4-00 Luis Melo being congratulated by Nelson Slagle for winning the 2000 Academy Award Predicting contest Betty and Bill Huckaba and Kim and Tom Bays in Columbus, Ohio
3-01 Nelson Slagle presenting Luis Melo an Oscar for winning the 2000 Academy Awards Predicting contest 3-01 Nelson Slagle, Scott, Luis Melo, Amy Stockard, Mickey Hazlewood, Jerry Slagle, Andrew Hazlewood, Scott VanCamp and Jim Slagle during 73rd Academy Awards
3-01 Nelson Slagle, Luis Melo, Amy Stockard, Andrew Hazelwood and Scott VanCamp.  These five along with John Stapp were the top six movie raters in 2000, all rating at least 47 movies 3-01 Luis Melo presents Nelson Slagle an Oscar for winning the 2001 Academy Awards Predicting contest
6-01 John Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Nelson Slagle, Jean Raymoure, Jeff Robinette, Tammy Slagle and Gale Slagle at Mason Park in Irvine, California 6-01 Jeff Robinette adding actors to Nelson's Movie HTML file while Nelson holds Jeff's son Michael
12-01 Nelson Slagle, Tina Nguyen, Jerry Slagle and Melissa Ungaro 2-02 Tamara Panter-Broughton  and Dan Hutchinson
3-02 Melissa Ungaro, Jerry Slagle, Jim Slagle, Tammy Slagle, Scott Van Camp, Amy Stockard, Luis Melo and Christina and 2nd Annual Academy Awards Party 3-02 Nelson and Tammy Slagle tied with Dick Hammerstrom for first in the Academy Awards Predictions.  Nelson won on the tiebreaker
3-02 Super Saver Cinemas 7 theater in Rossmoor (Los Alamitos, Calif) on its final day.  A sad day in movie kingdom as the $2.50 admission theater closes after 14 years.  12-02 Burt Sugerman, Mike Juarez and Mary Hart at Staples center in LA for a Laker game.  Mary Hart is co-host of the Entertainment Tonight TV show.
1-25-03 World Record Fourteen Movie Raters at Jerry and Melissa Slagle's wedding.   Andrew Hazelwood, Luis Melo, Bonnie Shaffstall, Nelson Slagle, Jean Raymoure, Tammy Slagle, Jerry, Slagle, Melissa Slagle, Jim Slagle, Amy Stockard, Scott Van Camp, Gale Slagle, John Slagle and Jon Stapp  
3-23-03 Red Carpet and Oscar  welcomes movie raters at 3rd Annual Academy Awards Party
3-23-03 Scott Van Camp and Cindy Nichols at Academy Award Party.   Cindy is in the spirit of the evening with red scarf and glasses
3-23-03  Nine Raters at Academy Award Party.  Seated is Melissa Slagle, Jerry Slagle and Luis Melo.  Standing are: Nelson Slagle, Boo Boo, Tammy Slagle, Amy Stockard, Andrew Hazelwood, Cindy Nichols and Scott Van Camp
3-23-03 Nelson Slagle and Amy Stockard with Oscar
3-31-03 Luis Melo and Nelson Slagle with a Oscar replica at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  This is the Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles
3-31-03 Nelson Slagle and Tammy Slagle with an Oscar replica.

3-31-03 Christina Rich and Luis Melo with ET poster.  Luis took Christine, Tammy and Nelson to the Samuel Goldwyn Theater to see Man of All Season, 1966 Best Picture.  
3-31-03 Nelson Slagle and Luis Melo with Matrix and Traffic posters
3-31-03 Luis Melo at his work with a frame containing tickets for the first 70 Best Picture winners through 1998.
 6-7-03 Nelson Slagle presenting John Slagle 4th Annual Oscar prediction championship trophy.  
7-14-03 Luis Melo and Tammy Slagle at entrance to Academy of Motion Pictures.  Luis, Tam and Nelson saw Chariots of  Fire, Best Picture of 1981.
 2-29-04 Thirteen of 16 attendees at annual Academy Award Party.  
 2-29-04 Prior winners Nelson Slagle and Luis Melo present John Slagle our rotating trophy for winning his 2nd straight Academy Awards Predictions against 25 competitors.    Three in picture have combined to win all 5 Academy Award predictions to date.  
 3-07-04  Close up of rotating Academy Awards Predictions trophy
 2-27-05  Thirteen of 14 attendees at Annual Academy Award Party.  Seated are John Slagle and Melissa Slagle.  Standing are: Nelson Slagle, Gale Slagle, Bonnie Shaffstall, Andrew Hazelwood, Virginia Gaeta, Jim Slagle, Jerry Slagle, Jean Raymore, Scott Van Camp, Cindy Nichols and Janet Ungaro
 2-27-05  Melissa Slagle and John Slagle.  John won the annual Academy Awards predictions for the third straight year by picking all 14 categories correct.  Melissa was 2nd.
 11-17-05  Nicole Smith, 2005 Miss Huntington Beach, and Nelson Slagle at opening of Century 20 in Bella Terra mall in Huntington Beach
 11-17-05  CEO of Century 20 theaters on opening night presentation at Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach
 3-5-06 Attendees at the the 7th Oscar party hosted by Nelson and Tammy.  Sitting: John Slagle (3rd in AA Predicts) and Melissa Slagle (2nd place).  First place in the 2006 Academy Award Predictions.  was Kristin Stoub.  Standing: Tammy Slagle, Amy Stockard, Jean Raymoure, Gale Slagle, Jerry Slagle and Bonnie Shaffstall.
  8-3-06  Nelson Slagle presents Kristen Stoub with the 7th annual Academy Awards Prediction rotating trophy at McDonald's in Delaware, Ohio.  Kristin won the 2006 and 2008 predictions.   2-25-07 Attendees at the the 8th Oscar party hosted by Nelson and Tammy.  Kneeling:  Jean Raymoure, Virginia Hazlewood and Gale Slagle.  Standing:  Bonnie Shaffstall, Melissa Slagle, Jerry Slagle, Andrew Hazlewood, John Slagle, Amy Stockard and Tammy Slagle 
  8-3-06  Nelson Slagle, Jerry Slagle, Melissa Slagle, John Slagle, Gale Slagle and Amy Stockard with Brutus Buckeye after the Awards.   2-25-07 Nelson Slagle, 2nd in Oscar Predictions, presenting rotating trophy to John Slagle, 1st in the Oscar Predictions for the 4th time in the last 5 years
  2-22-09 Academy Award Party at Jerry & Melissa Slagle's in San Clemente, Calif.  Front:  Andrew Hazlewood, Jerry Slagle, Amy Stockard, Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymore.  Back:  Janet Ungaro, Melissa Slagle, Michelle Wang, Tammy Slagle and Marcus   2-22-09 Academy Award Party at Jerry & Melissa Slagle's in San Clemente, Calif.  Front: Gale Slagle, Amy Stockard, Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymoure.  Back:  Janet Ungaro, Jerry Slagle, Melissa Slagle, Tammy Slagle and John Slagle
  2-22-09 Melissa (3rd), Amy Stockard (1st) and John Slagle (2nd) in Academy Award predictions   2-22-09 Amy and Nelson.  They both correctly picked first 12 categories but Amy correctly picked  Sean Penn to win best actor.  She picked all 14 categories correct.
  2-22-09 John Slagle, Amy Stockard and Nelson Slagle.  These 3 predictors plus Kristin Stoub have won the last 9 contests, including 4 by John. 3-7-10 Tammy Slagle and Amy Stockard at Nelson & Tammy's for Academy Award party
3-7-10 Andrew & Virginia Hazlewood and their son, Liam.  They left at halftime at which time Virginia led the Academy Award Predictions 3-7-10 Amy Stockard presents John Slagle the rotating trophy for tying for the Academy Award Predictions title with Kristin Stoub.   John and Kristin have won the prediction title for 7 of the last 8 years.  Amy won last year and was third this year.
3-7-10 Nelson, Gale Slagle, John, Amy, Bonnie Shaffstall and Jean Raymoure.  The others attending the party were Andrew & Virginia Hazlewood and Janet & Alex Ungaro.  They all left at halftime.
2-27-11  Gianna Melville, Kennedy Meeks, Jeannine Melville and Julie Meeks at Academy Awards Party
2-27-11  Jean Raymoure, Bonnie Shaffstall, Amy Stockard, Nelson Slagle, Gale Slagle and John Slagle.  Others attending that left early were:  Janet and Alex Ungaro, Julie and Kennedy Meeks and neighbors Rob, Jeannine and Giana. 2-27-11  Amy Stockard (4th), Nelson Slagle (1st) and John Slagle (3rd) in the Academy Awards Predictions.  These three plus Kristin Stoub have won the Predicts each of the last 10 years
5-28-12 Nelson (Capt America), Charlie Pedersen (Hulk) and Wayne Dunderdale (Iron Man) in their Avenger uniforms.  These three have been the top 3 movie raters for all of 2012.  Thus far they are the only three to rate Avenger, the second block buster of the year.  They also have 3 of the 5 ratings for the first block buster of 2012, Hunger Games
NelsCharlieWayne .