Diane Sheridan of Maple Valley, Washington (e-mail: DJSHERI@aol.com) has coordinated DNA tests for Slagles in attempt to find Slagles that are related.  The following link is to the website for Family Tree DNA, which is the organization which conducts the DNA testing:




      There is a lot of information on DNA on this site.  Click the tabs at the top for information.  The FAQ tab will give you an overview of DNA testing.  The Slagle project uses a “Y” DNA test, which only tests the DNA which is passed from father to son (Y chromosome).   The DNA test will determine if there is a common male Slagle ancestor within the last 20 generations or so.


      To see info on Slagles tested thus far, go to link below:




      This link lists 20 Slagles that have been tested thus far.  I am the 17th Slagle on the list (#14053).  I descend from a Jacob Slagle who was born around 1750 and died in December, 1800 in Hampshire County, West Virginia (Family #5 on the list).


      There have been 20 Slagles tested to date.  According to the DNA results, the 20 Slagles tested originate from 8 different families and my family doesn’t link to any of the other Slagles tested thus far.


      If you are a male Slagle, we encourage you to get a DNA test and be added to the data base.



                                                DNA NOTES

Per telecom from Jim & Nelson Slagle to Diane Sheridan on 9-18-07


It is possible in the future that DNA tests may help narrow down the possibilities or even link Jacob dying in 1800 to a family.


Diane is stuck on her genealogy of Henry born 1765 who lived to 95 years.  She agrees on DNA with 2-3 other testers.


No good to get Becky Kartalia’s son because she is not the male Slagle.  Since this is a YDNA test, and the Y chromosomes pass from male to male to male, any break in the male chain will result in a not related result.  Similarly, if one of the male children were illegitimate (not having the same father as believed) this would also break the chain and the DNA result would be not related.  For that reason, she recommends that in each case 2 known decendants from different branches be tested.


Approximate % chance of being related based on DNA per my understanding:

25/25  55% chance of related within the last 8 generations

25/25   91% chance of related within the last 23 generations. 

25/25   33% chance of related within the last 4 generations

22 or less match very probable not related

20/25  6% in last 24 generations


Diane lives in Maple Valley, Wash.  PO Box is in Covington, Wash

Diane used to live in Renton Washington, home of a Boeing facility.


SNP – snap test – test to test halop


Can use same sample to do a test for 10 years. 

Upgrade to 67 is $148

Can do thru pin #.


22 or less match out of 25 is remote chance of related in last 24 generations.


Diane said that earlier researchers were wrongly claiming that they were descendants of Christoph.  The DNA tests prove that most of the Slagles are not descendants of Christoph (or his brothers).  Diane has 8 family lines.  No more than one of these lines can be a descendant of Christoph or his brothers.


Diane said that Slagle was a common name in Germany.  She thought the name meant “keeper of the locks.”


We discussed the information about family of origin, as the DNA results seemed to indicate that our line was much more likely to descend from England or Scotland than Germany.  Diane’s explanation of this was not clear.  Although she did point out that the country of origin could go back 10,000 years.


Slagle news in filing cabinet of link Diane gives me. 


E-mails from Diane on DNA


>Nelson,  11-7-07
>We finally have a participant from the Christoph Friedrich SCHLEGEL/SLAGLE
>line, York & Adams Co., PA.  He is Frederick "Rick" Slagle, nephew of 
>Slagle who wrote the book "The Slagle Family in America".  I can  hardly
>contain myself, early Christmas present for me.
>Also, have exchanged e-mail with Gilbert Huber.  He said he will work  on
>finding someone from the Jacob Slagle line of Randolph Co., VA.
>Were you able to get Robert O. Slagle's son's phone or address?
>Sorry it has taken awhile to get back to you after our phone  conversation.
>Hope all is well and you weren't near any of the fires in CA.
>Diane Slagle Sheridan
>_djsheri@aol.com_ (mailto:djsheri@aol.com)




All the results are in for a 37-marker Y-DNA test for the participant who is a nephew of A. Russell SLAGLE and descendent of Christoph Friedrich SCHLEGEL, York Co. PA.  He is a 35/37 and 36/37 match with participants who are descended from John Christian SCHLEGEL.  Most likely John Christian is not a son of Christoph, but the common ancestor is probably a few generations earlier in Germany.  I e-mailed him today about upgrading to a 67-marker Y-DNA test.

Diane 1-17-08