12-72  Kristen and Kim
10-01-00 Betty and Bill Huckaba, Kim and Tom Bays 10-01-00 Kim and Tom Bays and Toasty
10-00 Nelson Slagle, Betty Huckaba and Bill Huckaba in front of their home in Worthington.  Nelson just finished his run while Betty accompanied on a bike. 10-19-00 Pallbearers carry coffin at Raymond Huckaba funeral at Marion, Ohio cemetery.  Raymond was born 9-18-1905 and died 10-16-2000.
10-19-00 Just after the graveside service at cemetery 10-19-00 Casket and flowers
10-19-00 Tombstones 10-19-00 Kirstin Stoub and Kim Bays
10-19-00 Bill and Betty Huckaba talk to Huckaba relatives 10-19-00 Nelson, Emily and Gene Slagle after graveside service
10-19-00 Marion Cemetery in fall bloom 10-19-00 Luncheon after Raymond Huckaba funeral services at Mt. Vernon Avenue Church of Christ in Marion Ohio 
10-02-00 Bill Huckaba, Tammy Slagle and Betty Huckaba in our Roadtrek.
9-29-01 Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Kristin Stoub and Chad Stoub at Appleby's near the Columbus airport
9-29-01 Chad and Kristin Stoub's at Betty & Bill Huckaba's home in Worthington, Ohio 9-29-01 Bill Huckaba, Kristin Stoub, Chad Stoub, and Betty Huckaba at kitchen table
 9-29-01 Chad and Kristin Stoub 9-30-01 Nelson Slagle, Jim Slagle, Kristin Stoub, Chad Stoub, Betty Huckaba and Bill Huckaba in front of Jim & Heidi Slagle's home in Marion, Ohio
9-30-01 Chad & Kristin Stoub, Betty & Bill Huckaba 10-02-01 Kristin & Chad Stoub  home at Hudsonville near Grand Rapids, Michigan
10-02-01 Gene Slagle, Chad Stoub, Kristin Stoub, and Emily Slagle eating pizza Grand Rapids, Mich area 10-02-01 Chad & Kristin Stoub and Nelson Slagle at Chad & Kristin's home
10-02-01 Chad & Kristin Stoub and Emily Slagle 11-22-02 Bill Huckaba, Jerry Slagle and Jim Slagle at Columbus Airport
11-22-02  Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Jim Slagle, Jerry Slagle, Chad Stoub and Kristin Stoub 11-22-02 Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Jim Slagle, Jerry Slagle, Nelson Slagle and Kristin Stoub
11-22-02 Jerry Slagle, Jim Slagle, Kristin Stoub and Chad Stoub 11-23-02 Bill Huckaba, Nelson Slagle, Jim Slagle and Jerry Slagle in front of home.  Note snow on bushes 
11-23-02 Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Jim Slagle and Jerry Slagle in front yard 8-3-06  Nelson Slagle presents Kristin Stoub the rotating Academy Awards Prediction trophy for winning the 2006 Academy Awards Predictions
8-3-06  Dreighton Stoub, Betty Huckaba, Gretchen Stoub, Kristin Stoub, Bill Huckaba, Emily Slagle and Gene Slagle at McDonalds in Delaware, Ohio on Sandusky Ave. 
8-3-06  Emily, Dreighton, Gene, Bill, Betty, Kristin and Gretchen enjoying the McDonalds  spread
8-3-06  Dreighton rests on play equipment 8-3-06  Dreighton on play equipment at McDonalds in Delaware
8-3-06  Gretchen on McDonalds play equipment 8-3-06  Gretchen on play equipment
8-3-06  Gretchen with grandpa's keys and Dreighton 8-3-06 Gene, Emily and Betty watch Gretchen play with a cup of ice
8-3-06  Dreighton coming off of the slide 8-3-06  Grandpa Bill coming off of equipment
8-3-06  Gene, Emily and Gretchen 8-3-06  Kristin coming off of slide
8-3-06  Dreighton and Kristin on gang plank 8-3-06  Gene, Emily and Nelson with Dreighton and Gretchen
9-17-06  Gene Slagle, Jim Slagle, Emily Slagle, Kim Bays, Taylor Bays, Emma Bays and Tom Bays at Bob Evans in Cincinnati, Ohio
9-17-06  Gene Slagle, Emily Slagle, Kim, Taylor, Tom and Emma Bays, Nelson Slagle and Jim Slagle
9-17-06  Gene, Nelson Emily, Kim, Taylor, Emma, Tom and Jim 9-17-06  Nelson, Emma and Jim
9-17-06  Kim, Taylor, Tom and Emma at Bob Evans in Cincinnati, Ohio
11-8-06  Sue Huckaba tombstone at Marion Cemetery
11-8-06  Bill, Kristin and Betty at lunch after Sue Huckaba funeral service 11-8-06  Bill, Betty and Nelson at lunch after Sue Huckaba funeral service
 11-11-06 Tom, Emily Bill, Betty, Kristin and Emma at Betty & Bill's home 11-15-06  Bill, Betty and John at Betty and Bill's home
11-16-06  Nelson, Betty and John 11-16-06  Jim, Betty, Bill and Jim
11-17-06  Jim, Betty, Bill, John and Jim 11-18-06  Jim, John, Nelson and Jim with 'Need Tickets' sign (for Mich-OSU game).
11-18-06  Betty and Bill Huckaba 11-18-06  Betty and Jim Slagle
7-14-07  Taylor and Emma Bays 7-14-07  Taylor and Emma Bays
9-27-07  Dreighton Stoub and Kristin & Chad's home in Grand Rapids, Michigan 9-27-07  Dreighton, Kristin and Emma
9-27-07  Emma Stoub 9-27-07  Nelson Slagle and Chad
9-27-07  Emily Slagle, Emma and Nelson Slagle 9-27-07  Chad and Kristin Stoub
9-27-07  Chad's maintenance building he rents for his Waste Disposal business 9-27-07  Chad's truck with advertisement of 'Chad and Chuck (brother) disposing of their Calvin College diplomas'
9-27-07  Chad's beside truck with Chad and Chuck (brother) diploma ad on side of truck
9-27-07  One of Chad's trucks with automatic lift
9-27-07  Five of Chad's 17 trucks 9-27-07  Chad's office building with company sign, Ever Kept