12-00 Jerry's townhouse he just purchased at Northpark in Irvine, California.  Jerry has the corner unit.

12-00 Jim and Jerry in front of their mailboxes

12-00 Jim, Jerry and John Garcia move pin ball machine down last few steps

12-00 Jim Slaglz, Jerry Slaglz and John Garcia move pin ball machine from upstairs.  It weighed a ton!

12-00 John Garcia and Jim Slaglz carry pin ball machine up ramp of U-Haul truck

12-00 John Garcia, Jim Slaglz, Jerry Slaglz and David Falletta put legs on pin ball machine

12-00 Best Buy in front of Jerry's townhouse ready to deliver appliances

12-00 Best Buy moving refrigerator up Jerry's stairway.  Never thought they could make the turn - no problem!

1-01 Jerry and Nelson Slaglz at Jerry's chess board on Nelson's 62nd birthday

1-01 Jerry's kitchen area

1-01 Jerry's TV and DVD collection

1-01 Jerry's bedroom and TV

1-01 Jerry's bedroom

1-01 Jerry playing his Play Station 2 for the first time

3-01 Jim, Nelson and Jerry play shuffleboard in Jerry's garage

3-01 Jerry's dart board in garage - Jerry made

3-01 Blackhawk Jerry painted on front of his dart board

5-26-01 Nelson Slaglz, Lowell Hagen, Jim Slaglz and Jerry

5-26-01 Nelson, Jim, Jerry and Tammy Slaglz

6-30-01 Nelson, John, Jim, and Jerry Slaglz after Hearts game #113 which Uncle Jim won.

7-01-01 John, Jim, Jerry and Jim Slaglz

12-01 Jerry and Melissa Ungaro with OSU swetshirt

12-01 Jerry and Melissa with signing Christmas Bears

12-01  Jerry and Melissa in front of John Slaglz's

12-01 Jim, Tammy, Nelson, Jerry Slaglz and Melissa

1-04-02 Jerry and Jim with Jerry's cast  of a broken leg at 1 year of age on Jerry's 30th birthday

1-4-02 Jerry, Melissa and Jim on Jerry's 30th birthday

1-8-02 Nelson, Melissa and Jerry on Nelson's 63rd birthday

2-19-02 Jerry, Melissa Ungaro and Janet Ungaro 

6-2-02 Jerry and Tammy in Jerry's new Porsche

6-9-02 Jerry and Melissa in her Nissan Xterra

6-9-02 Jerry, Tammy and Melissa celebrate Tammy's 59th birthday

8-4-02 Melissa and Jerry on 2nd anniversary of dating

8-4-02  Tammy, Mellisa, Jerry and Nelson

8-4-02 Melissa and Jerry with their Porsche

9-2-02  Tammy, Jerry and Melissa

12-25-02 Cake Melissa baked for Christmas get together at John Slaglzs

12-25-02 Tammy, Melissa and Jerry opening presents at John Slaglzs

1-3-03  Jerry and Melissa at National Sports Grill watching OSU beat Miami 31-24 in double overtime.  They are wearing #2 (Mike Doss) jerseys.

1-3-03 Dave Falleta and Jerry Slaglz high five as OSU beats Miami for National Championship 

1-26-03 Gene, Emily, Jerry and Melissa Slaglz at John’s the day after Jerry & Melissa's wedding

4-12-03 Jim, Jerry, Melissa and Nelson in front of BJ's in Irvine.  Jim was home for the weekend from Philadelphia

 4-12-03 Melissa and Jerry with 'Slag MR2' license plates in their garage
4-12-03 Melissa and Jerry with original painting by Goddard
4-12-03 Jerry and Nelson playing backgammon while Tammy watches
4-12-03 Melissa and Jerry with original painting by Goddard
4-19-03 Jerry and Melissa at her parents home.  They just finished an easter egg hunt
4-19-03 Janet Ungaro and Bailey Ungaro
7-20-03 Debbie Elton, Melissa, Jerry and Jim Slaglz
11-19-03 Jerry's 1987 Ferrari in the garage of Jerry & Melissa's home
11-9-03 newly painted engine of Ferrari
11-9-03 Inside of Ferrari stripped bare by Jerry so he could refurbish
11- 27-03  Seventeen attending Thanksgiving feast
11- 27-03 - Two table setting prior to dinner
11- 27-03 Seventeen seated for dinner
11- 27-03 Edna (Melissa grandmother) and Nelson Slaglz
11- 27-03 Melissa, Nelson Slaglz and Janet Ungaro
11- 27-03 Kevin, Patrick, Jim, John, and Jerry Slaglz watch football on TV
11- 27-03 Kevin, Patrick, John, Nelson, Jim and Jerry Slaglz watch football on TV
11- 27-03 - Bailey, Stacy, Melissa and Greg (Melissa brother) Ungaro
11- 27-03 Thirty-two pound turkey
11- 27-03 Melissa and Jerry Slaglz
11- 27-03 Greg and Stacy Ungaro
11- 27-03 Melissa and Tam clean dishes
1-04-04 Edna, Melissa, Nelson, Jerry, Alex, Jim, Janet and Tammy at Fridays on Anton in Costa Mesa to celebrate Jerry's 32nd birthday
1-04-04 Jerry opening presents, Nelson and Jim at Jerry and Melissa's home
1-04-04 Jerry with his birthday cake and 32 candles
1-04-04 Jerry blows out candles and Melissa
1-04-04 Jerry and Jim with picture in their game room
1-04-04 Jerry on his new chair in his den
1-04-04 Edna and Melissa by picture in game room
1-04-04 Edna (Melissa grandmother), Melissa, Janet and Alex
1-04-04 Nelson, Jim, Jerry, Melissa, Edna, Janet and Alex
1-04-04 Jim Jerry, Melissa, Tammy and Nelson
1-04-04 Kumquats and Impatients on front patio
1-16-04 Melissa, Nelson and Anna
1-16-04 Jerry, Melissa, Nelson and Anna after watching Seabiscuit DVD
5-9-04 Janet Ungaro and Tammy Slaglz on Mothers Day at Jerry and Melissa's
5-9-04 Janet, Melissa, Jerry and Tammy
5-9-04 Nelson, Melissa and Alex Ungaro on Mothers Day
12-25-04 Melissa, Jerry and Jim Slaglz at John Slaglz's for Christmas
12-25-04 Gene, Melissa, Jerry, Emily and Jim Slaglz
12-25-04 Gene, Emily, Jerry, Patrick, Jim and Kevin Slaglz
12-25-04 Kevin, Patrick, Jim and Jerry Slaglz
12-25-04 Jerry, Emily, Melissa, Tammy, Jim, Gene and Nelson Slaglz
12-25-04 Melissa and Jerry Slaglz close up
12-30-04 Jerry taking cover off Ferrari in garage
12-30-04 Gene, Emily and Jerry in Garage
12-30-04 Jerry helping Gene out of Ferrari.  Gene couldn't get fully in drivers seat
12-30-04 Emily in Drivers seat of Ferrari
12-30-04 Emily through windshield in driver seat
12-30-04 Jerry shows Tam and Emily Ferrari and Hummer pictures on computer
12-30-04 Gene Slaglz on treadmill in master bedroom
12-30-04 Emily, Nelson Gene and Jerry watch TVr
12-30-04 Gene, Melissa, Jerry and Emily 12-30-04 Melissa, Emily, Jerry, Nelson and Gene
12-30-04 Melissa, Emily, Jerry, Tam and Gene

1-02-05 Nelson celebrating 66th birthday, Melissa and Jerry celebrating 33rd birthday.  Just returned from dinner at the Outback adjacent of the Westminster Mall.
1-02-05 Nelson, Edna, Janet, Melissa, Jerry and Alex Ungaro
1-02-05 Close up of Melissa and Jerry
2-27-05 Front and side of Jerry's 2001 H1 Hummer
2-27-05 Back and truck bed that Jerry installed over the weekend.  Dave Falleta beside truck
2-27-05 Back and side of Jerry's Hummer
2-27-05 Front close up
2-27-05 Inside of Hummer
3-27-05 Melissa, Tammy and Alex in back yard on Easter Sunday
3-27-05 Janet Ungaro, Jerry Slaglz, Greg Ungaro, Alex Ungaro, Melissa Slaglz, Tammy Slaglz, Jim Slaglz and Stacy Ungaro at Jerry & Melissa's for Easter
 5-8-05 Jerry's model Ferrari - he repainted inside and outside to make it look his Ferrari
 5-8-05 Edna, Janet Ungaro, Tammy Slaglz and Alex Ungaro on Mothers Day at Jerry and Melissa's
 5-8-05 Nelson, Edna, Janet, Alex and Melissa