12-00 Nelson, Jim and Jerry Slagle in front of townhouses that Jim and Jerry each purchased in Northpark in Irvine, California 12-00 Back of Jim's townhouse - he lives in middle unit
12-00 Jerry Slagle, Jim Slagle and John Garcia in front of U-Haul truck that they moved their big items to their townhouses 12-00 Best Buy in front of Jim's townhouse delivering appliances to Jim's townhouse
12-00 Best Buy carries refrigerator up stairs 12-00 Best Buy assembles door to refrigerator in Jim's kitchen
12-00 Jim at Kitchen Table 12-00 Jim in Living Room
12-00 TV in Jim's Bedroom 12-00 Computer Table in Den with Cal State Fullerton diploma
12-00 Pepperdine Diploma and Eddie George Picture in Den 12-00 Jim and Jerry at John's
5-19-01 Jim and Lowell Hagen 5-19-01 Jim doing push ups
5-26-01 Curt Hagen, Lowell Hagen, Larry Hagen and
6-29-01 Jim with his uncles Jim and John Slagle
7-15-01 Jim Computer room showing computer side of room 7-15-01 Jim Computer room showing corner with Pepperdine Diploma and Eddie George picture
7-15-01 Jim Computer room showing 1988 Sunset League Football All Stars, Eddie George picture and 1988 Westminter Lions baseball team 7-15-01 Jim's dining area
7-15-01 Jim's living room area 7-27-02  Carol Jean Segar, Jim and Patrice Kucera at a picnic at North Lagoon Park in Irvine.
8-29-02 Don McLeod, Greg Gent, Jim Slagle and John Garcia in front of Angel Stadium for last game before pending strike.  Strike was averted. 8-29-02 Greg Gent, Don McLeod, Jim Slagle, Nelson Slagle and John Garcia in box seats at Angel 6 Tampa Bay 1 game
9-28-02 Jim, John Slagle, Gary Schwind and Greg Gent at the National Sports Bar for OSU 45 Indiana 17 game 12-25-02 Jim and Nelson Slagle at John Slagle's home for Christmas
4-11-03 Jim at computer at his parents home.  Jim flew home for four days from Philadelphia where he helped brief a law firm in Los Angeles
4-12-03 Jerry, Jim and Nelson by Jerry's Porsche in front of BJ's in Irvine
4-12-03 Jim shows Nelson Procube on his laptop in his condo
10-19-03 Jim's view from balcony of home in Tella Berra
10-19-03 Jim's living room mess after painters applied earth tone color paint
10-19-03 Jim's living room mess after painting.  
10-19-03 Jim's bedroom mess after painting
10-19-03 Jim's dens mess after painting.  
7-21-04 Nicole Gumm, Jim, Tam Melissa and Jerry as Jim opens presents on his 34th birthday in the back of  Nelson & Tam's CRV Honda at BJ's in Irvine, Calif
7-21-04 Jim with a gift of The Miracle DVD
7-21-04 Jim and Jerry with two DVD's and a picture
7-21-04 Jim with Army fatigue shorts
7-21-04 Jim with Jack Daniels t-shirt
7-21-04 Nicole, Jim, Jerry and Melissa at BJ's
12-25-04 Gene and Jim Slagle at John Slagle's for Christmas
12-25-04 Jim, Gene and John Slagle
12-25-04 Gene, Melissa, Jerry, Emily and Jim Slagle
12-25-04 Gene, Emily, Jerry, Patrick, Jim and Kevin Slagle
12-25-04 Kevin, Patrick, Jim, and Jerry Slagle
12-25-04 Jerry, Emily, Melissa, Tammy, Jim, Gene and Nelson Slagle at John Slagle for Christmas
12-31-04 Gene, Emily and Tammy on Living Room couch visiting Jim's condo while Jim is vacationing in Florida
12-31-04 Nelson, Emily and Gene in Living Room
12-31-04 Emily and Gene on 4th floor deck with Pacific Ocean coast line in back ground
12-31-04 Gene, Emily and Tam in Living Room at night