Below are pictures from selected hearts games and hearts players at other events:

Hearts Game 1 - June 1967 - Phil Hensley, Gerry Hearne, Dave Groff, Jim McMillen, Paul Boyack,  Nolie Carman & John Reyes.  8th player, Nelson took picture
Hearts Game #2 -  November 1967.  Seated:  Ted Rehmeyer, Tom Kopman, Larry
Swanick.  Standing:  Martin Visser, John Reyes, Dick White, Gordon Shipman, Bryan Davis, Jim Wilkins, Paul Boyack and Jim McMillen at Nelson' apartment on Clark
and Imperial in Downey, California

Hearts Game #3 - March 1968.  Seated:  Paul Boyack, Jim McMillen, Gary Holmes,
Larry Swanick.  Standing:  John Reyes, Hal Berger, Tom Kopman, Nolie Carman, John
Wilford and Jim Marsh

Hearts Game #24 - Mar 1974
Not linked
Hearts Game #52 - Jan 1980 - Not linked
   Hearts Game #65 - Feb 1983    Hearts Game #79 - Nov 1986    Hearts Game #95 - Aug 1993
   Hearts Game #107 - May 1999    Hearts Game #110 - May 2000    Hearts Game #111 - Aug  2000
   Hearts Game #112 - June 2001    Hearts Game #113 - June 2001    Hearts Game #114 - Nov  2001
   Hearts Game #115 - May 2002    3-22-03 John Wilford, Nelson Slagle, Mike Dowd and Gerry Saltz at Owen Dowd's funeral at Arlington Mortuary in Riverside, California
   Hearts Game #117 - June 2003
   8-25-03 Nelson Slagle presenting Lance Hall 'Best Hearts Player Ever' award at Lance's home near Saluda, South Carolina
   Hearts Game #118 - November 2003
   Hearts Game #119 - May 2004
   Hearts Game #120 - August  2004
   Hearts Game #121 - November  2004
   Hearts Game #122 - May  2005
   Hearts Game #123 - November  2005
   Hearts Game #124 - April 2006
   Hearts Game #125 - March  2007    Hearts Game #126 - November  2007    Hearts Game #127 - May 2008.  Seated: Morris Willkie, Telly Gianarakos, Andrew Hazlewood.  Standing: Nelson Slagle, Al Manzey, John Slagle, Jerry Slagle, John Wilford, and Bryan Davis
  Hearts Game #128 - November  2008.  Seated:  Andrew Hazlewood and Telly Gianarakos.  Standing: Virginia Hazlewood, Al Manzey, John Wilford, Patrick Slagle, Jerry Slagle, John Slagle and Larry Costa    Hearts Game #129 - April 2009 - Seated:  Denny Noh, John Slagle, Al Manzey, Jerry Slagle and Andrew Hazlewood.  Standing: Carol Tsai, Bryan Davis, Kevin Slagle, Patrick Slagle and John Wilford
  Hearts Game #130 - January 2010 - Seated:  Seated: Melissa Hazlewood, Nelson Slagle, Morris Willkie, Bryan Davis, Andrew Hazlewood and Al Hart.  Standing: Carol Tsai, Kevin Slagle, John Slagle, Hal Berger, Larry Costa, Bob Scholl, Bob Thomas, Dick Hammerstrom, Chris Porter and Al Manzey
Hearts Game #131 - September 2010.  Seated:  Kevin Slagle, Carol Tsai, John Wilford and Patrick Slagle.  Standing: Nelson Slagle, Bryan Davis, Al Manzey, Larry Costa, Brett Carman and John Slagle
John Wilford receiving certificate for playing in 100 games from Nelson Slagle.  John is the first guest to play in 100 games.

Hearts G
ame #132 - March 2011. - Seated:  Nelson Slagle, Al Manzey, John Slagle.  Standing: Denny Noh, John Wilford, Jim Slagle, Patrick Slagle, Kevin Slagle and Carol Tsai. Picture taken by Larry Costa

Hearts Game #133 - August 2011.  Seated:  Sarah Massatt, John Wilford, Carol Tsai.  Standing: Rhett Bender, Larry Costa, Patrick Slagle, Kevin Slagle, John Slagle, Al Manzey and Bryan Davis

Hearts Game #134 - December 2011.  Seated:  David Massatt, Nelson Slagle and
Patrick Slagle.  Standing:  Carol Tsai, Sarah Massatt, John Wilford, Kevin Slagle,
Rhett Bender, John Slagle, Daniel Massatt and Jerry Slagle

  135AHearts Game #135 -July 2012.  Seated:  Patrick and Nelson Slagle.  Standing:  Carol Tsai, John Slagle, Sarah Massatt, Hal Berger, Al Manzey, John Wilford, Bryan Davis and Jerry Davis

Hearts Game #136 - November 2012.  Seated:  Carol Tsai, Nelson & Patrick Slagle.  Standing:  Morris Willkie, John and Kevin Slagle, John Wilford and Jerry Slagle. 

Hearts Game #137 - June 2013.  Seated:  Carol Tsai, John Wilford and Nelson Slagle.  Standing: Kevin & Patrick Slagle,, Larry Costa, Bryan Davis, Rhett Bender and Kegan Hagerott