Front of home in 1967   Front of home during landscaping
  12-99 Front of home on 15111 Syracuse St, Westminster, Ca after landscaping   8-99 Front flower bed by fountain
   8-99 Front yard by Japanese Maple trees   5-00 Front yard 10 months after landscaping
  5-00 Front yard by Japanese Maple tree   5-00 Front flower bed by fountain
  7-01 Front flower bed by fountain   7-01 Japanese Maples from porch
  5-02 Japanese Maple Tree and Impatiens   5-02 Plants in circle planter around birch tree.  Planter added during landscaping in 1999.  Gazanias on far side covered entire planter in a nine months.  
  6-03 Front flower bed by fountain
  6-03 Front yard flowers
  8-03 Front of home
  6-06 Front yard - close up of impatiens in front and patio
  6-06 Front yard, left side
  6-06 Front yard, right side
  6-06 Close up of impatiens on front porch    5-09 Front yard at night with new lights
   5-09 Front of home    5-09 Impatiens under birch tree in front yard
   5-09 Impatiens beside driveway
   5-09 For sale sign at Pat's home next door with our home in background
   6-10 Impatiens in SW quadrant of front yard    6-10 Impatiens with fountain in center
   6-10 Close up of small rose bush from Seal Beach 10K Race Director in middle of impatiens
   6-10 Pansies (yellow) and impatiens under Birch tree in front yard

 8-2011 Roses on the left and a Verbatim plant Tammy had transplanted f
rom a neighbor's yard from a twig.  The plants are located at the front
corner of the garage.

Small Roses
9-2011 - Small Rose bush in front of front porch with Impatients in back.
When I took the picture there were 23 roses and 19 buds on one branch.  
The rose bush is prolific.  The bush was given to me by the City of Seal Beach  
after I fell in an annual Seal Beach 5K/10K resulting in an ambulance ride
to the hospital in 4-2010.


  3-02 Filled pantry prior to packaging for tenting   3-02 Pantry cabinet empty and most of stuff on counter
  3-02 Counters filled with cabinet stuff   3-02 Kitchen refrigerator with all food packed in clear double bags
  3-02 Living room with packed bags   3-02 House tented
  3-02 Tented house and palm trees   3-02 House tented and side of house
  3-02 Painter covered with mask    3-02 Family room with dishes from cabinets and exhaust hose transferring dust from sanding outside
  3-02 Living room furniture covered with blankets   3-02 Kitchen cabinets covered for painting
  3-02 Newly painted kitchen cabinets from sink   3-02 Kitchen cabinets in range area
  3-02 New pantry shelves fully stocked   3-02 Kitchen cabinets from family room with glass in doors

   10-02 New Office arrangement after addition of credenza    10-10 Den with furniture cleared of equipment etc and also missing some drawers.  Just getting ready to move to garage and replace furniture
   10-10 Den with new tile installed to replace carpeting with new desk and hutch purchased off of CraigsList    11-10 Close up of hutch and desk with computer etc. hooked up
   11-10 Close up of hutch and desk with computer etc. hooked up    11-10 Picture of desk and hutch and new cabinet added to den
   12-10 Two drawer lateral file added to den for $70 off of Craig's list    12-10 Three pencil drawers in desk.  This was one feature that was rare on desks and I love the pencil drawers for all of my odds and ins.

    7-11  Bookcase, last remaining piece of furniture needed
for the den.  Took 7 months, but found on Craig's list for $100.

12-99 Back yard putting green looking north
12-99 Back yard putting green looking south
1-00 North end of yard - mostly dirt and one small peach tree
3-00 North end of yard and part of putting green
5-03 Tam painting Patio Beams - We added one beam, repainted all of the beams and added lattice on top
5-03 Tam Painting stone column on Patio
5-03 Nelson attaching a 20' 2X4.  We added the extra 2X4 to give us extra overhead on the patio

6-03 Northwest corner of back yard - most of plants replanted from beside living room window where new Patio was added
6-03 West side of  back yard.  Main change was adding some impatiens and getting rid of  the wall vines that grew up the bamboo stalks.
6-03 Arbor and Morning Glory Vines from South End of yard
6-03 Close up of Arbor and Morning Glory Vines
6-03 New patio and  glider from NW corner of yard
6-03 Close up of glider  
6-03 Daisies on West side of  back yard
  up of Arbor and Morning Glory Vines after two months
8-03 West side of  back yard two months after transplanting impatiens.
6-05 Back yard looking north.  Yard is flooded due to leaving sprinklers on for two hours
10-05 New Patio Cover looking north
10-05 New Patio Cover and Patio
7- 08  Hibiscus Bush in full bloom 7- 08  Crepe Myrtle Tree in back yard in full bloom
6- 09  Tomato plant beside house 6-10  Hibiscus Bush in full bloom
6-10  Boganvilla Bush in back yard as seen from living room window.  Planted in April 2010.

8-2011  Three hybiscus and impatients planted in the side yard just outside the
side door

   8-27-11  We planted one cherry tomatoe plant about May 1st and ended up with a bean stalk!
We added a 2nd transplanted plant about June 1 that was growing in a pot with some impatients.  The
plant is now 8'9" tall per Nelson's measurement.  Seven different branches are now over 7' tall.  And
the plant is 19.5 feet wide.  A few days later the garden cut the 9 feet on the concrete preventing a 20'
long plant. There are many small green tomatoes over 6' from the ground.  
       Now that the last shuttle has been launched, this bean stalk  may be the next ride to the moon!  
       In previous years our tomato plants reached about 6'.

Crepe Myrtle
9-2011 - Crepe Myrtle in back yard.  See same
tree above dated July 2008.


6- 09  Jerry tearing down old gate.  We hoped to be able to just remove 2X4's and hang the gate higher as it wasn't opening properly.  However, the slats were termite ridden also. 6- 09  Jerry installing first 2X4 of new gate as Jim provides assistance
6- 09  Jerry constructing fence as Nelson assists.  Note new slats stacked up  to the right.
6- 09  New gate prior to painting
6- 09  Nelson painting gate first coat. 6- 09  Garage cabinets above work bench prior to painting
6- 09  Nelson painting cabinet.  Nelson also rehung two doors to make them even at bottom. 6- 09  Cabinets after first coat and removal of peg board under cabinets.
6- 09  Cabinets after 2nd coat of paint and installation of white peg board under cabinets.  Completed!

10-05 New kitchen lighting replacing florescent fixtures
6-10  New shutters in Master Bedroom
6-10  New shutters in Jim's former bedroom 6-10  Blinds being installed in den (former dining room)
7-10  Kitchen after taking Cabinets down and installing new Microwave and Oven