Dec 1956 Larry, Curt, Craig, Mable, Lowell and Tammy Hagen Jan 1967 Alma Hagen, Nelson, Tammy, Gudrun and Oscar Elton Jan 1967 Lowell, Mable, Tammy, Nelson, Larry, Curt and Craig
Jun 1968 Albin, Theola, Esther, Tammy, Florence, Helmena, Terry  and Alma Jun 1968 Grace & Selmer Sanden, Jim and Martha Sanden June 1971 Koare Mathison family, Verle and Lowell Hagen
Sept 1973 Patti, Craig, Cindy, Curt, Tam, Nelson, Sandi and Larry Hagen Sep 1974 - 17 Eltons, Wulkes, Shaffstalls, Curt Hagens and Slagles at Nelson Slagles Feb 1976 Detta, Verle, Tam, Mable, June, Marlys, Arlo, and Stan Hagen
Mar 1978 - 21 Verle & Arlo Hagens, Lois & Wally Sandens, Kruegers and Slagles at Verle Hagens Dec 1983 Charity, Mable, Erika and Lowell Hagen Dec 1993 Clyde DeHart, Mable, Cindy, Marilyn DeHart and Nelson
Jul 1994 - Marie & Dave Peters, Lori, spouse and 2 children at Mason Park, Irvine Feb 1997  Thirty at Bobby Hagen wedding Jul 1998 Lowell, Arlo, Jim, June, Jerry and Jim Slagle
Sept 2000 Alexy, Ian & Erika Brown and Calvin and Erika Melchin at Larry Hagen's in Boise, Idaho Sept 2000 Martha Sanden and Tammy Slagle at Martha's apartment in Sisseton, South Dakota Sept 2000 Ruth Mathison and her cat at her home in Edina, Minneapolis
Sept 2000 Nelson Slagle, Craig Hagen and Tammy Slagle at Craigs home in Mason, Ohio Dec 2002 Howard Pfest, Gerry Pfest, Debbie Elton and Tammy Slagle at Debbie's apartment  in Westminster, Calif
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