Sections: (Index)
A- Farm and 210 acres of farm land and farm house
B- Farm tool and Equipment Auction on 7-22-07
C- Farm House Septic Tank Replacement
D- Preparation for and Personal Property Auction on 9-9-07
E- 203 Mary St; Bucyrus, Ohio
F- 471 East Center St
G- 463 East Center St. (Office)
H- Emily Slagle moves to Apartment in Marion
I- 2.9 acres of brush land in Wyandot County

1-Farm Home near corner of Rt 98 and Rt 309 - first asset to go is the 213 acres of farm land surrounding this house 2- Farm home and Garage
3- Inside of shed
4- inside of shed looking east
5- Just outside of shed and two cars
6- Gene Slagle and Bill Bateman (employee) inside semi truck sitting at one end of the shed
7- Bill Bateman assisting Gene out of semi truck
8- Nelson Slagle on lawn mower with Emily
9- Side of Dads car
10- Gene in office on 463 Center
11- Cheryl Lutz (Secretary/Accountant) in her office at 463 Center
12- Bill Bateman and Gene in Semi-trailer getting auction signs
13- Burn Barrels, garage and shed
14- Junk outside of shed and right side inside shed
15- Left side inside shed.  Note mower on hoist so Bill could work on bottom of mower.
16- Camper, shed, pick-up truck Gene uses for hauling and patch of tall grass
17- Junk outside shed flanked by corner of semi and camper and two cars (Genes loaner and Nelson's Honda)
18- Inside of 3rd room of office at 463 Center.  Scrapbook boxes, slides and 3 EPworth Mehodist slo-pitch trophies from 1961,2 & 3 championship years
19- Old games inside glass cabinet in spare office at 463 Center.
20- Dad putting together auction signs for land sale
21- Nelson washing six auction signs at south end of  farm lawn
22- Auction sign at north end of property at Verizon border
23- Auction sign on Rt 98 at ditch about half way to Roberts Rd
24- Auction sign at corner of Roberts and Rt 98.  In each signage picture, Rt 98 farm is in background.  Also beans often show also
25- Auction sign on Roberts Road along East border of land
26- Auction sign at north end of lawn
27- Auction sign of south end of farm lawn
28- Living room of farm house
28- Old office (entry room) of farm home
30- Living area - northwest corner
31- Living area - southeast corner
32- Living Area - south side
33- Nelson bedroom 34 Riding lawn mower out in back yard for 10 days while trying to replace a faulty starter.  The covering is Nelson's idea of a canvas to attempt to keep the mower dry during rain.  Only took 2 boxes, 2 weights and a waste basket!
35- Ranch King mower on hoist in shed 36- Torro Professional 70 mower.  This mower would rule because it would cut such a wide swatch.  Not sure it will ever see yard!  Might be fatal.  10674
37- Gene and Charlie C put together signs for auction in shed
38- Charlie C and Gene put together signs for auction in shed
39-  Soy Bean field grass along Rt 98 mowed by Charlie C.
40- Soy Bean field grass along Roberts Rd mowed by Charlie C.  Farm house in distant background 
41- Charlie pushing riding mower off of Rt. 98 after it stalled near Roberts Road 42- Nelson and Betty Huckaba in Nelson's office
43- Gene and Sue at trailer in front of shed.  Sue Siders and Nelson loaded 440 pounds of steel and unloaded at the Sims Junk Yard.

44- Two ambulances responding to a 911 call made by Nelson when a man pulled into the farm driveway and thought he was having a heart attack
45- Another picture of the two ambulances 46- Gene and Bill Huckaba try to start motorhome
47- Bill Huckaba hitches small trailer to pickup as Gene supervises.  We moved pickup to mow grass underneath 48- Motorhome
49- Inside Semi-truck 50- Mid size trailer and roller after moving.  Note long grass next to bean field where roller was sitting before moving.
51- Gene and Huck moving mid size trailer.  Bill hitches, Nelson drives pickup and Gene supervises.
52- T all grass left behind after mid size trailer was moved
53- Mower loaded on John Deere trailer by Bill, Nelson and John Deere employee
54-Torro Professional 70 mower moved a few feet by pickup
55- Bill Huckaba and John Deere Employee on John Deere Trailer with three mowers to be repaired 56- Pickup at Sims Junk Yard ready to be weighed prior to unloading
57- Sue and Sims employee unload junk from pickup at Sims Junk Yard 58- Gene and Bill Huckaba try to move motorhome with pickup - couldn't budge.  Art Gruber, a neighbor across the street, drove his tractor over and turned the motor home around.  He had obviously moved equipment via tractor before.
59- Bill Huckaba hitching motor home to pickup 60- Motor home engine
61- Gene and Bill Huckaba try to start Motor home by pouring gas on carberator.  Would start then stop. 62- Charlie C and his $400 truck he just purchased
63- Charlie with cement mixer on trailer pulled by his truck 64- Our burn pile 30 yards into the tall grass southeast of the shed.  Anything from the shed that is tossed and burns ends in the burn pile.  The green grass doesn' burn thus the fire stays contained.
65- Sue Siders mowing grass in front of shed - notice tall greenery behind Sue 66- Racks installed at west end of shed
67- Open shed area just cleared in case we need for auction due to rain.   Most was moved back as seen in the picture..
68-Nelson mowing grass in front of shed with John Deere self propelled mower.  With an assist from Bill Huckaba and Sue, we mowed the entire yard in a day
69- Nelson shoveling dirt in wheel barrow to fill hole in back yard.  Wasn't my most profecient work.
70- Charlie replacing fuel pump on motor home
71- Terry (Charlie AA friend) weed whacks the weed hill south of the motor home 72- Charlie working on fuel pump on motor home
73- Dining room (entry way, fomer office) to farm house after mother and Sue Siders cleared excess furniture.  Looking towaard south east corner of room 74- Looking north east in dining room
75-Auction day parking crew:  Bill Huckaba, Nelson Slagle and  Jim Slagle
76- Auction scene at 9:25 AM.  Auction starts at 10 AM.  Only one non relative has arrived.
77-Sue Siders, Bill Huckaba, Chuck Salisbury and Gene Slagle getting ready for auction 78- Crowd ready for auction at 9:55 AM
79-Parked cars behind house.  About 41 cars at auction including relatives and tenants.
80-Thirty-nine await start of auction.  Estimated 60 attended auction.
81-Gene gives opening speech as Chuck Salisbury looks on.  Parked cars in back yard in background 82-Twenty watch auction.  Sue Siders taking movies as Nelson breaks for slides.  Farm home in background
83-Twenty watch auction as Sue Siders takes movies while Nelson takes slides 84-Auction from deep center field.
85-Thirty in picture as taken from right field 86-Forty-one in picture taken from LF
87-Cars in back yard

88- Front, side and back yard cars taken north of the farm house
89-Seven cars parked at River Vally School across the street from the auction

90-Forty-seven watch auction from LF
91- Dad auctioning farm land.  Picture furnished by Jim Slagle 92-Dad getting ready to sell farm with big gavel.  Picture furnished by Jim Slagle.
93- Final chalk board of three parcels and entire 214 acres 94- Second chalk board of sales brochures and sales contracts
95- After auction.  Right five people are Mr Needs and son (buyer), unidentified man, Art Gruber and Mary Gruber 96- Sue Siders and Cheryl Manning and Betty Huckaba
97- Emily Slagle, Jim Slagle, Nelson Slagle and Betty Huckaba 60 minutes after auction 98- Jim Slagle, Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba and Emily Slagle at Bob Evans in Marion celebrating mothers 90th birthday two days prior to the auction
99- Charlie and Bill Bateman move refridgerator out of Kitchen and onto pickup for delivery to dump 100- Two Combines on dad's sold farm land combining soy beans east of farm home.  You can see where they combined.  Did all 214 acres in 1+ days
101-Close-up of combine in field east of farm house. 102- Two pieces of equipment in yard with combined fields to south of farm house
103- Semi truck along Rt 98 north of the farm house.  Combines load soy beans into the semi truck 104- Corner of downstairs kitchen in farm house.  Exercise equipment from dining room was moved to this corner
105- Charlie Cuterelli driving back hoe in driveway at farm house 106- Charlie lining up bucket to pick up gravel
107- Charlie dropping gravel in hole in driveway 108- Charlie leveling gravel in water hole in driveway
109- Charlie getting ready to level area behind three burn bins after depositing ashes.  Back of farm house behind backhoe
110- Charlie gets scoop if dirt with back hoe
111- Burn area after leveling.  Charlie finished leveling with a hand shovel 112- Charlie adjusting backhoe after parking in shed
113- Sue painting frame around garage door at the farm 114- Nelson performing high wire act without safety net while cleaning fan at the farm house
115- Burn pile behind shed - most debris from 471 E. Center St 116- Larry Polk solders pipe while installing hot water heater in basement of farm house on 10-15-06.
117- Larry Polk installing hot water heater as dad watches 118-  Burn pile in flames with shed and farm house in background
119- Larry Polk fixes plumbing under sink after pipe came completely loose and water shot out for probably an hour before I got home to take mom grocery shopping.  If I wouldn't have come home at 2 PM the house may have been floating down Rt 98 before anyone noticed. the gusher.
120-  John Williamson, Gene Slagle and Emily Slagle at farm land closing at office on E. Center a block from Gene
121-  Cynthia, John Williamson, Gene Slagle, and Emily Slagle at farm land closing on October 25, 2006 122- Sue Siders labeling shelves in garage
123-  Gene Slagle and Bill Bateman on back porch at farm with pick-up and glass table that will be moved into the kitchen 124- Bill Bateman takes kitchen door off to enable us to move in table
125- Bill Bateman hooks up new stove in Farm kitchen.  The prior stove was moved to 473 E. Center and a new stove was picked up in Waldo and moved to the farm.   Billl, Sue and Nelson did the lifting and moving 126- Gene talks to people who came out to clean out all of the furnace pipes in the farm house
127- Bill Bateman in attic adjusting slate and plastic to allow leaking roof to accumulate water in plastic 128- Pick-up at Sims junk yard in line.  Pick-up loaded with hot water heater and furnace pipe from farm.
129- Huge magnet picks up hot water heater and furnace pipe out of pick-up 130- Huge magnet with load of furnace pipe out of pick-up
131- 9-29-07 Clifton May, Jim and Emily at farm house closing on Oak St in Marion, Ohio 131- 9-30-07 New owners of farm house, Matt and Amy Neubacher

1- Trailer and tables set up for auction.  Ted Lutz and Emily Slagle near garage 2- Tables set up for auction looking north
3- Jack, Jim, Chuck Salisbury, Andrew Lutz, Ted Lutz, Emily and Orville move showcase into garage.  This is showcase that was in  front of  463 E. Center office.
4- Oville and Jim Slagle move planer out of farm house basement
5- Jim, Jack and Ted move planer up stairs from farm house basement 6-  Tim Lutz and Jim Slagle move merchandise off of shelf in back of garage
7- Files lined up for sale.  All purchased by Joe Isler.  Joe had a jersey herd since the 1950' s and knew Gene well.  Also was a teammate of Bob Rodgers in basketball in 1956   8- Inside of safe.  Safe sold for $130.
9- Trailer and tables filled with merchandise ready for auction.  CRV is loaded with stuff from the office and needs to be unloaded.  This was the last of 8 loads transported in the CRV from Gene's office at 463 E. Center to the farm.  Also had 7 loads on the pickup and one load on a trailer and pick up, 16 loads in all. 10- Line up of equipment taken from farm house basement
11- Jim Slagle presesnts Chuck Salisbury with a gavel owned by Gene Slagle prior to start of auction.  Chuck worked with Gene as an auctioneer for last 15 years.
  12- Jim gives mike back to Chuck after presentation of gavel
13- Food stand and auction from 2nd floor of farm house   14- Foodstand from 2nd floor of farm house.  Bill and Betty Huckaba in background.
15- Cars at north end of back yard taken from 2nd floor of farm house   16- Cars at south end of back yard taken from 2nd floor of farm house
17- Jim, Nelson and Bill behind parking sign.  They parked cars from 11 to 1   18- Chuck Salisbury starting auction.  Move two pics up 3 lines
19- Cars on front lawn and at River Valley School.  The entire yard was filled with cars by 1PM.  101 registered to bid.  About 150 people attended a portion of the auction   20- Nelson, Betty and Emily with box seats for the auction
21- Auction at tables and trailer with food truck and farm house in background   22- Auction looking toward garage
23- Line up of equipment to be sold   24- Auction and food truck with Grubers farm in background
25- Auction looking toward garage and shed   26- Cashiers Cheryl Lutz and Betsy Slagle in garage
27- Jim auctions one item as Jack and Betty watch   28- Chuck Salisbury demonstrates back hoe.  Back hoe was highest selling item in auction at $2600.
  28A- Chuck Salisbury auctioning furnished by Jim Slagle   28B- Chuck Salisbury auctioning furnished by Jim Slagle
29- Chuck selling 1954 crawler.  This and the semi trailer were the 2nd highest selling items at the auction bringing $900   30- Auction crew of Jack, Chuck Salisbury and Orville after auction
31- Crawler loaded onto semi   32- Emily and Jim Slagle 
33- Jack, Chuck and Orville load snake   34- Trailer and tables looking toward garage after auction
35- Cherl Lutz and Betsy Slagle cashier as Emily watches   36- Chuck, Jim and Emily talk to cashier in garage
37- Semi-trailer ready to be moved.  Front end had sunk two feet into the ground after sitting for 8 years.  Buyer brought in back hoe to lift front end and put blocks under front.  Then he brought in cab as seen in picture to move semi-trailer.
  38- Jim, Emily, Betty and Bill after auction
39- Jim, Emily, Betty and Nelson after sale   40- Debris in garage after auction.  Part of cleanup that we awarded John Landis for $250 to clear grounds of junk and debris.
41- Junk from basement - part of cleanup   42- Sign inserts stacked by side of garage.  Emily was selling inserts for a $1
43- Sign inserts and signs.  Emily sold signs holders for 2, 10 or $12 depending on size.  There were also another side of the garage and back of the shed with many more inserts!
  44- Burn pile simmering.  Nelson burned a lot of furniture from the Office at 463 E. Center and John Landis burned a lot of wood and debris that wasn't worth salvaging.

1-  Don Goins digging to find tile leading from the septic tank   2- Don Goins digging with shovel to find tile leading from the septic tank
  3-  Don Goins  probes to find tile leading from the septic tank - need to find where tile joins with exit tile to ditch.  We suspected it was near the old septic tank. 
  4-  Don Goins, contractor, and Gene Smithberger, engineer, find horseshoe while digging for tile.  They have chased tile to side of shed
  5- Don Goins and Gene Smithberger continue digging beside shed   6- Don finds exit tile near cornfield in front of shed
  7- Don Goins setting on top of pickup   8- Goins dump truck in yard ready to start septic tank installation
  9- Large shovel on trailer in back of dump truck   10- Trench dug by Goins in back of house trying to locate well.  Appears that well was dug out as pipe ends at this spot.  Emily found out where well used to be by getting in touch with Kenneth Smith's first wife now living in Cincinnati.
  11- Goins crew digging hole for new septic tank   12- Shovel, with septic tank and pipe for leach bed
  13- Shovel, with septic tank and pipe for leach bed taken from corn field.   14- Trench leading from back of house to where well used to be
  15- Pipe for leach bed   16- Trench from septic tank that becomes part of leach bed.  Lined with gravel.
  17- Long trench and pipe as part of the leach bed    18- Back yard after septic tank installation completed.  Grass seed was sown and it was covered by straw as shown in the picture.

  19- A 50' hose was extended from the house into the back yard and a splitter added that allowed four more hoses to extend to all seeded areas of the back yard.  Emily Slagle would turn one splitter on and the other three splitters off.  Four times each evening, unless it rained, she had to make trips to the back yard to change one splitter on and one off to get the entire area watered   20- Back yard being watered on 8-30-07 about five weeks after grass seed was planted and before first mowing.
i  Sept 07 Tim Watkins repairing porch in back of farm house.  Buyer's loan company wanted a few repairs done before approving loan Sept 07 Tim on crane in back of farm house repairing roof.  Tim was able to repair roof without stepping on the roof

  1- Two rows of supplies, etc in garage.  Transported from office at 463 E. Center   2- Two middle rows in garage with supplies, etc.
  3- Left two rows in garage.  Filled garage with saleable items from the 463 E. Center office   4- Left row in garage showing auction signs saved for Household auction on September 9th.
  5- Office furniture mostly from basement of 463 E. Center.  Will sell in household auction 6- Aug 2007 - Portion of merchandise in shed awaiting furniture auction
7- 8-29-07  Brenda Smith and CRV full of merchandise being moved from garage to shed.  Brenda and Nelson moved all of merchandise from garage to the shed.  The merchandese was originally in the office at 463  E. Center
8- Personal Property Auction sign and box of flyers for Sept 9 auction.
9- Sue Siders in garage with dishes.  Sue and Nelson spent two days moving all personal property from farm house to garage to stage for auction.    10- Merchandise in garage for auction
11- China and dishes on display in garage 12- Office supplies loaded on wagon Orville furnished.  Wagon backed into shed and items auctioned from there.  This was the wagon Orville purchased at prior auction
13-  Orvielle and wife Mary sort merchandise in shed to ready for auction
14- Shed looking east night before auction
15- Wagon full of office supplies night before auction 16- Shed looking west evening before auction
17- Dave Claborn and Harding band member get refreshment stand ready for auction.  Light mist at this point of day.  Stopped raining about 11 AM and resumed twice for a few minutes.  At times the sun even came out. 
18-  Loading pickup to move merchandise from garage to shed to allow people to stand under cover in case of rain.  Item on pickup is kitchen cabinet that was last item sold in auction. 
19- Auction and parking signs along Rt 98 looking south 20- Orville, auctioneer,  and Jack move marble stand out of house into yard.  Stand sold for $285.-
21-  Dishes and china on display in garage just prior to auction 22- Furniture on display in yard.  Chuck Salisbury and Jack sitting on furniture
23- Bonnie Shaffstall, Kristen Stoub, Dreighton Stoub, Chad Stoub and Bill Huckaba awaiting start of auction 24- Orville starting auction
25- Emily Slagle and Orville as Jim Slagle introduces family 26- Jim Slagle introduces family as Bruce (Clerk for auction) looks on
26A- Jim introduces family as Orville and Bruce watch
26B- Jack, Orville, Chuck Salisbury and Jim in back of farm house.  Desk sold for only $2 - desk was original desk used my Emily in their business
27- Jack holds umbrella and box of merchandise as Orville auctions 28- Chuck Salisbury holds post office box drawer, Bruce and Orville.   Orville sold six boxes of brass post offfice doors for $375, the second highest selling item at the auction.  A hutch sold for $575. 
29- Charles Cole talks to Emily 30- Scene taken from 2nd floor of farm house.  shows refreshement tents, auction, parked cars and corn field looking south.
30A- Charles Cole, Emily and Nelson 30B- Charles Cole, Dreighton Stoub, Kristen Stoub, Betty Huckaba and Emily Slagle
31- Emily, Jack, Orville, Charles Cole and Betty can be spotted in this auction picture 32- Emily, Jack and Orville can be spotted in this picture
33- Former pupil of Bill Huckaba introduces himself to Bill as Betty Huckaba and Heidi Slagle look on.  Pupil heard Bill introduced thus introduced himself to Bill.
34-  Betsy Slagle and Cheryl Lutz cashier sale
35-  Jack, Emily, Orville, Kristen Stoub, Betty and Bill can be spotted in this picture. 
36-  Jack, Orville, Emily, Kristin, Bill, Betty and Bonnie can be spotted in this picture
37-  Jack holding shotgun for sale as Betty and Emily watch
38- Orville auctions and Jack holds shotgun that sold for $190.  Only item selling to out of state resident.
39- Orville auctions hutch in dining room as Jim looks on.  The hutch was highest selling item in the auction at $575.
40- Kristen, Betty, Emma and Bill watch auction.
41- Betsy Slagle handles cashier transaction with Dave Claborn as Emily watches
42- Chad Stoub and Bonnie Shaffstall
43- Orville and Jack auction in shed near end of auction
44- Orville and wife Mary load box springs and oriental rug that didn't sell on to wagon for trip to burn pile
45- Bruce (Clerk) and wagon loaded for burn pile
46- Orville pushes last cabinet on to burn file.  Pile was burned several days later
47- Burn Pile Fire 48- Burn Pile Fire and Nelson with one of 7 vacuums thrown on the burn pile.  None worked.
49- Junk in shed after auction that didn't sell.  Sue Siders in background.  We sorted  all of the stuff into 5 piles as follows: Donation, burn pile, steel recycling, paper recycling and other recycling and disposed of accordingly.   50- Nelson and CRV filled with steel for recycling
51- CRV at Sims Junk yard recycling steel.  Two loads after the furniture auction netted $43. 52- Sue Siders and Brenda Smith on garage step after cleaning out shed and cleaning apartment at farm house

  1-Bucyrus Rental at 203 Mary St. with unmowed yard
  2- Bucyrus rental at 203 Mary St after mowing yard
  3- First floor kitchen - always looks better in pictures
  4- Hotwater heater plumbing before Bill fixed
  5- Bill Bateman and finished plumbing
  6- Bill in Living room with supplies
  7- Nelson painting.  Clothes were furnished by Dad.  Had to add 3 notches in belt to hold up pants
  8- Furnace and hot water heater in basement
  9- Gene, Emily and Bill Bateman in front of  Bucyrus rental
10- Mom coming down front walk stairs at Bucyrus Rental
11- Living room with supplies - note carpeting
12- New linoleum in 2nd floor bath
13- Bill Bateman sanding at Bucyrus Estates
14- Ceiling tile in kitchen ceiling
15- Bill Bateman sanding at Bucyrus Estates - note heavy fog! 16- Nelson at McDonalds in Bucyrus, Ohio, the most popular lunch spot for us in Bucyrus.  One day Bill Huckaba found $80 in the parking lot, three $20 and two $10 bills.  Bill and Nelson were chasing bills blowing down the parking lot!!  Bill gave to the manager in case anyone claimed.  Nelson was thinking about clamining!
17- Nelson, Bill Huckaba and Bill Bateman in front of True Value Hardware Store in Bucyrus, our most popular stop (outside of McDonalds).  I am holding a dog owned by an old lady that was taking our picture.  I had a little trouble explaining what I wanted her to do.  It was 'Out to Lunch' trying to instruct 'Out to Dinner' what to do!  Once I told the dog I often held the renown 'Boo Boo' she was fine with me holding her.  18- The nice wood finish after Huck applied Murphy Oil.  One of the many selling features of the Bucyrus Estates.
19- Installed sink and toilet on the 2nd floor and new linoleum 20-  Bill Huckaba the Snowman while sanding ceiling
21- Kitchen ceiling on first floor after Huck replaced 8 tiles 22- Upstairs bedroom after painting
23- Nelson with push mower in Bucyrus.  Nelson is holding two parts of handle that need to be bolted together.  Should have actually been welded. 24- Close up of push mower in Bucyrus handle
25- Repaired entry room ceiling 26- Painted half bath on first floor
27- Painted ceiling in rear first floor bath.  Note trim which was added. 28- Supplies in Entry room looking north
29- Supplies in Entry room looking south 30- Eleven new boards on porch
31- 2nd floor kitchen new linoleum looking southwest 32- 2nd floor kitchen new linoleum looking northeast
33- Nelson and Sue Siders (taking picture) drag old carpet out of the entry way.  Carpet stretches all the way to the doorway of the house entrance. 34- Dad in entry room for first of two open houses
35- Auction signs and house.  Dead tree on right was removed day before the auction. 36- Garage door partiall open
37- Living room bookcase doors open - beautiful stained wood
38- Double doors with glass leading from Office to Kitchen
39- Folding double doors with glass seperating Living Room from Office 40- North side of Mary St across from Bucyrus Estates
41- Souh side of Mary St with Bucyrus Estates on left after dead tree removed 42- Sue Siders paints garage door one of three coats.  Dolly and stove are being moved from basement to first floor kitchen
43- Rented True Value l roto rooter unplugged drains with our 90 minute effort
44- Bill Bateman replaces broken glass pane in Office window
45- Statue of Col William Crawford (1732-1782) on square 3 blocks from Bucyrus Estates 46- Mural in town square - very impressive
47- Mural with fountains in foreground.  Bill Bateman and Nelson Slagle are finalist to paint the next mural thanks to their impressive painting job at the 19th century Bucyrus Estates 48- Nelson becomes part of mural - I suspect he will have to settle for being part of a mural rather than painting a mural
49- Mural between trees
50- Bill and Betty Huckaaba with Emma and Talor Bays (granddaughters) prior to Bucyrus Estates auctioni
51-Buyers register for auction.  Six registered and three bid.  2nd highest bidders have back to camera.  Man with 5 kids and his dad.  19 attended auction with 8 being family.
52- .Jim, Emily, and Gene Slagle with Chuck Salisbury, an auctioneer that often assists dad
53- Sam Boles (eventual buyer), Sam's friend, Emily and Jim Slagle during auction 54- Chuck Salisbury, Gene Slagle and runner up bidders during auction
55- Sam Boles, Nelson, Emily and Gene
56- Sitting:  Sam Boles, Emily, Gene,  Standing:  Jim, Nelson, Betty, Taylor Bays
57- 2nd Mural in Bucyrus a couple of blocks north of the square 58- Auction box and mower picked up at Bucyrus
59- Sue with lumber at Marion farm shed after picking up from Bucyrus.  This was the 1st of 5 loads Sue and Nelson loaded in Bucyrus and dropped off at the Shed at the Slagle farm. 60- Nelson with work bench, carpeting and ladder at the farm shed  after hauling from Bucyrus.   The work bench was probably 220 pounds but with the help of two dollies and 91 year old Gene pushing Sue and Nelson managed to get it into the pickup.  Wish I had that picture!
61- S 62- S
63- S 64- S
1- Gene Slagle and Biliff enters evicted 1st floor apartment 2- Sue Siders and Bill Bateman if needed.  If evicted party hasn't moved out, the three of us can move belonging out of house and place on lawn for pickup by evicted tenants.  Fortunately, the three of us were not needed.
3-Hole in wall in Living room.  Also note thermastat area has been damaged. 4- Living room wall damaged and sorta of repaired
5-Gene inspects trash in kitchen.   Ton of trash left behind. 6- Wall replaced in Living room of 1st floor apartment by Charlie C.  Sue finished spackling, sanding and painting.
7-Charlie on couch resting neck after putting up dry wall.
8- Bill Bateman with new siding to fix hole in back of 471 Center
9- New Facial Board replaced in back of house by Bill Bateman
10- Bill Bateman replaced top window in back of 471 Center
11- Sue Siders painting front porch 12- Sue paints front steps and also railing at the side of the steps
13- Charlie cuts out bad wood in back of house then Sue painted 14- Sue Siders paints back porch at 471 E. Center on 10-8-06
15- 463 and 471 East Center with Open House and Auction signs in front of both rentals 16- Bill Bateman besides corner block at back of 471 East Center
17- Sue paints unpainted side porch at 471 E. Center 18- Sue finished with side porch painting

1- Infamous pick up truck used by Steve 'the thief' in moving out of apartment
2-  Steve 'the thief' 3rd floor LR.  He actually left apartment in pretty good shape.  He might of picked up his pawn shop receipt however!
3- Kitchen 3rd floor apartment  4- Kitchen 3rd Floor apartment
5- Sue Siders painting shower floor in 3rd floor apartment with Tub and Tile paint
6- Nelson on rung ladder painting bare spots on back of 463 E. Center
7- Sue painting ceiling of side porch.  Steps and floor of the porch had never been painted before.   8- Auction and O pen House signs in front of 463 & 471 E. Center with 463 E. Center in background
9- Bill Bateman and Nelson Slagle carry dad's office glass table out of office 10- Bill Bateman ajusts table on pick-up
11- Nelson and Gene Slagle with pick-up loaded with 4 chairs and table 12- Bonnie Shaffstall, prospect and Gene at auction of 463 & 471 E. Center on 11-4-06.  There were no bidders present thus there was no auction.  
13- Jim Slagle checks out furnace in basement of 463 E. Center.

14- Backing trailer off of front lawn after loading showcase 15-  Sold sign on 463 E. Center with 471 E. Center in background
16- For sale sign at 471 E. Center St. with 463 E. Center in background 17- Emily Slagle and Betty Huckaba clearing out files in Gene's office.  Note paper for Sims on right and supplies, etc in background
18- Tim and Andrew Lutz load pick-up with supplies, etc to be transported to the farm house for the furniture auction in September.   Seven loads were taken by pick-up and eight loads were taken by Nelson's CRV to the farm.  In addition 5 loads of mixed paper weighing 3,000 pounds were taken to Sims for recycling. 19- Tim Lutz and Bill Huckaba load up pick-up
20- Tim Lutz, Betty Huckaba, Bill Huckaba, Emily Slagle and Andrew inspecting Oriental rug that used to be in the Living Room of Gene & Emily's home in Galion. 21- Andrew and Tim Lutz in back of River Valley School on Rt 95 near Claridon, Ohio
22- Jim unloading files from the office for storage in his basement 23- Bill and Jim taking files down basement steps of Jim's home
24- Jim, Bill and Betsy Slagle move files out of pick up 25- Gene's office after cleaning by Sue Siders on day of transfer to new owner
26- Front office after cleaning 27- Emily's office after cleaning
28- Back two rooms of basement after hauling out everything and cleaning 29- Big basement room cleared
30- Unloading paper at Sims.  Five loads of paper weighing 3,000 pounds were taken to Sims for recyling - Not Linked
31- John Keggan, Emily Slagle and Dick Granger at closing at Mr. Jackson's office on Oak St in Marion, Ohio.  John and Dick are Emily's realtors for sale of 463 E
32- John Keggan, Emily Slagle, Jim Slagle and Mr. Jackson at closing for 463 E. Center

1- Auction Sign, Moving Truck that moved Emily and Nelson's CRV in front of farm house.  Betty, Bill and Nelson spent significant time helping Emily clean out farm house living quarters, moving some stuff to the garage/shed and moving small stuff to her new apartment.   2-  Two movers move hutch down gang plank that links front porch to moving van
3- Movers move couch out dining room door as Bill Huckaba watches 4- Emily's belongings in bathtub and bathroom floor.  We had already filled the kitchen counter, and three closet floors and shelves.  We had to keep the belongings out of the way of the movers.  Bill and Nelson loaded their van and CRV at the farm several times then drove to the apartment two days prior to the move.  
5- Three moves move hutch out of truck at Emily's apartment.  Three movers took less than 3 hours to complete move.  And even though Emily only had four rooms the movers had to move about 25 pieces of furniture 70% of which was on the 2nd floor of the farm house.
6- Mover checks with Emily to find out where incoming furniture goes.  Emily, Betty and Bill plotted the location of each piece of furniture with a lot of measuring and cutouts placed on each room's in Emily's apartment.  Everything fit perfectly. 
7- Opening in fence right outside Emily's door to Denny's which is just on other side of fence. 8- Nelson and Bill happy with end of move
9- Mother in front of the Red Caboose for a lunch break 10- Emily's apartment living room.  Emily decided the marble top stand didn't look right thus was included in the auction
11- Couch and love seat in living room 12- Refridgerator, Stove, cupboards and sink in kitchen.  She also has a microwave to the right of the sink.  Emily still unpacking as noticed by the counter
13- Head of bed and dresser in bedroom 14- Bedroom showing 2nd dresser and closet
15- Office showing two desks.  These desks were later switched so she wouldn't be looking into sunlight while woring on her equipment. 16- Oppsite side of office at apartment with desk and file cabinet.
17- Bonnie Shaffstall and Emily cleaning out closet at farm house.  Bonnie flew in from California to assist Emily in moving.  She and Emily sorted out all 4 closets in the farm house on parts of two days 18- Emily standing in front of Hutch in living room.  Emily is wearing hat from an organization that her dad belonged to and holding her dads tool for holding paper
19-  10-6-07  Pictures in Emily living room ready to be hung by Betty & Bill 20- Bill, Emily and Betty after hanging pictures.  Note hutch in background and arrangement on top
21- Five pictures on Living Room wall 22- Other pictures hung in living room
23- Corner of living room with hutch and newly hung shelf

1-  9-30-07 - Another view of 2.9 acres of brush land on Sandusky River in Wyandot County on Rt 231 owned by Emily Slagle 2-  9-30-07 - 2.9 acres of brush land on Sandusky River in Wyandot County on Rt 231 owned by Emily Slagle
3-  9-30-07 - Sandusky River next to  2.9 acres of brush land  4- Land adjacent to 2.9 acres owned by Tom Schaeffer
5-  9-30-07  Building at end of gravel trail at end of land that used to be owned by Gene Slagle.  Found out later that building was owned by Matt Leitzy who plans on building a home there.  Matt's dad purchased the acreage owned by dad about 1981. 6-  9-30-07  Home where Horace Ballou used to live.  Same tenant has lived there since 1965.  Property now owned by Larry and Noreen Slagle.  Unknown to us Larry visited property 10 minutes before Jim and I.
5-  9-30-07  Spot where barn used to be on Horace Ballou property.  Collapsed during a storm in the 1970's