1-   8-28-10 Group picture of people at end of Lehigh St. attending their Annual  pancake breakfast

2-  8-28-10 Joshua, Anne, Mark and Matthew Lowz at pancake breakfast

3-  4-21-11  Nelson, Wayne, Mark and Joshua with Happy Birthday sign.   We helped Wayne celebrate his 64th birthday party.

4-  4-21-11 Nelson, Mark, Joshua and Tam with Happy Birthday sign for Wayne.  House with great view of Land Park is Orange house in background

5-  4-24-11  Mark, Henry Maug, Paul Maug and Gary Maug

6-  4-29-11  Rusty, the Guinea Pig and Nelson became
good friends during the  5 days Nelson fed  Rusty
while the family was on vacation.

7-  4-29-11  Rusty


8-  4-29-11  Rusty drinking water

9-  5-22-11 Mark, Charlie, Melo (dog) and Wayne

10-  6-6-11 Mark showing a baby gopher he caught in front of his home

11-  6-13-11 Mark, Joshua and Matthew caught 4-5 tadpoles
and a couple of minnows that we put in my back
yard aquarium.  As of 6-21-11 at least three tadpoles
and both minnows were doing great.

12-  6-13-11 Matthew and Joshua beside 65 gallon back yard
aquarium.  You can see 3-4 gold fish and 25+ snails
in the aquarium.  The clumps floating on the left and
right are clumps of moss we also put in aquarium.  
The moss was completely gone (eaten) by June 21st.

13-  6-23-11 Joshua and Mark putting in Nelson's
back yard

14-  7-23-11  Kenny transporting water for his tomato plants, Mark
and Joshua

15-  7-23-11 Mark and Joshua tie up tomato plants to fence
at west side of Land Park

16-  7-23-11 Mark and Joshua tie up tomato plants to fence
at west side of Land Park

17-  7-23-11 Mark and Joshua tie up tomato plants to fence
at west side of Land Park.  Kenny planted 378 plants along the
fence.  Note trenches at Land Park on other side of fence as a
new sprinkler system was being installed.

18-  8-4-11 Nelson Slagle, Matthew and Mark in courtyard
of home at Rancho Los Alamitos at 6400 Bixby Hill Road in Long
Beach, California.  A four room adobe home was originally built from1800 to 1834 for the rancho vaqueros and horses of the Manuel Nieto family.  After several ownership changes the Bixby family purchasedin 1881.  The small adobe home was expanded over the years and nowcovers three sides of the courtyard in the picture.  In 1961 the city ofLong Beach acquired the property and it is now listed in The NationalRegister of historical places.  Visit and hour tours are free.


19-  8-4-11 Library of Rancho Los Alamitos home.  The home
was furnished like it would have been in the 1900's and most
of the furnishings are from the Bixby family.


20-  8-4-11 Billiard table purchased and located in
the home in 1887!


21-  8-4-11 Large Boganvilla plant and huge Moreton Bay Fig
tree from Australia planted in 1905.  The Bixby family
added 14 gardens from 1920 to 1936 with plants from all
over the world.  The grounds now include a barn area
that is being restored on 7.5 acres.

22-  8-4-11  Matthew and Mark on tennis courts added
in about 1915.

23-  12-17-2012 Nelson, Joshua and Mark putting up
Christmas Lights at Josephine's on Syracuse St.

24-  5-19-2012 Annual Boeing Bottle Rocket Launch competition at Boeing's facility in Huntington Beach on Bolsa just west of Graham

25-  5-19-2012 Marilyn and Bernie, Mark's parents flanked by Matthew
and Joshua as they register for the Annual Boeing Bottle Rocket Launch
competition at Boeing's Huntington Beach Facility

26-  5-19-2012 Matthew, Marilyn, Bernie and Mark getting
their rockets ready to launch


27-  5-19-2012 Mark gets rocket ready to launch.  Mark's
best hang time of all of his launches was 20 seconds.  Mark
is wearing a hat won when he won a prior year competition.
Adult officials in red while high school volunteers are in blue.

28-  5-19-2012 Matthew does picture taking while
Mark readies a rocket for launch

29-  5-19-2012 Mark and Anne holding

30-  5-19-2012 Front: Joshua and Matthew.  Back:
Bernie, Marilyn, Anne and Mark at Annual rocket
launch at the Boeing facility in Huntington Beach

31-  5-19-2012 Nelson and Mark in Nelson's back
yard with scoreboard showing battle between Nelson
and his consultant Mark vs the Land School gophers.
Gophers get a point if a new mound appears overnight
and if no new mounds, Nelson and Mark get a point.
After spotting the gophers a 19-0 lead, Nelson and
Mark have rallied to trail 21-12.