Nelson, Jim, Emily, John, Patrick, Gene, Kevin Slaglz, Jean Raymore, Gale Slaglz, Bonnie Shaffstall and Tammy Slaglz.  Eleven of 19 that met at our house for lunch and took the limo to Jerry and Melissa's wedding
Kevin, Patrick, John and Gale Slaglz
Kevin and Patrick Slaglz
Jim, Nelson, John, Emily, Gene  Slaglz and Bonnie Shaffstall
Emily and Gene Slaglz
JIm, Nelson and John Slaglz
Fifthteen of 19 that rode in the limo in front of  Tammy and Nelson's home
Bill and Clare Wulke, Patrice and Jim Kucera at Meadownlark Golf Course waiting for limo
Bill Wulke, Clare Wulke, Joannie Hagen, Curt Hagen, Patrice Kucera and Jim Kucera
Kevin, Gene and Patrick Slaglz in foreground.  Jim, John, Bonnie and Bernie Glass in background
Nelson, John and Jim with Tammy's dress
Emily Slaglz, Valerie Glass, Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymore
Bernie Glass, Emily, Gene and Gale Slaglz and Bonnie Shaffstall boarding limo
Curt Hagen, Tammy Slaglz, Valerie Slaglz, Bernie Glass and Patrick Slaglz in limo
Bill Wulke, Clare Wulke, Nelson Slaglz, Gene Slaglz, Emily Slaglz, Jim Slaglz, Patrice Kucera and Bonnie Shaffstall in limo
Gene Slaglz exits limo at Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes where the wedding was held
Twelve by the limo
Pacific Ocean from Wayfare's chapel.  Note Catalina Island poking through the cloud layer
Nelson, Jim and Jerry
Jim and Jerry Slaglz
Jim, Patrick, Jerry and Kevin Slaglz
Jim Slaglz, Bernie Glass and Valerie Glass
Jerry and Tammy Slaglz
Jerry and Tammy Slaglz
Jerry Slaglz, Dave Faletta, Luis Melo and Scott Van  Camp
John, Nelson and Jim Slaglz
June Hagen, Jerry Slaglz and Tammy Slaglz
Scott Van Camp and Cindy
Angela and Dave Faletta
Patrice Kucera, Bill Wulke and Jim Kucera
Detta Hagen and Tammy Slaglz
Tammy Slaglz, Verle Hagen and Joannie Hagen
Jim, Jim and John Slaglz
Joannie Hagen, Curt Hagen, June Hagen and Clare Wulke
Patrick, Jim, Jim, Kevin, and John Slaglz
Patrick, Jim, Jim, Kevin, John and Jerry Slaglz (4115)