At this time (2007) no one has been able to determine the parents of Jacob Slagle dying in 1800 in Hampshire Co, West Virginia.  Becky Kartalia in her book ‘Slagle Trails’ puiblished in 1999 does an excellent job of discussing possibilities on pages 24-29.  Also see pages 3-7 for some background information.

      Another possibility I haven’t seen discussed anywhere else is that the Jacob born in 1751 and the Jacob born about 1750 and dying in 1800 in Hampshire Co., West Virginia were twins.  This hypothesis is arrived at on finding two baptism records at two different Lutheran churches a week apart with the names given as John Jacob and Jacob.  Following are the details:




















Jacob & Catharine Schlegel

Jacob & Helen Billmeyer

 & Elizabeth Catharine Klein




John Jacob

Jacob Schlegel

Jacob Billmeyer & wf. and

Anna Elis. Klee


     There are two other possibilities of our Jacob’s parents.  Jacob could be a child of one of Jacob’s born 1723 children’s child born out of wedlock and raised by Jacob born 1723.  Or it is possible our Jacob (dying 1800)  is a child of a friend who was possibly killed and Jacob raised the child from infancy. 

      It is possible in the future that DNA tests may help narrow down the possibilities or even link Jacob dying in 1800 to a family.


Nelson Slagle

September 18, 2007




Nelson 1-25-08

Thanks for keeping me informed about your Slagle
a great family endeavor for you to do and more
such projects should be done instead of our losing
them. It was difficult and time consuming I know.
Thanks for telling Noreen about my book. She is
ordering one.
Thinking about the latest DNA and our Jacob's source,
I reread pages 24-29 of my book especially noting the
small print insert on page 26 with the footnote 51
about the connection between the 2 purchasers of land
on Maiden Creek. To me this is what the DNA verified.
I don't have the DNA report at hand. It is my memory
that yours (and our line) did not connect with the
others. Guess I am confused. How do you interpret the
last 2 reports? Regards,

Becky Kaartalia 1-25-08

Becky 1-26-08

I read pages 24-29 and many pages afterwards and had two comments.  Believe you mentioned that our Jacob was thought by some (can't remember pg I thought I saw that) not to be related to Jacob Slagle B: 1723 because the children's names were so different.  Actually I was surprised at the similarity of names per my web site, link below:
      Note 5 of 12 children of our Jacob were names used by Jacob B: 1723.  Five of six names of Jacob born 1751 matched name of Jacob B: 1723 and 3 names were used by each of the 3 Slagles.  Not sure if any of this makes any difference as I think the DNA testing shows we are probably not related to any Slagles tested (which probably means 23 generations back).  Find this hard to believe that some of these Slagles are not related in the last 23 generations to our Slagle B: about 1750.  Lends more credence in my mind that our Jacob was an illegitmate child of some sort and that is why he does't relate to anyone.  And that the two Slagles baptised a week apart per middle of link  below are actually two Jacob Slagles instead of one that most of us thought.  Also could be that one of my ancestors between Jacob B: 1750 and me were illegitimate.  Another DNA test of someone else descended from one of Joseph's B: 1782 brothers would be helpful. 

     Another weak link is Collier.  A Collier was Jacob Slagle B: 1723 commanding officer (forgot Pg you noted that in our book).  Other Colliers (not sure if related) were involved as a witness in one Jacob Slagle B: 1750 land transaction.  And you note many Colliers involved with Jacob B: 1750 family. 
      Maybe there were thousands of Slagles and Colliers in the PA/Md/Va area in the mid 1700's!!!!

Nelson 1-26-08


Nelson  1-26-08:

Your thoughts good. One correction --- I
only referred to the lack of Jacob using true german
chrietian names as some Slagles used-like Margaretta .
. I agree the childrens' names of Both Jacobs, b 1723
and b; 1750 have similarities.
Your mentioing the illegitamcy possibilities is
interesting. They do say we are only sure of the
female lines!
Another thought: Our Jacob was not John jacob b. 1751,
we know for sure.
From my writing, I was impressed about Our Jacob
being a rigid Catholic. The PA Slagles were not
Catholic. Yet the priest Father Frambaugh, and
Jacob's path and apparent associations was the same
through W. MD and even to jacob's VA place.(in book)
The priest was originally from Connewago area in PA
where the Slagles were
. There could have been a disinheritance when Jacob
became a Catholic.
I turned in to Diane Sheridan some male Slagle names
from Diane Slagle Mead descended from your Joseph and
she replied she would contact them-one is an uncle of
hers, Robert Slagle who bought 7 of my books and there
are other males in her family and Robert's. Let us
hope we learn something.
I believe we both think our Jacob was from the PA

Becky Kartalia 1-26-2008