9-9-09 Melissa and Jerry on Ferry with bridge in Sydney, Australia in background during pre-move visit to Australia.
Jerry accepted a position of Financial Controller at an Ingram Micro company in a suberb of Australia.
9-9-09 View of bridge and Opera house from Ferry
9-9-09 Melissa and Vivian (helping Jerry and Melissa with relocation) having snack at cafe near apartment they will be renting in Coogee, 20 minutes from work 9-10-09 Melissa and Jerry at Chinese Gardens in Sydney
9-10-09 Elephant at zoo in Tarango 9-11-09  View Of Jerry and Melissa apartment  from beach -beige bldg.  Picture window on 3rd floor is their apartment.
9-20-09 View from Jerry's bedroom after he moved in on 9-20-09 9-20-09 View from Jerry's guest bedroom
9-20-09 View from Jerry's bathroom 9-20-09 Kitchen
9-20-09 Bathroom 9-20-09 Laundry room