle discussing paper work
117- John, Emily and Jim Slagle at office reviewing files on 12-23-06
118- Besty Slagle and Kellie Claiborn playing duet at opening of Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio on 12-24-06 119- Betsy Slagle and Kellie Claiborn from Chrior steps.  Kellie's father Dave and his mother along with John Holsinger are in background
120- Kellie and Betsy taking from behind 121- White Rose in honor of Gene Slagle at front of Epworth Methodist Church
122- White Rose in honor of Gene Slagle at front of Epworth Methodist Church 123- Jim, John and Nelson Slagle in front of Jim and Heidi's home in Marion, Ohio just prior to departure to Columbus  airport for flight home
124- Budget rental car employee and John Slagle returning Bonnie Shaffstall rental car at Columbus Airport 125- John and Nelson Slagle at Columbus airport awaiting flight home on 12-24-06.  John has mostly recovered from the flu but we left Emily Slagle, Tom Bays and Betty Huckaba with the flu.