OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER 2000
10-01-00 Jeff Robinette, Gene Slagle, Emily Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Betty Huckaba, Bill Huckaba, and Jenny Robinette applying stamps to postcards in support of Jim Slagle's campaign for Prosecuting Attorney
Emily and Gene Slagle standing beside 'Jim Slagle for Prosecutor' sign.  Gene's office building at 463 Center Street in Marion, Ohio is in background Jim Slagle speaking at a fund raiser at home of Stephen Skinner at 511 Eveningside Circle in Marion, Ohio
Marion, Ohio courthouse built in 1885 Marion Courthouse Plaque providing history of building
Stage for candidates on forum held by Marion County League of Woman Voters Jim working crowd prior to forum with Gene and Emily Slagle looking on
Candidates at forum.  Don Taube and Jim Slagle are middle two in back row Jean Hoffman, President of League of Woman Voters
Don Taube (Jim's opponent) and Jim in back row Jim supporters in the 2nd row: Gene, Emily, Lauren, Emily and Betsy Slagle
Lauren, Emily and Betsy in second row Betsy, Emily, Lauren and Jim after forum
Jim working the crowd after the forum Lauren, Betsy and Emily Slagle
Heidi and Emily Slagle after forum Jim gives instructions on distributing campaign literature to John Lewis.  Jim Barnett and Randy Barnett are two with backs showing
Jay Walker, Gwen Chesnut, Vicki Sanner, Wayne Fowler and Rhonda Burggraf ready to distribute campaign literature Jim giving instruction to Bill and Betty Huckaba
Jim's prosecutor sign in front of 445 S. Vine Street, Marion, Ohio the home Jim first lived in after birth Don Taube's billboard on Bellefountaine Avenue in Marion, Ohio
A Stocker sign for prosecutor in Bucyrus, Crawford County.  Home in background is 203 Mary Street, a rental property owned by Gene and Emily Slagle  Campaign signs in one yard on Bellefountaine Ave.
Jim and Nelson await returns on election night.  Jim posted the results to the paper behind us.  We got results on WMRN radio after each 25% of the precincts.  Since Jim had 64% of the votes after the first 25%, the race was essentially over. Nelson, Gene, Emily and Jim Slagle on election night at Jim's home.  Jim hosted about 30 supporters for an election night party
Betty Huckaba, Jim and Nelson Slagle Susan Bruder, Jim Slagle, Bill Huckaba and Betty Huckaba await returns in living room
Mary Moodie, Jim Young, Sue Young and Debbie Moodie in family room Heidi and Gene Slagle
Unknown, John Butterworth, Gwen Chesnut and Heidi Slagle in living room  Nelson, Emily, Gene, Jim and Heidi Slagle
Heidi and Jim Slagle Final results after each 25% of precincts
Sheryl Reeve, John Butterworth, Phyllis Butterworth, Carrie Hutchman, Heidi Slagle, Susan Bruder and Heidi Slagle at tail end of party.  Jim has won the seat for Prosecuting Attorney but the office of President won't be settled for another month as Florida decides race between George Bush and Al Gore!  Gene Slagle picks up one of 500 of Jim signs after election on day after the election.  Note other signs.