MARCH 10, 2007
  1-  Melissa and Jerry Slagle at McDonalds in Firebaugh, California north of Bakersfield.  Melissa, Jerry, Tammy and Nelson Slagle drove to Sonoma, California for the Candace and Todd Harrison Wedding at the Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California   2-  Nelson and Tammy at McDonalds 
  3-  Front of Chapel where wedding was held 4- Todd Harrison hugging Tammy Slagle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  5- Nelson, Tammy, Jim, Jerry and Melissa Slagle in front of Chapel   6-  Greg Jent and Jim Slagle
  7- Bryne Leggett, Jim Slagle and Randy Held   8-  Melissa and Jerry and Slagle
  9-  Jim Slagle, Jerry Slagle and Randy Held    10- Wally, Todd Harrison and Sean McCann
  11-  Tammy Slagle and Melissa Slagle    12- Ashley
  13-  Greg Jent and entry to Chapel    14- Main Aisle in Chapel
  15-  Todd Harrison coming down main aisle    16- Candace enters Chapel
  17-  Back of Candace as she walks toward altar    18- Candace and Todd holding hands during ceremony
  19- Two bridesmaids, Candace, Minister, Todd, Don and Jim    20- Candace and Todd kissing
  21- Candace and Todd coming down aisle    22- Candace and Todd coming down aisle
  23- Jim Slagle, Nydia Garcia and John Garcia    24- Jim Slagle
  25- Bryne Leggett and Jim Slagle
   26- Bryne Leggett, Jim Slagle, Jerry Slagle and Melissa Slagle
  27-  Pat, Colleen 'Osborne'
   28- Tammy Slagle, Ellie Osborne and Nelson Slagle
  29-  Nelson Slagle and Todd Harrison    30-Todd Harrison and Nelson Slagle
  31-  Todd and Patti Harrison    32- Greg Jent, Randy Held and Todd Harrison
  33-  Wedding Cake    34- Candace and Todd Harrison
  35-  Jerry, Melissa and Tam at dinner table    36- Todd Harrison talks to guests and Greg Jent talks to Jim Slagle
  37-  Jim Slagle, Jerry Slagle, Scott and Bryne  Leggett    38- Band
  39-  Jim Slagle plays guitar with band    40-  Crowd cheers Jim Slagle playing guitar with band
   41- 4-17-07 - Candace and Todd at Ellis Osborne funeral