Nelson spent three weeks in Ohio assisting Jim on his campaign for  a 7th term as Prosecuting Attorney and doing some site seeing.  The pictures are divided into six categories as follows:
A-  Jim Campaign
B-  Repairs to Emily Slagle's apartment house at 473 E. Center, Marion, Ohio
C-  Prior Slagle homes
D-  Joe Biden Rally in Marion, Ohio
E-  Barack Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio
F-   Other

  1- 10-15-08  Heidi Slagle picked up a 60,000 brochure mailing in Columbus then picked me up at the Huckaba's.  First stop was a mailing service located at the Marion Depot on Rt 309.  Boxes are being unloaded.  Large cranes weren't needed!   2-10-15-08  Boxes being towed to building by Richard Wrent
  3- 10-15-08  Heidi watches Richard at label machine.  Richard will put the mailing labels on the  brochures to ready for mailing to all registered voters in Marion County   4- 10-15-08  Jim Slagle political sign in Emily Slagle's apartment window.  All of the other political sign pictures follow.
  5-  10-17-08  Large Yager political sign   6- 10-17-08  Brent Yager and John McCain signs
  7-  10-17-08  Large Barack Obama/Joe Biden sign with Yager sign in background   8- 10-17-08 Obama and Slagle signs
  9-  10-17-08  Kruse, Slagle, Obama, Draper and signs 10- 10-17-08 Obama, Draper, Slagle and Cordray signs
11- 10-19-08  Large Yager sign on Building just west of Epworth Methodist church 12- 10-19-08  Eight signs at 438 S. Vine which is across street from 445 S. Vine St.
13- 10-19-08  Six signs including Jeff McClain 14- 10-19-08  Large Yager and Rigney signs just west of Marion on Rt 309
15- 10-29-08  Nine political signs in front yard 16- 10-30-08  Parish, Bailey and Yager signs in Prospect, Ohio
17- 11-3-08  Two Slagle and two McCain political signs 18- 10-16-08  Maynard Hall at Marion campus of Ohio State where candidates night was held
19- 10-16-08  Emily Slagle, Betty Huckaba and Emily Slagle at candidates night 20- 10-16-08  Jim Slagle and Jeff McClain (won race for State House seat from district including most of Marion County) prior to debate
21- 10-16-08  Dean of Marion campus making opening comments 22- 10-16-08  Jim Slagle and Brent Yager
23- 10-16-08  Emily Slagle, Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Heidi Slagle and Emily Slagle after debate 24- 10-16-08  Nelson Slagle, Emily Slagle, Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba and Emily Slagle
25- 10-16-08  Nelson, Emily, Jim Slagle, Bill & Betty Huckaba and Emily Slagle 26- 10-17-08  Nelson on microfiche machine at Marion Public Library looking for crime statistics in the early 1970's.
27- 10-18-08  Nelson putting signs together in garage 28- 10-21-08  Realtors Luncheon with most of the candidates present
29- 10-21-08  Yager and Tim Bailey at table 30- 10-21-08  Sheriff Bailey watches Jim speak
31- 10-21-08  Sheriff Tim Bailey watches Brent Yager speak 32- 10-21-08  Jeff McClain watches Sheriff Bailey speak
33- 10-21-08  Nelson signs Campaign Expenses form as Deputy Secretary (Heidi was Secretary but couldn't file report as she was in Warren with her dying dad).
34 - 10-23-08  WMRN radio station equipment at League of Women candidate night at TriRivers
35- 10-23-08  Emily, Nelson and Emily seated in first row - a capacity crowd of about 250 attended along with WMRN radio audience 36- 10-23-08  Capacity crowd from back just prior to start
37- 10-23-08  Jim Slagle and Brent Yager 38- 10-23-08  Sheriff candidates Tim Bailey and Russ Rigney, Treasury candidates Jan Draper and Karyle Mumper and moderators
39- 10-23-08  Jim Slagle speaks, Brent Yager and Clerk of Courts Candidate Julie Kagel.  In back row is Ohio US Representative candidate Mike Carroll and Ohio Senate candidates  Karen Gillmor and Thomas Kruse
40- 10-23-08  Jim Slagle, Brent Yager speaking, Julie Kagel.  In back row is Ohio US Representative candidate Mike Carroll and Ohio Senate candidates  Karen Gillmor and Thomas Kruse
  41- 10-25-08  Most of 50 precincts with flyers ready for distribution  42- 10-25-08 - Rest of precincts ready for distribution 
43- 10-25-08  Gwen Chestnut and Jennifer Croskey,  coordinators of flyer hand out,   substituting for Jim who was in Warren, Ohio attending a funeral for Heidi's father 44- 10 -25-08  Jennifer Croskey giving instructions to 30 volunteers handing out flyers
  45- 10-25-08  Picture of volunteers from back with Tim Bailey on left    46- 10-25-08  Lineup of volunteer's cars in front of Jim & Heidi's house 
47- 10-28-08  Jim at Landlords candidate night at Marion restaurant.  Only Jim and Treasurer candidates were invited (Brent couldn't attend) thus Jim spent 20 minutes speaking and answering questions.   48-10-30-08  Nelson distributing flyers in Caledonia, Ohio
49- 10-30-08  Jim at FM radio station at 121 E. Church St in Marion prior to a tense one hour debate with Brent Yager.  This address used to be the office of Gene Slagle when Nelson worked with him in early 1960's.
50- 11-1-08  Nelson and just returning from passing out flyers.  She is assistant prosecuting attorney for Jim.  Nelson passed out about 2,000 flyers in 6.5 equivalent precincts walking about 84 miles, 78 coming in 8 days and 26 miles in back in back days.
51- 11-04-08  Emily, Jim and Nelson Slagle in 'Slagle Our Prosecutor' shirts at Jim's election night party at his home 52-11-04-08  Jim Slagle studying laptop with local office election results.  Jim lost to Brent Yager 53-47%.  In six prior elections Jim always won with at least 58% of the vote
53- 11-04-08  Betty Huckaba, Rhonda Burggraff, Larry Babich and Emily Slagle attempt to make sense of the election results 54- 11-04-08 Heidi with stunned guests
55- 11-04-08  Jim counsels staff as two Emily's listen in dining room

  1- 10-23-08  Charlie Cuteralli readies side porch for concrete job   2- 10-23-08  Charlie at Oberfields getting a scoop of sand in his pickup
  3- 10-23-08  Charlie loading blocks in his pickup at Oberfields   4- 10-23-08  Charlies lays first row of block on porch.  He will pour concrete between block and porch to solidify.
   5- 10-24-08  Charlie lays 2nd row of block on porch   6- 10-26-08  Completed porch wall
   7-10-27-08  Porch steps prior to concreting
  8- 10-27-08  Nelson mixing concrete for Charlie, filling bucket and handing to Charlie who spreads on porch top and levels.
   9 -10-27-08  Charlie leveling concrete on porch top with trowel 10- 10-27-08  Close-up of Charlie leveling porch top
11- 10-28-08  Plank for walking to front door without messing up concrete.  Ended with footprint, dog paw print and cat paw print on finished job! 12- 10-28-08  Porch steps completed except for removing boards
13- 11-3-08  Hole in bedroom wall of west side apartment ready for plaster 14- 11-3-08   Small hole in bedroom later enlarged to remove loose plaster.
15- 11-3-08   Crack in wall in kitchen 16- 11-3-08   Kitchen ceiling before repair
17- 11-3-08   Charlie mixing mortar and plaster 18- 11-3-08  Charlie finishing plaster of big hole
19- 11-5-08   Charlie sanding big hole in bedroom 20- 11-5-08   Patched kitchen ceiling hole

  1- 10-19-08  Front of 445 S. Vine St. in Marion, Ohio   2- 10-19-08  Back of 445 S. Vine St.
  3- 10-19-08  Rt 98 farm house   4- 10-19-08  Back of Rt 98 farm house.  Halloween decorations on side of house.
  5- 10-19-08  Rt 98 farm house and garage from shed.  Notice wood beams for parking.   6- 10-26-08  Remodeled kitchen of Betty and Bill Huckaba's home in Worthington, Ohio.  Bill ended up as construction contractor on the job saving a bundle of money.
  7- 11-2-08  Apartment front steps after leveling.  Don't look too good after fix but at least they are now level and solid after Charlie put cement blocks under left side.   8- 11-04-08  Bill Rupp, Emily Slagle and Pauline McDougall in driveway of Galion home Emily and Gene lived in for 30 years up to 2000.  Bill is new owner and a distant relative to Adolph Rupp, legendary Kentucky basketball coach.
  9- 11-04-08  Bill Rupp walking toward patio and swimming pool.  Patio replaces stone fire place and planters that used to be there 10- 11-04-08  Swimming pool area.  Door was put in bath where window was for easy pool access.  Five year-old daughter uses pool extensively.
11- 11-04-08  Emily, Pauline and Bill Rupp in renovated kitchen - all new cabinets 12- 11-04-08  Eating area in kitchen
13- 11-04-08  Living room table and view out new window - all windows replaced 14- 11-04-08  Bill Rupp in Living room - all carpeting removed leaving hardwood floors
15- 11-04-08  Den shelves - note signed footballs by John Cooper and Jim Tressel - Bill is huge OSU fan
16- 11-04-08  Front of Galion home
17- 11-04-08  Brutus and Nelson in front of home.  Brutus is up all football season 18- 11-04-08  OSU blanket covers front door of Galion home

  1-  Nelson Slagle, Wanda Sharrock campaign manger an Wanda Sharrock at Joe Biden rally at Marion Harding High School gymnasium.  Wanda finished 2nd in three person race for State Representative. 
  2- Heidi and Emily in front row seats on side
   3- Lt Governor,  Lee Fisher speaking    4- Lee Fisher holds t-shirt with words:  Obama, OBiden, Ohio, 08
   5- Jill Biden, Joe's wife speaks.    6- Jill Biden, Joe's wife speaks.  Note bleachers in background
   7- Joe Biden speaks, Jill applauds    8- Joe Biden speaks as Jill watches
   9- Joe Biden speaks as Jill watches - telephoto from Nelson's front row standing position.  Nelson had the best spot in the gym for taking pictures.
  10- Joe speaking as Jill laughs at joke - telephoto
11- Nelson and back of Wanda Sharrock as Joe Biden speaks    12- Joe Biden close up
13-Joe and Jill Biden with fins in bleachers in background    14- Bleacher where people sat - about 600 attended rally
15-  Joe Biden shaking hands - earlier he kissed Emily Slagle
   16-Nelson and Joe Biden close-up
17- Joe Biden shaking hands

  1-  Historical marker in front of State House in Columbus, Ohio, site of Obama rally
  2- View of front of line at Broad and High St at 10:30 AM, 30 minutes prior to Security letting you into security grounds and 2:30 prior to rally start.   When Nelson found end of line Nelson was 7 blocks from security.
  3- McCain-Palin van circling area while we were in line.  Every passing led to a course of boos.   4- No on 6 van.  Proposition 6 was attempting to get a casino in southern Ohio, but was soundly defeated
  5- Nelson points to back of 33 N. High Street where he worked in early 1960's.  Seven block line wound its way in an alley behind 33 N. High St.
  6- Nelson nearing Security line to enter state grounds at 12:30 PM.
  7- Nelson points to 33 N. High Street building where he worked for LRB&M in early 1960's.   8- Vendor booths at Broad & High St.
  9- Big Screen TV with security lines to the left   10-  Security tent where security lines are from inside capital grounds - note you can't see either end of the tent.  Probably 20-30 security lines going through the tent
  11- Capital and crowd prior to start of rally.   12- Governor Strickland speaking
  13- Michelle Obama speaking during 10 minute speech   14-  Michelle Obama speaking
  15- Security coming out of Capital Building just prior to Obama - telephoto.  Almost all pictures were taken by holding hand straight overhead, pointing and taking picture hoping my camera aim was ok.
  16-  Barack Obama during his 25 minute speech - telephoto
  17- Barack Obama during his 25 minute speech - regular lens   18- Barack Obama during his 25 minute speech
  19- Barack Obama during his 25 minute speech   20- View of crowd estimated at 60,000 - note 3 security men on roof.  There were three men on roof on each side of the dome.
  21-Obama speaking taking from side of grounds.  Obama is right in front of red tree.
  22- Crowds outside capital grounds at Broad and High St.
   23-Crowds in front of capital grounds on High St


  1- 10-15-08  Nelson at LAX (LA airport) being examined by medical and security staff).  He was wearing to many clothes and the hour waiting in several lines caused him to get to warm and he kneeled with dry heaves one person before finally making it to the security table.  After being given a chair to sit on and taking off his jackets and sweater he was fine.    2- 10-15-08  Nelson being examined by paramedics.  He had to wait for 15 minutes for their arrival - security wanted to be sure Nelson was ok to make a 4 hour flight.  They gave Nelson an EKG.  Nelson made his flight with only seconds to spare. 
  3- 10-15-08  Pictures on living room wall in Emily Slagle's apartment   4- 10-18-08  Betsy, Nelson and Emily Slagle
  5- 10-18-08  Nelson identifying pictures on his laptop while watching OSU 45 Michigan State 7 game.   6- 10-18-08  Skip Davis and Betsy Slagle making cookies
  7- 10-19-08  Emily, Nelson, Bill, Betty and Emily at Denny's   8- 10-19-08  Nelson, Bill, Betty and Emily in Emily's apartment
  9- 10-19-08  Emily, Bill, Betty and Emily 10- 10-21-08  Emily with braces prior to going to dentist
11 - 10-21-08  Emily after dentist visit - no braces 12- 10-22-08  Tennis Banquet at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.  Emily is sitting at far end of table. 
13- 10-22-08  Emily at tennis banquet 14- 10-22-08  Emily and Jim with Emily's tennis letter (her first varsity letter) and certificate
15- 10-24-08  Alex Wilson and Emily in SWAT t-shirts 16- 10-24-08 Alex Wilson and Emily back of SWAT t-shirt
17- 10-25-08  Jason Geiser, Nelson Slagle and Ben Gieser at their tailgate party at Woody Hayes drive and Fife prior to Penn State 13 OSU 6 game 18- 10-25-08  Phil Hensley, Jennifer Hooey, David Hooey and Nelson Slagle at their tailgate party
19- 10-25-08  OSU Players enter field for night game vs Penn State
20- 10-25-08  Nelson and Kenny on 49.5 yard line in C deck.  Nelson was circling stadium 5 minutes before game time with one finger raised when Kenny taps him on shoulder saying, "You look like a nice man, come with me".  He ushered me free into the stadium.  That is Nelson's kind of price for a ticket.
21- 10-26-08  Betsy and Jim Slagle 22- 10-28-08  Heidi behind flowers received from Marion friends after funeral for her father in Warren, Ohio on Oct 25th
23- 10-29-08  Fall colors on Leetonia Ave in Marion, Ohio 24- 10-30-08  President Warren Harding home on Main St in Caledonia, Ohio
25- 10-25-08  Historical sign in front of President Harding home in Caledonia, Ohio 26- 10-31-08  Bob Rogers field sign in Prospect, Ohio.  Bob played and managed/coached major league baseball for about 30 years.
27- 11-2-08  Emily playing with Nemo and Toto 28- 11-3-08  Fall tree in Marion
29- 11-04-08  Pauline McDougal and Emily Slagle at Pauline's home next door to Emily & Gene's prior home in Galion, Ohio.  Pauline is 97 in December and lives alone in home.
30- 11-04-08  Emily and Pauline in living room of Pauline's home.  These two ladies total 189 years of age.
31- 11-04-08  Another fall tree 32- 11-04-08  Emily looking at Gene Slagle tombstone at Oakwood Cemetery in Bucyrus, Ohio
33- 11-04-08  Slagle family plot.  Gene Slagle, John Nelson Slagle and Milford Slagle in top row with Vern Slagle stone in front of Milford Slagle 34- 11-04-08  Emily looking at Gene stone taken from behind Slagle Family plot.  Anna Jeannette Slagle (John Nelson Slagle wife) purchased plot on 9-13-09, two days after John Nelson Slagle died.
35- 11-04-08  Close-up of Gene Slagle tombstone 36- 11-04-08 Close-up of Vern Slagle tombstone
37- 11-04-08  Col. Wilson Emment Memorial in back of Slagle plot 38- 11-04-08 Foster Mausoleum near Slagle plot also in section J23.
39- 11-04-08 Norman Thomas historical sign in parking area beside overpass on Prospect St in Marion, Ohio.  Thomas ran for President six times for the Socialist party.  The sign marks the site of his boyhood home. 
40- 11-04-08 Marion Power shovel display on E. Center St in Marion, Ohio
41- 11-04-08 Close-up of sign beside shovel 42- 11-04-08 Marion Power Shovel historical sign