10-00 Emma Robinette, Betsy Slagle, Libby Robinette, Lauren Slagle and Emily Slagle at Jim & Heidi's 10-00 Jim, Heidi, Betsy, Jeff, Emily, Lauren, Emma, Tammy, Libby, Jenny, Bonnie, Emily, Gene, Betty and Bill
10-00 Lauren, Jim, Betsy, Tammy, Gene, Emily and Emily Slagle at McDonald's in Marion, Ohio 10-00 Emily, Lauren, Betsy, & Nelson Slagle and Ronald McDonald
10-00 Jim, Gene, Tammy, Emily, Emily, and Lauren eating at McDonalds 11-00 Emily, Gene and Jim Slagle at Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio
11-00 Jim, Emily, Gene and Nelson Slagle at Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio 11-00 Lauren, Heidi, Emily, Jim and Betsy Slagle
11-00 Heidi and Tammy Slagle at Jim & Heidi's 11-00 Jim and Nelson Slagle pulling kitchen duty
11-00 Nelson, Tammy, Gene, Emily, Heidi and Jim Slagle 11-00 Tammy, Nelson, Emily, Gene, Heidi and Jim Slagle at Jim & Heidi's
11-00 Emily, Gene, Lauren, Emily, Heidi, Betsy and Jim Slagle 6-01 John Slagle, Jean Raymoure, Jim Slagle, Heidi Slagle, Jim Slagle, Tammy Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall and Gale Slagle at John Slagle's in Irvine, California
6-30-01 Jim wins 1st place in Hearts Game #113 at Nelson Slagle's in Westminster, California 7-01-01  Kevin, Betsy, Lauren, Emily and Patrick Slagle and Nelson and Tammy's
7-01-01 Lauren and Emily play Rubicks Race 7-01-01 Kevin, Lauren and Jerry Slagle playing Clue
7-01-01 Betsy and Heidi Slagle filing recipes 7-01-01 Heidi, Lauren, Emily, Jim and Betsy Slagle
9-30-01 Betsy Slagle, Alex Joss, Emma Slagle, Emily Slagle, Libby Slagle, Fred Joss, Mayde Joss and Rob Joss at Jim & Heidi Slagle's home in Marion, Ohio 9-30-01 Amy Joss, Jenny Robinette, Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, and Rob Joss eating
9-30-01 Chad Stoub, Jim Slagle, Gene Slagle and Kristin Stoub  9-30-01 Mayde Joss, Betsy Slagle and Emma Robinette drawing with chalk on driveway
9-30-01 Jim Slagle and 'Tribe' Chief' the Cleveland Indians baseball team symbol 9-30-01 Jim, Gene and Emily Slagle with 'Tribe' Chief
9-30-01 Standing: Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Jenny holding Michael & Jeff Robinette, Jim Slagle, Amy Joss, Betsy Slagle, Rob Joss, Emily Slagle and Lauren Slagle.  Kneeling/sitting: Libby & Emma Robinette, Heidi Slagle, Maybe Joss, Gene Slagle, Fred Joss, Emily Slagle  and Alex Joss 9-30-01 Emily, Jim, Emily, Heidi, Gene, Betsy, and Lauren Slagle 
10-5-01 Lauren and Betsy Slagle in front yard 10-5-01 Lauren, Jim and Betsy Slagle
10-7-01 Jim and Heidi Slagle home in Marion, Ohio 11-24-02 Heidi applying make up to Lauren prior to Gene and Emily's 65th Wedding Anniversary
11-24-02 Emily's bedroom featuring Britany Spears poster 11-25-02 Jim Slagle eating breakfast in their remodeled kitchen.
11-25-02 Remodeled bookcases in family room 8-17-03 Emily, Lauren and Betsy Slagle at Betty & Bill Huckaba's home
8-17-03 Gene, Emily, Betsy, Lauren, Emily Heidi and Jim Slagle
8-17-03 Jim, Betsy, Emily, Lauren, and Heidi Slagle
8-29-03 Prosecutor Office Building.  Jim just moved in building in August 2003
8-29-03 Gene, Jim and Emily Slagle in Jim's Prosecutor office
8-29-03 Jim and Nelson in library
8-29-03 Jim, Gene and Emily Slagle in Conference room
8-17-03 Jim with new assistant prosecutor, Adam Rich 8-30-03 Betsy, Nelson and Emily Slagle at Jim and Heidi's
8-30-03 Nelson and Heidi Slagle
8-30-03 Lauren and Nelson Slagle at Bank One Building in downtown Marion visiting Lauren on her first job
10-28-04 Betsy, Emily, Michael and Fabrice
10-28-04 Fabrice and Michael.  Michael is an exchange student from France and Fabrice is Michael's friend visiting from France for a few days
10-28-04 Lauren doing homework
10-28-04 Heidi and Jim
10-29-04 Michael, Betsy and Lauren heading for school at 7:15 AM
10-29-04 Heidi holds Toto
10-29-04 Emily and Nelson
10-29-04 Nelson's bedroom in basement
10-29-04 Front of Jim's Prosecutors office next to Court House
10-29-04 Jim and Nelson in Jim's office
10-29-04 Jim and Policeman who brought in a DUI case late Friday afternoon.  Trying to get bail posted before Judge leaves for the weekend
10-29-04 Jim studying brand new addendum to DUI bill to determine if they have a case
10-29-04 Jim and Adam Rich an Assistant Prosecutor
10-29-04 Toto and Trinca by front door of Jim and Heidi's home
10-29-04 Michael, Fabrice, Jim and Emily at Dining Room table for dinner
10-29-04 Betsy, Heidi, Lauren, Jim, Michael and Emily
10-29-04 Betsy, Heidi, Lauren, Jim and Emily
12-18-04 Lauren singing with the Harding Singers at the Palace Theater in Marion, Ohio
12-18-04 Lauren sitting on stage with Harding Singers at Palace Theater, in Marion, Ohio
12-18-04 Lauren with the Harding Singers choir at the Palace Theater in Marion, Ohio
6-05 Lauren in  high school graduation gown.  Lauren is the first Slagle to graduate from Marion Harding High School since Betty 'Slagle' Huckaba graduated in 1960.
 6-05 Lauren with the Harding Singers (High School Group) in Marion, Ohio

6-05 Lauren and prom date Matt Pierce


Emily, Betsy, Jim, Lauren Slagle, Bill and Betty Huckaba in Rome
Colosseum in Rome, built in 72AD
David statute by Michaelangelo at the Academy in Florence, Italy
Emily close up in Venice, Italy
Emily, Lauren, and Betsy on bridge in Venice, Italy
Emily with pigeon on shoulder in Venice, Italy
Heidi with several pigeons on shoulder in Venice, Italy
Emily, Betsy, Heidi, Lauren and Jim Slagle in front of Schonnbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria
 Jim finds Cleveland Indians poster in 2nd hand store in Vienna, Austria ***
Emily in Munich, Germany ***
Emily, Lauren and Betsy in front of Fontainebleau 45 minutes south of Paris.  Palace was used by French rulers, mostly before Versaille was built.
 Jim and Heidi at Versaille, Paris  ***
Jim holding up Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy
Marble statute, 1200 BC from Egypt on display in the Louvre in Paris, France
Jim imitates the Thinker by Rodin at the Rodin Museum in Paris, France
A gargoyle at Notre Dame in Paris, France
Heidi and Betsy at Rodin Museum in Paris ***
Lauren and Betsy in Paris ***
Betsy at hotel balcony in Paris ***
Betsy, Emily and Lauren in front of a sandwich restaurant inParis ***

Lauren, Betsy and Emily at Eiffel Tower in Paris ***
Eiffle Tower in Paris, France
Paris from Notre Dame
Emily, Heidi, Betsy and Lauren shop for clothes in Paris, France
Betsy and Emily in hats in London, England
Emily, Lauren, Betsy and Heidi in front of Kensington Palace in London, England ***
Emily, Lauren, Betsy on underground train in London, England on July 8th.  The terrorist bombs that killed about 55 people was a few miles away on July 7th.
 Lauren, Jim, Betsy and Heidi on in London on on a bus on July 7th, the morning of the terroists attack
Clay figurines, 5500 - 4000 BC on display in the British Museum in London

 7-16-06 Nelson, Emily and Toto at Jim & Heidi's  7-16-06  Nelson, Emily, Gene, and Jim
 7-16-06 Nelson and Jim
7-16-06 Gene, Emily, Jim, Emily and Heidi at Jim `and` Heidi's` for lunch
 7-16-06 Lauren working at Arby's on her last day there.  Arby's is north of the Harding Memorial 2-3 blocks.
7-17-06 Jim in on deck circle at Garfield Park in Marion, Ohio in a 50 year and older softball league
7-17-06 - Jim batting
  7-1 7-06 - Jim running to first base for an infield hit
7-17-06 - Jim on First Base after a single
- 7-17-06 -Jim playing 3B from center field
7-17-06 - JIm at 3B with score board in background.  Final score was 20-8 with Jim's team losing 7-17 -06 - Jim batting with score board in background
  7-17-06 - Jim Slagle and Kelly, Coach Steve and Karen Herr

7-25-06  Nelson and Jim Slagle at Jacobs Field in Cleveland to watch Cleveland 12 Detroit 7 game.
7-25-06  Third pitch of Cleveland game from our 3rd deck seat directly behind home plate

7-27-06  Heidi giving Nelson a haircut.

7-30-06  Nelson, Heidi, Emily, Emily, Jim and Gene Slagle in Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio
7-30-06  Lauren studing Micro Economics she is taking during the summer
7-31-06  Jim batting in slo pitch game at Kennedy Park next to the senior center mother goes to. 7-31-06  Jim running to second base
7-31-06  Jim forced at 2B in first game of a double header which they won 13-8 7-31-06 Jim playing Left Centerfield.  Marion Senior Center is beyond trees
8-4-06  Nelson and Betsy Slagle at Jim and Heidi home.  All of Heidi's family isisiting for the weekend.

8-4-06  Sharon and Bill Schweinfurth.  Bill is barbequeing.  They drove in from Rochester, NY where they live.  
8-4-06  Chris, Elizabeth and Robert Imbler.  These are Julie and Jim Imbler three children.  They live in Denver, Colorado 8-4-06  Emily Slagle, Elizabeth Imbler, Toto and Betsy Slagle
8-4-06  Ann and Bob Schweinfurth.   These are Heidi's parents.
8-4-06 'Kodak' Bill Schweinfurth is a nuts to bolts guy.  He cooks and does the dishes.
8-4-06  Heidi Slagle and her sister Julie Imbler 8-4-06  Emily, Nelson and Betsy Slagle
8-4-06  Robert Imbler playing guitar without a music stand 8-4-06  Julie and Jim Imbler
8-4-06  Dodd Schweinfurth (Heidi brother from New Orleans), Betsy Slagle and Casey Britton 8-4-06  Sharon Schweinfurth, Dodd Schweinfurth and Julie Imbler
8-4-06  Jim Slagle and Jim Imbler 8-4-06  Jim Slagle, Heidi Slagle and Jim Imbler
8-5-06  Texas Hold-em Poker game at Jim's.  My kind of game - you run out of chips and they give you more,  Eight person game from 11 to 80 years of age.  The Denver Imbler's showed us the poker ropes!
8-5-06  Emily stretches prior to practice session with Jim and Nelson at old Harding High School where Nelson once played 50 years ago.  On his return, Nelson batted 370, excellent for baseball but not so hot for tennis!
8-5-06  Emily and Jim Slagle prior to practice session.  Emily started conditioning for tennis team a few days ago.  Season starts Aug 15.
8-5-06  Betsy, Robert, Emily, Chris and Lauren in birthday hats celebrating Heidi's 50th and Jim Imblers 49th birthday.
8-5-06  Robert and Dodd with plates full of more excellent food
8-5-06  Ann, Nelson (in birthday hat) and Robert enjoying birthday festivities
8-5-06  Ann and Robert with birthday hat
8-5-06  Jim Imbler in birthday hat and Dodd
8-5-06  Lauren and Elizabeth
8-5-06  Julie doing dishes - everyone pitches in with meal except cameraman!
8-5-06  Dodd, Nelson, Robert, Elizabeth, Chris, Betsy and Emily join in signing Happy Birthday to Heidi
8-5-06  Robert, Julie, Elizabeth, Dodd and Chris look on as Birthday Jim gets ready to blow out candles
8-5-06  Camera crew of Jim, Bill and Robert click away as Sharon and Ann watch festities
8-5-06  Dodd and Nelson with Lauren and Betsy in background
8-5-06  Bill and Ann serve birthday cake and ice cream as Robert eagerly awaits his piece
8-5-06  Jim, Emily, Julie and Elizabeth looks on as Birthday Jim opens presents
8-5-06  Emily, Jim, Elizabeth, Betsy watch as Heidi reads card
8-5-06  Betsy, Casey Britton and Emily
8-5-06 Jim and Julie Imbler
8-5-06  Two of four dogs walking Elizabeth.  Jim and Hiedi's guests included two dogs in addition to their two
8-5-06  Dodd, Heidi, Bill and Julie.  Four children of Ann and Robert.
8-5-06  Robert and Ann With Heidi, Dodd, Bill and Julie
-Heidi and Jim deciding what games to get rid of
Emily on the way to tennis practice
9-6-06  Emily and Betsy playing doubles at the same time on adjacent courts vs Fremont
9-6-06 Gene and Heidi watch tennis matches.  Marion Harding High School is in background
8-5-06  Bill and Sharon Schweinfurth in front of car.  They made a 7 hour drive from Rochester, NY
8-5-06  Robert and Dodd walking dogs
8-5-06  Robert and Ann with Heidi, Dodd, Bill and Julie
Jim, Emily and Gene discuss next steps in selling properties
9-6-06 Emily doubles action vs Frement at Marion Harding High School.  Betsy and partner won 7-5.
9-6-06 Betsy and Kate Miller.  Betsy wins 7th of 8 doubles matches this year.
9-6-06  Fans watching tennis match  including Jim, Gene and Heidi.
9-6-06  Jim and Betsy Slagle
9-6-06  Kaylee Hamblin and Emily.  They were doubles partners today

9-06  Kelly Claborne and Betsy Slagle after tennis match

9-06 Kelly Claborne and Betsy Slagle taken by Dave Claborn
9-06  Emily Slagle and Rachael Haines at tennis match taken by Dave Claborn

9-06  Kelly Clabrone and Betsy Slagle in Marion Harding High School Marching Band - taken by Dave Claborn
9-6-06  Team meeting after match.  Kaylee and Emily facing camera, Betsy with back to camera and Coach Mary Jordan with side of head showing

9-10-06 Dinner at Jim and Heidi's on the patio.  Heidi, Emily, Lauren, Jim, Emily and Gene
9-3-06  Lauren and Grandmother Emily Slagle

9-3-06  Lauren Emily and Emily
9-7-06  Heidi, Emily, Jim and Betsy riding in 26th annual Popcorn Festival parade.  This is Jim's 22nd consecutive year of being in the parage

9-6-06  Emily and Betsy prior to start of Popcorn Festival Parade.  Picture provided by Jim Slagle
9-30-06  Fremont players squeeging wet tennis courts to get ready for Conference tennis tournament.  After Fremont players tired, Jim Slagle and others took over and they were able to get started only an hour late.
9-30-06  Betsy hitting ball as partner Katie Miller looks on.  Betsy and Katie were seeded 2nd and got a bye but Findlay beat them 6-0 and 6-1.  Betsy and Katie won the 3rd place match that followed.  Team finished 4th of 6 teams (Findlay, Napolean, Fremont, Sandusky, Lima and Harding)-
9-30-06  Betsy Slagle and Katie Miller after match at Fremont High School

9-30-06  Bethany Fickle and Delaney Drew in doubles match.  Delaney is wearing Betsy's shirt for some reason. 
9-30-06- Betsy Slagle and Bethany Fickle at Betsy house after Fremont trip.  Betsy and Bethany (Senior this year) were doubles partners last year.

10-3-06  Nelson and Jim Slagle in criminal court on third floor of court house just after case was sent to a jury.  Jury ruled defendant guilty the next day.
10-25-06  Toto nursing her six puppies
10-25-06  Emily doing homework
11-5-06  Emily, Jim, Emily, Bonnie Shaffstall and Gene Slagle at Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio
11-5-06  Nelson, Jim, Emily, Bonnie and Gene Slagle at Epworth Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio
11-5-06  Heidi helps Emily as Bonnie Shaffstall looks on
11-5-06 Gene, Emily, Bonnie Shaffstall, Heidi, Betty Huckaba and Bill Huckaba at dining room table
11-5-06  Emily, Nelson, Jim, Gene, Betty and Bonnie celebraating Jim's 51st and Gene's 92nd birthday.
11-5-06 Nelson and Jim in white shirts and ties
11-5-06 Emily, Jim and Bonnie watch Gene blow out candles
11-7-06 Toto feeding puppies
11-7-06 Heidi holding puppy in a carry-on bag
11-16-06 Heidi, John and puppies 
11-16-06 Jim A. Slagle, Betsy with Puppy and Emily with puppy
11-16--06 Jim A, Betsy, John, Emily and Nelson at Jim and Heidi's
11-16-06 Jim A. (Nelson's son), Betsy, Jim W , John, Emily and Nelson

11-16-06 Jim A,  Betsy, Jim W, Emily, John, Emily and Heidi
11-16-06 Jim A, Betsy, Jim W, Emily, John, Emily and Nelson
11-16-06 Toto nurses puppies
11-16-06 Jim A. and Heidi with puppies
11-17-06 Jim W and Jim A Slagle in Jim Slagle's Prosecuting Attorney office in Marion, Ohio

Jerry, Jim, Nelson, Brutus Buckeye, Patrick, Kevin and John after 125th Hearts Palace
  Jerry, Jim, Nelson, Patrick, Kevin and John Slagle after Hearts game at Nelson's

Heidi, Jim, Betsy, Emily, Nelson and Lauren in front of Nelson and Tammy's home

Laura and Jim looking at LaBrea Tar Pits display
Three prehistoric elephants in lake
Prehistoric Elephant in Lake with city of LA in background

Heidi, Lauren, Emily, Betsy and Jim
Two Saber tooth cats display
Betsy, Emily, Heidi, Jim and Lauren
Emily, Nelson, Lauren and Betsy
Betsy and Emily
Emily and Betsy at LaBrea Tar Pit Museum
Jim and Heidi behind prehistoric skeleton
Nelson with George Page (museum founder) bust
Pit 91 active tar pit
Vase in Los Angeles Art Museum next door to LaBrea Tar Pits.  Vase from  2000 BC era
Betsy and Lauren in Art Museum Museum
Busts from early AD years
Path between two wings of Art Museum
Emily with hair over eyes and shades
Betsy kisses Sloth statute on Tar Pit grounds
Nelson grabbed by Sloth statute
Emily and Sloth statute
Emily, Jim, Betsy, Lauren and Nelson at McDonalds in Westminster, CA
Emily, Betsy, Lauren, Patrick and Kevin at Bonnie's furnished by Jim Slagle
Disneyland with Julie and Jim Imbler family on 3-27-07

Emily, Betsy, Lauren, Jim, Greg Ungaro and Nelson at Disneyland entrance.  Greg, who works at Disneyland, was able to get six of us in free
Jim and Lauren in Buss Light Years ride
Walt Disney and Mickey statute with Cherry tree in bloom in background
Walt Disney and Mickey statute with Cherry trees in bloom in background
Cherry Tree
Robert Imbler, Emily Slagle and Julie Imbler
Robert Imbler, Chris Imbler, Emily, Julie Imbler, Elizabeth Imbler, Jim and Lauren
Jim, Heidi and Jim Imbler
Betsy, Elizabeth Imbler and Emily
Sisters Julie Imbler and Heidi Slagle
  Heidi, Lauren and Nelson
Elephant  display from Jungle Cruise
  Zebras and Giraffes display from Jungle Cruise

Nelson and Lauren in crazy hats
Nelson too short to take Thunder Mountain Ridge - otherwise he would have taken ride
Jim, Elizabeth Imbler, Emily, Betsy and Lauren
Elizabeth Imbler
Jim and Nelson
Its a Small World from Monorail Ride
Tommorow Land from Monorail Ride
Chris Imbler and Nelson  in 'R' of California
Ferris Wheel across the water at California Adventure Park
Greetings from California Adventure Park

Live High School Musical
Orange Peel ride

Heidi and Jim
Rockin California Screamin and Ferris Wheel
Lunch break at Disneyland
Julie, Jim, Lauren, Betsy, Heidi, Emily watch Elizabeth with her pink t-shir gift from Heidi
Lauren, Elizabeth, Jim and Heidi
Treasure display from Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Auction scene from Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Two Pirates on bridge from Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Three Pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Heidi, Elizabeth and Nelson on ride
All 11 in our group in front of Fantasyland.  Nelson, Betsy, Heidi, Emily, Jim, Lauren, Jim, Elizabeth, Chris, Julie and Rob
Lauren drives Thunderbird in Innoventions

Emily, Betsy, and Lauren at John & Gale's
Patrick, 3rd from right, getting ready to run 1600 meter race at Beckman High School track in Irvine, California.  Patrick ran the event in 5:27 in a dual Track Meet with Irvine.

Patrick on left sprinting toward finish
Bonnie and Heidi at track meet
Football Scoreboard in background.  Gale under Q in quarter on scoreboard was a timer
John, Jim, Heidi and Bonnie at Track Meet
John, Jim, Nelson and Bonnie at Track Meet
Dwight Stones and Nelson.  Dwight represented US as a high jumper in the Olympics in 1972, 1976 and 1984.  He set the world record ten times.  He coaches the high jumpers at Beckman.

Patrick receives baton in 4X400 relay event as Gale in light gray sweatshirt watches. Patrick ran 2:18 in the 800 meter race and ran 61 seconds on his leg of the 400 meter relay race
Patrick finishing relay  race as Gale watches.
Visiting Nelson & Tam's son Jim at his home in Irvine.  John, Jim and Nelson on  Jim's  patio
Lauren reading homework assignment
Jim, John, Jim, Betsy and Lauren
Betsy and Emily
Jim and Jim on guitars in Jim's guitar room
Jim, Jim and John in Jim's home office
Jim in his office
Jim, Patrick, Kevin, Gale, John, Betsy, Jim, Heidi and Emily on patio
Gale, Bonnie, Heidi, Betsy, Lauren, Emily and Tammy at table in Jim's family room
Kevin, Nelson and Patrick
John, Gale, Patrick, Kevin, Heidi, Emily, Jim, Besy, Lauren, Jim and Tam at Jim's
Patrick, Emily, Lauren, Kevin, Jim and Betsy
3-29-07 Front of Nixon Library
Side of Nixon Library
Back of Nixon Library with water
Close up view of back of Nixon Library across water
Winston Churchill, Nelson Slagle and Charles DeGaulle
John, Nelson and Jim with two statutes
Early Presidents Display
Pat and Richard Nixon tombstones.  Pat was born 1912 and died 1993.  Richard was born 1913 and died 1994. 

Richard Nixon home where he was born and lived the first nine years (1913-22).
Living room of Nixon home
Bedroom of Nixon home
Kitchen in Nixon home
Helicopter used by President Nixon
Jim and John look at display by Helicopter
Hallway with flags to replica of East Room in White House
East Room
Washington Portrait in East Room
Jim, Dave Claborn and Nelson at Dr. Mauk's one year anniversary open house at his new building accross from Marion Catholic High SchoolE
Heidi, Jim and Emily Slagle at Epworth Methodist church services at McKinley Park in Marion, Ohio.  This is an annual event for Epworth Methodist church.

Betsy and Emily at Epworth Methodist church services at McKinley Park in Marion, Ohio
Jim, Rev Williams and Nelson in bermudas at McKinley Park church services.  Who said California is more casual?

Emily, Jim, Emily and Betsy Slagle
Dave Claborn, Emily, Betsy, and Jim at McKinley Park.

Julie Imbler washing dishes at Anne & Bill Schweinfurth home in Warren, Ohio
Elizabeth Imbler, Heidi, Jim and Chris Imbler walk 7 dogs in Anne & Bill's neighborhood.
Jim feeding three dogs
Chris and Elizabeth Imbler with one dog
Rob, Chris and Elizabeth Imbler with one dog
Heidi, Emily, Anne, Bob, Julie and Jim eating desert
Lauren on way to her performance in Wizard of Oz
cim and Lauren on way to her performance in Wizard of Oz
Rob, Chris, Julie and Elizabeth Imbler
Julie and Nelson
Emily Slagle and Anne Schweinfurth
Emily and Bob Schweinfurth in living room
Elizabeth Imbler and Nelson
Emily talking to Rob
Rob and Chris Imbler
Sisters Heidi and Julie
Emily, Heidi and Jim in front row of Wizard of Oz production with Lauren playing 5 parts at Library Theater Building on Warren branch of Kent State
Emily and Anne in front of Bob and Anne's home in Warren, Ohio
Delaney Drew and Betsy Slagle at Harding High School after a tennis match
Jim, Betsy and Emily at tennis match at Harding High School
Jim attaching his sign on side of convertible just prior to the 27th annual Popcorn Festival.  This is the 24th straight parade Jim has rode in.

Betsy and Emily, the ladies in black, walk down Center Ave toward convertible.  They drove separately thus got to do a little walking
Heidi, Jim, Emily, Toto, Nelson and Betsy prior to start of parade
Emily, Nelson and Betsy prior to start of parade
Emily, Jim and Betsy on back seat of convertible just prior to start of parade
Emily, Jim, Betsy and Heidi in Convertible
Jim, Betsy, Nelson, Heidi and Toto in Convertible.  Nelson rode in his first ever parade!

Bonnie Shaffstall and Emily Slagle watch parade in front of 463 E. Center (Gene's old office)
Bonnie Shaffstall taking picture while Emily Slagle sits.  471 E. Center in background is presently for sale by Emily.
Spectators along parade route on East Center and Greenwood. 
Spectators near E. Center and State Street with Ferris Wheel and County Courthouse in background.  Note Nelson's reflection in side view mirror.
Brutus and OSU cheerleaders on float that we passed on way home after parade
OSU cheerleaders on float with Emily shown in side view mirror
OSU cheerleaders on float
Jessica Jenkins, Betsy and Keri White on way to Marion Harding home football game.  Keri became homecoming queen a couple of weeks later

Emily and Alex Wilson on way to Marion Harding football game
Betsy, Bonnie Shaffstall, Heidi, Jim and Lauren with cake from Emily's 14th birthday.  Jim and Heidi's tradition is to served birthday cake in bed for everyone's birthday. 

Nelson and Lauren on Emily's 14th birthday.  Lauren drove home from Kent State to attend Emily's birthday celebration.
Lauren, Nelson and Betsy in bed with Emily's birthday cak
  Sept 07 - Betsy ironing in basement
  Sept 07 -Emily and Kaylee Hamblin at Harding High School after Betsy played in her first varsity match against Worthington
  Sept 07 -Dave Claborn, Jim and Mr. Drew (dad of Betsy partner) watch tennis match at Marion Harding High School vs Worthington
  Sept 07 - Delaney Drew and Betsy after tough doubles loss to Worthington
  Sept 07 - Clay and Heidi watch Emily playing in tennis tournament at River Valley.  Emily and her partner finished 3rd out of 4 teams by winning their first varsity tennis match in their 3rd attempt.
  Sept 07 - Nelson & Jim Slagle at four team tennis tournament at River Valley High School which is next door to the former Claridon SchooL Marion Harding finished 2nd with 15 points.  Pleasant was first with 17 points.

  Sept 07 - Jessica Jenkins after winning 1st of two matches.  She won the tournament as teams 1st singles player.  Jessica has a full scholarship to play basketball at St. Bonaventure
  Sept 07  Delaney Drew and Betsy Slagle after wiinning River Valley tennis tournament as first doubles team.  Betsy and Delaney won both of their matches to win 1st place in the 4-team tournament.  They won their final match against Pleasant.

  Sept 07  Nelson at his PC in basement of Jim & Heidi's home.  Note work table in foreground.
  Sept 07  Emily with boyfriend, Clay VanSickle
  Sept 07  Nelson doing dishes
  Sept 07  Slagle Museum materials on table and chairs.  Hope it all fits in the CRV!

  Sept 07  Emily in dress she will wear for homecoming dance
  Sept 07  Nelson and Emily in homecoming dress
  Sept 07 Nelson and Emily in homecoming dress
  Sept 07  Fans watching exciting three match doubles set in conference tournament between Betsy and Delaney and Fremont Ross
  Sept 07  Betsy Slagle and Delaney Drew in front of scoreboard after their exciting 6-3 7-5 6-4 win.  They would lose in the finals to Findlay 6-3, 0-6, 7-5.  The following week in the district tournnment,  Betsy and Delaney beat Bowling Green 6-3 and 6-4 then defeated the same Findlay team in 3 sets to qualify for the regional tournament with a 12-2 doubles record.  Betsy and Delaney lost first match in the regionals.