FOREST LAWN MEMORIAL PARK, CYPRESS, CA
                                                                                      APRIL 16, 2011

  1- Picture of Gerry Pfest and flowers at graveside services. 
Gerry was B: Dec 31, 1928 and D: April 10, 2011.
   2- Picture collection of Gerry with family and friends
  3- Debbie behind picture    4- Carol and Jan Doyle
  5- Scene prior to services    6- Scene prior to services
  7- Jim and Patrice Kucera and Tammy Slagle    8- Nelson Slagle and Debbie
  9- Nelson Slagle and Debbie
10- Jackson and Clare
11-  Sherry and Patrice Kucera
12- Pastor Bob Reese plays flute during service.  Casket in background
13-  Scene after services
14-  Scene after services
15- Suzanne, Walt,  Clare and Carol
16- Debbie and Pastor Bob Reese
17-  Jim Kucera and Nelson Slagle
18-  Jerry, Carol, Tam, Clare, Jackson, Chris
19-  Carol, Tammy Slagle and Clare 20-  Clare and Jackson
21-  Jackson as Pall Bearer (thanks to Debbie for sharing)