4-00 Luis Melo being congratulated by Nelson Slagle for winning the 2000 Academy Award Predicting contest Betty and Bill Huckaba and Kim and Tom Bays in Columbus, Ohio
3-01 Nelson Slagle presenting Luis Melo an Oscar for winning the 2000 Academy Awards Predicting contest 3-01 Nelson Slagle, Scott, Luis Melo, Amy Stockard, Mickey Hazelwood, Jerry Slagle, Andrew Hazelwood, Scott VanCamp and Jim Slagle during 73rd Academy Awards
3-01 Nelson Slagle, Luis Melo, Amy Stockard, Andrew Hazelwood and Scott VanCamp.  These five along with John Stapp were the top six movie raters in 2000, all rating at least 47 movies 3-01 Luis Melo presents Nelson Slagle an Oscar for winning the 2001 Academy Awards Predicting contest
6-01 John Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Nelson Slagle, Jean Raymoure, Jeff Robinette, Tammy Slagle and Gale Slagle at Mason Park in Irvine, California 6-01 Jeff Robinette adding actors to Nelson's Movie HTML file while Nelson holds Jeff's son Michael
12-01 Nelson Slagle, Tina Nguyen, Jerry Slagle and Melissa Ungaro 2-02 Tamara Panter-Broughton  and Dan Hutchinson
3-02 Melissa Ungaro, Jerry Slagle, Jim Slagle, Tammy Slagle, Soctt Van Camp, Amy Stockard, Luis Melo and Christina and 2nd Annual Academy Awards Party 3-02 Nelson and Tammy Slagle tied with Dick Hammerstrom for first in the Academy Awards Predictions.  Nelson won on the tiebreaker
3-02 Super Saver Cinemas 7 theater in Rossmoor (Los Alamitos, Calif) on its final day.  A sad day in movie kingdom as the $2.50 admission theater closes after 14 years.  12-02 Burt Sugerman, Mike Juarez and Mary Hart at Staples center in LA for a Laker game.  Mary Hart is co-host of the Entertainment Tonight TV show.