5-00 Tammy Slagle and Curt Hagen 5-00 Curt and Tammy with water softener
5-26-01 Lowell Hagen, Curt Hagen and Joannie Hagen and Tammy Slagle's 5-26-01 Joannie Hagen, Lowell Hagen and Curt Hagen
5-26-01 Joannie Hagen and Curt Hagen in their 1974 Mercedes 5-26-01 Christy Hagen, Haley Zurcher and Matt Zurcher
5-26-01 Clare Wulke, Bill Wulke, Nelson Slagle, Matt Zurcher, Haley Zurcher, Curt Hagen and Christy Hagen 10-20-01 Matt Zurcher, Haley, Savanna Hagen, Sonja Hagen, Bobby Hagen, Christy Hagen, Mikey Hagen, and Tiffany at Skye Davis and John Hall wedding in Peris, California
10-20-01 Tammy Slagle and Christy Hagen 10-20-01 Mikey & Bobby Hagen
10-20-01 Mikey Hagen and Tiffany 10-20-01 Savanna, Sonja and Bobby Hagen
10-20-01 Christy Hagen, Bobbie Mayes & Joe Mayes 10-20-01 Sonja and Savanna Hagen
10-20-01 Joe Mayes, Curt Hagen and Bobby Mayes 10-20-01 Savanna, Curt, Haley Hagen and Tammy Slagle
10-20-01 Christy Hagen and Matt Zurcher 10-20-01  Mikey, Curt, Christy and Bobby Hagen
10-20-01 Curt Hagen stops Nelson Slagle from destroying cake 2-5-06 Nelson Slagle showing Texas hook em symbol in Texas sweatshirt and Curt Hagen in USC sweatshirt.  Texas defeated USC in the BCS championship game a month ago.
11-22-08 Curt and Nelson at Nelson & Tammy's home
11-22-08 Curt standing beside his truck
1-3-09 Joannie, Tam and Christy at Christy and Matt's home in San Jacinto, California to celebrate Christmas 1-3-09 Haley and Christy Hagen
1-3-09 Sierra, Haley, Savanna and Curt at Christy's for Christmas 1-3-09 Tammy, Haley and Christy
1-3-09 Davis (Cherie Davis son) and Sequoia (Skye & John's son) 1-3-09 Curt and Davis
1-3-09 John & Sky Hall and Joannie 1-3-09 Savanna and Curt
1-3-09 Savanna, Curt and Sierra 1-3-09 Sonja and Joannie
1-3-09 Sequoia and John Hall 1-3-09 Matt Zurcher and Nelson Slagle
1-3-09 Sequoia and John Hall 1-3-09 Sequoia, Skye and John
1-3-09 Savanna, Sonja, Haley and Sierra 1-3-09 Matt cuts ham at Christy's for Christmas
1-3-09 Joannie, Skye, John, Haley, Matt, Christy, Tammy, Sonja and Sierra