1-00 John and Nelson Slagle play backgammon on Super Bowl Sunday at Nelson's
1-00 Jerry, John and Nelson Slagle 5-00 Patrick Slagle batting for his Marlin Little League team
5-00  Patrick throwing ball to second base while Coach John Slagle looks on 7-00 Bijou, the family cat
8-00 John and Gale Slagle in their driveway getting ready to go to airport and then to Europe for three weeks with John's parents. 12-00 John cutting bread
12-00 Xmas Dinner at John & Gale's home.  Jim, Bonnie, Jerry, Jean, Tam, Patrick, John, Kevin, Gale and Eric Olson 12-00 Jerry, John, Nelson and Jim Slagle in a doubles match.  Let the record show that John and Nelson took the youngsters 7-1
12-00 Jim and Jerry playing doubles 12-00 Jim, Tam, Kevin and Patrick open presents
12-00 John and Jerry look at OSU Plate 12-00 John, Patrick, Gale, Nelson, Kevin, Jim, Tam, Eric and Jerry
12-00 John, Patrick, Gale, Kevin and Eric Olson 12-00 Patrick, Jerry, Kevin and Jim
12-00 Jerry, Jim and John at John's for Christmas on 12-24-00 2-00 John and Nelson Slagle with Slagle Trails book written by Becky Kartalia
6-01 John and Nelson Slagle in large sun hats at Mason Park, Irvine, California 6-01 John Slagle holds Michael Robinette at Mason Park in Irvine, California
6-01 Libby Robinette, Patrick, Kevin and Emma Robinette at Mason Park in Irvine, California 6-01 Patrick and Lauren Slagle at Patrick's computer
6-01 Emily, Betsy and Kevin at Kevin's computer 6-01 Nelson, Jim, Jim and John Slagle
6-01 John Slagle, Jean Raymoure, Jim Slagle, Heidi Slagle, Jim Slagle, Tammy Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall and Gale Slagle at John and Gale's 7-01 Jim and Patrick Slagle play Stratego at Nelson and Tammy's
7-01  Kevin and Betsy Slagle playing game 7-01 Nelson, Jim, Patrick and John on putting green in Nelson's back yard
7-01 Gale, Kevin, John and Patrick Slagle 7-01 Kevin, Patrick, Betsy, Emily and Lauren Slagle
11-01 Gale, Patrick, John and Kevin Slagle  12-01 John and Gale Slagle home in Irvine, Calif.
12-01 Christmas tree and presents at John & Gale's 12-01 John carving turkey for Christmas dinner
12-01 Christmas dinner at John's on Christmas day 12-01 Kevin, Jim, Jerry and Patrick Slagle playing gameboy
12-01 Kevin, John with OSU sweatshirt and Patrick 12-01 Bonnie with OSU birdcage, Gale and Kevin
12-01 Jim Slagle, Eric Olson and Jerry Slagle 7-02 Hearts game at John's.  John, Jerry (winner), Bonnie, Nelson (Loser), Kevin, Jim, Patrick, Gale and Melissa
11-02 Jim, Jerry, Kevin and Patrick Slagle watching TV prior to Thanksgiving dinner 11-02 Nelson, Jerry, John and Jim Slagle by OSU flag displayed outside balcony on 2nd floor
12-02 Christmas dinner at John's.  Gale Slagle, June Olson, Ole Olson, Eric Olson, Bonnie Shaffstall and  Jean Raymoure 12-02 Eric Olson, Bonnie Shaffstall, John Slagle and Jean Raymoure opening presents on Christmas day
12-25-02 Jim, Kevin and Nelson Slagle 12-02 Kevin Slagle and Sean Eadis third from left at All Star soccer tournament at Fountain Valley High School.  Kevin's team lost 3-1 to Huntington Beach
12-02 Kevin Slagle with his team after game. Kevin plays starting halfback on the all star team  12-02 Kevin Slagle and Sean Eadis.  Sean lived across the street from Kevin on Barcalona in Irvine 
1-26-03 Tammy, Jim, Gene, Kevin, Gale, Patrick, Jean, Emily John, Jerry, Melissa and Bonnie; 12 relatives John and Gale invited to their home the day after Jerry & Melissa's wedding.
1-26-03  John, Nelson and Jim Slagle.  Nelson has his OSU National Football Championship shirt on.  
11-27-03 Patrick, Gale, Kevin and John at Jerry and Melissa Slagle for Thanksgiving
11-27-03 John, Kevin and Jim Slagle
11-27-03 Patrick and Gale
12-25-03 Patrick, John, Kevin, Gale and Eric Olson at Nelson and Tammy's for Christmas
3-7-04  Patrick, John and Kevin with 2004 Academy Awards Prediction Trophy.  John won the Academy Awards Predictions  for the 2nd consecutive year. 3-7-04  Nelson, John, Kevin and Patrick with Laker tickets for game against New Jersey.
3-28-04 Seven Slagle with Bob, Jill and Sally Rudy and Joe at John and Gale's
3-28-04 Tam, Patrick, Gale and Kevin
12-24-04 Patrick, Gale, John and Kevin at Crystal Cathedral
12-24-04 Gene, Patrick, Kevin and Emily Slagle at Crystal Cathedral
12-25-04 Gene & Jim Slagle at John and Gale Slagle's for Christmas
12-25-04 Snowman in front of home.  See, even a snowman in Southern California
12-25-04 Posters of Lance Armstrong, Larry Bird and Brett Favre in game room
12-25-04 Kevin and Patrick school Jerry in video games
12-25-04 Gene Slagle sitting with OSU pillows
12-25-04 Patrick's trophy shelf  and 'Student of the Month' certificate
12-25-04 Jim, Gene and John Slagle
12-25-04 John and Gale serve dinner for 17
12-25-04 Ten opening gifts.  Front:  Tammy, Jean, Bonnie, Gene and Emily.
Back: Alex Ungaro, Eric Olson, John, Gale and Kevin

12-25-04 Melissa, Jerry and Jim Slagle
12-25-04 Gene, Melissa, Jerry, Emily and Jim Slagle
12-25-04 Gene, Melissa, Jerry, Emily, Jim, Janet Ungaro and Alex Ungaro
12-25-04 Gene, Jerry, Jim and Emily Slagle
12-25-04 Gene, Emily, Jerry, Patrick, Jim, and Kevin Slagle
12-25-04 John, Jim and Eric Olson
12-25-04 Alex, Melissa, Edna and Janet Ungaro
12-25-04 Gene, John, Emily Bonnie and Nelson Slagle
12-25-04 Edna, Gale, Tammy and Janet Ungaro
12-25-04 Kevin, Patrick, Jim and Jerry Slagle
12-25-04 Emily, John, Kevin, Gale, Patrick, and Gene Slagle
12-25-04 Jerry, Emily, Melissa, Tammy, Jim, Gene and Nelson Slagle
12-25-04 Melissa and Jerry Slagle
 2-13-05  Eric and June Olson with birthday cake  at John and Gale's home to celebrate Eric's 52nd and June's 79th birthday
 2-13-05  Rebekah Haight, Jerusha Haight and Kevin Slagle
 2-13-05 Nelson Slagle, Jerusha Haight and Kevin Slagle
 2-13-05  Jerusha Haight, June Olson and Gale Slagle
 2-13-05  Jerusha, Eric Olson and Gale Slagle
 2-13-05  Mark, Rebekah Tristan Haight
 2-13-05 John Slagle, Jerusha Haight, Ole Olson and Gale Slagle
 2-13-05  Sitting: Rebekah Haight, Jerusha Haight, Eric Olson, Tristen Haight and June Olson.  Standing: Ole Olson,  Mark Haight and Gale Slagle
 2-13-05  Sitting: Rebekah Haight, Jerusha Haight, Eric Olson, Tristen Haight and June Olson.   Standing:  Ole, Kevin, Mark, Gale and Patrick
 2-13-05  Sitting: Rebekah Haight, Jerusha Haight, Eric Olson, Tristen Haight and June Olson.  Standing: John, Ole, Kevin, Mark, Gale and Patrick
 5-29-05  Patrick, Kevin, John, and Gale at Bonnie Shaffstall home for Memorial Day Celebration
10-8-05  Rex Kennerley and John Slagle.  Rex prepared a family tree chart on the Slagles and Weber family.   He showed us how to access it on Ancestry. com
 10-8-05   John Slagle, Rex Kennerley and Gale Slagle  10-8-05  Patrick Slagle
 11-25-05 Patrick and Kevin at Jerry and Melissa Slagle's for Thanksgiving
 11-25-05 - John, Gale, Kevin and Patrick at Jerry and Melissa Slagle's for Thanksgiving
 12-25-05 - John, Gale, Kevin and Patrick  Slagle at Nelson & Tammys'  for Christmas
 4-22-06 - Nelson and Patrick Slagle at Nelson's hearts game.  Patrick stole Nelson's hair!
 4-4-07   Beckman vs Irvine Dual Track Meet at Beckman High School in Irvine.  Patrick 3rd from right getting ready to run 1600 meter race.  Patrick ran the event in 5:27  4-4-07   Beckman vs Irvine Dual Track Meet at Beckman High School in Irvine.  Patrick on left sprinting toward finish
 4-4-07   Beckman vs Irvine Dual Track Meet at Beckman High School in Irvine.   Patrick receives baton in 4X400 relay event as Gale in light gray sweatshirt watches. Patrick ran 2:18 in the 800 meter race and ran 61 seconds on his leg of the  relay event
 4-4-07   Beckman vs Irvine Dual Track Meet at Beckman High School in Irvine.  Patrick finishing relay  race as Gale watches.
 4-4-07   Beckman vs Irvine Dual Track Meet at Beckman High School in Irvine.  Patrick and two others sprinting toward finish.  Furnished by Jim Slagle
 4-4-07   Beckman vs Irvine Dual Track Meet at Beckman High School in Irvine.  Patrick and Nelson  furnished by Jim Slagle.
  6-14-07   Beckman 1st High School Graduation held at Tustin High School football stadium   6-14-07   Carol Tsai, Kevin's girlfriend,  sings  'Time to Say Goodbye'
  6-14-07   Left half of graduating class throwing caps upon graduating   6-14-07  Jim Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, John Slagle and Gale Slagle after graduation ceremonies
  6-14-07  Kevin Slagle and Carol Tsai in front.  Behind are Patrick, Gale, John, Bonnie and Jim.B   6-14-07  Kevin Slagle and Carol Tsai
  6-14-07   Kevin and Nelson Slagle in graduation cap   6-14-07  Patrick, Bobby Olsen and Kevin
  6-14-07 Kevin and John Talking   6-14-07  Jim, Patrick, Gale, Kevin, John and Bonnie at graduation dinner hosted by John and Gale
  6-14-07  Kevin Opening graduation cards   6-14-07  Kevin with UC Irvine Sweatshirt.  Kevin starts at UCI  on June  18th.
  6-14-07  John, Gale Patrick and Kevin   7-29-07 BETTY AND BILL HUCKABA VISIT
  Nelson, Kristen and John, winners of the last seven Academy Award Predictions Patrick, Carol Tsai, Kevin, Dreighton and Gretchen play with lego blocks
  Kristen and Bill Huckaba   Bill Huckaba, Betty Huckaba, Jean Raymoure, Bonnie Shaffstall, Tammy Slagle and John Slagle at dining room table

  Patrick, Carol Tsai and Kevin   Tam, Jim and John

  Bill, Betty, Chad Stoub, Jean, Bonnie and Tam at table   Kevin, Patrick, Jim Slagle and Shelby Newman watch Jim demonstrate his new I-Phone
  Chad and Gretchen Stoub   John, Betty, Nelson and Bonnie
  Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymoure   Gretchen taking pictures with camera faced wrong way
  Gretchen Stoub and Gale
  Cousins Jim, Kevin, Patrick and Kristen
  Dreighton, Chad, Gretchen, Kevin and Patrick reading Jim, Shelby, Dreighton and Chad

  John, Melissa, Jerry, Chad and Dreighton   Cousins Kevin, Patrick, Jim, Kristen and Jerry

  Shelby, Kristen, Jim, Kevin, Patrick, Chad, Melissa and Jerry   Betty, Kevin, Patrick, John and Gale
  Betty, Bill, Kevin, Patrick, Melissa, John and Gale   7-29-07 Kevin, Patrick, Nelson, John and Gale
  12-22-07  Patrick, Emily, Kevin, John and Gale Slagle at Tammy and Nelson home.      12-25-07 Kevin, Jim, Emily, John, Gale, Patrick and Nelson Slagle at John and Gale's entry way

  5-08  Nelson and John at Bren Center for Penn State Semi-final volleyball victory over Ohio State.  A few other fans eventually showed.
  12-  John at entrance to Santiago Park in Orange, Calif where he took Nelson on a 3 mile hike
  6-19-08  Kevin and John and Patrick Slagle at Nevada Falls at Yosemite National Park - furnished by John Slagle
  6-19-08  Carol Tsai, Kevin and Patrick at Half Dome at Yosemite National park -  furnished by John
11-27-08  Kevin, Patrick and Bonnie Shaffstall at Bonnie's for thanksgiving  11-30-08  John and Gale Slagle at Vetter Lookout after a 1.9 mile hike at 5,000 feet
11-30-08  Nelson, John and Gale Slagle at Vetter Lookout 11-30-08  Nelson on bench resting during hike - he spent more time resting than hiking.   I would provide other details of the hike but you don't want to hear them.
12-25-08  Kevin reads his grandmother, Emily Slagle's, book during celebration of Christmas at John and Gale's home. 12-25-08  Bonnie opens presents as Tam and Patrick watches
12-25-08  Bonnie and Jean 12-25-08  John, Kevin, Gale and Patrick
12-25-08  John, Kevin, Jim, Nelson, Bonnie, Jean, Patrick, Eric and Gale at John and Gale's for Christmas 6-18-09 John and Patrick comparing heights on Patrick's High School Graduation night.

6-18-09 Patrick ready to leave for graduation 6-18-09 Beckman High School Graduation ceremonies at Tustin High School football stadium
6-18-09 John, Gale and Bonnie at graduation ceremonies
6-18-09 Patrick (under B sign) waving to us
6-18-09 Class throws caps at conclusion of graduation 6-18-09 Gale, Patrick and John after graduation
6-18-09 Patrick and Nelson 6-18-09 Bonnie, Gale, Patrick, John and Nelson
12-25-09 Kevin and Carol at John & Gale's for Christmas
12-25-09 Kevin, Nelson and Patrick
12-25-09 Kevin, Gale, John and Patrick 12-25-09 Tam, Gale, John and Nelson
12-25-09 Eric, Kevin, Nelson, Patrick, John and Gale. 
12-30-09  See pictures dated 12-30-09 on 'Slagle, Tam, Nelson, Jim & Jerry' site for additional John & Gale family pictures by clicking on this description.
  2-7-10  John in front of Pod storing part of his furniture during move to an apartment while new house is built   2-7-10  Pod mostly loaded
  2-7-10  Nelson, Gale and Kevin, part of the moving crew   2-7-10  Pod, Kevin and   for Sale sign at 15 Morro Bay
  2-7-10  For Sale, New Listing, Sold Sign!!   2-7-10  Gale and Tam packing kitchen for move to apartment
  2-7-10  Gale in kitchen of new apartment unpacking
  2-7-10  John surveys living room to insure we don't put boxes where furniture goes.
  2-7-10  Kevin unpacking food and placing in pantry   12-25-10  Carol, Patrick, Kevin, Jean, Tammy, Gale, John and Bonnie at John and Gale's for Christmas
  12-25-10  John, Carol, Gale, Patrick, Tammy, Bonnie and Jean look at pictures of shoppers at Wall Mart on laptop.   12-25-10 Patrick, Carol and Kevin
  12-25-10  Kevin, Carol and Patrick   12-25-10  John checks out Kevin's position in a chess game against the computer

  6-9-11  John and Nelson in front row seats while Kevin kneels beside us. John and Nelson had the closest possible seats to the stage.  Taken prior to awards ceremonies for everyone in School of Physical Sciences that were picked for Phi Beta Kappa.  This reward for excellence in college was first issued by William & Mary in 1776.  Both Kevin and Carol received the Phi Beta Kappa award a day before graduating from University of California at Irvine (UCI).    Carol graduated with a Chemistry Major and Kevin had a dual major, Mathematics and Physics.

  6-9-11   Kevin getting his picture taken prior to receiving theft Beta Kappa award.


  6-9-11  Professor reads off seven awards that Kevin won.  At this awards ceremony Kevin was receiving the Phi Beta Kappa award.  Several other student received 5 awards including Carol, 2nd to Kevin in most awards won for the Science Major graduates. Kevin's awards were Sigma Pi Sigma honorary society, Departmental Honors, Undergraduate Research/Departmental Service Award for Physics, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, Chancellor's Award for Excellence to Undergraduate Research and Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.


  6-9-11  Carol receiving Phi Beta Kappa award.  She also was awarded Phi Lambda Upsilion, Departmental Honors, Campus wide honors and Cum Laude   


 6-9-11   Carol, John and Kevin at reception following the awards ceremony

6-10-11   Awards ceremony.  Front row: John, Kevin and Nelson.  2nd row:  Renee (Gale sister), Kevin, Patrick, Bonnie, Tam and Jean.  For the 2nd consecutive awards ceremony, John and Nelson had front row seats and were the closest visitors to the podium.

Front row

  6-10-11  Renee & Kevin.  They drove down to the ceremonies from San Francisco on June 10th

  6-10-11  Renee, Kevin and Patrick.  


  6-10-11  Bonnie, Tammy and Jean


  6-10-11  Kevin and Nelson


  6-10-11 Carol third in line to receive her awards.

  6-10-11  Professor announcing Carol's five awards


  6-10-11   Professor announces Kevin's 7 awards

  6-10-11   Professor congratulates Kevin.  Three Professors were to the left of the podium and all students receiving awards were congratulated by all 3 Professors.


  6-10-11 Bonnie, Tam, Kevin, Jean, Patrick, Gale Renee and John after awards ceremony

  6-10-11 Bonnie, Tam, Kevin, Jean, Kevin, Patrick, Gale Renee and John after awards ceremony.  The eight family members (plus Nelson) attended Kevin's awards and graduation ceremonies

  6-10-11 Kevin, Gale, John and Patrick
  6-10-11  Patrick, Nelson and Kevin


 6-10-11  Tammy consults with Kevin about the book she is reading

  6-10-11  Tam extends consulting to John, Kevin and Patrick


 6-10-11 Carol and counselor

  6-10-11 Kevin and Carol


  6-10-11 Kevin, Carol and Patrick

  6-10-11 Ke


  6-10-11 John, Kevin, Gale and Renee

  6-10-11 Kevin, Patrick, Carol and Sarah (Carol's friend)


  6-10-11 Graduation ceremonies at Bren Center at UCI.  Approximately 9,000 students  graduated from UCI in June 2011 in about 17 different ceremonies.  Kevin and Carol graduated in ceremonies below.  Approximately 500 graduated in this ceremony and it only took 1:15.  Greg Louganis, famous Olympic 4 time gold medal winner and UCI graduate, was the commencement speaker.  


  6-10-11 Patrick, Jim and Kevin at John and Gale's who hosted a graduation party for Kevin.  Jim plus 9 attending graduation ceremonies attended.

  6-10-11 Patrick, Jim, Kevin and Carol.  Next fall Kevin will be attending UC Santa Barbara for a  Physics Ph.D. for Theoretical Condensed Matter (don't ask!).  Will take about 5 years, longer if he spends much time at the beautiful beaches in Santa Barbara!  Carol will be taking a year off from school (but not work) before applying to graduate  programs in Chemistry.


  7-4-11 Tammy, Kevin, Jean, Carol, Beth, Bonnie, Jim, Patrick and Gale at
John and Gale's for July 4th

  7-4-11 Beth, Jim, Kevin, Carol and Patrick on hillside behind Shady Canyon tract
in Irvine watching fireworks.  This was tract next to Quail Hill tract where Jerry and Melissa lived about 4 years ago.